Daisy Really is Coming to Super Mario Run!

Welp, it’s happened again. Just weeks after I debunk a seemingly too ridiculous to be true rumour, the bloody thing turns out to be true. First it happened with Mario + Rabbids, and now it’s happened with Daisy in Super Mario Run too.

Because as the title suggests, Daisy is going to be added as a playable character in the hit mobile game. And that’s not the only addition either.

Oh no, a brand-new mode called Remix mode is coming soon as well. This new mode consists of ten short level sections to play through, and ends with you unlocking Daisy as a playable character. It’s reminiscent of the challenge stages from NSMB U, and should add a bit of extra replay value to the title.

Which is also the case with the new World Star area too. This new world will be unlocked after beating the first six, and offers players even more new levels to experience in game. Interestingly, said levels seem to include new themes too. Like this forest level with Scuttlebug enemies:

This should also mix up Toad Rally a bit, assuming said levels are now available in it.

Finally, the game is also adding a feature to use your own music in game. Good news if you’re like me and getting tired of NSMB songs. Why listen to ‘bah bah’ when you can listen some awesome Luigi’s Mansion songs?

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Is Isle Delfino Returning in Super Mario Odyssey?

When it comes to kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey, we’ve seen a fair few of them. There’s the Metro Kingdom with New Donk City, where the trailers began all those months ago. There are the newly announced Seaside and Snow Kingdoms, which were shown at the recent Nintendo Direct.

And with unannounced but confirmed kingdoms like the Lake Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom being present in game, it’s already shaping up to be quite the adventure.

But it seems something else may be present here too. A location Mario fans should be very familiar with…

Yep, Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine has also been spotted on Super Mario Odyssey’s world map! Here’s a picture pointing it out, courtesy of Jordan Amaro on Twitter:

As you can see, that dolphin shaped island is a perfect match for the icon Super Mario Sunshine location. This indicates that not only has Nintendo added new kingdoms to the Mario world for this game, but also been careful enough to include older ones on the map too.

It’s pretty good from Nintendo, especially given how the company try to distance themselves from the idea of a Mario ‘canon’ as much as possible.

And that’s not all. Oh no, it also implies the area will be a playable level in some form too. That’s because every other landmass on the map indicates an area you visit in game. There aren’t meaningless details in this one!

So it seems like Mario will be visiting Isle Delfino here too. However, that still raises a few key questions.

Firstly, what part of Isle Delfino could you be visiting?

Because other kingdoms don’t have you visit every possible location. Instead, you only visit a certain place there. Like say, New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom. Or Tostarena in the Sand Kingdom.

So, would Isle Delfino work the same way? Would the level be based on Delfino Plaza, Ricco Harbour or Pinna Park?

Or would the player be able to visit the entire island in one big level? Either possibility is a valid one here.

Secondly, how could the area have changed from Sunshine if you do visit it?

Cause let’s face it, as great as Mario Sunshine is… few people want a complete carbon copy of its setting in a new Mario game without any changes. It’s a nice place, but it’s one we’ve already thoroughly explored before this point.

As a result, it’s likely a version in Odyssey would change up a few things. Maybe some of Bowser’s minions would be roaming around to cause havoc. Perhaps some new enemies or characters could be present here with interesting dialogue or behaviour.

At the very least, the Power Moon missions would significantly differ from the Shine Sprite ones.

So, the presence of Isle Delfino raises many questions here.

But hey, it’s an awesome inclusion none the less, and shows Nintendo may indeed be celebrating all the past Mario platformers in this one. Thanks Nintendo, this is a very welcome surprise in an already incredible looking title!

New Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Shows Mantine Surfing (and more)!

Well, it’s that time again folks! Yep, Nintendo’s released another trailer for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and this one shows all kinds of new features in the game. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yourself:

As you can see, there are all kinds of changes here. You’ve got tons more Pokémon, with a massive 400 of them in the Alola Pokedex alone. There are all new trial layouts and themes, with Mina even getting a trial of her own this time.

And well, things like the photo mechanics have been improved significantly. No longer are you merely photographing Pokémon in certain spots, now you’re able to take photos with you and your team in them instead! That’s pretty cool really. Especially if said pictures can be shared online afterwards.

But these aren’t the most interesting changes here. Oh no, that’s the surfing.


Because not only does Mantine now exist as a Ride Pokémon you can use, but you can use it to surf between the islands in Alola now!

Yup, no more needing boat rides to get around. You can now ride the waves between the islands on an actual Pokémon instead, complete with fancy tricks and giant waves to master. It’s a neat addition, and makes the world feel a bit more interconnected than it did before.

Add the other new mechanics we seen in the video, and well, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just look more interesting than ever before. They’re not simple third versions, they’re all new games with major features.

It’s a pleasant surprise given their muted announcement back in June this year.

So, what do you think about it? Are you happy Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are getting these new surfing mechanics? Or the other things shown in the video?

Have your say on the matter at the Gaming Latest forums today!

Ten Interesting Changes Coming to Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions

In under a month, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions will be released for the Nintendo 3DS. A remake of the original Superstar Saga on GBA, it promises to update the title for an all new generation, with improved graphics, music and gameplay elements to make it feel just as modern as its contemporaries.

But while the aesthetic changes are the most notable, it seems they’re not the only interesting ones. Nope, quite a few characters and mechanics have been switched or changed in the title too, ranging from the minor to the incredibly important.

