10 More Underrated Gaming Channels to Check out in 2016

Back in July, we wrote an article about underrated gaming channels on YouTube. Listing everyone from BlueJackG to Slopes Game Room and Boundary Break, the article showcased some of the best unknown video creators on the site in order to help them get a bit more attention and a few more views.

And oh damn did it succeed. Ever since that article, we’ve had:

  • Slopes Game Room hit the bigtime and reach a massive 22,000 subscribers!
  • Boundary Break… well, break out and bring its creator an even more insane 50,000+ subscribers!
  • Arlo make it to more than 70,000 subscribers

Plus a whole lot more besides! Basically, everyone featured became a YouTube celebrity since their inclusion in the list, to the point many of them actually got their videos posted on big name gaming sites Nintendo Life and Kotaku!

And so we’ve decided to write another article, with ten more underrated gaming channels you should check out and subscribe to right now. Let’s see if these guys can become as popular as the folk on our first one, shall we?

Starting with…

Game Sharks

Current Subscriber Count: 934

This interesting, yet depressingly obscure video game discussion channel. Named Game Sharks, this channel has some very interesting videos about game design in Nintendo titles. Like this recent one about Paper Mario Color Splash’s battle system:

Yeah, it’s a bit more low rent than say, Extra Credits. But the ideas are good, and the presentation is decent enough that I do consider it worthy of a bit more attention. So give Game Sharks a chance, because the creator has some great ideas that I think more people need to hear for themselves.

But it’s not only game design channels that need your support here. Oh no, quite a few Let’s Play creators need a bigger fanbase too.


Current Subscriber Count: 1,006

Like this guy, whose videos I first found while looking for a Super Mario 64: Last Impact walkthrough. Yeah, he’s another LPer making Let’s Players of video games, but there’s an awful lot to really like about his work. Such as the unique subject matter (he records lots of Mario 64 ROM hacks):

The good picture quality, which provides for a nice clear view of the game being played, as well as the decent commentary that keeps the whole thing interesting. It’s just a decent Let’s Play channel, and one I feel could become the next big thing if a few more people subscribe and share his work.

But you don’t even need to provide commentary to make some great YouTube videos…


Current Subscriber Count: 22,934

Just ask Skawo, aka one of the best LPers without a microphone that I’ve ever came across.

Sounds odd doesn’t it?

Yeah, I thought so. The assumption nowadays tends to be that a Let’s Play involves voice commentary. But they don’t have to, and in fact text LPs used to be a huge deal in the olden days of Something Awful. Like this one here.

And that’s what Skawo does. He plays games like Color Splash, while making amusing text commentary and jokes about it in the form of ORLY owls and counters.

Which is then made better by how ‘meta’ most of his commentary is. For example, is the game trapped in a time loop like the Dark Bloo Inn in Color Splash? Then his commentary will initially loop as well, before suddenly realising he’s already said this part and something funny is going on in the background. Did a hurricane suddenly chuck Mario into a giant hole while Huey says something obvious? Cue the owl appearing… before getting blown off the screen.

Heck, you even had a credits sequences with the owls in! Like the one at the end of this Paper Mario Color Splash video:

It’s an amusing gimmick, and provides an otherwise low key video format an edge that keeps it interesting in every episode.

But text Let’s Plays aren’t the only thing on this channel. Oh no, you’ve also got ROM hacking videos too. Because you see, Skawo is also a pretty well known ROM hacker. He’s working on Newer Super Mario Bros DS and Newer Super Mario Bros U on the DS and Wii U respectively, as well as projects involving games like Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild; Game Awards Footage

As promised yesterday, Nintendo showed off more of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild during the 2016 Game Awards. And while the video itself was only about a minute look, it actually gives us a ton of new information about the world and its inhabits.

Here it is:

So what can we see in this trailer?

Well for starters, the thing a lot of fans have been wanting to see for a while; the towns from the game. Because as you know, Nintendo cut them out of the E3 demo. Why? To stop spoilers apparently.

But they didn’t cut them out this version. So now we get to see what a village full of NPCs looks like in this version of Hyrule. Which seems to be something akin to a small town in medieval Britain:

Breath of the Wild Village

And while the actual villagers aren’t front and centre here, we get a small glimpse of those too. Like this guy in the background:

Village with NPCs

Or what appears to be Princess Zelda herself at the end of the trailer:

Zelda Appears

As you can tell, they look a fair bit like Link in terms of character design. And perhaps a bit like the characters from Skyward Sword in general appearance.

Oh, and talking of characters, we’ve got a real interesting one here. Namely, a bird like humanoid character:


Apparently he’s part of a winged humanoid species, sort of like the Rito in The Wind Waker. And well, based on the ship appearing overhead, it seems like the floating island/base might have something to do with their species too.

