Unused Costumes and Hint Art Point at Possible Future Updates for Super Mario Odyssey

Recently, Luigi’s Balloon World was released for Super Mario Odyssey. It’s a fun enough mini game, and it’s well made in itself, but some may be disappointed there’s not a huge amount to it in the way of new content.

If so however, well we’ve got good news for you. Why? Because according to the various dataminers on The Cutting Room Floor wiki (most notably SciresM and Random Talking Bush), it seems quite a bit more interesting content is coming soon.

For instance, there are actually about 20 completely unused costumes in the files for the game, ranging from some interesting callbacks to brand new outfits not seen in any Mario game before. These include:

  • A baseball uniform
  • A conductor’s outfit
  • Santa Claus and zombie costumes
  • As well as outfits based on the four Broodals

Plus, references to such things as Mario Kart, the Satellaview and Mario’s NES days.

It’s quite the assortment of costumes and shows that the three added in the last update are only the tip of the iceberg where DLC clothing is concerned.

And that’s not all either. Oh no, another various interesting piece of clothing was also found in the game, though it was actually removed in the recent update. This item?

Link’s clothing.

Yep, Mario was at one time going to be able to dress up as Link from the Legend of Zelda series in Super Mario Odyssey, with Nintendo possibly planning to add it as a DLC outfit along the time.

Here’s the description for it in game, if you’re interested:

Link Hat

A hat from a far-off land.

Link Suit

This outfit from another land comes complete with back accessories (sadly nonremovable).

Unfortunately it got recently, but it’s interesting in showing Nintendo’s willingness to add Mario Maker style crossover costumes in this title. Could you imagine how cool it’d be to see Splatoon style costumes in Mario Odyssey? Or to see outfits based on all the Smash Bros characters?

Could be quite a neat way to make money valuable, and integrate those amiibos into the game properly.

But alas, it got cut, so that’s probably where it ends on that subject.

Still, the unused content doesn’t stop at costumes. Nope, there are a few other things included here too. Such as all new Hint Art.

Yep, the recent update adds tons of unused Hint Art to the Super Mario Odyssey card. 20 whole pieces of it in fact!

And while these pieces are all temporary ones (as noted by the wording to the top left of the image), they’re all references to Power Moons not in the game yet regardless.

Here are some examples showing what we meant from the wiki page:

Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art 1

Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art 2

Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art 3

Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art 4

Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art 5

As you can tell, they cover pretty much every kingdom imaginable, and show all kinds of locations not used for Moons already.

Which makes us think Nintendo’s plans for DLC go beyond mini games and costumes into actual main game content. That’s pretty cool really, and implies the kingdoms could be expanded on in future updates.

So, check it out over at the Cutting Room Floor Wiki, and take a gander at some of the things you’ll be able to get your hands on in future Mario Odyssey updates. It’s pretty cool, and arguably a very good next step from the updates we’ve already got!


Super Mario Odyssey (The Cutting Room Floor Wiki)

Super Mario Odyssey’s Balloon World Update is Now Available

Well, this is a bit of a surprise isn’t it? Just hours after announcing Luigi’s Balloon World would be released for Super Mario Odyssey that week, Nintendo pushed out the update on the eShop that very night.

And for a free update, there’s quite a bit to experience with this one, with various extra features being added to build on the Super Mario Odyssey experience.

With the first and foremost examples on the list obviously being Luigi’s Balloon World. A mini game of sorts that can be played by talking to Luigi in any kingdom, this mode has you either hiding balloons in levels for others to find, or tracking down theirs in exchange for coins. It’s quite fun to be honest, and feels a tad like Toad Rally from Super Mario Run in terms of the ‘quick play’ experience side of things.

There are also various new costumes in the game too. Like the musician outfits from the Metro Kingdom, a set of knightly armour that seems perfect for the Dark Souls esque Ruined Kingdom or Mario’s sunglasses and Hawaiian shirt from Super Mario Sunshine.

But that’s not all. Because as it turns out, the update didn’t just bring Luigi’s Balloon World and the new costumes.

Oh no, it also brings a few lifestyle changes too. For instance, you know those Hint Art pieces you find in the kingdoms?

Well beforehand, it was rather unclear whether you actually solved them or not. You just guessed you did, then came back if the Moon count was off god knows how many hours later. It was a pretty awkward process, and a very clear example of ‘guide dang it’ in a modern Nintendo title.

