No, Charles Martinet is Not Stepping Down as Mario’s Voice Actor

Earlier today, Nintendo fans had a bit of a shock when Mario’s voice actor, Charles Martinet, had changed his job title to ‘Former Mario at Nintendo’. Did the unthinkable really happen? Had Martinet decided to step down from the role after 22 years?

Well, no. As Martinet pointed out on Twitter, he’s still Mario’s voice actor and has no plans to retire any time soon:

So Nintendo fans can breathe a sigh of relief; Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi aren’t getting a new voice actor. Instead, a Facebook glitch screwed his listed occupation, and has seemingly been doing the same thing for many other people on the site as well:

Everyone from my work (including me) is listed as ‘Former’ or ‘Worked At’ inaccurately. Facebook’s got some kind of issue, and has had it for months now.

Above: From a comment by RustyOwl at GoNintendo

And that’s a pretty big problem if you ask us. I mean, Facebook is practically ‘the’ place people check for information about an individual or company. It arguably wasn’t meant to be (that’s LinkedIn’s role), but it’s what people use it for none the less.

Which makes listing people’s job titles incorrectly a real issue. Imagine if that happened to the US president, and it said ‘Barack Obama, former President of United States’. Or if it’d happened at Facebook and listed Mark Zuckerberg as the ‘former CEO at Facebook’. The public and press would go nuts, even more so than they did here.

Add how a lot of companies have angsty investors (note how much Nintendo’s stock goes up and down after every announcement), and you’ve got a single glitch that could potentially cause huge problems in the future.

But hey, as far as Charles Martinet and voicing Mario goes, there is nothing to worry about. He’ll be voicing Mario and co for the foreseeable future.

A Klonoa Film is in Production

In the last few years or so, it seems video game movie adaptations have become increasingly common. There’s the Sonic movie, which seems to be stuck in limbo. The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, complete with real animatronics. And heck, even the likes of Tetris is getting a three film franchise based on it!

But even among all this, there’s one franchise most people didn’t expect to get a movie.

Namely, Klonoa. Yeah, the obscure 2D platformer franchise which had a few games released on the PlayStation, Game Boy Advance and Wii.

That’s actually getting a movie based on it. The film will be an animated featured by Henshin, with Henshin’s founder Rob Pereyda producing the movie and Hitoshi Ariga scripting it. Production start dates and theatrical release dates haven’t been announced for the film yet.

This was revealed at TIFFCOM, the rights market for the Tokyo Film Festival.

So, it’s a pretty big surprise isn’t it? You’ve got a fairly niche franchise that died off in 2008 getting a film adaptation. That’s strange even by Hollywood or anime standards!

Yet that’s still not the best thing that can happen here. Why? Oh no, that’s the inevitable video game. Because you see, lots of game adaptations tend to games based on the adaptations. Like say, the Sonic Boom titles based on the TV series. Or the old Street Fighter movie game everyone hated in the day.

Which means there’s a decent possibility that this might result in new Klonoa games too. I mean, why advertise a movie based ona game series without any games to actually play? It’s not like you can tell people to buy a 2008 Wii game here. So it seems like we’ll get a new Klonoa game to tie in with it.

But yeah, hooray for Klonoa’s return to relevance! Let’s hope this series doesn’t die off again!


Henshin Developing Film Based on Klonoa Video Games (Variety)

Monster Hunter XX Announced!

Remember that Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct that was happening today?

Well, it happened. And it turns out the mystery announcement was that a new Monster Hunter game was coming to the 3DS soon. This game is called Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) and it’ll be released in Japan on the 18th March 2017.

It’s a sequel to Monster Hunter Generations, and comes complete with a new hub (set on an airship), new monsters, new NPCs and companions and other extra features. Here’s the Nintendo Direct for it:

Plus some videos showing the game in action:

However, one question still remains. Will it be released outside of Japan?

Honestly, it’s not likely. It’s a late game on a dying system in a fairly niche series. Add a ton of text you’d have to localise, and it seems like Capcom would see a Nintendo Switch title as a better choice. After all, that’s a system people will still be playing in 2017!

But hey, we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe Capcom will have a different view…

Starter Evolutions and More Features Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Well, it’s time again! Time for another round of Pokemon Sun and Moon announcements, straight from the latest trailer for the games! So here are the English and Japanese trailers for this week:

And as you can see, there are quite a few interesting announcements this time around! You’ve got the final forms of the starters. The other island guardians. New Battle Frontier like features such as the Battle Tree! It’s almost a bit much to take in at once!

