Labo Support Has Been Added to Mario Kart 8

Well, this is pretty unexpected! In an update earlier today, Nintendo added Labo support to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with the title now being compatible with the Toy-Con Motorbike handlebars! Here’s a trailer showing the addition in action:

As you can see, it works about as well as you’d expect it to. Yeah, it’s probably not gonna replace the standard controller as the ‘best’ way to play on a competitive play, but it’s a neat Wii Wheel esque setup regardless.

And it seems it won’t be the only one either. Nope, Nintendo have also said other games will have Nintendo Labo functionality added in too. So, if you’re thinking of playing Breath of the Wild, ARMS or Mario Odyssey with Labo, that could well be a possibility down the line.

So, hey, what do you think? Are you happy Labo support has been added here?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Super Mario Party Has Been Revealed for the Nintendo Switch!

This year at E3, Nintendo’s presentation focused mainly on Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This meant that while Smash got the focus it deserved, coverage of other Nintendo titles was few and far between, with only a few other Nintendo made titles being showed off in their presentation.

However, there was one exception to this rule, another interesting little game for the Switch that ended up being revealed at the event.

Namely, Super Mario Party.

Super Mario Party Artwork

Wait, Mario Party you may say? That doesn’t sound too exciting right now. We get those games all the time!

Perhaps, but this one looks like Nintendo has really started listening to the fans again. Why? Because after two games of hell, the dreaded car has finally gone to the junkyard. Instead, the good old N64/GameCube style of Mario Party is making a comeback, with every player wandering the board independently to buy stars and play mini games.

That’s great news right there. It means that after years of flailing around with random mechanics, Nintendo has finally learnt what people wanted from Mario Party, and decided to go all out with what works rather than reinventing the wheel for the fourth or so time.

However, it does bring a few new elements to the table too. For one thing, the ally system from Star Rush seems to be present in at least one mode, meaning the idea of collecting characters to join your group (I was so tempted to say ‘party’ there) makes a comeback here as well. There are also different dice blocks the different characters can collect with certain effects, meaning the dice mechanics are at least on par with the N64 titles and what not.

And then there’s the character roster.

Yeah, this is probably where the ‘super’ part comes into play, since Super Mario Party quite literally has the biggest character selection of any Mario Party game in the series. Indeed, based on the wiki article and videos, the full list of characters known to be playable here includes:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Diddy Kong
  • Rosalina
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr
  • Goomba
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Dry Bones
  • Shy Guy
  • Boo
  • Hammer Bro
  • Monty Mole
  • And Pom Pom (from 3D Land and 3D World)

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Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch!

Well, as promised by Nintendo, Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch was finally revealed today. Named Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the game took up most of today’s E3 presentation, with the trailers and gameplay videos showing off various characters, levels and changes to the core mechanics.

Here’s the E3 trailer showing the game in action:

As you can tell, the most noticeable change is the character roster. Why?

Because EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in the series is here. Yep, every single one. From the familiar faces of Mario, Link and Pikachu to the retro returns like Mr Game and Watch and Duck Hunt Duo to the third parties like Mega Man, Sonic and Snake, every single fighter ever seen in a previous Smash Bros game makes a reappearance here.

Everyone is Here

That’s pretty damn impressive really. And Sakurai didn’t exactly skimp on the lesser knowns or DLC ones either. No, they’re here too, whether that be Pichu, Young Link, Bayonetta or Corrin.

So as far as characters are concerned, well Smash has every possibility covered. Your favourite will be in the game, and they’ll be better than ever before.

But it doesn’t end there. Oh no, just like every other Smash Bros game, this title includes an array of newcomers too.

Like the Inklings from the original trailer. Or perhaps… a reveal many didn’t quite see coming.


Ridley's Debut

Yep, after all these years, Sakurai has finally done the bloody obvious. He’s gone and promoted Ridley from a stage boss/hazard to an actual playable character, given the Metroid series another long overdue representative in the process. What was that about him being ‘too big for Smash Bros’?

Yeah, not anymore people. Ridley’s now in Smash, and the jokes can finally end here.

And he’s not the only one. Oh no, Daisy from the Mario series is in Smash too.

Daisy's Debut

However, she’s not a ‘normal’ newcomer in this game. Instead, the game actually has a secondary system for newcomers too. The ‘echo’ character system.

These are characters based on others in the roster, sharing similar moves and abilities while having their own differences in characteristics and design. This means that clones don’t take roster slots anymore, and that multiple ‘similar’ characters can be included much more easily.

As for the stages, well we don’t really know the full list there quite yet. However, from the sample shown in the trailer (like New Pork City, Peach’s Castle, Great Bay and Kongo Jungle) as well as the list from the wiki, it seems like most existing levels will return in this one. So, whether you prefer the N64 levels or those from Melee, Brawl or the 3DS/Wii U games, you’ll be right at home here.

