A New Glitch Lets You Completely Skip Super Mario Odyssey’s Toughest Level!

In Super Mario Odyssey, there are various postgame kingdoms and areas you can explore for extra Moons. These include the Mushroom Kingdom and its Mario 64 shout outs, the Dark Side of the Moon and its boss rush plus numerous extra ‘Moon Pipe’ secret courses added throughout the game worlds once you break the Moon Rocks.

However, the toughest (and final) one in the game is the Darker Side of the Moon. Set in Culmina Crater, this level is a brutal test of everything you’ve learnt throughout the adventure, with tons of long sections based around every transformation and gimmick in the game. It’s like the Grandmaster Galaxy, World S Crown or Champion’s Road of Odyssey.

But what if you’re not good enough for that? Or just can’t be bothered to go through the 13-section gauntlet for a single Multi Moon?

Well as it turns out, you’re in luck. Because there’s a handy glitch in the game that lets you skip the entire level! Here’s a video showing how it works from our YouTube channel:

As you can tell, the method to pull it off is as follows:

  1. Capture a frog near the start, and jump into the air
  2. Then ‘uncapture’ the animal at the height of its jump, and jump over the second frog
  3. Land on the frog and capture it immediately after

If done right (aka within a few frames), you’ll somehow end up swimming in the air. Once that’s a thing… well, you can guess what to do. Just swim over to the building at the end and hey presto, the level is done.

It really is that simple.

And it turns the equivalent of Champion’s Road into a complete and utter joke. It’s not the only way either.
Oh no, you can also use Dorrie to do the same thing if you’re careful:

So yeah, if you’ve got slow reflexes, that way might work better for you. Either way, the results are the same. One tough level, made completely trivial in a matter of minutes.

It’s definitely one to try for you Super Mario Odyssey fans out there!

Misango Has Been Added to ARMS in Version 4.0

As you likely know, every major version update for ARMS has contained at least one new playable character. There was Max Brass in version 2.0, Lola Pop in version 3, and now with version 4, Misango has joined the cast too. A tribal warrior type who fights alongside a spirit buddy in battle, he can merge with said ghost to change to one of three different masks. These in turn add new abilities or change his attributes in battle, acting like Shulk’s stance change in Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

It’s an interesting system, and one that works very well in ARMS. Here’s a trailer if you need to see him in action:


As you can tell, it works well overall.

But Misango’s stance change isn’t the only extra system that’s been added here. Oh no, Misango also has another trick up his sleeve too.


Yup, as announced a few days prior, poison type ARMS have been added to ARMS as well. And with many of Misango’s default ones using this attribute, it means he’s the perfect character to test out those mechanics too. As you can imagine, it’s pretty much like how poison works in anything else; you hit the opponent, they take small amounts of damage over time. Like in Pokémon or the Mario & Luigi series.

Still, it works well here, and adds a nice extra alongside Electric, Fire and Ice attributes too.

Finally, we get the new arena for Misango, Temple Grounds. There’s not many details about it available, but from what we can tell it’s pretty much just a quiet jungle clearing with various breakable columns littered about. There’s nothing too annoying here. Just a nice fun stage to mess around with.

So yeah, that’s the latest update for ARMS. If you own the game and want to check it out, go and update now. It’s definitely worth it.

Six Awesome Glitches in Super Mario Odyssey

Given the sheer scope of the game, it was always inevitable glitches were going to be found in Super Mario Odyssey. After all, bugs are unavoidable in video games, with the more ambitious titles having the most by default. And well, every Mario, Zelda and Pokémon game in the last twenty years has been filled to the brim with interesting glitches to play around with it.

So, it’s no surprise some interesting stuff would be found in Odyssey. But what is interesting is the sheer scope of these bugs.

Why? Because despite the game not being out for more than a few weeks, they’re not minor bugs that have Mario clipping a few pixels into a wall or the font getting screwed up. Nope, they’re full blown game world time crashes, massive out of bounds tricks and much more besides. There really is a ton of interesting stuff to see here.

Hence if you’re interested… keep reading!

