The Making of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Official Dev Videos)

Yesterday, Nintendo mentioned that they’d be posting some ‘making of’ videos about The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Well, it seems they’ve lived up to that promise. Because here are the videos in question. All of which showcase a different aspect of the game’s development process:

So what’s interesting here?

Quite a few things actually! For starters, the one about the beginning of the game’s development actually states Nintendo has an ‘internal message board system’ which the game’s developers use to discuss ideas they have for the title. Like a sort of Miiverse setup, except for concept art and footage.

This is a pretty neat idea for sharing information about the game, and opens up the (very real) possibility that gaming’s Edward Snowden might have the perfect opportunity to post a bunch of Zelda development docs and concepts online.

And the cool aspects don’t end there. Oh no, they also gave a few details about how the enemies and characters were designed too. For example, did you know the Bokoblins were designed first in this game?

No, me neither. But apparently they were, even though they had some of the most complex AI in the entire experience. So that’s interesting I guess.

As is the talk of how certain sound effects were recorded. For instance, that horn said Blins use to summon backup… is actually a recording of a real horn a staff member owned. So yeah, calling for help through one of those things would actually sound identical to the Bokoblin calls in Breath of the Wild.
Other interesting things revealed are:

  • That the Guardians were based off a staff member’s experiences with the Octoroks in the first game. Apparently he thought they were huge and imposing, so the team designed an enemy kind of based on his conception of the things.
  • How Link’s whole design came about based on his character and personality. In other words, they didn’t design Link and then create his personality, but went the other way around.
  • That part of the game’s concept came from being able to break free of tech limitations limiting the world designs to more linear setups. Interestingly, Skyward Sword is mentioned here, with comments about how they wanted to let players explore the world outside of the bits of the surface you visit in game.

Finally, they made it clear that the game’s development involved revisiting the series conventions and seeing what ones made sense at this point in time. So hey, it seems like the Zelda series is finally breaking away from the traditional formulas of the past and trying something new instead.

So what do you think about the videos? Do they give some interesting insights into Breath of the Wild’s development? Post your thoughts on them here in the comments or over at the Gaming Latest forums today!

My Thoughts on… The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Part 1)

For the last few days, I’ve been playing the Nintendo Switch version of Zelda Breath of the Wild for a review. It’s been an amazing experience, but given the sheer size and scale of the world, I don’t think I’m quite at the point where I can give a full critique of the game and it’s awesomeness.

Because of this, I’m gonna do something a bit different instead. Namely, give my thoughts on Breath of the Wild in a steadily updating series of articles, until I can eventually get far enough to review the entire game and as much as its content as possible.

So let’s get to it, shall we? Here is part 1 of my thoughts on The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Starting with the whole Great Plateau thing. Have to be honest, I kind of wondered why you were limited to this area before actually playing the game. Seems weird for such an open ended title.

But then it struck me: The Great Plateau is basically a disguised tutorial. All the shrines have simple puzzles to teach you how the basics of runes work. The enemies are super weak and easy to avoid (to make it so a new player won’t be overwhelmed). And there’s just the right amount of basic resources to make it survivable but not too punishing.

Either way, with the exception of the Warm Doublet quest, I didn’t have much to note here. And hey, given that the Plateau was shown/available in every single demo/at every event, I’m not sure that’s what others are interested in hearing more about either.

So let’s move on, now to the first interesting aspect of the game.

Namely, the whole ‘upgrade’ system. Basically, you know how in past Zelda games, you got Heart Pieces to increase your health bar?

That doesn’t exist in this one. Instead, every shrine gives you a spirit orb, and you can trade four of them for either a Heart Container or a Stamina Increase.

And that’s where the risk/reward thing comes in. Put simply, you have the choice between playing the game two ways:

  1. Very safely, by putting everything into health at the expense of stamina. This lets you survive more hits (which is useful if you suck at dodging), but also makes exploration a whole lot more annoying than it already can be.
  2. In a risky way, by increasing stamina (hence letting you climb/glide to places more easily), at the expense of basically being a one hit wonder for much of the game. This is convenient for travellers, but also means one Moblin, Guardian, Hinox, Stone Talus or other strong enemy will probably be your last.

I decided to go for another Heart Container.

Continue Reading…

Gaming Reinvented and Gaming Latest Have Now Merged

It’s been on the cards for a while, and we’ve hinted about it in the past already. But now, it’s finally happened. Gaming Reinvented and Gaming Latest have now merged.

So what does this mean for you as a user?

Well, a few things really. Firstly, the forums will now entirely reside on the Gaming Latest domain rather than the Gaming Reinvented one. They’ll still have the same content and many of the same staff (like myself), but the domain and hosting will be under Demon Skeith’s control instead of mine.

