The Somewhat Disturbing Mario Magazine You Didn’t Know Existed

As you may know, the Mario franchise is no stranger to controversy. Oh sure, the platformers and party esque spinoffs tend to be lighter in tone and it’s probable the new movie will follow suit, but outside of the mainstream there’s some pretty messed up stuff. Stuff like:

A comic where Wario teams up with movie monsters to destroy a bunch of Nintendo characters, and where Mario becomes the world’s most evil looking version of Van Helsing to take them down.

Mario as Van Helsing

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time in general, with its peaceful setting annihilated by murderous aliens (at Christmas!)

Dimentio’s plans to destroy all worlds by backstabbing everyone and killing them mid cutscene

As well as things like these amusing ‘fact’ cards featuring Mario and co partaking in real world topics. Like say, learning about Hitler and the Holocaust:

Luigi reads about World War 2

But it turns out even then, there may be something even weirder in the Mario franchise’s past. Something that makes even the likes of Partners in Time and Super Paper Mario look like Yoshi’s Story. Something which if published today, would get the attention of every moral guardian on the planet in short order.

That my friends, is Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō. Haven’t heard of it? Well that’s because a Nintendo licensed ‘magazine’ released on the Satellaview, an obscure Japan only add on for the SNES. But what’s notable about this product isn’t its obscurity. It’s the fact it’s probably the only example of a Mario work featuring ‘sexual’ content.

Yup. We’re not joking.

This is an official Mario product where Mario catches Peach and Toad getting it on, beats the crap out of the former to the point of killing her and goes for a smoke afterwards. That’s kind of the setup here. How much ridiculously ‘lewd’ seeming jokes can we make about Mario characters?

It’s like the sort of thing you may expect on some random internet comedy site. Or maybe a dark version of Robot Chicken.

Of course, this being the early 90s and the product having a production budget of roughly £5, it’s all done with Mario plush toys in a setup that looks absolutely laughable by today’s standards (and which probably wasn’t particularly entertaining back then either).

But hey, it existed at some point. Nintendo really did license out the Mario brand to someone willing to make sex and tobacco jokes with it.

And given it was at the same time as the video game violence controversies in the US, it’s almost kind of ironic in a certain sense too. Who knew that at the same time that Nintendo was railing against Sega and Mortal Kombat, they were releasing comedy games with Mario characters in sexual situations, tobacco usage and domestic violence? Do as we say, not as we do?

Ah well. Guess no one is 100% consistent, especially not in business.

However, what do you think about the whole deal? Do you find it ‘interesting’ that this is an official product? How could it have been received if it was released in the US around that time?

Post your thoughts here in the comments or over at Gaming Latest today!


Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō (Super Mario Wiki)

Blaster Master Hyper fan made Blaster Master game!

This game is a love letter to the original 8 bit classic Blaster Master made way back in 1988. I was in 3rd grade when I saw this game for the first time in a video game rental store. I picked it up and wanted to try it out not knowing what this game was all about. I fell in love with this game in so many ways that it drove my imagination so wild that I dreamed of making my own Blaster Master game. I would pull out notebooks and design my own worlds. Were talking around 30 years later Im about to write about a Blaster Master game that I designed and coded all myself using the same 8 bit graphics and music. I poured a ton of heart and soul as I created this game and it may never be finished just because I may find different things to change in this game.
So this is Blaster Master HYPER. This is for the most part a LOT like the original game. It plays the same way, tho I added a few different game play mechanics that I think makes the Blaster Master formula better such as Jason having sub items like healing power ups to refill your life. A fire shield and limited number of grenades you can carry. Weapons are designed a little different. Sophia gets new and different upgrades. The story is different as well. I hope any Blaster Master fans that play this game enjoythis!                                                                

Splatoon 2 First Paid DLC

Looks like Nintendo is ready to add some fresh ink to their Splatoon 2 game, as they announced the first expansion for it, Octo.

It’s a single-player mode that casts you as an octoling named Agent 8 who has to make her way through 80 test facilities connected by a subway. Once you finish, you’ll get to play in multiplayer as an octoling.

This DLC will go for $20 USD and be out this summer. Before that the game will get an April free update which comes with new weapons, outfits, stages and a new X rank.

More Ports Coming to Switch

Nintendo is busy at work making new games for their Nintendo Switch device, but till they have something to release you need something to play right? At today’s Direct a slew of new ports are coming to the Switch:

  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker from Wii U and will hit Switch and 3DS July 13th.
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole found on other consoles will hit the Switch on April 24th.
  • Okami HD will come to the switch sometime this summer.
  • Octopath Traveler will be due out on July 13th.
  • Undertale will be gracing the Switch at some point, leaving you all to have a really bad time with it most likely.
  • Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy will spin its way onto the Switch on July 10th.
  • Sushi Striker: Way of the Sushido, which was due out for the 3DS will now also come to Switch as well.
  • Little Nightmares is due out on May 18th for Switch.
  • Hyrule Warriors will be coming to Switch on May 18th.

A lot of these are found on other consoles, but will you get them again for the Switch? Let us know below or on the Gaming Latest forums.

Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch!

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you here. It’s really happened. Nintendo has announced Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch!

Yep, right at the end of today’s Direct, a very interesting little teaser trailer was released. This trailer may have appeared to be Splatoon 2 related, but infact it was anything but. Instead, it revealed the Inklings were coming to Smash Bros.

And that’s not all. Oh no, it also revealed that Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch will be releasing this year.

Yes really. Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch is coming in 2018. That’s one hell of a turnaround if accurate, and basically confirms the game is far further into development than anyone would have imagined.

So watch the Smash Bros teaser trailer again below:

And let us know what you think of the announcement in the comments below. Are you excited for it? What characters and stages do you want to see in Smash Bros for Switch?

Because Super Smash Bros really is coming to Nintendo Switch very soon!


The Super Smash Bros Series is Headed to Nintendo Switch (Press Release)