6. Out of Bounds in the Luncheon Kingdom

Effect: You go straight through a wall and out of bounds

Starting with this nice, simple out of bounds trick in the Luncheon Kingdom. To use it, first Capture a Fire Bro in this area here:

Fire Bro

Yeah, I know, you can technically Capture one anywhere in the level, but this is a lot more convenient given where the glitch takes place.

Either way, once you’ve done that, then bring him over to this corner here:

The Luncheon Kingdom Corner

And hop towards it. If you did it right, you’ll go straight through the wall and end up out of bounds. It really is that simple.

However, simplicity comes at a cost, and this time the cost is that going out of bounds here isn’t actually all that useful. Yes, you can walk behind the shops and appear to be standing on thin air. Yes, you can get some nice pictures by having Mario appear to be behind the 8-bit volcano wall or what not.

But as far as breaking missions go, no dice. You can’t get into the shop without the chef outfit, since the place has a back wall and the loading zone wouldn’t be active anyway. You can’t go too far back to reach other areas, since there’s actually an invisible wall right in the middle of this area for whatever reason.

And if you decide to leave the Fire Bro’s body for whatever reason… well just enjoy seeing poor Mario plummet to his death. For whatever reason, the invisible ‘floor’ you stand on doesn’t seem to support Mario when he’s not in the form of an enemy, so a quick demise awaits anyone who tries to go exploring on their own.

Still, it’s an easy glitch, and it acts as a nice introduction to the possibilities glitches in this game allow. So, test it out, mess around a bit and then get ready for the next bug on the list…

5. Inside a Building in the Metro Kingdom

Effect: You end up inside a building, because your scooter sent you through a wall

Which happens to be both a fair bit more annoying to pull off and a tad less limited at the same time. That’s because unlike the one in the Luncheon Kingdom, the Metro Kingdom/New Donk City out of bounds clip requires a precise angle to pull off, as well as the use of a moped found in the stage.

Here’s a video showing how it works:

As you can see, it’s a pretty limited area to run around in, with a few buildings to explore and the ability to collect a few well-placed items if you know what you’re doing. Again, like in the Luncheon Kingdom, you’re not gonna be using this to skip any missions here. It simply doesn’t allow for anything quite that interesting.

But it does allow for you to see something you may not expect in New Donk City. Namely, a perfectly solid looking brick wall Mario can walk straight through. It’s pretty bizarre really, especially given how exactly one wall (which you’re never meant to interact with) just happens to be solid. Eh, maybe Nintendo had plans for that building in a beta version of the game or something. It wouldn’t be the first time they left unused objects and collision lying around in levels.

Still, I’m sure you’re getting bored of the tiny areas to run around, so let’s look at a bug that’s a bit more… interesting in its possibilities.

4. Underneath the Cap Kingdom

Effect: The Paragoomba you’re controlling goes through a solid wall and ends up underneath Bonneton

As well as so easy to pull off that it may actually be the easiest glitch in the entire game.

Seriously, you can activate this one without even trying if you know where to go.

So, to use it, return to the Cap Kingdom and Capture a Paragoomba. Once you’ve done that, just head over to this corner here:

Mystery Corner

And fly into it. If done ‘correctly’, you’ll fly straight through the wall and under the level.

Yeah, it really is that easy. The corner seems to have no collision detection whatsoever, so there’s not even sort of knack needed for it. Here’s a video showing it in action, in case you’re still a bit sceptical:

Once you’re in, well you can pretty much go anywhere you like to your heart’s content. Want to head behind a Cap Door early? Sure, go right ahead. Want to go underneath a shop and see if you can land next inside the hat stand? Sure, I guess.

You can also land in the water underneath the plugged pond in the level. Not very useful, and you have to keep pressing the jump button (since Mario tries to sink down automatically), but it’s a neat extra.

So, check it out if you’re interested. The possibilities here are almost endless!

