10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Notice in The New Breath of the Wild Trailer

As you know all, a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was released at the Nintendo Switch Presentation a couple of days ago. Here’s the video again, in case you haven’t seen it:

As you can see, it shows an awful lot more of the game than we saw previously. There are villages, NPC species/races like Gorons and Zora. New enemies and bosses are shown. And much more besides.

However, those are only some of the obvious things! Yeah the Gorons appear here, but did you know the Gerudo make an appearance too? That at least one character has a connection to the Fierce Deity from Majora’s Mask? Or that the Deku Tree may make an appearance?

If not, then step right up, and find out more about these cool details from the new trailer!

10. The Molgera Like Sandworm in the Desert

Such as the Molgera like sandworm in the desert area. Looks pretty similar to the Wind Waker boss, doesn’t it?

And that’s not all, it also fights pretty similarly too. You’ve got smaller creatures attacking Link around it, like the Molgera spawn from The Wind Waker. The creatures jaws open in that really wide style that make it seems like he tries to eat Link from underground. And heck, the character even seems to be flying through the air when he exits the sand! Like say, both Molgera and the Twinmold from Majora’s Mask!

So yeah, I guess this guy might be throwback to earlier Zelda titles, and appear as a dungeon boss at some point in the story.

9. The Ominous Darkness in the Water

But while it’s clear that guy is a boss, the darkness in the picture is a little less easy to decipher.

Seriously, what is that?

It looks like glowing Dark Matter (from the Super Mario Galaxy series) in Calamity Ganon’s colour scheme. Or in other words, a physical embodiment of his evil encountered as an obstacle in the overworld or something.

And that’s not all that’s interesting in the picture. Oh no, look at that rock formation a bit more carefully.

Looks an awful lot like a dragon type creature, doesn’t it? Or perhaps more accurately, the skeletal remains of a dragon type creature.

So perhaps Ganon’s evil essence might be heading to revive the critter, with Link having to get there quick before things take a turn for the worse. Or maybe I’m just overthinking this.

It’s pretty hard to tell.

8. Glimpses of Dungeons?

What’s a tad less hard to tell though is quite what’s going on in the background of scenes.

That’s because they seem to show something we’ve never seen before in Breath of the Wild. Namely, the actual dungeons you explore throughout the story.

Think about it. You’ve got a giant ominous lava cave with twisted platforms and metal floors, which doesn’t any location we’ve seen as of yet. There’s a tomb like room with a Sheikah Warrior (which gives Ancient Cistern vibes).

And there are two enemies which seem a little tougher than the ones you see on the overworld. Aka the Dinolfos and the Sheikah Warrior.

That gives me the impression that they’re found in the ‘proper’ dungeons’. Like how in Zelda 1 and 2, the monsters in the underworld were much stronger than those on the overworld.

So it seems like we now have a few glimpses at the actual dungeons in this trailer too.

7. The Sheikah Warrior

But talking of the ‘Sheikah Warrior’, that’s another interesting thing in the video. Have a good look at this guy’s ‘face’:

Yeah, it looks a lot like the Mask of Truth from Ocarina of Time. It’s got the Sheikah Symbol prominently visible and looks very close to the Gossip Stones you see throughout that adventure.

So is this guy an artificial construct by the Sheikah? Perhaps some sort of golem or something?

I’m going to say yes here. He looks like a Sheikah built Iron Knuckle equivalent, so that’s what I’m going to assume he is for the time being.

6. The Helix Sword?

And it’s not just the warrior himself who’s the interesting one. Oh no, look at those glowing swords he’s fighting with.

Don’t they look familiar to you?

I’m sure they do. Because as any Zelda fan knows, their shape is identical to that of the Double Helix Sword that Fierce Deity Link uses in Majora’s Mask.

Which makes me wonder: is this perhaps what the Fierce Deity’s tribe looked like when alive?

Or do the Sheikah have some connection to the ancient tribe that created the mask? Either way, it seems like we could be seeing some interesting Majora’s Mask ties in this game’s lore.

5. Another Skull Rock?

Still, onto something a bit less ‘important’ now. Do you see this skull shaped rock here?

It looks very similar to one we’ve seen earlier, doesn’t it?

Yep, that’s because it’s the same design as another skull shaped rock in the E3 demo. That one acted like a sort of enemy base, where you’d get some rare equipment by defeating enemies in the cave there.

But it wasn’t located in this area. It was on the Great Plateau, embedded in a grassy hillside. So

So what’s it doing here too? Why is this one identical landmark found in two separate places in Breath of the Wild?

Well, that’s a good question actually. Maybe it’s the design for Bokoblin hideouts in the game? Perhaps it replaces the sea towers from The Wind Waker (or the submarines from the same game)?

