New Glitch Lets You Walk Underwater, Become Invincible in Zelda Breath of the Wild

New Glitch Lets You Walk Underwater, Become Invincible in Zelda Breath of the Wild

When it comes to reality breaking glitches, there were quite a few of them in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

There was World Overload, where entering and exiting Hyrule Castle 100 times broke everything. There was the Lizalfos Curse, where pushing a sleeping Lizalfos off a pillar broke the laws of physics.

And there was the Hinox Curse, where pushing a Hinox into a waterfall had similar results.

They all had interesting effects, and all were super fun to mess around with.

Yet they also all had one obvious limitation.

Namely, you were limited in where you could use them. Hyrule Overload only worked in the last battle.

While the Lizalfos Curse and Hinox Curse required a Lizalfos or Hinox in the area respectively.

But now there are two NEW reality breaking glitches in town. Ones that can be done ANYWHERE there’s water in the game.

Those being, Collision Overload and the Boomerang Curse. And to say these are overpowered is perhaps the understatement of the century. Take a look:

Yeah, you saw that right. Link literally stood in front of a Silver Lynel and took every single attack it had going without a scratch. He also completely ignored that Molduga charging towards him…

And in another part of Hyrule Castle, managed to shrug off a nigh endless barrage of Guardian lasers too.

Because Collision Overload completely disables all interaction between Link, items, objects and enemies. No one can do any damage to anyone else, under any circumstances.

It also lets you walk underwater in shrines and on the overworld:

Walk Underwater in Shrine

Just going for an underwater stroll in a shrine

Walk Underwater in Hateno Village

Just going for an underwater stroll in Hateno Village

So it’s a pretty interesting glitch all round. Here’s how to activate it!

The Setup

Starting with our video guide. If you prefer that, you can watch it here:

YouTube player

If you prefer text on the other hand… keep reading!

First, you’ll need a bunch of multishot bows and shock arrows, like with the usual item duping setup. Lynel, Forest Dweller and Duplex Bows are good choices here.

Then, you’ll need to aim a shock arrow on one, and drop the bow from the inventory while it’s active.

Aim Multishot Bow

Aim a multishot bow with a Shock Arrow equipped

Drop Multishot Bow

Drop the equipped bow from your inventory

Repeat for the other bows to overload the game.

Equip Next Bow

Then switch to the next bow and repeat the process

Now, desync your weapons. You can do this by equipping a weapon in the quick change menu, then changing in the inventory or menu without it changing on Link’s model.

Desync Inventory

The weapon Link has equipped in his inventory and on his model in game should not match

Take said desynced weapon and throw it into some water.

Throw Cloned Weapon Into Water

Throw the mismatched (cloned) weapon into water

Then repeat the process. You’ll have to do this with about… 200 cloned weapons.

As you get close, the weapons will act VERY strange. They’ll start skimming the surface in an almost corkscrew type motion, with sparks coming out everywhere. It looks kinda pretty to be honest.

Skims Surface

When weapons start skimming across the surface, you know the glitch is kicking in

Regardless, eventually you’ll notice the weapons will stop interacting with the water altogether. Congrats you’ve done it! The game is now overloaded!

Walk Underwater in Shrine

Once weapons stop interacting with water, drop in and you can walk down there too

In this state, a few things are different:


For starters, Link, items and enemies now do not interact with water at all. They can walk around underneath it, light or use fires and bomb arrows underwater, use runes underwater, etc. In shrines they can even get the camera to follow them down there too, opening up all kinds of new passageways and shorcuts!

Secret Location

Where is this location? Oh, you can’t usually reach it without going underwater…

They’re also now invulnerable too. Both Link and his enemies can’t hit each with other attacks, lasers and arrows go right through them, hell even the bombs from your runes do nothing to anyone, even at point blank range. It’s pretty amusing actually!

Finally, the usual overload signs occur here too. Link dives on land, amiibo and runes sometimes stop working properly, horses can’t be summoned, climbing doesn’t work, the game’s framerate drops off a cliff. Etc.

So yeah, that’s already pretty insane as is.

The Boomerang Curse

But the craziness doesn’t end there. No, if Link uses a boomerang underwater in the right way, sometimes the so called ‘Boomerang Curse’ can kick in too.

Throw a Boomerang Underwater

Of course, the boomerang itself will act glitchy underwater too

This is basically identical to the Lizalfos and Hinox ones mentioned earlier, and causes enemies and objects to rotate around in all manner of unnatural ways.

So now not only can Link become immune to enemies and walk underwater at his leisure…

He can also break reality in about half the game’s shrines, Vah Ruta, the Final Trial, Hyrule Castle and literally anywhere else in the game with more than about an inch of water. It’s pretty ridiculous to be honest, and changes the game in so many ways it’s almost uncountable.

So go and test it out Breath of the Wild fans. It’s a great way to break the game even more, and one which is almost certainly has a ton more interesting effects to investigate in future too!


How to Walk Underwater with Collision Overload and the Boomerang Curse in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (YouTube)

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