There’s also what appears to be seasons here too, as you can see from the autumn type tree foliage in the picture below:


No idea how this one works, it’s possible the game has a schedule it goes through. Like, with certain weather in each part of the year and various other effects on the landscape to boot.

And well, that sums up the trailer. Pretty interesting, eh?

Yeah. But that’s not all. Oh no, Reggie and Bill Trinen actually played the game during the event too, giving us this video:

Which shows a new character (he’s apparently a bard from that bird like species), and enemies using electric swords. These appear to be bigger than the Bokoblins, meaning that it’s likely at least one is a Moblin and the others are Lizalfos of some sort or another.

Add an interesting looking forest setting (considering it’s a bit thicker than most sandbox ‘forests’), and it gives a little hint at the fascinating beyond the Great Plateau in this title.

So what do you think of the trailer and the new footage shown in it? Does it make you more excited to play Breath of the Wild in 2017?

Watch the Game Awards 2016 Right Here!

Interested in seeing the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild footage? Want to know what games win at the 2016 Game Awards?

If so, then you can watch the awards right here:

This is because like most events (such as Nintendo Directs and E3 presentations), the whole thing is being streamed on its official YouTube channel. So once it starts in about an hour or so, you’ll be able to catch everything via the video player above.

As for us? Well, it’s getting late here, so all coverage of tonight’s events will probably be done in the morning. But if you are still awake tonight, go and watch the awards and tell us what you think!

Shigeru Miyamoto Shares Info About Nintendo Attractions at Universal Studios

Hey everyone! Remember that announcement Nintendo made about their franchises getting rides and attractions based on them at Universal Studios? The one which kind of set the internet hype machine into overloaded in minutes?

Well, it seems they’ve just posted a bit more information on the matter! Indeed, in a new video uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel, Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Studios’ Mark Woodbury detail some more aspects of the two companies’ partnerships and their plans for theme park attractions.

Here it is:

So what’s mentioned here?

Well, it seems like a whole Nintendo themed area is the plan for one thing. So like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at other Universal parks, it seems like there’ll be a full ‘World of Nintendo’ too. So Nintendo and Universal plan a lot of attractions here.

Talking of themes, that’s another thing mentioned here. The theme park areas will ‘make you feel like you’re in a video game’. In other words? They’re not just rides in the middle of nowhere, but part of a proper themed ‘world’. Kind of like how it works in Disney World.

What’s more, said attractions are also mentioned as being interactive. So it’s likely the people riding the attractions will be able to interact with them while doing so. Like Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida. Maybe Nintendo might integrate their games into the theme park too?

And it’s not just rides either! Oh no, Nintendo shops and restaurants will be a reality too. So perhaps you’ll be able to get merchandise there? Or eat in a bar based on the Milk Bar in Majora’s Mask? The possibilities are endless!

Moving on, we also know what parks Nintendo will be coming too. Basically, it will come to the following Universal Studios parks:

  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Universal Studios Hollywood

This means everyone will find a park they can visit more easily.

So yeah, that’s the latest info about the Nintendo rides and attractions at Universal Studios. But what do you think of it all? Does this make you want to visit Universal Studios again? And if so, what Nintendo rides and attractions are you hoping they create?

Post your thoughts on the Gaming Reinvented forums or social media today!

New Zelda Breath of the Wild Footage to be shown at Game Awards 2016

Every year, the Game Awards show off some more content from whatever new games are coming within the next year or so. 2014 had Super Mario Maker and Zelda Breath of the Wild. 2015 had Uncharted 4 and Telltale’s new Batman game.

And this year, it seems Breath of the Wild will be featured again! Here’s a tweet from Geoff Keighley hinting at it:

Plus Nintendo’s tweet about new footage of the game being shown there:

So when the show airs on December 1st 2016, there’ll be a new trailer for Breath of the Wild shown there.

But what exactly is in store here? What aspects of the game will be featured in this ‘exclusive look’?

Well, no one knows yet. However, I’m hoping that it could be one of the following:

  1. A story focused trailer. Because at the moment, it’s quite vague exactly how Breath of the Wild’s story will work. Will there be cutscenes? Are there plot twists? Does the world change over time? No one knows, and I think it’d be interesting to find out a real answer here.
  2. Something that shows content outside of the Great Plateau. Yeah, I know. It’s a nice tutorial area and it’s got plenty of stuff to do. But it’s about 2% of the game, and completely lacks in major landmarks like towns, dungeons and sidequest areas. So I think it’d be nice to see this content properly shown off for the first time.

Since those are the two things we know least about here. They’d certainly get me much more excited for the new Zelda title!

But what do you think will be shown? Some new information about the world beyond the Great Plateau? Or more of Link running around and trying to kill the odd Bokoblin?

Post your thoughts on the matter at the forums or on social media today!