Or maybe it connects to the storyline somehow. And like in the Wind Waker’s Triforce Quest, it ties into a late game collectathon quest that has you finding a secret stored in these places. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!

4. The Glowing Castle Towers

Another neat thing about the trailer is in the scene with the Calamity Ganon and Hyrule Castle.

Note the pillars there. Or more precisely, how this time they seem to be lit up with the same malevolent looking glow as Calamity Ganon itself, as well as the darkness in the earlier item on the list.

This seems to ‘confirm’ the old theory that the pillars around the castle aren’t just for show, but actually do something to restrain Ganon’s power. Kind of like how the Spirit Tracks work in the DS Zelda game of the same name.

3. The Gerudo Fortress?

We also see evidence the Gerudo are in Breath of the Wild too.

Too obvious?

Well, I wasn’t just referring to this Gerudo character.

Oh no, look closely at the desert ‘oasis’ type area earlier in the trailer. Or more precisely, the door at the start.

You’ll see the Gerudo symbol clearly visible there and then. So not only are they in this game, but this area seems to be their headquarters. And well, based on the water and fancy architecture, it’s actually quite a nice looking area too.

So that also implies the game is perhaps set before Ocarina of Time and other such games. Before Ganon’s ‘land’ became a lifeless desert. Perhaps the war in this game is what screwed the area up to begin with. Maybe Ganon’s evil actions in Breath of the Wild are why he’s so depressed in the finale to the Wind Waker.

Or perhaps it’s all just a coincidence. Eh, I’m going with the former.

2. Another Glimpse of a Desert Dungeon?

Additionally, the desert also seems to be the location of at least one major dungeon in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

After all, what else could this mysterious building with the metal towers nearby be? There’s a cutscene nearby, with Link and multiple friendly NPCs in the vicinity. It’s large enough to cover multiple floors with what looks like areas to explore inside and out. And hey, just about everything here screams ‘this area is plot important’.

So it seems that’s one dungeon location in the game.

And I think I know another one too. Namely, this area:

Yeah, that Sphinx statue is again, way too big and suspicious looking not to be plot relevant here. Hence I suspect it too hides a dungeon entrance of some sort. Presumably the mountain area dungeon to go with the desert one?

I guess so. But where are the other two dungeons the game is likely to have?

1. The Return of the Deku Tree

Well, maybe this location from the trailer may give a hint there.

That’s because as you can see, it seems to be the base of the operations for the Koroks across the Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

And you know what that usually means, right?

Yep. It usually means the Deku Tree is round the corner somewhere. In fact, it seems to be right here!

Can you see it? Yep, that seems to be the same Deku Tree design from Ocarina of Time, just rendered a fair bit more realistically and in less detail. What’s more, it seems the video narration could well be from him as well!

So yeah, another old favourite from Ocarina of Time returns in Breath of the Wild. Neat eh?

Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct Coming on the 18th of January

It’s only been a few days since Fire Emblem Warriors was announced, but it seems Nintendo has more to show soon. Why? Because a new Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct has already been announced!

And with it being to set on the 18th of January (read, this Wednesday), it’s clear that two topics are likely going to be shown here.

Namely, Fire Emblem Warriors and the smartphone game they had planned. Well, unless a new main series game is announced for the Nintendo Switch. But hey, that seems pretty unlikely right now.

Either way, here’s the post about it on Twitter:

So hey, what do you think? Are you excited

Let’s Compare… Nintendo Switch Leaks and Predictions!

For the last few months, a myriad of different social media personalities have posting ‘leaks’ for the Nintendo Switch. Sometimes this means whole games, like the rumoured Rabbids vs Mario RPG that Laura Kate Dale mentioned a while back. Sometimes it means random facts (like the Switch having region locking or the online multiplayer being pay to play).

Either way, they’ve been hugely popular as a result. I mean, the Nintendo news sites are flooded with their stories. Reddit had at least ten topics a week based on them. And heck, we even see an AMA with Laura Kate Dale on the Nintendo Switch subreddit.

But how do their leaks actually stack up? Was anyone right about the Switch and the games it’d be getting?

Well, let’s find out shall we? Let’s find out in our ultimate Nintendo Switch Leaks comparison list!

