How to Skip the Sheikah Slate in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

As anyone who’s ever played The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild knows, the Sheikah Slate is a massive part of Link’s adventure. It holds the world map, as well as a way to warp between areas. It’s used for runes, like remote bombs and stasis. And with everything from cutscenes to Divine Beast manipulation and photography requiring it, it’s basically the most important item in the entire adventure.

But did you know you can skip it entirely?

Yep, thanks to an interesting new bug, you can actually escape the Shrine of Resurrection without even getting the Sheikah Slate! Here’s a video showing how it works:

As well as some quick instructions:

  1. Open a save file where you’re outside the Great Plateau (or in a shrine), and go to a ledge.
  2. Press A to climb down and pause on the same frame
  3. Once this is done, head back to the title via the menu and start a new game
  4. If done correctly, Link should collapse the second he wakes up in the Shrine of Resurrection
  5. And voila, he’s now outside the Shrine minus Sheikah Slate!

This works because the game has a really bad way of handling save data. Put simply, it doesn’t quite clear your state between save files or new games.

So if you’re sneaky, effects can be carried between them. Did this bug with a normal shrine instead of the Shrine of Resurrection?

You’re now outside of the shrine’s boundaries in the void. Or stuck in a wall somewhere.

Saved the game while in some dangerous substances and reverted to a file where you’re on a horse?

The effects have carried over, and you’ve either got auto healing or just dropped dead on sight.
The list goes on and on. Cause the game just doesn’t clear save data correctly.

Either way though, doing the bug mentioned lets you skip the most important item in the entire game. But what effects does it have?

Does it break the game wide open?

Not quite. For one thing, the game does act like you have the slate where cutscenes, shrines, towers and Divine Beasts are so concerned. So if you ever need to scan a terminal (or are planning to upgrade it at the Hateno Tech Lab), don’t worry. That still works fine in this game state.

You can also use runes like normal, since the L button’s quick select menu works as it usually does. So unless you’re one of the 1% of players who actually open the slate to switch runes (apparently that’s actually possible?), you won’t see anything different there either.

However, there are still other effects the lack of Sheikah Slate has on the game.
For instance, without the slate, time never progresses. What do I mean by this?

Well apparently the cutscene that plays when you first enter the Great Plateau also starts the in game clock. It’s what kicks off the whole day and night cycle thing.

So without it, time remains frozen at the time you started the game. This in turn means that the Blood Moon never happens.

In other words? You can pretty much permanently kill every monster in the world while this state is active, turning Zelda into a game with (NPC only) final death.

It also completely disables the map in the game. As a result, not only can you not view it by press – (since the Sheikah Slate doesn’t exist), it doesn’t appear as a mini map either. So if you want to do a full blind run of the game… well this could be just the ticket.

Same goes for teleporting too, since without access to the map you can’t warp anywhere. That’s brutal for a new player, but certainly makes things a tad… more interesting for those who consider warping a bit out of a cop out.

Finally, it’s not permanent either. Don’t like not having a Sheikah Slate? Simply go back to the Great Plateau and get it, since you’re able to pick it up at any time. Because of that, while some aspects of the game aren’t possible (like manipulating the Divine Beasts), you can simply go back and get the slate if you want to complete them further down the line.

So give it a go if you’re interested. It’s an interesting way to play the game, and provides a nice bit of extra difficulty for those people finding Master Mode just a tad too easy.

Have fun!

How to Get Lots of Free Compendium Pictures in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

In The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the Sheikah Slate has a feature called the Hyrule Compendium. This acts like a bestiary for the game, listing all the materials, weapons, enemies and other objects you encounter along with some useful details about them.

Additionally, it also lets you track said objects by setting the Sheikah Scanner to target them. So if you want to find a Lynel, you need a Lynel picture in the Compendium to hone the sensor too.

But here’s the issue;

Compendium pictures are annoying to get. You can either take them yourself, which involves marching across Hyrule and photographing everything that moves (or in many cases, doesn’t).

Or you can buy them from Symin in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab for a certain number of rupees. Which is somewhere in the hundreds.

This means filling out the Compendium usually takes a fair bit of time. However, did you know there’s now a handy bug that gives you an alternative? Yes, there’s a way to get tons of free Compendium pictures without spending a penny!

So how does it work?

