High Voltage Software Was Working on a Splatoon Predecessor

As you likely know, Splatoon has quickly become a huge success for Nintendo. With millions of fans playing the game online and a large eSports community dedicated to the title, it’s clear the franchise has become one of Nintendo’s biggest successes, and a multiplayer game almost on par with Mario Kart and Smash Bros in terms of widespread appeal.

But did you know that Splatoon wasn’t the first such game of its kind? That Nintendo was at one point actually working on something similar much earlier in the Wii U?

Probably not, but it’s true none the less. Because as it turns out, Nintendo was actually working on a very similar game in tandem with High Voltage Software right back in the early days of the Wii U.

And this game actually shared a fair few similarities with Splatoon too. For one thing, it was a non-traditional shooter with non-lethal bullets and cartoony characters, just like Splatoon would be years later.

Yet at the same time, it also had its differences. For example, whereas Splatoon revolves around squids and ink, this unnamed game was going to be based on the idea of robots fighting with water-based weapons instead. In other words, it was kinda like if Mario Sunshine’s FLUDD had become the basis for a FPS game, albeit in a setting somewhat similar to Mega Man.

It was an interesting project really, and makes you think about how different things could have been had it come to fruition. Hell, we could have had a major new Nintendo IP right there in the dark ages of the Wii’s downfall!

Alas, that wouldn’t be the case. Why?

Well to put it simply, leaks happened. Basically, someone at High Voltage leaked the existence of the project online, and that scared Nintendo enough to drop the project. It’s a pretty disappointing outcome for a game like this, and worse still, one that actually harmed the relationship between High Voltage Software and Nintendo as a whole.

So, if you’re interested in hearing more about it, check out the video here:

And tell us what you think about the game and its potential too. Would you have wanted to see a Splatoon type game with water-based weapons? Would High Voltage Software have made a game on par with it?

Tell us what you think in the comments below or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


How Splatoon’s Predecessor Was Ended by Leaks – Game History Secrets (Nintendo Wii U)

is Smash Bros Ultimate’s New Mode Called ‘Spirits’?

Back in the recent Smash Bros Direct, we saw a blurred-out button for a mysterious extra mode on the main menu. This didn’t provide much to go on, but based on its position, size and colour (plus various other background details in the Direct), many then speculated it was tied to a single player adventure mode in the game.

However, now it seems we may have a better idea what it’s for. Why? Because as Imgur user Nintendrew found out with a bit of image editing, it seems the button may say the word ‘spirits’ on it, complete with an icon of a ghost or soul.

Here’s a mock up showing what the menu option might look like:

Spirits Menu Option

As well as some other images illustrating how Nintendrew came to this conclusion:

Smash Bros. Ultimate main menu decensor by Nintendrew

It matches up pretty well to be honest, and makes a ton of sense given the morbid death themes present throughout many of the game’s newcomer trailers. After all, would Nintendo really kill of Mario and Luigi for no real reason? Probably not, even for a game as interested in drumming up hype and controversy as this one.

So yeah, we think it’s pretty likely that Nintendrew is right about this. It just all seems so logical here.

But what do you think? Do you think the button likely says spirits on it? What kind of adventure mode do you think would you fit such a concept?

Have your say on the matter here in the comments or on social media today!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Decensor (Nintendrew on Imgur)

WarioWare Gold’s SMB Microgame Gets a Mario Land Makeover

Damn, these mods are being made crazy fast now! Yep, just days after WarioWare Gold’s release, we’ve already gotten mods for the title, bringing visual overhauls to the microgames and cutscenes in the process.

Such as this interesting one found on Mario Making Mods. This mod is based on the Super Mario Bros microgame in 18-Volt’s collection, and reskins it to feature graphics based on other Mario titles.

Namely, Super Mario Land 2 and the Super Mario All Stars version of Super Mario Bros instead of the original game! Here are some pictures showing the mod in action:

Super Mario Land 2 Version

Super Mario All Stars Version

As you can see, it actually works really well all things considered. Hell, if we didn’t know it was a mod (and someone posted it on Mario Wiki or the likes), we’d genuinely believe Nintendo was behind this thing. After all, it certainly fits the style of the game, as well as Nintendo’s tendency to update the graphics for the redone games in WarioWare Gold.

So if you’re interested, check it out. It’s a neat way to make one of WarioWare Gold’s microgames feel that bit more fresh again, and a look at the modding scene that may develop for this game in future!


