Netflix Announces Castlevania TV Show!

There’s been quite a few video game related TV shows and films announced recently. From the Tetris trilogy to Nintendo’s work in TV shows and many more besides, it seems like both Hollywood and the TV networks have taken an interest in adaptating video games to other mediums.

And today, it turns out that Castlevania has joined the queue! Why? Because in today’s Netflix announcement, guess what this series was listed on the paper?

Yep, a 2017 Castlevania TV series!

So what’s it going to be like? Well, Netflix isn’t giving anything away just yet. There’s nothing in the announcement talking about the characters or storyline or cast that are part of the show, nor how it connects to the rest of the series.

Well, unless we look at other related stories that is! Because about a year ago, Adi Shankar posted a very interesting message about a Castlevania series on Facebook.

Here it is:

Breaking News: I’m producing a super violent Castlevania mini-series with my homies Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde. It’s…

Posted by Adi Shankar on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

As you can see, it’s talking about a ‘super violent’ Castlevania mini series involving Fred Seibert and Kevin Klonde. What’s more, this series was previously mentioned on a Nick Animation podcast, where he talked about making a series based on a ‘world-famous video game of the last 30 years’.

And that’s not all. Oh no, he also mentioned a few details about the adaptation earlier today as well. There he described it as a Netflix Original Series with a season 1 in 2017 and a season in 2018. As well as the ‘western world’s first good video game adaptation’.

Here’s the post about that in case you haven’t seen it:

Castlevania is a Netflix Original Series with Season 1 launching in 2017 and Season 2 in 2018. Furthermore,…

Posted by Adi Shankar on Wednesday, 8 February 2017

So yeah, it seems we’ve got a real interesting series coming up here. Let’s hope it lives up to all the hype!

Nintendo of Spain Accused of Rigging Nintendo Switch Competition

A couple of days ago, Nintendo of Spain announced winners for a play Nintendo Switch contest. Basically, a few random fans would be chosen at random and given the chance to play the contest in an event held at a major city in the area. You know, a standard event Nintendo has been holding all across the globe at the moment. I mean, Nintendo UK and Nintendo of America advertised the exact same thing a while back.

But while the contest went fine there, it seems foul play was afoot at Nintendo of Spain. Why?

Because 15 of the 20 people selected… were related to Nintendo in some way. They were either partnered with the company for YouTube video purposes, or in one case, actually in a relationship with a Nintendo employee!

No, we’re not making this up. Nintendo of Spain seemingly cheated at their own contest.

And as you can guess, this didn’t go down well online. Oh no, you had complaints from people on Twitter:

You had videos about it from notable YouTube stars in the country:

Heck, there were even threats flying around here! Mostly against the folk on YouTube yes, but a few others were sent to reporters by relatives of the accused as well.

In other words, Nintendo had created GamerGate 2.0.

And the parallels didn’t stop there. Oh no, just like before, the press didn’t report it on either.

No, we’re not kidding. You had a clear example of a conflict of interest interfering with a contest. It was clearly newsworthy and relevant to post about.

Yet no one in the Spanish gaming media mentioned it. Why? Because they were too worried about losing access to review copies and events. In other words, their interests outweighed those of the public.

Still, there was some good news here. Because unlike with GamerGate, the accused actually fixed their mistakes. Yep, Nintendo of Spain actually bothered choosing the contest winners again. So hey, the 15 questionable ones are no longer going to the Switch event. That’s certainly better than doubling down on the mistakes and attacking your audience.

But it’s still not a situation that should have happened to begin with. Let’s hope this sort of corruption never happens again!


Nintendo of Spain Supposedly Rigged Contest (Reddit)

E3 is Open to the Public This Year

When it comes to events in the gaming world, nothing tops E3. Seen as the most important one in the entire calendar, this summer event in LA has been the location of everything from new console reveals to trailers and demos of games as big as Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Galaxy among many others. It’s the event pretty much every gamer dreams of attending.

And this year, it seems they’ll get their chance! Because as the title suggests, E3 2017 will now be open to the general public as well as the press. Here’s the official post about it via the official E3 Twitter account:

So how does it work anyway?