Basically, when you first activate the Sheikah Sensor in the Tech Lab, Symin demonstrates the feature by finding a photograph on the slate. This photograph is random, and acts like a free teaser for the ‘picture buying’ feature in the game.

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work. What Nintendo did instead was give you a certain number of pictures… based on how many of a specific item you sold in a shop.

No, I’m not joking. Somehow, the items you sell in town dictate how many pictures Symin finds on the Sheikah Slate by using the tech lab demonstration.

So if you want all 35 Material pictures without having to buy or find them yourself… just sell 35 apples, mushrooms or other materials in the local shop and then talk to Symin for the demonstration. Now you can track Hearty Durians to your heart’s content!

Here’s a video illustrating how it all works:

But what if you don’t want pictures of materials? I mean, fruit is nice and all, but it’s not something people care much about in this game. A few pictures of Hearty Durians and Mighty Bananas isn’t exactly the most exciting in the world.

Well, there’s a solution for that too. Basically, the game only gives you pictures of Materials if you have room for said pictures in the Compendium.

If you don’t… it’ll find another category to give you pictures from. So if you want say, enemy pictures, take your own pictures of every fruit and material in the game and then speak to Symin. You might get photos from the enemy batch instead. Or the creatures set. Or any of the other sets the Compendium has.

It’s not the most convenient bug in the world, but it’s a nice time and money saver none the less. Makes it much easier to get a full Hyrule Compendium that it was before.

So give it a shot! It’s definitely worth it if you’re that early in the game!

How to Get Unlimited Korok Seeds in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Getting all the Korok seeds in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a right pain in the ass. You have to traverse the entire world looking for secrets. Complete numerous balloon popping challenges and boulder rolling exercises. And well, without a guide, it means you’re going to looking in every single patch of land dozens of times hoping that this time you’ll come across a Korok you missed earlier.

It’s annoying, it’s tedious and it takes forever.

But did you know it’s actually unnecessary now? That there’s a way to get 900 (or more!) Korok seeds without actually finding all 900 Koroks!

Yes there is! And it only needs at least one unbeaten Divine Beast and access to the Trial of the Sword to work!

So here’s how it works:

  1. First, you need to go to the Trial of the Sword and enter. Once then, do anything you like for a bit, before teleporting to the unbeaten Divine Beast you’ve opened up.
  2. Next, exit the Divine Beast in some way (teleport out if you don’t have the map, press X to exit if you do).
  3. Now go to a Shrine. This isn’t technically crucial here, but will tell you if the glitch has worked. If it has, the shrine entry pad will be orange (even if you’ve beaten it already).
  4. Once you’ve confirmed it works, go to a Korok Seed you haven’t gotten. Put down the Travel Medallion nearby if you’ve got it, to make things quicker.
  5. Get the Korok Seed.
  6. After you’ve done that, travel back to the area with the Travel Medallion.
  7. Guess what? The Korok has returned to its initial state. So get the seed again.
  8. Repeat about 900 times if you’re lazy.

No more Korok seed hunting is now needed! Just repeat the same one until you’re done, and Bob’s your uncle!

But this isn’t the only use of this glitch. Oh no, the glitch also resets a lot of things in the world. For instance, all treasure chests will now return if you open them, warp away and return again.

This lets you do such clever things as get unlimited copies of all DLC armour:

Multiple Majoras Mask

Clone the Hylian Shield:

Cloned Hylian Shields

And even do wacky stuff like reactivate the Sheikah Towers again:

Reactivated Tower

It’s a really interesting bug, and completely breaks the game wide open. Item duplication + story event repeating in one? How could this not be the most awesome thing ever?

It can’t, that’s how! So watch my video guide if you’re still having trouble:

Then use this bug to completely bust it wide open. Thanks to LinkTroisUn on YouTube for finding it!

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild; All DLC Item Locations

About a week or two ago, the Master Trials DLC pack was released for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This pack added in various new items and armour pieces, which were then scattered across Hyrule for players to find.

However, their locations were actually quite cleverly concealed here. Indeed, in most cases the items were placed in areas you either didn’t know existed or wandered straight past without noticing. I mean, do you remember the Sage Temple Ruins?

Nope, nor do most people. It was completely irrelevant to your adventure up until this DLC pack.