So let’s start with the most important reveal. Namely, the final evolutionary forms of the Alola starter Pokemon. These match the leaked designs perfectly, all have at least one interesting signature move and seem a little more competitively viable than starters were in the past.

Like Decidueye, Rowlett’s final form! This Grass/Ghost type (yeah, bet you didn’t see that one coming?) is known as the Arrow Quill Pokemon and use the arrow quills from its wings to attack with immense speed and pinpoint accuracy.


In addition to that, its signature move (Spirit Shackle) stops the opponent fleeing the battle or switching out once it’s been hit. So it’s like an attacking version of Mean Look or Spider Web.

We also get to see Incineroar, Litten’s final evolution. Remember that wrestler cat from the leaks?

wrestler cat starter leak

starter evos

Yeah, it’s real. What’s more, the press release and site even compare it to a wrestler, calling it the ‘Heel’ Pokemon! But hey, at least it’s a Fire/Dark type instead of another Fire/Fighting one!


And like Decidueye before it, Incineroar has a special signature move only it can learn. This is called Darkest Lariat, and it ignores the effects of any stat changes the opponent might have on it. So it sounds useful in competitive play if Incineroar’s stats aren’t too bad.

Which just leaves us with the final starter’s last form. Namely, Primarina. As per the leaks and datamine, it’s a Water/Fairy type mermaid Pokemon.


Its special move is called Sparkling Aria and seems to be a move for team battles more than anything else. Why? Because it heals the burns of any target it strikes, something which seems kind of useless against an opponent.

But those starters aren’t the only ones announced today.

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Let’s Interview; Shesez of Boundary Break!

For the last six months or so, Shesez has been making some very interesting video game videos. Focused on secrets not normally seen by the player and covering everything from Smash Bros Brawl to Resident Evil 4, these videos have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. They’ve been on the Nintendo subreddit, mentioned here on Gaming Reinvented, posted on GoNintendo… heck, they’re so well liked that it’s gotten Shesez’s channel from 150 to over 9000 subscribers in half a year! Talk about an insane popularity boost!

And now, we’ve got an exclusive interview with him. So sit back, relax and see how those interesting Boundary Break videos originally came to be!

1. So, let’s start out as usual here. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Shesez when he’s at home anyway?

Shesez is my online persona. In real life at home I go by the name Derrek who absolutely loves video games more than any other hobby.

2. And what’s the whole ‘Pencake and Wuffle’ thing about? Cause I remember your channel originally being a shared YouTube channel or something…

It all started when I told my then girlfriend at the time that I was planning to entertain on YouTube. That I had strongly defined opinions and knowledge about video games and I wanted an outlet to share them.

She then suggested we do a “boyfriend Girlfriend” channel. Which I was very interested in given that I didn’t see many channels like that back then.

Above: An example of what used to be on Shesez’s channel

However, the my goals and drive were stifled by creative differences. And when we had finally broken up, I changed the password, changed the name, and changed the identity. At that time I believe we only had 150 people subscribed which i thought was enormous and didn’t want to abandon hahahaha.

3. Either way, your channel became much more well known after the first Boundary Break episode was posted. How did you feel knowing you’d stumbled onto a successful formula for a series?

I felt I found a purpose for sharing videos to the gaming community. People we’re coming to see my videos because I offered something we’ve all wanted to see before. And I felt very thankful and privileged to be the one to deliver that content.

4. Some general Boundary Break questions now. Out of all the games you’ve covered, which were the most interesting to look at and why?

Melee definitely had the best content. Seeing “SMASH BROS” hidden all over the menus and how some of the stages worked, was incredibly interesting. It was that sort of detail you hope to find that for some reason we were never able to see.

5. How about the least interesting? The ones without anything too unusual outside of the typical camera view?

The Mario Kart episode was a real challenge. But by far the hardest to produce new and interesting content for was Pikmin. I combined two games, showed all beta areas, showed some fairly uninteresting content just to pad out a moderately sized episode.

6. Did you ever scrap an episode because it wasn’t working? Like, where the developers didn’t put anything interesting in the game (that you couldn’t see normally)?

I have! Pokepark Wii was the first example of this. There was just NOTHING going on with that game.

7. I also remember you saying Wii U hacking wasn’t quite there for a Boundary Break episode yet. Did that ever get fixed? Is there now a better free camera mod for Super Smash Bros for Wii U?

As far as i know there haven’t been any developments. I have tried commissioning modders but there doesn’t seem to be an interest there.

I think I just have to luck out and make a fan out of a very intelligent programmer hahahaha!

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