SMB Gold (Mario Making Mods Forum)

Is Nintendo Planning a New Adventure Mode for Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Earlier today, Nintendo hosted a massive Nintendo Direct livestream for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Featuring Masahiro Sakurai himself, the Direct showed off everything from new characters to new stages, items, assist trophies and Pokémon.

And also, as expected, tons of new modes were shown off there too. These ranged from the traditional Tourney mode to the Squad Strike and Smashdown modes, with all kinds of new features to go around.

However, there was still one mode that wasn’t shown off at all. Namely, whatever mode was behind the blurred-out button on the main menu screen.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mystery Mode

Which is why we believe it leads to an adventure mode. What’s the reasoning there?

Well, think about it like this. When has Nintendo ever blurred out modes in a Super Smash Bros video?
Pretty much never. They’ve never done this at all so far.

Which in turn means it’s very likely that whatever is behind said button is a trailer worthy feature in and of itself. It’s not Classic or All-Star Mode, since those are guaranteed anyway. Its not tournament related, since that was in the Direct trailer.

And it’s probably not something minor either. Seriously, would you hide the presence of say, Master/Crazy Orders or Tour and have it as a major announcement? No, of course not. That’d be ridiculous, since very few people care about said modes anyway. Even Smash Run would be more of a neat ‘extra feature for the Direct to show off’ type of deal.

Add to this how it’s smack bang on the main menu screen (and not in say, games and more like other minor extras), and it seems like it’s a major feature that Nintendo’s going to be promoting heavily this time around.

So only adventure mode really fits that bill. It’s big, its heavily requested, and it’s something Nintendo may want to keep hidden for a future Nintendo Direct or announcement. Obvious really, and we’ll bet anything it’ll be in the new game.

But what do you think? Do you agree that adventure mode will be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? If so, what do you think it’d have this time around?

Tell us your thoughts here in the comments or over at the Gaming Latest forums today!

Simon Belmont and King K Rool Are Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Today, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct livestream for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In this livestream, various new features, assist trophies, stages and modes were announced, with everything from expanded tournaments to a whopping 900 song soundtrack being among the video’s reveals.

But even despite all this awesome news, there were two certain announcements that were far more amazing than the lot. Why? Because not only did Simon Belmont from Castlevania get in, but so did King K Rool from the Donkey Kong Country series!

Yes, you’re not hearing that wrong. Everyone’s favourite ‘requested character’ has finally made it into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and both his trailer and moveset look every bit as good as you’d expect:

It’s incredible really, and shows that Sakurai really does listen to the fans sometimes. What’s more, it also gives hope that K Rool may start making more appearances outside of Smash Bros too, since he’s now got an amiibo and a major role in Nintendo’s biggest game of 2018. Seriously, can you really imagine him not making it into a Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze sequel now? We sure can’t, that’s for sure!

As for Simon, well his trailer not only looks awesome as all hell, but goes a bit darker than the other reveal trailers for the game too. No kidding, think Ridley’s reveal was dark? Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet:

Yep, that’s Death ripping out Luigi’s soul after the latter tries to treat Castlevania like Luigi’s Mansion. Pretty chilling for a Smash Bros game and makes Luigi’s fear of the undead all the more realistic.

Still, here’s Simon Belmont to save the day, along with Richter from Symphony of the Night. It’s like two of everyone’s favourite Castlevania protagonists from the price of one, and the echo fighter system means it can happen right here in one trailer.

Again, they’ve got all good movesets that reference the source material well, and seem like fun characters to play with their whip and subweapon based specials too.

But the reveals don’t end there. Nope, thanks to the echo fighter system, Dark Samus and Chrom (from Metroid Prime and Fire Emblem respectively) are also heading to Smash Bros Ultimate.

These obviously aren’t as interesting as K Rool or Simon, but they’re nice to see none the less, and make up a neat bit of extra variety on the game’s slowly expanding roster.

So yeah, check out all the pictures and artwork for the new characters here:

King K Rool Artwork

Simon Belmont Artwork

Richter Artwork

Dark Samus Artwork

Chrom Artwork

And then tell us what you think of them in the comments below, or over on social media sites like Twitter. Cause from where we’re standing, it seems like Smash Bros Ultimate has blown our expectations right out of the water in all the best ways possible.

Long live Super Smash Bros Ultimate!