Pegaswitch and RetroArch Bring Retro Console Emulation to the Nintendo Switch

A short while ago, it was mentioned that hackers had figured out how to get homebrew running on the Nintendo Switch. Because of this, it was only a matter of time before third party apps would start appearing on the system. Like say, emulators for other systems. Or amateur games of the kinds available on the 3DS and Wii.

And thanks to the Pegaswitch toolkit and RetroArch, that’s now indeed the case. The Switch has been hacked to play all kinds of interesting games. Like say, the NES library:

Or the equally expansive one for the SNES:

Heck, even Atari Jaguar games are running on the thing now!

It’s a pretty good start for a system that’s only been modded so recently.

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Out of Bounds in Shiveria; Some Interesting Findings From Beyond Mario Odyssey’s Glass Wall

A couple of days ago, a very interesting bug was found in Super Mario Odyssey. Located in the Snow Kingdom, this glitch lets players break out of the main room next to the race track, and end up exploring the track itself on foot. Here’s a video showing it in action:

So what’s out there anyway? What’s beyond the wall in Shiveria?

Well. Quicksand for some reason. Yep, all that snow on the side of the racetrack actually acts like quicksand when Mario stands on it. Why? Not sure really. I guess Nintendo thought it’d be a quick way to slow players down if they went off track?

Maybe, though it still doesn’t make much sense when you think about it. The Shiverian you Capture in this kingdom doesn’t sink into the quicksand, and they’re not controlled in many areas outside of the race track to begin with. Wouldn’t it make more sense to set up a new object that only slows them down in the race and doesn’t require special coding to avoid having the player die mid race?

Eh, who knows. Either way, the use of quicksand is hardly the only interesting quirk you can find out here. Oh no, another one which defies explanation is the whole death barrier set up for the area in general.


Because if you try and have Mario walk around the track, he dies in seemingly random spots for no apparent reason. Like with the quicksand, there’s no logic behind these; they don’t do anything in the actual race.

So why are they there? Why have a kill zone about 10 metres after the start line and another one about ten metres to the North West of it?

It just doesn’t make any sense. The player will never normally reach this area, and if they do there’s no harm in them exploring it. Again, a weird coding decision on Nintendo’s part, and one that doesn’t seem to help anything in-game.

Still, it does give a possible hint towards the game’s development. Why?
Because from what we can tell, it’s far more difficult to reach the Iceburn Cup circuit in the level the same way. In most cases, Mario just dies before hitting solid ground, despite clearly being above it.

This implies that the death barriers around the courses may not have been in the initial plans for the level, and that at one-point Mario may have well have been meant to explore part of them by foot. Remember, games tend not to have solid ground outside of their boundaries, especially for areas the player immediately gets booted out of in normal gameplay (like here in the races). Similarly, they also tend to block off areas the player isn’t supposed to reach with failsafes like instant kill zones.

The fact Nintendo did not do this here speaks volumes about the game’s plans.

As do some of the weird collision objects you can encounter in the crowds. For instance, you see that flagpole over there to the right?

Well for some odd reason, it actually adds like a wall and a short ledge you can stand on. Like, a ledge that goes up to about one fifth of the pole’s height.

And that makes us wonder… is this area’s design another late change? Because it almost seems like a winner’s podium or raised crowd box was meant to be over there, not a giant flagpole you seemingly can’t fly or do anything else.

So check out the videos of the glitch online, try it for yourself and show us what you find in this area. Because despite appearances, it’s clear there’s more to the Shiveria race tracks than meets the eye!

Merry Christmas from Gaming Reinvented!

It’s Christmas time! The turkey’s in the oven, the presents are under the tree (if you’re not in the UK at the moment) and everything’s looking good for the holiday season. New games, new consoles, all that stuff is probably here and present for many of you about now.

But we won’t be posting about any of it. Why? Because like everyone else on the planet, we enjoy our Christmas break and have decided to take the next few days off. So today and tomorrow, there will be no news posts from Gaming Reinvented, nor any updates on social media or over on Wario Forums.

It’s just in the spirit of the season you know? Christmas is a time you spend with your friends and family, not posting on social media or arguing about video game ‘controversies’ with people on internet forums.

So check out the Gaming Latest forums or various subreddits if you desperately need news, and try and spend your time with friends and family. Or heck, actually playing the games you likely got for Christmas rather than talking about them.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Nintendo Has Removed the Hidden Golf Game from the Switch Firmware

A while ago, we mentioned how the Nintendo Switch had a hidden golf game you could unlock on Iwata’s birthday. This golf game (which was basically just an updated port of NES Golf) wasn’t much on its own, but acted like a neat little easter egg none the less.

However, note the word ‘had’ in the paragraph above. Because as SciresM on Twitter has found out, it seems Nintendo’s removed the game from the system altogether. Yep, it’s been taken out, with its space replaced with dummy code that doesn’t do anything.

Here’s the tweet where he confirms it:

It’s disappointing really. Indeed, given the Iwata connection in the game, it almost feels like a bit of an insult to his legacy really. Like, Nintendo just removed the one shout out the Switch’s hardware had at all.

But hey, guess it makes sense to some degree. After all, it wasn’t being used much, and while the code that replaces it is garbage now, it’s possible it’ll be replaced with something bigger along the line. Like, an app you can access all year around.

It’s disappointing to be honest, and feels kind of like an insult to Iwata’s legacy in general.

Still, what do you think about it? Are you disappointed the golf game is no more? Why do you think Nintendo removed it from the Switch?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or at the Gaming Latest forums today!

Dr Coyle Has Been Added to ARMS in its Last Update

Well, it’s update time for ARMS again! Yep, just a few weeks after Misango and Springtron were added to the game, ARMS Laboratory director Dr Coyle has been added as playable too! Here’s a trailer showing her in action:

As you can see, she’s an… interesting fighter. For one, she completely forgoes the idea of gravity, floating around and merely rising up instead of jumping.

This plus her invisibility/teleporting tricks, makes her something closer to a Kirby boss than a traditional fighting game character, and differentiates her quite well from everyone else in the game.

And that’s not all either. Oh no, she’s also rather important storyline wise too. Indeed, not only was she originally involved in a relationship with ARMS commissioner Max Brass, but her quest for revenge ended up being what made Hedlok and the likes altogether. Pretty neat really, especially given how she’s now the new final boss (on level 7 and above).

Above: Or how she has unique win quotes for every opponent. That’s quite the level of detail!

What’s less neat though, is the DLC situation as a whole. Why?

Because as the ARMS Twitter feed points out, this is the last major update the game will ever get.

Yep, after this, that’s it for new fighters and mechanics in ARMS. You’ll get a few patches, likely some balance updates and other small extras, but the days of regular updates have drawn to a close.

And that’s kind of disappointing really. Remember, ARMS had quite a few unused characters listed in its code. Like say, the mysterious plant themed fighter hinted at a while back. Or the others from the datamine with the codenames Chain, Scroll and Sumo. All of those never seemed to get made into playable characters, despite it clearly being planned.

Were they scrapped? Did Nintendo decide to move on from ARMS a bit early for whatever reason?

It’s honestly hard to tell.

Still, at least Dr Coyle is a fantastic new character, and perhaps the best fighter ARMS could have hoped for. She’s got a great design, interesting mechanics, fun to use attacks and generally everything players could want from a new character. So even if ARMS going out after five updates wasn’t intended, at least the game did go out on a high note.

But hey, what do you think about it? Are you happy with Dr Coyle as a character? Saddened the game won’t be receiving any updates?

Say what you feel about this (and more) in the comments below now!


Dr Coyle Profile (official ARMS website)