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The Gaming Reinvented Content Contest Begins!

Do you fancy yourself a video game journalist? Have a game or gaming event you really wish to give your opinion on, but have nowhere to post it? Want to potentially win 200 dollars in video games of your choice?

If so, then you’re going to love the new writing contest at Gaming Reinvented. It’s pretty simple really; write a good article, and if it’s better than everyone else’s, you can win up to 200 dollars in video games of your choice. There’s no catch, no fees and nothing to worry about, it’s purely about who can write the best article on Gaming Reinvented.

Here’s how it all works:

  1. You register on Gaming Reinvented via the forums. This gives you access to the article posting features on the main site.
  2. Once you’ve registered, you return to the site and post your article. It can be a standard article, a review, a walkthrough or an interview.
  3. The article then gets added to a list of other articles posted by contest entrants.
  4. This contest will then end on the 22nd September.
  5. Then, each article is scored by a group of judges (once of which is myself). These judges will rate the article based on the following factors:
    1. How unique or interesting the topic of the article is. Things you can’t easily find elsewhere will score well here, while bland top/bottom ten lists and clickbait will score low.
    2. The written quality of the article. Does it flow well? Has anyone proofread the thing, or is it filled with spelling and grammar errors?
  6. Once everything else is done, the winner will be contacted and the prizes sent out.
    And that’s it.

So what are you waiting for? Write your dream article today!

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Mod Fixes Difficulty Level

As far as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire go, they are generally great remake of the gen 3 Pokemon titles. From their astounding 3D visuals to the remixed music and nice extras like the Delta Chapter, they improve on the originals in pretty much every way possible.

Well, except one thing. Difficulty.

Cause like Pokemon X and Y, these remakes are not particularly challenging to long time fans. They’re still fun, but they’re pretty much a cake walk with things like the new EXP Share set up and what not.

Thankfully though, help is at hand. Why? Because Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire take these titles and greatly increase the difficulty level for expert gamers.

For starters, all gym leaders now have a full party of six Pokemon. So if you think first leader Roxanne will still go easy on you with just two Pokemon… think again. Now you’ll have to cope with her full team, likely similar to the one used in the World Tournament in the last generation.

example battle

And to add even more fuel to the fire, Mega Evolutions have become more common too. Now, random trainers throughout the world will have them, as part of their redone team line ups. And from Wattson onwards, this includes every gym leader and elite four member in the game.

Levels have been increased too. For example, now the average level for Wattson’s team (gym 4) is level 41. For comparison, that’s about as high as Wallace and Juan’s teams were in the original gen 3 games.

There are other neat changes too. For one thing, all Pokemon that evolve via trading now evolve via being levelled up while specific items as well.

So you can now get a Gengar by levelling up a Haunter to level 36 while at night. Or have Scyther evolve into Scizor by having it level up while holding a Metal Coat.

Add various distribution changes (rare Pokemon are common, while common ones are rare), better held items (many Pokemon hold their mega stones in the wild) and other minor changes, and it’s a pretty impressive ROM hack for such a recent set of games.

eevee horde

Either way, you can find more information about it here in its GBAtemp topic:

Pokemon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire – GBAtemp

So what do you think? Is this the type of ROM hack you might be interested in? Think it’s something that might tide you over until Pokemon Sun and Moon are released?

Post your thoughts here or on social media now!

What’s Killing Pokemon GO?

Since its launch, Pokemon GO has been a massive success. With downloads and numbers higher than any other app before it, it’s basically become the most successful mobile game in history. Heck, it’s already a good third of the way to its first billion dollars in a matter of weeks.

But alas, Pokemon GO seems to have a small bump in the road. More precisely, various mobile stat sites have found the game is gradually losing a fair amount of its players every day or so, with recent figures having it as lost 10 million daily users already.

So what’s going on? Why is Pokemon GO losing its popularity? Well, let’s find out!

Hype Die Down

First off, let’s start with the obvious one. Namely, that the game is leaving ‘fad’ status and stabilising in its popularity. Like how Pokemon got less popular as ‘Pokemania’ died out. Or how various other fads pretty much died out completely a couple of months or years in.

And heck, with Pokemon GO being the biggest mobile game in history… there really is only one way to go from here, right?

Well, I guess so. Pokemon GO won’t always be the worldwide phenomenon it was when it started out. That part is inevitable.

But Pokemon GO also seems to be dying out a bit quicker than some other ‘fads’ did. I mean, look at the Pokemon games themselves. They only really got that much less popular by generation 3 or so, a good three or four years after the series took off.
Pokemon GO on the other hand seems to be losing popularity a little quicker than that. In July, it had about 45 million daily users. Now, it’s down to 30 million. That’s a good 10 million user drop in about a month, which is kind of worrying for the game’s future.

So it seems like there may be a little more to it than hype dying down. Like…

Broken Gameplay Balance

The completely broken game balance. What do I mean by this?

Well, it’s basically the kind of game you can’t do well at outside of a major city. That’s because Pokestops and gyms tend to be located where more notable buildings and landmarks are, and the amount of wild Pokemon appearing seems to be roughly in line with the number of smartphone users nearby.

As a result, those who live in the country or suburbia… well, they’re probably not gonna finish the Pokedex or get to level 40 odd any time soon. The amount of Pokemon and Pokestops is just too low for that.