And the new stages aren’t exactly much to scoff at either. Again, we don’t know all of them yet, but with the Great Plateau Tower from Breath of the Wild, Moray Towers from Splatoon and New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey in the level list, it’s quite clear that the game will have some cracking new locales to fight it out in too. Personally, we’re rather fond of the Plateau Tower one given its usage of the game’s final boss music and the random appearance of the old man in the background, but the others are likely going to be amazing stages too.

Great Plateau Tower

Other new additions in the game include:

  • Tweaked designs for familiar characters, like Mario having Cappy and Link having the Champion’s Tunic from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.
  • Stages based on the Great Plateau from Breath of the Wild and Moray Towers from Splatoon
  • Various new assist trophies, including Waluigi and Bomberman (these particular choices probably aren’t pleasing anyone though)
  • Changed movesets and final smashes for certain characters, with Link and Ganondorf getting replacements for the latter (or Wario getting his shoulder barge back).

Edit: Forgot to include it, but here’s the box art for the game. It looks very spiffy, doesn’t it?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Box Art

As well as your other typical expected additions found in any Smash Bros game. Either way, it’s exactly what you’d want from a Smash Bros game on Switch and seems like a fine addition to the console’s library when it launches on December 7th 2018.

So, what do you think about it? Are you excited for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and feel like it’ll be a day one purchase when it’s released later this year?

Tell us what you think in a comment below or over on the Gaming Latest forums today!

Shocking Pokemon News is Coming This Week!

As you likely know, the last year or so has been filled with surprised announcements and reveals. We’ve seen classic series return in new forms, like WarioWare Gold on 3DS or Mega Man 11 on all modern systems. We’ve seen unexpected ports and remakes, like the ones for Crash and Spyro on PS4 (or Luigi’s Mansion making its way to the 3DS). And with everything from lootbox drama to a Nintendo CEO stepping down, it seems the insanity just keeps on coming.

And now, it seems like it’s about to get even crazier. Why? Because according to Japanese TV show Oha Suta, there’s going to be a ‘shocking’ Pokemon announcement on its episode this Thursday, with the show’s website even going as far as to say it’s the moment a new story begins.
(Though later updates changed the description to say it’ll be ‘full of Pokemon information’)

So, something important will be revealed this Thursday at 7:05 JST/11PM GMT. But what will it be?

Well, it’s hard to really know to be honest. On the one hand, the obvious expectation is that it’s probably related to the Switch game in development, with rumours about said game and its status as a reimagining of the series swirling around right now.

Add to this the good timing of such an announcement (given that a Pokemon Direct is all but confirmed soon and that Pokemon news is always released prior to E3), and that’s a good indication that the news could related to this ‘Pikachu and Eevee focused return to Kanto’ title rumour mongers have been mentioning online.

Hence in our minds, it seems like the announcement may tie into that somehow. Maybe it’ll be a name reveal with a logo and some other basic information. Maybe we’ll see a new Pokemon or two from the title, or a glimpse at some of the new mechanics. Honestly, with the revelation that the reveal is shocking, anything seems possible here.

But it’s not confirmed and given the massive size of the franchise and array of expanded universe possibilities there, the announcement could well related to everything from an anime movie to a toy line or trading card reveal. It’s hard to be sure one way or another really.

So, for now, we’ll just wait and see what the future brings. Either way, what do you think is going to be announced? What do you think the shocking Pokemon reveal set for Thursday’s Oha Suta show will be?

Tell us your thoughts on the matter here in the comments or over on the Gaming Latest forums today!


Pokemon Reveal + Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Battle Competition (

Mega Man 11 is Being Released on October 2nd!

Late this last year, Capcom announced that Mega Man 11 would be releasing for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game quickly got a lot of positive attention too, with fans rejoicing at the idea of a new instalment in the familiar series.

And now, Capcom have released a release date for it too. Put simply, Mega Man 11 will be released on all platforms on October 2nd this year. Here’s a new trailer showing the game in action, and confirming said release date in the process:

As you can tell… it’s actually looking pretty damn good at this point. The art looks nice, the levels look well enough designed and surprisingly enough… even the voice acting seems pretty decent here too. I mean, Dr Light isn’t speaking like Elmer Fudd anymore! That’s a start!

Still, as it turns out, that’s not all Capcom announced today. Oh no, not only did they reveal the box art for the title (which is looking very spiffy indeed):

Mega Man 11 Box Art

But they also revealed that Mega Man is getting a new amiibo too!

Yep, completely out of the blue, Capcom also revealed a new amiibo for the character as well, with a nifty design based on the new game:

Mega Man 11 Amiibo

As well as a collector’s edition featuring said amiibo, the game and various other minor pieces of merchandise too:

Mega Man 11 Collectors Edition

It’s quite the comeback for the series and shows that Capcom is willing to go all the way when it comes to bringing back this classic franchise. From the TV show to the new game and amiibo, it’s obvious that Mega Man’s time in limbo is finally at an end.

So, rejoice Mega Man fans! Not only are you getting a fantastic new Mega Man game on October 2nd, but you’re getting everything from an amiibo to merchandise and marketing too.

Hooray for the blue bomber’s comeback!