Well to put it simply, it works as you’d expect. There’s a limited amount of tickets (15,000 of about 50,000) that are now available for anyone to buy. These cost $250 in total (or $150 with an early bird discount), and let the holder enter the convention and try out whatever games are available there.

Either way, everyone does well now. The media still go and get information about new games for their sites and magazines. The industry still have a way to advertise their wares. And now Average Joe can go and enjoy the new games and presentations. Everyone’s happy, right?

Not quite. As you can probably guess, some parts of the media are a little… upset that their event is now open to everyone. After all, why should they mix with the hoi polloi? It’s like we’re treated as gamers rather than ‘insiders’ now!

But still, these are minority views expressed by a couple of folks on Twitter. For the most part, people are happy with E3 being open for the public to attend. It’s just another fun event for the gaming community calendar.

So what do you think? Are you happy that E3 is now available to the public? Or do you wish it was still a press only deal like it was before?

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild; New Footage!

Oh wow, this is unexpected! Seems Nintendo have posted three new trailers for Breath of the Wild! Without telling anyone they exist via social media or putting them on YouTube!

So here are the videos, titled ‘trailer’, ‘life’ and ‘run’:

But what’s in them, you may ask?

Well, quite a few interesting things really. For starters, there’s the first ever footage showing Link actually using the Master Sword in the game! Here’s a picture in case you missed it in the video:

As you can see, it’s located in what seems to be a forest grove with a statue of the goddess Hylia. This implies that it’ll only be found a fair few hours into the game, likely around the 50% mark or so.

And that’s not all the videos show either. Oh no, you’ve also got:

  • Link getting a hearty slap on the back from Darukeru, the Goron Chief you encounter at some point in the game.
  • Link and Zelda riding horses through Hyrule while talking about the region’s history. Presumably this is where you learn about things like the events a hundred years ago.
  • As well as some more footage showing the Guardian attacks on Hyrule Castle Town. This time you get to see them from ground level, showing exactly what a panicking civilian would have seen at that point in the story.

So yeah, there’s definitely some interesting footage to see here. Give it a watch if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed.

Nintendo Switch Trailer Accidentally Shows Dev Kit Footage!

Secrecy is usually considered the default where console dev kits are concerned. They’re only made available to ‘registered’ developers, to ensure random hackers don’t get access to them. Any official documentation and information is put behind an NDA wall, to keep it only usable by those working on licensed games. And for the most part, companies are usually pretty quick at taking down leaks related to the matter.

Sadly for Nintendo, it seems their Portugal branch didn’t quite that memo!

Why? Because as the title suggests, they accidentally showed a short clip of the Nintendo Switch’s dev menu in an official trailer! Here are some pictures showing the kit in action!

As you can see, it’s a pretty big spoiler. You’ve got a picture of the development console itself, yes. But you’ve also got a picture of a dev menu and the various options on it!

And as you’ll see in our analysis, these give a bit away in regards to what’s on offer.

For example, right on top of the menu you have the ‘Application’ option, which clearly goes to a page giving some minor details about a game you might be working on. Which in this case, is a title codenamed ‘Tandemn’. Complete with a program ID of 0x01000320000CC000. Or whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

You then get the usual options to change Save Data and Controller options. Presumably, the latter is some sort of controller testing setup, with the former being a way to see what save data your game might be saving to the console’s internal memory or SD card.

Also listed is an Accounts option. Presumably this is for devs to mess around with account permissions for the system?

Whereas Device Options changes basic settings for the hardware itself. Like the screen brightness or the display mode.

Other options displayed are:

  • Sound (this is likely exactly what it says on the tin)
  • Time Test (possibly a more convenient way to mess around with the system clock)
  • Debug (standard options for… debugging)

As well as Firmware, which possibly gives the user the option to choose which Firmware updates should be applied. You know, to see whether a new update breaks your game in some unforeseen way.

So yeah, that’s a quick look at a Nintendo Switch dev kit. Pretty interesting eh?


Nintendo Switch Dev Menu Leak (Nintendo Life)