The Nintendo NX Is Being Released in March 2017!

It’s finally here! A release window for Nintendo’s next system, the Nintendo NX! Rumoured for years and smack bang in the centre of dozens of ‘leaks’ on social media sites, the console has now been announced for March 2017. Here’s the official Nintendo of America tweet about it, proving the consoles release month:

It’s also been posted about by other branches of the company, like Nintendo UK:

Nintendo of Europe in general:

And Nintendo of Japan:

But while some sort of update on the system is nice to have, there’s a catch. Because it’s coming in March 2017 rather than holiday 2016, the console won’t be shown at E3 this year. Instead, the focus will be on just one game:

The Legend of Zelda, which is now coming to both the Wii U and Nintendo NX. This will literally be the only playable Nintendo game at E3 2016.

People are not exactly taking this well. Indeed, the outcry about this (some would say suspicious) delay is on par of that for Metroid Prime Federation Force and Paper Mario Colour Splash. Heck, it’s so much outcry that previously pro Nintendo users and sites are going all Michael Pachter on the company and predicting its inevitable doom.

But let’s be reasonable eh? The Nintendo NX is coming March 2017, Zelda is going to be on said system, and it won’t make an appearance (or a big one) at E3 2016.

Nintendo Patents U Shaped Controller Design

Have you ever wanted to play games with a controller shaped like a giant magnet?

Or maybe a somewhat interactive boomerang?

Well if so, it seems Nintendo has patented just the thing! Designed for an ‘exercise controller’ and incorporating gyro, load, acceleration and temperature censors, the device looks absolutely ridiculous. Here’s a picture from the patent:

patent wtf

And heck, another one for the sake of it:

weird controller 2

As you can see, it looks hilariously silly. It’s an ergonomic nightmare (good luck holding that thing comfortably), it’s probably too big to carry easily and heck, good luck finding a place to stash it once you’re done. And dear god, if the Wii inspired toilet humour type jokes, then this thing would inspire ten times more. Heck, the whole design looks like a toilet lid.

Xbox Wheel Controller

Above: It also looks like this Xbox 360 wheel controller. Perhaps a bit too much like it really.

Still, on a brighter note, this is very unlikely to have anything to do with the Nintendo NX. The patent was first filed in Japan on October 16th 2014, with an international filing on September 18th 2015. It was titled ‘Training Implement, Training System, and Input Device’, a name which could refer to just about anything. It could als have had something to do with the Wii U, given that the entire controller is well, U shaped. Perhaps it’s Wii Fit U related?

Either way, if you’ve got a bit of free time (or good Japanese skills), you can read the whole patent here:

Training Implement, Training System and Input Device – PatentScope

But what do you think about it? Does the thing look ridiculous as all hell? Is there any logical reason for a controller to be shaped like this? And what would your reaction be if this turned out to be the actual Nintendo NX controller?


Nintendo patent for U-shaped exercise controller surfaces – GoNintendo

Happy Birthday Tatsumi Kimishima!

Nintendo’s CEO is now 66 years old! Born in 1950 and working with Nintendo since 2000, he’s been Pokemon USA president, Nintendo of America president and managing director of Nintendo Co Ltd before getting his current role. Mr Kimishima’s resume is quite the impressive one, isn’t it?

Tatsumi Kimishima

Above: Tatsumi Kimishima. Presumably back when he was at Nintendo of America

So wish him a happy birthday folks. Taking the reigns from Iwata is a difficult job, and it’s even harder in todays economic climate. Being suddenly promoted to CEO while the Wii U struggles and Nintendo loses its relevance is quite the challenge! So it’s good to see he’s turning things around.

Have a happy birthday Kimishima!

Why Not to Trust Nintendo NX Rumours

Over the last few weeks or so, the gaming world has been flooded with rumours about the Nintendo NX. One said it’d be double the power of the PS4. Another said Luigi’s Mansion 3 would be released on it. And for yet others, every possible Wii U game is apparently coming to the system. Smash Bros, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Zelda… You name it.

But whilst the situation has gone absolutely insane, and expectations got high enough that everyone is expecting the world, here’s why you should be skeptical. Why that recent ‘remote play’ rumour about the NX should be looked at with skepticisim. Read this article:

NX – ZhugeEX Blog

Basically, that guy on NeoGAF who posted the ‘leak’ was a tad dishonest about his sources. Remember how at one point, he said the system wouldn’t get a simultaneous worldwide release?

Well, he got that from ZhugeEX on Twitter. He didn’t get it from a source he knew, he just literally assumed it was likely and posted it anyway.

That, is poor sourcing. Just taking something someone has heard off the grapevine and reposting it because ‘you had a hunch’ that it was likely does not make for an accurate source. Disappointing, this is pretty much what most Nintendo NX speculation is nowadays. Some guy said something on the internet, it must be true!

And that’s all this poster did. His entire list of ‘rumours’ is stuff random video game journalists and internet folk have told him. He didn’t get shown anything. No evidence. Just ‘I’ll take their word that it’s true’.

Unfortunately, this was apparently enough for the actual media. Guy on message board posting stuff he heard over the grapevine is now considered a trustworthy source by the media. So we get a flood of NX speculation articles created on a random assortment of rumours told to a NeoGAF member by various other journalists and internet goers. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so depressing.

Either way, let this be a lesson. When people say they have sources, that doesn’t mean reliable or new ones. It also doesn’t mean they have any proof for their claims. Be skeptical of everything Nintendo NX related till E3 comes.


NX – ZhugeEX Blog

Emily Rogers; The Recent Nintendo NX Rumour is Wrong

A couple of days ago, I mentioned a rumour about the Nintendo NX involving a remote play feature and Luigi’s Mansion 3 as an upcoming game. And while it was certainly an interesting rumour, it was certainly one I was more than a bit skeptical of. After all, how can remote play be feasible in most parts of the world? How can Nintendo lose money on console production for the second generation running? Why would they suddenly make a world changing powerhouse of a system?

Well, it seems like I’m not the only one skeptical of it. Prominent video game insider and journalist Emily Rogers was also adament that this ‘leak’ wasn’t real too. Here’s her message to a NeoGAF user about it, as posted in the ‘leak’ thread:

Here is what multiple sources close to Nintendo are telling me about 10k’s hardware rumors: The gimmick is made up. GPU is wrong. Power level is wrong.” “The specs on NX are good, but a lot of the information being shared in this thread is incorrect.

I was told that NX has good specs, but the info in this thread on the GPU and power level is just not correct. Sorry to burst everyone’s hype.

Via this post on NeoGAF

As well as GameXplain’s video commentary on the matter. Well, if you count ‘briefly paraphrasing the comment’ as ‘commentary’.

So does that make it wrong?

Well, it was makes it less likely to be right, since Ms Rogers does have some connections in the industry and media. On the other hand, no one’s perfect when it comes to this sort of thing. I mean, it’s all hearsay based on people who worked with the console or knew people that worked with it, and Rogers has been incorrect about stuff in the past. So it’s no cast iron guarantee of anything.

Just accept it as another reason to doubt that this rumour is just that. It’s not a leak, there’s no real proof for it and at the moment, more reasons to believe it’s not true than to believe it is.