Luigi’s Mansion 3


Nintendo did their fans a great service when they kicked off their Direct last week by announcing a new Luigi’s Mansion, which will be the third in the series and still has no official title. The game returns to its console home on the Switch and apparently will be taking place mostly in a large hotel mansion? Hopefully they stick with quality over quantity in this series, much like the first game.


Pending any delays, we’ll see the game sometime 2019.

Animal Crossing is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019

At the end of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that Isabelle was going to be a fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This was a neat surprise for the most part, but also a bit of a disappointing one, especially given how the trailer seemingly showed off a new Animal Crossing title right up until the big reveal.
It was a bit of a tease for fans, and one that initially seemed like a Nintendo troll on par with Dedede’s appearance in K Rool’s debut trailer.

Fortunately, it turns out that wasn’t the case.

Oh no. Cause straight after Isabelle’s Smash reveal, Nintendo announced a whole new Animal Crossing game was in development for the Switch as well!

Yep. after many requests (and a fair bit of speculation), Nintendo officially revealed that a new Animal Crossing game was in development for the console, with a release date set for 2019. Here’s the ‘trailer’ with the announcement for the game:

Which doesn’t really have much to show off at all. You’ve got a logo, you’ve got a release date… and that’s basically it really. No gameplay footage, no information on new features, no music samples… all in all, it’s basically the same situation as with Metroid Prime 4. A big ‘trust us, it’s coming’ deal that leaves your imagination to fill in the blanks.

But hey, at least it’s official now. We may not have any actual information, but at least we know Animal Crossing is in development for the console and that the series will be getting more games on non-smartphone systems. That’s better than nothing at any rate.

So what do you think about it? Are you happy to see Animal Crossing get revealed for the Switch? What do you think the game will actually have in terms of new features, characters and mechanics?

Have your say on the matter (plus many other gaming ones) over in the comments below, or at the Gaming Latest forums today!

Isabelle is Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

Well, another Nintendo Direct, another Smash Bros newcomer reveal! This time, it’s for Isabelle, the dog secretary/assistant from the Animal Crossing series, who joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the second rep for the series.

Here’s her trailer from the Direct:

Plus her character trailer from the official site:

Obviously, both are pretty relaxing, as befitting for a series like Animal Crossing. No one gets killed in them either, which is also a nice change of pace after Ridley and Simon Belmont’s brutal reveal trailers.

Yet that’s not the only change to the Smash formula here. No, Isabelle is an… interesting character mechanically speaking. Why? Because her moveset seems to be halfway between a clone and a unique character. Some moves are shared with the Villager, some moves are taken from other characters, and some moves seem to be entirely unique altogether. It’s a neat setup, and provides a bit of uniqueness that’d be all too easy for Nintendo to leave out.

So watch the trailers and tell us what you think about her as a character. Are you happy to see Animal Crossing get another rep in Smash? Was Isabelle the right choice for that rep? Heck, who do you want to see make the jump to newcomer for this game in general?

Tell us your thoughts on the matter (and more) in the comments below or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


Fighters: Isabelle (Super Smash Bros Ultimate Official Site)

September 13th Nintendo Direct: The Gaming Reinvented Liveblog

Well, it seems our last article was right. Just as we predicted, Nintendo has indeed announced that the postponed Nintendo Direct will air tonight, with said presentation maintaining the same schedule as before.

[Nintendo Direct Times Table]

RegionTime ZoneTime
USA (Nintendo of America)PT
UK (Nintendo UK)BST11pm
Europe (Nintendo of Europe)CEST12am
Japan (Nintendo Co Ltd)JST7am

Which is why (just like with every other Direct), we’ll be covering the whole thing as it airs in a liveblog here at Gaming Reinvented. Yeah it won’t be the most detailed coverage, and yes it’s unlikely we’ll be posting trailers as they come in (thanks to Nintendo’s boneheaded decision to air the thing at 11pm UK time), but we’ll be covering it none the less.

Either way, you can find players for the various regional Direct streams below:




As well as links to various media platforms Nintendo is hosting it on. Pick whatever one you feel like watching..

Then join us at 11pm to see what we think of all the new Nintendo games and announcements. It’s gonna be great!