So it seems possible that a fair few rural and suburban players are simply giving up on the game, since they know they’ll never be able to do as well as those in places like New York City or San Francisco.

Additionally, it could also be due to…

Third Party Maps Being Killed

Niantic and the Pokemon Company shutting down various third party mapping services and what not. Like Pokevision.

To some degree, this is understandable. These services work by using a dummy account to send requests to the servers and ping back information on Pokemon in a certain area. So to Niantic, it might be a convenient way to lower some of the server load.

Unfortunately for them though, these maps are also kind of a necessity for a lot of players. For example, remember those rural players mentioned above?

Well, the maps actually give them a decent indication of when a Pokemon might actually spawn in the local area. Without it, they’re just wandering blind and seeing hardly any Pokemon at all.

So by getting rid of them, it’s made the game exceedingly hard for people in those locations.

It’s also a thing a lot of urban players in those large cities appreciate too. I mean, remember all that hype over players rushing towards where a Vaporeon spawned? Or where a Dragonite appeared? Yeah, that’s much easier with these maps, and gives players in cities like London actual targets to head for and a reason to explore more of their city.

Remove the three step feature that once pointed out where Pokemon would spawn, and well, it’s not hard to see why going after these maps and sites may not have been the best idea Niantic ever had. It literally reduces the game to pure trial and error.

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GoldenEye 007 XBLA Footage Surfaces Online

Back in 2006, Nintendo and Microsoft were considering releasing a remake of GoldenEye 007 for Xbox Live Arcade and Wii Virtual Console. Made by Rare, this would basically port the original and update some of the styling to look a bit more modern.

And now, Rare fan site Rare Thief has managed to actually get footage of said remake! Here it is:

As you can see, the game looked pretty much finished. You had all the same levels with redone textures and skyboxes. There were various additional multiplayer options, like one to make characters all the same height. The cheats were still in, with DK Mode being renamed Big Head Mode.

Heck, you could even choose to switch between the original and updated graphics on the fly! Now that’s a cool feature for a remake!

Unfortunately, there was just one issue. Namely, Microsoft and Nintendo couldn’t agree on the rights and financials, so the game got canned.

Apparently, Nintendo, Microsoft and Activision had came to an agreement that said the game would be released on both Xbox Live Arcade and the Wii Virtual Console. Unfortunately, the former had then later backed out and hence the game couldn’t be released.

The result of all this? Well, we got that GoldenEye ‘remake’ from Activision instead. The one that looked and played a bit like GoldenEye 007, and had some levels and features from it, but took more inspiration from the Call of Duty games of the era. It’s still apparently a good game, just nowhere near as fantastic as the original N64 title was.

Either way though, that’s the cancelled GoldenEye 007 remake for you. But what do you think? Should this game have been released on Xbox Live Arcade and Wii Virtual Console?


GoldenEye 007 on Rare Thief

OC Remix Releases Chrono Trigger Remix Album

Named ‘Chronology’, the album is a jazz tribute to Chrono Trigger, with some of the game’s iconic songs remixed and covered as jazz tunes. Here’s a trailer for the album via their official Youtube channel:

As well as a link to their site where it can be downloaded from free:

Chronology – OC ReMix

Either way, it’s a great album. So if you’re a fan of SNES RPGs, or just like good game music in general, go and download it right now! It’s free after all!

Astro Boy: Edge of Time Announced!

A few days ago, a mysterious page went up online in regards to a new Astro Boy project called Astro Boy: Edge of Time.

And dear god, did it sound amazing. The game would be based on the work of esteemed manga creator Osamu Tezuka. Suda51 would be working on the game’s development. Heck, it’d even have elements from other Tezuka mangas in the same universe! What could possibly go wrong here?

Well, apparently the genre, that’s what. You see, Astro Boy: Edge of Time is not the type of game you’d expect from this franchise. It’s not an action game, like the amazing Astro Boy: Omega Factor on the GBA. You’re not flying around blasting enemies out of the sky in a futuristic world straight out of the original manga.

Instead, it turns out the project is a collectible card game. Or more precisely, a digital collectible card game like Hearthstone. It’s got some positives to it (like the expected online multiplayer) and it will be released for PC as well as smartphones, but it’s a far cry from what Astro Boy fans actually wanted from the title.

edge of time gameplay

In addition to this, it’s also on Kickstarter, which isn’t exactly a great sign. Why? Because Kickstarter tends to work better for games that a dedicated fanbase really wants. Like say, how Banjo-Kazooie fans backed A Hat in Time, Lobodestroyo and Yooka-Laylee. How Mega Man fans backed Mighty No 9. Or how Castlevania fans backed Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Games that don’t offer what the fans want in regards to genre or content tend not to do well there. If Color Splash, Young Conker or Metal Gear Survive was on Kickstarter, it would be very unlikely to reach its goal before the campaign ended. They could be perfectly good games, they’re just not what people wanted from those franchises.

If this had been Omega Factor 2, it would easily hit its $50,000 goal in about two days. But a digital card game? Not a chance in hell, sorry.

Either way, that’s apparently what the new Astro Boy game is, and what Suda51 has been working on. If you do want to back it for whatever reason, you can find it on Kickstarter here.

Astro Boy: Edge of Time Kickstarter

So what do you think? Is Astro Boy: Edge of Time a good idea? Or is the genre simply all wrong for this beloved franchise?