However, that’s now been made a bit more convenient. Why? Cause there’s now there’s a nice Moon icon that appears on the Hint Art whenever you find the corresponding Moon. So, yay, 100% completion is now a bit less tedious!

And the screenshot mode has gotten a few new features too. Want to make everything look like a neon sign? Go right ahead, it’s available there now.

As are a few things even Nintendo isn’t publicising all that much. For example, do you remember the Jump Rope Challenge mini game? The one everyone got ridiculously high scores on thanks to a handy glitch?

Well it seems Nintendo patched that one. Because not only does the Talkatoo glitch not work anymore (stopping the bug from being used in the future), but the scoreboards have been wiped out as well. Hence anyone who used it won’t be seeing their 99,999 score at the top of the board any more.

Other glitches have also been patched by the update as well, for better or worse. For instance, the bug that let you skip the Darker Side of the Moon by having a frog swim to the end doesn’t work anymore either. Nor does the Gushen Clipping in Seaside Kingdom, anything involving nuts in general or the Time Stop glitch in any kingdom it can be found in.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg here. In addition to the main bugs, it seems Nintendo’s also gone and patched:

  • The Hammer Bro glitches in the Luncheon Kingdom
  • Clipping inside the ground with a Paragoomba in the Cap Kingdom
  • Going through corners of levels and geometry with Glydon

Plus added various death barriers and mini game esque loading screens near other bugs as well. Can’t be doing that moped clip in the Mushroom Kingdom in Luigi’s Balloon World! Or going through certain walls in the Cascade Kingdom.
It’s quite the list of changes for a game like this, for better or worse.

So, go check out the full list of them at Nintendo of America’s official update page:

Super Mario Odyssey Updates List – Nintendo of America Website

And go and download the latest update if you’re interested. It’s completely free and adds quite a bit to Super Mario Odyssey, so unless you’re a speedrunner, there’s not really much reason not to update at this point in time.

Have fun hiding and finding balloons in the kingdoms!


A Free Update Soars to Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Official Website)

Bandai Namco Studios Singapore Seem to be Developing Metroid Prime 4 for Switch!

As you likely know, Nintendo has announced Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch. A follow up to the titles on the GameCube and Wii, this new Metroid adventure looks to build upon Retro Studio’s amazing work with the series so far and bring its franchise straight back into the mainstream again.

However, it seems like there could be an interesting change of developer with this one. Indeed, according to a (now removed) update on the LinkedIn profile for Shawn Pitmann, Retro may have been replaced with Bandai Namco Studios Singapore for the game’s development, with a Ridge Racer title also being one of the studios many new projects.

Metroid Prime 4 Highlight

It’s an interesting change of developer for a game like this, and indicates that Retro Studios may have something else up their sleeve at this time.

But could it actually work out? Could this lesser known development studio match Retro Studios in terms of how they handle the next Metroid Prime title?

Well to be honest, that’s hard to say right now. On the one hand, it would admittedly be a bit of a risk for Nintendo to outsource the game’s development to them, since they’ve never actually worked with the Metroid series before. Add to that how Retro has polished the series to near perfection already, and you’ve got a situation where one small mistake could kill all the goodwill built up so far.

So, in that sense, it’s a risky move. And it’s one that’s all the riskier given Metroid’s precarious situation as a series, as well the importance of the game to the Switch’s success. Metroid Prime 4 cannot afford to fail.

Yet at the same time though, it could also be exactly the right move for the company too. Remember, Retro doesn’t want to make more Metroid Prime games. They don’t want to be typecast as ‘the Metroid Prime company’ just like they don’t want to be typecast as ‘the Donkey Kong Country company’.

Because that’s not their style. It’s not how a creative studio should work. Otherwise, you get stuff like the recent Mario vs DK games, or the NSMB titles. Workman like products that are entirely competent in themselves, yet show very little heart or soul and feel like they’ve been made as an obligation.

And after three Prime games and two DK games, it’s likely Retro want something new about now.

Outsourcing it to Bandai Namco would fix these issues. Nintendo gets a new team more willing to work on a Prime game, Retro gets to work on something new and original, and everyone’s happy.

So, we’re somewhat optimistic about the whole deal. It’s a risky one if true, but it could equally well be the breath of fresh air the series could need at this very moment.

But what do you think of all this? Are you happy that Metroid Prime 4 may have a new development team? Or would you have rather seen Retro Studios make it like the first three games?

Have your say in the comments under this article!


Metroid Prime 4 in Development at Bandai Namco Singapore (VG247)

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy May Be Heading to Nintendo Switch!