But compared to the next three… it’s nothing…

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Super Mario Odyssey: A Fantastic Game Which Revitalises A Stale Series

As you may have noticed, there haven’t been a whole lot of updates on Gaming Reinvented in the last few days or so. That’s because for all that time, I’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch instead. Seriously, I’ve been doing everything in this game. Beating the main story, getting every Moon in sight, completing the bonus levels… heck I was so determined to finish the title I even beat Culmina Crater, the game’s Champion’s Road equivalent that’s supposed to be the hardest stage in the entire adventure.

But now I’ve gotten about 860 Moons and experienced most of the game, I feel it’s time to review the experience. So how is it? How good is Super Mario Odyssey?

Does it really live up to the hype?

Well, in summary:

Yes. Yes, it does

Because Super Mario Odyssey is an incredible game. Indeed, it’s so incredible that it may well be the best 3D Mario game of all time, to the point it actually beats out both the original Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy in my eyes.

So why is this? Well, let me explain, in my full review of Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch!


Starting with the graphics. Put simply, Super Mario Odyssey looks absolutely stunning in the visuals department. Really, just look at the trailers if you need more proof of that:

It’s literally what Mario fans have wanted the series to look like for years. What’s more, it’s even better than you’d expect too.


Because in my opinion, the levels in the trailers for the game are actually some of the least impressive in the whole game!

For instance, while New Donk City looks as great as a city level in a Mario game could ever be, the Sand and Cascade Kingdoms (which are also heavily advertised by Nintendo) may actually be some of the least impressive on a visual level.

Instead, if you want a good look at how special the title is on an aesthetic level, you need to look no further than Bowser’s own kingdom. This place almost looks a million dollars, with a beautiful Japanese style that almost pops off the screen in how colourful and well animated it is. It’s an unexpected design choice for a difficult endgame level, but one which really paid off none the less.

Bowser's Kingdom

And the same is true of a fair few other kingdoms rarely shown in trailers too. The Lake Kingdom looks like a Greek temple with classic architectural and a generally calming feel:

Lake Kingdom

The Lost Kingdom does the whole sunset feel perfectly, to the point you almost want to be exploring a tropical island right now:

Lost Kingdom

And as for the Seaside Kingdom… well it doesn’t even need much explanation. This place is perhaps the best advertisement for a beach holiday you could ever imagine, especially when the missions have drawn to a close and the sun has started to set:

Seaside Kingdom

It’s absolutely stunning, and perhaps one of the best showcases the Nintendo Switch has ever received.

So, on a visual level, Super Mario Odyssey is about as great as you can imagine. But what about the music and sound effects? How do they stack up?


Well to be honest, it’s a mixed bag.

On the one hand, where the game does music well, it really does it well. The Cascade Kingdom theme sounds incredible, as do the two vocal songs and the themes played in Bowser’s Kingdom.

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Super Mario Odyssey: Your Questions Answered!

With Super Mario Odyssey just a week away, it’s likely a lot of Nintendo fans have some burning questions about the title. After all, this is a massive game, and there are a ton of possibilities thanks to the new capture mechanic. Can you capture Bowser? Are the levels all as big as New Donk City? These questions and more haven’t really been answered in the Nintendo Directs or other trailers for the title, and they’re all ones Nintendo fans likely above it.

Fortunately for them then, we’ve got all the answers! So, if you’re confused about any of Super Mario Odyssey (or just have a few niggling doubts that need clearing up before it’s released), read on!


How many kingdoms are there in Super Mario Odyssey?

At least 17. If you want to know what they are, keep reading. If you don’t, skip ahead to the next question via this link.

  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Cap Kingdom
  3. Cascade Kingdom
  4. Sand Kingdom
  5. Lake Kingdom
  6. Wooded Kingdom
  7. Cloud Kingdom
  8. Lost Kingdom
  9. Metro Kingdom
  10. Snow Kingdom
  11. Seaside Kingdom
  12. Luncheon Kingdom
  13. Ruined Kingdom
  14. Bowser’s Kingdom
  15. Moon Kingdom
  16. Dark Side of the Moon
  17. Darker Side of the Moon

If you’re wondering exactly what the last two are (and why their names are so odd), that’s the answer to a later question. Either way, there are at least 17 kingdoms we know about so far, with others potentially being revealed in the postgame.

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