New Breath of the Wild Glitch Gives You Early Master Sword!

New Breath of the Wild Glitch Gives You Early Master Sword!

As anyone who’s played the game knows too well, you need at least 13 hearts to get the Master Sword in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This is because the sword will kill Link if he picks it up too early, thanks to a protection spell/setup by the Great Deku Tree.

And as you can guess, this has led to a huge demand for glitches to skip said wait. These have included Apparatus Storage, which let you duplicate hearts and stamina. Eventide Storage, which let you conserve spent Spirit Orbs. Plus Hyrule Unloading, a trick to ‘unload’ various triggers, including the ones for the Master Sword cutscene/strength test.

But now those are all obsolete. Why? Because a new, simple method has been found that requires minimal effort or setup.

Found by a user called BoT__W on Twitter (yes the double space is intentional here), the glitch involves placing some wood next to the sword, turning it into a campfire, and quickly hammering the A button after sleeping there. By doing this, Link will grab the Master Sword as soon as he wakes up, and skip the cutscene triggers by virtue of them not having loaded in yet.

It’s trivially easy to do, and can be done by virtually anyone at any time.

So watch our video below to see how it works:

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Check out the written instructions if you still need a bit of help:

Early Master Sword Instructions

  1. Put a campfire on the left corner near the Master Sword
  2. Stand between the campfire and the sword
  3. Sleep at the campfire
  4. Hammer the A button as Link wakes up
  5. And you should get the Master Sword!

Then use the glitch to get the Master Sword right off the bat! It’s easy enough anyone can do it, and makes the game even more of a cakewalk than it already is in the process!


How to Get the Master Sword With Only 3 Hearts (and a Campfire) in Zelda Breath of the Wild!


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