And so with that being the case for most items, I’ve decided to help everyone out a bit. Namely, by providing a handy little walkthrough illustrating exactly where all this equipment can be located! You can see it in video form here:

Or continue reading for a text based version. So let’s start off the walkthrough shall we? Complete with perhaps the best item addition in the entirety of the Master Trials…

Travel Medallion

  • Location: Lomei Labyrinth (north Akkala)
  • Use: Acts like a warp point you can return to at any time
  • Usefulness Rating: 10/10

Which can be found in the basement of the Lomei Labyrinth in North Akkala. Once you’re there, just go dead south and you’ll find the chest near the wall.

Here’s a picture in case you can’t pinpoint it:

Travel Medallion Location

As well as a screenshot of the map showing where it is:

Travel Medallion Map

Just one small snag though:

Yep, this place is littered with Guardians. Indeed, this very room has five Decayed Guardians and three fully mobile Guardian Stalkers in it!

So once you’ve found the Medallion, you should probably get out of there, stat. Otherwise poor old Link is going to get his head blasted off by all the Guardians in the area.


But now you know where it is, how good is the medallion itself?

Well, it’s actually pretty useful really. You just have to select it from your key items, click place and then warp to it like any other Shrine or Tower.

It’s as simple as you could ever want it to be. However, the tool does have its limits.

For one thing, it doesn’t work inside Divine Beast dungeons. So if you were planning to use it to bypass puzzles there for whatever reason, you’ll need a new strategy. Same goes for shrines, which are again considered separate from the main overworld.

And quite a few other places too. Want to use it to get out of bounds in Hyrule Castle? Tough luck, the game detects you’re not meant to be there and blocks the medallion. Same with most places where you can clip through a wall with the horse clipping glitch.

As well as anywhere which could be used to royally screw up the game’s sequence. For example, if you try and place it inside the area where Yunobo will appear…

Then talk to Bludo to make him appear, the warp point will be automatically deleted. So a lot of the ‘fun’ uses of this thing have been blocked in advance.

But hey, it’s still useful none the less. Definitely something worth picking up as soon as possible.

Phantom Armour

Phantom Armour

  • Defence Stats: 8 per piece
  • Effect: Increases your attack
  • Set Bonus: None
  • Usefulness Rating: 7/10

Which is also the case with the Phantom Armour. Why? Because it acts like the Barbarian Armour, and boosts your attack power for every piece equipped.

Continue Reading…

Tips on making money in GTA Online

Rockstar recently took out the character transfers which means that you can’t transfer your characters from Xbox 360 or PS3 to the current consoles anymore. This was mainly because the older consoles were easier to hack, therefore you could load billions onto an account and then transfer it to the PS4 or Xbox One. This was probably the easiest way to make money but now you will most likely have to do it legit. It’s tough and can be time consuming but hopefully these tips will help you earn and save a decent amount of cash quickly!

Don’t grind for cash
I’ve noticed this several times. When I’m trying to reach a specific amount to buy something, it feels as though it just takes way too long. Missions start to get boring and you don’t have fun. Start playing the game normally, going through different activites etc. and your bank balance will slowly rise but you’re having fun doing it. It takes away the pain of having to grind for hours on end to get a decent amount.

Take part in the weekly events
Rockstar usually tend to have some sort of event every week where there will be double cash and RP for certain game modes. This can definitely help you get a decent amount of cash quickly. Getting 1st place in a long race filled with about 10-15 other players will probably get you around $50,000.

Adversary Modes
Like the weekly events, when Rockstar release new adversary modes they tend to have double cash and RP on them to get people to play them. Depending on how long each mode lasts for you can get a pretty good amount for winning. Rewards can range from $50,000 – $100,000.

Avoid heists with random strangers
Very rarely will you ever get a good heist team that has been put together randomly. If you can, get some friends or people that you know are good GTA players. There is nothing worse than playing heists and having an absolute noob getting killed meaning that you have to start all over again. This will happen over and over again because it seems that there are a lot of people out there that don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. It’s just not worth having to keep starting over again as you will be wasting time and not making enough money to compensate the lost time.

But if you just can’t wait, there’s always shark cards
A lot of people don’t like that Rockstar has shark cards but they are a pretty good way to get quite a bit of money quickly. If you are just too busy with school or work and just want to have fun then this is probably your best option. My only tip would be to wait for when Rockstar run their special offers. They usually bundle some extra cash onto the shark cards so you get a nice bargain.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good time earning money on GTA and hope you get to enjoy all those nice cars you get to buy with that hard-earned dough 😀