New GBA ARMS Mockup Shows Potential for Future Fan Games

Given the popularity ARMS has seen since its release, it’s surprising how few fan games seem to exist of the title. Yeah there was ARMS 2D a while back, a toned down 2D version with basic 16-bit graphics. Yeah, a couple of the characters have been modded into Smash Bros. Or drawn in pixel art form and posted online.

But for the most part, that seems to be it. Fan projects based on ARMS seem to be few and far between in general, with even the Spriter’s Resource having no custom art based on it.

However, maybe that’ll all change when people see this mockup. Because as the title says, an artist called bomb998 has drawn what appears to be a GBA version of ARMS, complete with lovely looking 2D sprites and a Punch Out esque style of gameplay.

Here are some pictures showing this non-existent game:

As you can see, it looks incredible. Indeed, if this was ever made as a fan project (or even sold by Nintendo), it actually seems like something that might do really well.

So, go on ARMS fans. Take some inspiration from it, and make the 16-bit fan game ARMS has always deserved!


Here’s How ARMS May Look on the GBA (Nintendo Life)

Super Mario 64 Mod Adds Online Multiplayer to the Game!

Here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve featured quite a few interesting Mario 64 mods in recent weeks. These have included Super Mario Odyssey 64, a mod that lets players possess enemies. There’s Super Mario 3D World 64, which adds said game’s characters to Mario 64 complete with unique abilities. Heck, there’s even stuff like Super Mario Maker 64, which is exactly what it says on the tin!

And now there’s another one! Yep, coming from Kaze Emanuar (the guy behind most of the other major Mario 64 mods posted online recently), this mod goes and adds full online multiplayer to the game! Here’s a video showing a build from early in development:

As you can see, it works pretty well so far. It’s not perfect sure (players don’t interact with each other yet), but it’s miles ahead of old school solutions. Why?

Well in part because you don’t have to share a screen any more. You see, previous multiplayer solutions for this game worked like 3D World did. In other worlds, players shared a screen and when the camera moved away from one it was very hard for them to find their way back. It worked in a basic sense, but it was annoying to set up none the less.

That’s not the case here. Oh no, every player has their own screen view now. So instead of crowding together to avoid being cut off, players can explore different ends of the level at their leisure with no added problems. It’s pretty useful really.

But in future, things may get even better still. That’s because Kaze is also considering expanding this mode significantly. Like for example, allowing 8 players to play Mario 64 at the same time!

Yep, you read that right. 8 player Super Mario 64 co-op. It sounds insane just thinking about it, but it seems like something that’s all doable here.

And to add even more insanity, even custom character models may be possible too. So, the likes of Luigi, Peach, Wario, Waluigi and Toad could all be playable characters here! Sort of like the whole Mushroom Kingdom taking on Bowser at once.

So definitely check it out if you can. It looks really good so far, and will be available to download for free when character interaction has been coded in.

Nintendo Reveals the Next ARMS Character! Sort of…

For the last few days, we’ve been talking about new characters in ARMS for Nintendo Switch. We’ve mentioned the datamine listing character themes and internal names. We’ve talked about the hints that hacker Shiny Quagsire has given out on Twitter.

And with the recent arena photo, we’ve mentioned how more likely the idea of a candy themed character for the game has become recently. The hints have been there for ages.

But now Nintendo has actually gone and revealed them! Here’s the tweet showing them in action:

There’s just one small catch here.

Namely, the video has been deliberately edited to look as terrible as possible. In other words, Nintendo have tried to fake that the video was being recorded on a camcorder or something.

Which in turn means we don’t really get to see much of the newcomer here. We know they look a bit like a clown:

New ARMS Character Teaser

As well as that their arena is the candy themed one showed yesterday. But that’s it. The image quality is simply too bad to make out many of the details here.

Still, it’s nice to know the character’s going to be announced soon, and we’re sure a real announcement trailer will be up in the next few days. After all, there’s a perfect opportunity for it at the end of their upcoming tournament broadcast.

We’re just gonna have to live with what we’ve got till that happens.

Is Okami HD Coming Soon?

As of this point in time, quite a few people want to see Okami on modern consoles. After all, it looks amazing, with a visual style that seems almost perfect for a Wind Waker style reimagining. It plays well, getting near unanimous praise on its initial release.

And well, the game has stirred up quite the cult fandom over time. In that sense, it’s almost like Capcom’s Psychonauts or something. Namely, a classic beloved by everyone who played it.

Yet despite that, the chances of said game being ported have always seemed fairly slim. After all, Okami wasn’t the biggest seller in the world, and Capcom barely remembers their lesser known franchises now.

In a world where even Mega Man seems to have been neglected, what chance has Okami got of seeing another rerelease?

Well, a better chance than before anyway. That’s because as the title suggests, evidence has now popped up that Okami HD could be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One on the 12th of December 2017. This evidence is from various video game retailers, who have data for that exact title on their systems right now.

That’s good news if true, especially given how amazing the PS3/Xbox 360 remaster of Okami really looks.

But is it actually true?

Well, it’s hard to tell.

On the one hand, you have to keep in mind that Okami really didn’t do well in terms of sales. Seriously, it was one of the biggest disasters Capcom ever had. All those positive reviews absolutely failed to translate to financial success on any platform.

As a result, you have to ask whether they’d even consider remaking it again. I mean, it was released on the PS2 and failed. It was released on the Wii and failed.

And while remaster sales figures don’t seem to be online anywhere, it’s likely they weren’t utterly amazing.

So, in that sense, you have to ask yourself whether Nintendo would port it to even more consoles. It’s certainly good enough to deserve a port for sure, but Capcom isn’t a charity. Heck, they barely remember Mega Man exists, let alone stuff like Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Viewtful Joe. Are they really going to remaster it again for more modern platforms?

It’s a bit doubtful there. It seems like a poor move from the company on a business level.

Yet at the same time, it also seems fairly plausible in other ways. After all, they did port it all these times already, and the data is in retailers’ systems.

So there’s evidence of both Capcom supporting the title and of its existence in some form.

And when you add how it’s likely just an upscaling of the original HD remaster, that makes it far more ‘likely’ than a lot of other rumoured games.

That makes evidence of a port or remaster more convincing than usual.

But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens for the time being. The evidence on both sides is just too evenly matched for a simple yes or no answer.

Still, what do you think? Would you want to see Okami HD on PS4 and Xbox One? Is the game even a plausible idea?

Post your thoughts on that (and more) here in the comments or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


Report: Okami HD Heading to PS4 and Xbox One (Kotaku)

Is a New Candy Themed ARMS Character Being Teased?

For a while now, we’ve been getting a few hints about a candy themed character in ARMS. Dataminer Shiny Quagsire hinted at it with his recent Twitter posts. There was also an ARMS character datamine listing a bunch of unused character themes (like plant and sweet)

And now it seems we have another hint, courtesy of the official ARMS Twitter account! That’s because in their latest tweet, Biff appears to be sitting near an arena with a candy theme. Here’s the tweet if you haven’t seen it yourself:

Add this to the prior evidence people have found, and it seems we’ve got a strong case for a candy themed ARMS character somewhere down the line.

But what do you think about it? Are you happy that a candy themed character and stage could be coming to ARMS via DLC?

Post your thoughts on this (and more) at the Gaming Latest forums today!