So, let’s look at them, shall we? Let’s look at ten of the most interesting changes coming to Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions…

10. Mechawfuls are now involved in the storyline!

Starting with an interesting addition to the storyline. Namely, the Mechawful enemies from Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story.

These robot foes are now shown destroying Beanbean Castle Town when you first arrive, with a greater role being given to them in the Minion Quest mode too.


That’s interesting. Why? Well in the original Superstar Saga, Fawful wasn’t quite as much of an independent villain as he was in the later games. So, to see these guys appear now hints that his megalomania was present all along, and that he may not have been entirely loyal to Cackletta at all.

It’s an interesting change with quite a few implications for the series in general.

9. Along with Bowser Jr

Which is also the case with another early appearance from a later game foe. Yep, Bowser Jr makes an appearance in this game too.

We know this because he’s clearly shown in this piece of artwork for the Minion’s Quest mode included in the remake:

Bowser Jr

So, what’s his role?

Well, it’s hard to tell really. Based on the fact he’s only shown in Minion’s Quest, it’s likely he’s not making an appearance in the main mode.

But why would Bowser’s army fight his own son? Hmm, the plot thickens. Perhaps Fawful or Cackletta mind controlled them/ordered them around like the Koopalings in the main adventure?
We’ll have to wait and see!

8. The posters in the Yoshi Theatre get an overhaul

We won’t have to wait to find out about this change though! Because unfortunately for Wario and Starfy fans, the posters in the Yoshi Theatre got a major overhaul.

Yep, gone are the old ones, with cameos based on other Nintendo franchises. In their place are posters advertising films based on the other Mario & Luigi titles. Like one with the Shroobs, one with Prince Dreambert and one with the Brocks from Bowser’s Inside Story.

New Posters

It’s an interesting change, and the new posters do look nice. However, it’s also a bit disappointing given the prominence of these cameos, or how they were the one-real Wario reference seen in a major Mario game in the last decade or so.

And it’s not just poster designs that have been affected here…

6. As does Blink’s design in his mini game

It’s character ones too. Because for whatever reason, Blink now looks nothing like Donkey Kong. Instead, he looks like a generic skeleton pirate:

No Bink

And that’s disappointing if you ask me. There’s no real reason AlphaDream changed this, so it’s just taking away some of the character variety for the sake of it.

But this isn’t the last ‘interesting’ character design difference here. Oh no, another familiar face has been changed too…

5. Psycho Kamek is replaced by Dr Toadley

With Little Fungitown’s resident psychiatrist Psycho Kamek being replaced with Dr Toadley from Bowser’s Inside Story.

No, I’m not making this up. They switched out a character from Superstar Saga with a completely unrelated one from Bowser’s Inside Story:

Dr Toadley

That’s odd for a remake. But still, at least it’s a positive change. Psycho Kamek was a rather dull character in his only appearance, whereas Dr Toadley actually had a personality and unique way of speaking in his.

So, to see a one off replaced by a more interesting character isn’t a bad thing here. Just a completely unexpected change for a remake.

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2K Games Pressures The Sixth Axis to Remove Negative NBA 2K18 Review

When it comes to gaming journalism, ethics are generally lacking across the board. We’ve seen writers fired for giving negative reviews to heavily publicised games. Websites have exchanged great scores for early access (as seen in the Drivergate scandal). And well, if GamerGate proved anything, it’s that a lot of journalists seem to band together like an internet fraternity. That gaming journalists have almost become an internet priesthood dedicated to protecting its own.

In a world like that, a media controversy in the world of gaming journalism is almost irrelevant. I mean, how can you possibly top fired reviewers or dodgy scores?

Well, by taking down negative review scores on behalf of the game publisher, that’s how! Which is exactly what The Sixth Axis did with their NBA 2K18 score after 2K games got in touch.

That’s because (as you may know), NBA 2K18 is a bit of a trainwreck. It’s got save files that are far bigger than they have any need to be. It’s plagued with poor game design elements like artificial difficulty. And like so many triple A games nowadays, it’s filled to the brim with microtransactions and pay to win gameplay elements.

So, the The Sixth Axis’ reviewer slapped the game with a deserving 3/10 score. Exactly what you’d expect for a poorly designed game like this.

But obviously not a score that sat well with 2K Games. As a result, the company contacted The Sixth Axis to ‘discuss’ the review, leading to the score being removed from the article in exchange for a note saying the following:

Update: In discussion with 2K Games, we’ve temporarily removed the score pending a statement with regard to our criticisms, at which point it will be reinstated. Additionally, a draft conclusion was posted that incorrectly characterised our score as a protest vote, and has been reworded to reflect that our criticisms are rooted in the effect that VC and microtransactions have on the gameplay.

It’s extremely dodgy on every level. What’s more, it’s not a change the actual writer had any say in either. Oh no, 2K games just went straight to his editor, as he mentioned himself on NeoGAF:

Hello. Reviewer here. After review went live I’ve had no direct contact with 2K, instead their PR is chatting with my editor. All I know is that 2K are to issue a statement of some sort regarding issues raised in the review. Of course, the real issue is what updates the 2K18’s VC system gets. Just think of this as a review now in progress. If things remain unchanged so will my opinion.

So not only have we got a site removing scores because of negative from the publisher, but they’re not even working with the actual writers when they do so. Real respectful guys! How nice of you to annoy your reviewers by editing their work behind their back.

It’s really bad news all round really. And you know what else it is?

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