Last year, we saw Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy released for the PlayStation 4. A compilation of the first three Crash games with updated visuals and tweaked gameplay elements, the title got great reviews all round and ended up being one of the surprise hits of the year, with many considering it proof that Crash really had returned to form all over again.

Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy was a PS4 exclusive. That makes sense given Crash’s origins as Sony’s unofficial mascot, but is disappointing for fans of other consoles none the less.

But it seems things may be changing soon. Why? Because according to the Licensing Source Book for Spring 2018, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy will be heading to other systems this year, with the Switch and PC being among them.

And it doesn’t end there either. Oh no, it seems a new Crash Bandicoot may be on the way too! Yep, as also mentioned in the book, Activision has plans for another Crash game that’ll be released in 2019, with merchandise for the series seemingly being in the works as well. It’s a full-on franchise revival of the highest order.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Take the word of the magazine’s writers, who state that:

Looking ahead to 2018, Max picks out Crash Bandicoot as one to watch. “The new game was a success at retail with no marketing spend. Next year it will be going broader (Switch and PC) and there will be another game in 2019. Activision have a five-year plan for this, and GB eye is delighted to be fully on board for all products.

Or read the quote for yourself in this image:

Crash Bandicoot Magazine Quote

As you can see, it’s pretty clear about what it’s saying. There’s no marketing fluff or vagueness, just a direct confirmation that Crash is getting a new game and that his last one is seeing a release on non-Sony related systems.

So, go and have a look at the book if you don’t believe us (the comment in question is on the top right of page 97), and tell us what you think about Activision’s plans for the series. Are you excited to play N Sane Trilogy on Switch? Feel like a brand-new Crash Bandicoot adventure could be amazing to see after all these years?

Let us know what you think here in the comments below or on social media today!


Licensing Source Book Europe – Spring 2018 (page 97)

Are these the Starter Pokemon for the Switch’s Pokemon Adventure?

Well, it’s officially begun. On the exact same day that Nintendo announced Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch would be coming in 2018, rumours have started going around of starter Pokemon seemingly leaked from the game. Here are the pictures courtesy of SkinnySnubbull on Twitter:

Apparently, the Pokemon shown in these pictures include a Fire type pony line (which eventually becomes Fire/Steel down the line), a cave bear like (which goes from Grass to Grass/Electric typing) and a pure Water family of Coral Pokemon.

They’re an interesting bunch, and quite the departure from the setups previously found in prior Pokemon games.

But are they really?

Well to be honest… we’re not too convinced.

And a big part of the reason for that all comes down to the design. Put simply, it’s just completely off compared to previous Pokemon leaks we’ve seen online.

For example, look at the designs for each Pokemon there individually. From a distance they don’t look awful, but up close? They just look as generic as you can get. There’s none of the charm found in Charmander, Bulbasaur, Rowlett or any other starter species seen in other games.

Instead, you’ve got just generic cartoon creatures. I mean, look at the pony. Does that look that much like a horse to you?

Because it sure as hell doesn’t to use. This look like a horse:


And this one from Pokemon Sun and Moon looks like a horse:


But the one in the ‘leak’ design just looks like some indescribable cartoon ‘thing’ that somewhat vaguely resembles in alpaca. It’s just nothing like anything Nintendo or Game Freak would design, and even when Ken Sugimori not being the only designer anymore, it doesn’t resemble the work of his other team members either.

So that’s strike 1 against the designer. It doesn’t feel like legitimate, and comes across as super generic in the worst way possible.

However, it’s not the only strike against its legitimacy here. Oh no, the very style of the artwork feels off too.

Seriously, compare it to the artwork leaked from Sun and Moon:

wrestler cat starter leak

By comparison, the artwork here just feels hollow and lifeless by comparison. There’s none of the detail, none of the interesting style choices, nothing. It’s just bland and uninteresting, and feels like something made by someone who look at the previous leaks, thought they could do the same and just went with whatever they could.

Add to this the bad use of Japanese on the side (it’s apparently on par with something Google Translate may give you), the suspicious backstory (the topic was randomly deleted and the pictures gone from the internet?) and the questionable release date (really, a leak months before the game’s even been announced?), and everything about it just feels questionable to us.

However, what do you think? Could these starter designs really be the starters for 2018’s Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch? Do you feel like these creatures are something you’d want to use in a new Pokemon game?

Tell us what you feel here in the comments below or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


Rumour: Potential Gen 8 Pokemon Appear on Twitter (My Nintendo News)