And there’s a good reason I’ve done that. Namely, I don’t have the time and energy to keep running a large gaming forum.

I mean sure, I can run a smaller one. Something like Wario Forums where the amount of daily effort needed for generating content and keeping out troublemakers is greatly reduced. That’s well within my capabilities at the moment.

But for a big, nearly big board level community with hundreds of thousands of posts and many thousands of members, that’s just a bit too much for me at the moment. I’ve got a startup to get going, events to attend, news to post on this site and marketing to do on social media. Adding ‘large community management’ to the list is just too much stress.

So I’ve decided that we can now focus on what we do best instead. I can worry how to run a great news site, whereas Demon Skeith can worry about the general forum management aspect. It’s a simple deal really.

As well as one that will help the site immensely. Why?

Because now Gaming Reinvented is the official news site for Gaming Latest too. It’s where members are encouraged to submit gaming content in the form of articles, it’s going to have various articles posted to the forums via RSS, etc. This will bring more attention to our platform, and allow for fun contests like this one.

Where you’re rewarded with eShop/Steam/Xbox Live credits for writing the best articles for the site.

So yeah, the merge is now active. However, that’s not the only thing that is here.

Oh no, we’ve also been working on improving another feature. What is it?
The comments system.

Yeah, as you can tell, we’re now running a new comments system with far better features than before. This system (called wpDiscuz) basically acts like a self hosted version of Disqus.

Except you know, without the annoying forced ads. Or recommended articles shoved at the end.
And it has tons of cool features. For example, you can now upvote and downvote comments like on Reddit:

Subscribe to comments on a per article basis, with replies sent through email.

As well as other additions we’ll be adding on soon. Like the ability to use @ tags like on Twitter, or the ability to post videos and other media directly in the comments section. It’s much more stylish and useful than the bland old WordPress default, and will hopefully make commenting less of a chore in general.

So enjoy the site everyone! It’s now aligned with a new gaming community, has a new comments system and will have numerous other neat features in future as well.

Nintendo Switch Trick Lets You Browse Websites on the Console

A few weeks before the Nintendo Switch came out, Nintendo announced that it wouldn’t have a web browser by default. As a result of this, it’s not possible to access internet sites through the console at the moment, since the only online connectivity features that work are the eShop and a couple of games online multiplayer.

However, that’s not stopping some people! Oh no, thanks to a trick involving a proxy and the Nintendo Network settings, it’s now possible to access any websites you like through the system. Hence turning the system settings page into an impromptu web browser!

Here’s a video by YouTube user NefariousSquid showing it in action:

So how does this work you may wonder?

Well, wifi networks are not always open by default. For example, in a coffee shop, school or library, you may have to log into a special page via the web browser to get access to the the internet. You know, to stop outsiders using the internet connection.

And so the Nintendo Switch is designed to work with this. It does by this constantly sending a request to and checking for an ‘X-Organization: Nintendo’ string in the response. If it gets one, it knows it’s online and the test succeeds. If not it knows traffic is being redirected and displays the relevant login page. While still checking for the response and considering the test successful if it succeeds.

Hence by modiying responses on the network level, we can trick the system. We can trick it into thinking we’re on a ‘captive portal network’ and display pages of our liking. Then by clicking on links there, we can go anywhere online.

It’s pretty cool really, and it acts like a decent browser substitute while the real thing isn’t available yet. So yeah, if you want to test it for yourself, check out the instructions on Reddit via the source link. Who needs a web browser for the console anyway, eh?


Unrestricted Web Browsing on Nintendo Switch via Hijacking Captive Portal Detection (Reddit)

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Review Roundup

Hey everyone. It’s review round up time again on Gaming Reinvented, the series where we have a look at a new game and well it’s doing in the review score category. And today, we’re focusing on the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

But this is no ordinary roundup. And there’s a really good reason for that.

Basically, Breath of the Wild is pretty much a perfect game. Every single major critic on the internet has given it a perfect score (or very close to it). As you can see in this critic roundup image by Dystify:

Zelda review scores round up by Dystify

As well as on Metacritic. There it’s joint second on the ‘highest rated games of all time’ list. As in, just one point away from Ocarina of Time. From being seen as the best game ever made:

Breath of The Wild on Metacritic

So hey, no point even summarising the reviews now. It’s an amazing game, and pretty much no one out there is going to give it a negative (or even average) review score.

Instead, just rejoice knowing that you’ll be playing one of the best games ever made tomorrow, and that Breath of the Wild is likely going to do to the series what Ocarina of Time did so many years before. Completely reinvent it from the ground up, laying the framework for the many more great games to come.

It’s an awesome game. Simple as that.


The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Review Thread (Reddit Games)