Laura Kate Dale

Starting with the Nintendo Switch subreddit’s leaker of choice, Laura Kate Dale. Here are some of the things she predicted for the console, as well as how accurate they turned out to be in the end:

Day One

  • 3D Mario – Not a launch title, though it does exist. It’s called Super Mario Odyssey
  • Mario Rabbids RPG – Nope, and certainly not a launch title. Might have been confused with the last game, given how rabbits appear as Bowser’s henchman.
  • Splatoon Port – It’s not a port
  • Just Dance 2017 – Correct

First 6 Months

  • Smash port – Unless the turn around is real fast, this is very unlikely. Seems like an E3 announcement if anything.
  • Zelda Breath of the Wild – Nope, it’s a launch game.
  • Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy – Unknown
  • Mario Kart 8 Port – It exists, and it’s got minor additions. More like second month though, not ‘first six months’.
  • Xenoblade X Port – Not a new port. It’s a new game called Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  • Mario Maker Port – Unknown. Seems unlikely to be first six months though


  • Pokemon Stars – Unknown
  • Pikmin 4 – Unknown


  • Beyond Good & Evil – Unknown

As you can see, the vast majority of predictions turned out to be questionable or wrong. And those aren’t the only one she mentioned either.

Oh no, she also said that a Mother 3 port would be announced for the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console at the January 12th event

It wasn’t. Nor was the console going to be priced at £199.99 like she predicted it would be.

Yeah, that’s pretty far off the mark. Unless GAME like hurting their business by drastically underpricing their products (hint: they don’t), it’s not going to be sold for less than £279.99.

Either way, Dale’s track record has been pretty poor recently. Not all bad (a fair few games mentioned could still be coming), but not as accurate as before.

But how about some of the other leakers? How has their track record been?

Continue Reading…

The Nintendo Switch Won’t Have Miiverse

It’s been a heavily promoted feature in the Wii U, and only just made its appearance on a 3DS a couple of years back. But now according to a Nintendo marketing manager, the end is nigh for Miiverse. It will not be returning on the Nintendo Switch.

Here’s their quote confirming this change:

I can answer that we’re not going to be using Miiverse for Nintendo Switch

But that’s not all! Oh no, they also confirmed another recent feature wasn’t on the Nintendo Switch as well. Namely, StreetPass.

You know, that feature that lets you exchange data with people you pass on the street. The one that StreetPass Mii Plaza is built around.

That’s not going to be on the Nintendo Switch either. It’s because (in their words), the Switch isn’t a standard handheld like the 3DS, so there’s no point in including it.

It’s a very quick end for two heavily hyped features.

But do you know what?

I’m actually happy this has happened to be honest.

Yeah, I now that comes across as being very negative. I mean, claiming a feature should be removed from a console? That sounds really mean doesn’t it?

Well, maybe to some. But the thing is, neither really worked that well.

For instance, StreetPass was great… in Japan. Or perhaps really, really busy cities like New York.

But most of the world doesn’t live in those areas. In fact, a large portion live in places like the rest of the US, where everything is really far about and walking isn’t particularly convenient.

So they never encounter anyone using StreetPass. Which in turn, means stuff like StreetPass Mii Plaza is mostly useless to them.

Getting rid of it is just evening the odds and removing something that only a small minority will ever be able to really make good use of.

And StreetPass is even worse. Basically, it’s kind of like Nintendo tried to setup their own version of AOL in the 1990s. A poorly moderated community filled with people who have no interest in holding a decent conversation.

Which then had the knock on effect of hurting independent gaming forums (especially Nintendo ones), since said young kids and future forum members would be attracted to the Nintendo version. Basically, it killed forums about Nintendo, and ended up being a situation where Nintendo was competing with its own fanbase.

Fortunately, now it’s gone (and Nintendo is trying to integrate with third party social sites instead), these problems might be fixed. We’ll see good quality content accessible from the Switch, and we won’t see independent Nintendo forums struggling against Nintendo’s own poorly run ‘community’.

Still, what do you think? Are you happy that StreetPass and Miiverse is no more? Or do you really wish they’d been included on the Nintendo Switch?


Nintendo Switch Won’t Have Miiverse or StreetPass

Suda51 Announces New Game for Nintendo Switch

He’s worked on such unique games as Killer 7, No More Heroes and Flower, Sun and Rain. And now, it seems Suda51 is working on a title for the Nintendo Switch as well!

Here’s his tweet with the announcement about it:

As you can see, it’s likely going to have something to do with Travis Touchdown from the No More Heroes series. I mean, it’s called Travis Strikes Again after all, and there’s a picture of the character included right there in the tweet.

So what exactly will it be?

Well, there are two main possibilities in my book:

  1. It’s a No More Heroes sequel, with the same gameplay as the Wii instalments. This would be the safer (and more likely) bet, and would please a lot of people wanting more of the same.
  2. Or it’s a spinoff in the same world. That’s the other possibility, and it’d allow for a bit more creativity on Suda51’s part.

Either way, it’s going to be a very unique part of the Nintendo Switch’s game line up, and a future cult classic none the less. Maybe not a best seller, but that’s fine.

But hey, what do you think? Is this going to be a No More Heroes sequel? And if so, what kind of things do you want to see added to it?