Square Enix Announces new RPG ‘Project Prelude Rune’

As pretty much everyone knows, Square Enix is the RPG company. They’ve made Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games for more than 30 years. They’ve worked on the Mana games and Chrono Trigger in the SNES days and beyond. And well, if there’s a classic RPG you’ve got any nostalgia for at all, it’s likely Square Enix had some part in its development.

So now they’ve got another project underway! Nicknamed ‘Project Prelude’, the title is developed by the newly established Tokyo studio Studio Istolia, with former Tales series producer Hideo Baba at the helm. Here’s the outline of the project illustrating what it aims to be:

The project aims to build a new RPG with a new fantasy: unfolding across a vast land teeming with life. Nurtured by the earth, the many peoples of this land dare to dream, fighting for what is just—and this is their tale.

As you can tell, it’s pretty ambitious as a game. Vast world filled with life and things to do? An epic battle between good and evil?

And well, that sounds exactly like the kind of big budget fantasy RPG Square Enix and co are known for. And it’s gonna have a pretty big team too. Since Studio Istolia are actually looking for a ton of staff to work on the game. In roles such as:


  • Battle Planner
  • Map Planner
  • UI Planner


  • Character Designer
  • Map Designer
  • Monster Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Effect Designer
  • UI Designer


  • Battle Programmer
  • Tool Programmer
  • Event Programmer
  • Sound Programmer
  • UI Programmer
  • Technical Support

So if you’ve got any of those relevant skillsets, go and talk to the studio via their official website or social media channels. If not… well at least you can enjoy some of the artwork they released for the game:

But hey, what do you think of the title? Does it sound like it could be a classic RPG like those in the Final Fantasy series? Or do you worry about the new studio that’s working on it?

Post your thoughts here or on social media today!


Square Enix Announces new RPG ‘Project Prelude Run’ (Gematsu)

Lost Quik the Thunder Rabbit Game Found for SNES!

In the last few years or so, quite a few interesting games and prototypes have surfaced online. There was Nightmare Busters, a cancelled SNES title which actually got revived, finished and sold to collectors on a physical cartridge. There was Infinity, a long lost Game Boy Color RPG released online for free by original creators Affinix Gaming.

As well as numerous others in addition to that. Tyrannosaurus Tex, Mr Tuff, the original Rayman prototype… the list just goes on and on.

And here’s another one! Called Quik the Thunder Rabbit (and based off an existing Amiga game), the title is a Sonic the Hedgehog style 2D platformer that was once intended to be released on the SNES in the 90s. Here’s a video showing it in action:

Yeah, it does certainly look interesting. But what’s it like to actually play?

Is it like the Amiga game?

Well, no. It’s a 2D platformer starring a blue rabbit. That’s it. That’s the only similarity I can see between Quick the Thunder Rabbit on SNES and Quik the Thunder Rabbit on Amiga.

But everything else is entirely different. The levels are entirely different in this version of the game, with completely different themes and graphical styles. The weird quirky enemies and background objects have been swapped out for new ones. The music probably would have been different, had the now released ROM actually had any in it.

It’s basically an all new game with the same character (though even he looks vastly different in this incarnation).

Yet that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as differences are concerned. Why?

Because somehow the game is now part platformer, part shoot em up and part fighting game. In other words, you go from typical Mario/Sonic style platforming to a Gradius type shoot em up to a Mortal Kombat style fighting game setup at random.

It’s utterly bizarre really.

But hey, it’s still enjoyable enough to play none the less. I mean yeah, it’s not a classic by any means of the word. And no, it wouldn’t have quite revolutionised the market like Donkey Kong Country or Sonic the Hedgehog did back in the day.

Yet it’s still a perfectly solid game none the less. The physics? Work fine really, with Quik going exactly where you want him to without delays or slippery landings. Level design?
Not great, but decent enough for the kind of game that it is. And well, you can probably tell from the pictures that the game looked decent enough for a platformer of the era. It’s no Awesome Possum or Bubsy the Bobcat, that’s for sure!

It does have some flaws (the fighting game level just hard crashes the game because the basic mechanics haven’t been programmed in). But for as far as what it’s available goes, it’s a decent enough little game.

So if you’re interested in seeing what Quik would be like on a SNES (or just want a decent enough 2D mascot platformer for the system), give this game a shot. There’s definitely some fun to be had in the levels that are actually available here.


Quik the Thunder Rabbit (Assembler Games Thread)

8-4 Not Handling Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Translation

They handled translating Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, and they’ve worked with Nintendo on a fair few other games.

But it seems like 8-4’s translation work on the series is finished for now. That’s because as per 8-4 staffer John Ricciardi on Twitter, the company is busy with other stuff at the moment. Here’s his tweet about the news in full:

Still, at least the news will come as a relief to some fans. This is because a while back, 8-4 got a lot of criticism from JRPG fans for removing certain features from the localised versions of Xenoblade Chronicles, like the boob slider and other similar additions. Said fans were part of a GamerGate related initiative called ‘Torrential Downpour’, and also expressed unhappiness with other games translated around the same time. Like Fire Emblem Fates. Or Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

So those people should be happy with this announcement. Let’s hope the rest of us will be as well!

Nintendo Switch Teardown Posted Online!

Ever want to see what’s inside a Nintendo Switch? How Nintendo managed to get all that technology into the tiny unit?

Can’t be bothered to wait till the console comes out in 2 weeks?

If so, you’re in luck! Because someone online going by the name tabobao has posted a full break down of the console, showing everything inside the system hardware. Here’s his Imgur album with a ton of pictures:

Switch Teardown posted by some taobao guy

As well as a few notable ones I felt like posting here:

As you can see, Nintendo’s done everything possible to avoid wasting space this time around. I mean, look at how packed together everything is on the circuit board there if you need proof of that. Definitely feels like they tried to make it less bulky for the Switch.

So yeah, it’s an interesting look at the hardware really. Perhaps not one Nintendo wanted available so early, but an intriguing one none the less. Gives you a real idea of how impressive the tech is, and how hard it must have been to get it all working in the Switch unit!

Sony Patents Very Switch Like System

We’ve heard of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. But when it comes to Sony’s new patent, it seems that might be a step too far.


Because it shows a system that looks remarkably similar to the Nintendo Switch. As in, pretty much identical down to the hardware and screen layout. Here are some pictures showing the design they patented:

As you can see, it definitely has its similarities to Nintendo’s system.

I mean, you’ve got the general design setup. The button layouts seem remarkably similar to Nintendo’s system. Heck, there are even what seem to be removable controllers! Like a Sony equivalent to the Switch’s Joy-Cons!

But before you get out the torches and pitchforks, here’s an interesting thing you may not have realised here. Namely, this patent actually dates from 2015. Yes, it was made public a few days ago, sure. But the actual patent itself was seemingly filed way before anyone outside of Nintendo knew the Switch even existed.

So as strange as it sounds, this could actually be a weird coincidence. After all, they’re dropping support for the Vita pretty soon. And well, with their handhelds not doing all that hot, it does seem possible that Sony could have considered a hybrid system separately from Nintendo. Or even just a simple tablet shell with detachable PlayStation type controllers.

Or maybe they were spying on Nintendo somehow. Either way, they seem to have a patent on a Nintendo Switch like system or device none the less.

So what do you think is going on here? Is this Sony patent a little too close to the Nintendo Switch? Or is the whole thing just a coincidence?


Sony Patents Nintendo Switch Like Device (Japanese)