New Glitch Lets You Start With 80,000 Arrows in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

New Glitch Lets You Start With 80,000 Arrows in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Getting enough arrows can be a bit of a pain in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. After all, the shops have a limited supply, and the number of treasure chests in the world is pretty limited too.

This makes it very easy to run out, especially after a tough battle with a foe like a Lynel or Ganon Blight boss.

Because of this, fans have found numerous ways to get said arrows. These range from avoiding shots from mounted Bokoblins (now patched), to shooting arrows through a torch, dragging treasure chests across the map and reusing a respawning chest near Eventide Island.

Problem is, these methods all have their limitations. Namely:

  1. They’re slow, meaning that getting 999 arrows will take hours of tedious busywork
  2. And that you can usually only get normal arrows from them. Elemental arrows, bomb arrows and ancient arrows are usually out of the question.

Fortunately, things have now changed. Now a new, simple method has been used to get more arrows than you could ever need, of any type you could ever want.

And it all involves this little thing called Memory Storage.

Yeah, ypu know the one. The same glitch used to keep the Bow of Light and duplicate Korok seeds and Spirit Orbs. The same game changing discovery that’s already altered BoTW in so many ways.

Well apparently it has another neat side effect too. Inventory Corruption.

With the end result being you can get tens of thousands of arrows on a brand new save file!

A Few Bomb Arrows

The end result of this glitch on one of my save files

80000 Ancient Arrows

The result of this glitch on another one of my save files

Here’s our video showing how to set it up:

YouTube player

As well as a text based guide for those that prefer reading…

First, set up Memory Storage as usual. You know, like you did with the Bow of Light glitch.

Then, on the no death run, upgrade your inventory by speaking to Hestu. You want to get more bow slots than you would at the start of the game.

Upgrade Bow Slots

These slots will correlate to the type of arrow you want to get 80,000 of. Basically:

Number of Extra Slots Arrow Type You Get 80,000 of
1 Ancient Arrows
2 Bomb Arrows
3 Shock Arrows
4 Ice Arrows
5 Fire Arrows
6 Normal Arrows

Though there are a few caveats here. Firstly, it’s based on the slot your equipped bow is in, so if you expanded your inventory 6 times and equipped a bow in extra slot 4 for example, you’d probably get Ice Arrows rather than normal ones.

And the same goes for the shield too. It’s the equipped shield that matters apparently. so if you equipped the second or third shield, you’d overwrite something else instead.

But for the purposes of this tutorial, just equip the Hylian Shield as your first shield, and leave one bow slot empty for the Bow of Light. That way, you won’t need a calculator or spreadsheet to keep track of things here.

Once that’s all done, go and face Dark Beast Ganon.

Reorder your bow inventory. This sounds stupid, but come on, you really want to keep the Bow of Light in your new game, and reordering it will put said bow in slot 1 rather than a slot that’ll get deleted.

Reordered Inventory

When the last Light Arrow is about to hit him, switch to the bow in the last slot of your inventory.

Switch Bow

Watch the ending and credits as normal.

Watch Ending

Continue your save file from the title screen.

Continue File

Then after the intro plays out, wait for it to autosave.

Wait for Autosave

Reload the auto save.

Reload Autosave

Then manually save and reload.

Manually Save

Reload Manual Save

Voila! You now have 80,000 arrows in the slot you chose to overwrite! You can now rain destruction upon the land of Hyrule!

But before you do that, we may as well note a few more interesting details about this glitch, as well as a few things to watch out for. If you don’t care about any of this… well you can stop reading now. And if you are interested, keep going!

Back to 999 Arrows

Since if you want to keep those 80,000 arrows, you’ll want to avoid collecting any of said arrow type in the wild. This is because the game will reset the count to 999 if you open a chest containing said arrow type, despite your inventory being full to begin with.

Back to 999

Upon opening the chest, my Bomb Arrow count reset to 999

Fortunately, shops don’t do this. You’ll just get told you have no room for any more of that arrow type if you try that.

So just avoid collecting any arrows of the affected type from treasure chests, at least until your glitched stock hits 998 or less.

Nigh Unbreakable Weapons

This glitch doesn’t just affect arrow counts.

No, it affects weapon and bow durability too. This means the durability of your weapon or bow can be overridden by the durability of your equipped shield, if you get enough weapon or bow slots.

This can get utterly crazy. Imagine a 5-shot Savage Lynel Bow which can fire 800 times before breaking! Or a Royal Guard’s Claymore with the same ridiculous stats.

That would give you a weapon that can deal 112 damage per hit 800 times before breaking, or 89,600 damage in total. That’s enough to kill every story relevant boss in the entire game.

And it gets crazier still. You see, that durability value is for a ‘default’ Hylian Shield’. A max durability up Hylian Shield on the other hand has 1,160 durability, which would give you a weapon that would do 129,920 damage before breaking

That’s enough to kill all four Blights, Calamity Ganon, Master Kohga, Maz Koshia, the Igneo Talus Titan and Molduking, all 4 Moldugas, all 20 odd Lynels at max strength and god knows what else. Without using a single arrow or special attack.

It’s pretty overpowered to say the least!

Inventory Corruption Chaining

You can also chain this glitch too. This means you use Eventide Island to setup the glitch multiple times, and potentially get 80,000 of every type of arrow in the game at once. We’ll have a video on that up in the next few weeks or so, but for now, you can check out Yuda’s setup video below instead:

YouTube player


Either way, I hope you found our tutorial useful, and we hope it lets you get tens of thousands of arrows on your future save files too. If you havw any thoughts on the glitch itself (or questions about how to use it), leave them in the comments below, on the Gaming Latest forums or on our Discord server today.

And if you stil need help… check out the sources list or FAQ below as well!

Time to change the land of Hyrule forever!


How many arrows can I get with this glitch?

Depends how long you have. The true maximum would be from a Hylian Shield with durability up, which would give you 116,000 arrows of any kind you wanted.

And that’s of any type, right?

Yep! So 80,000+ ancient arrows is indeed a possibility here!

Can anything even survive 80,000 ancient arrows?

Given the object map lists 4,524 enemies in Hyrule, not really. Removing the 4 Blights, 2 Ganon forms, 84 overworld bosses, Molduking and Igneo Talus Titan from the picture, that’s 4,432 enemies you’d one shot with ancient arrows. So 80,000 would give you enough ammunition to kill every monster in Hyrule 5 and a half times over.

Is this the Hylian equivalent of a nuclear arsenal?


Could I destroy every monster in Hyrule here?

Sure. Hell, you’d have so many arrows you could probably take down every one of the game’s bosses with nothing but said arrows too…

How more overpowered can I get?

Oh, plenty. The same glitch also gives you the Bow of Light, and (likely also) the Master Sword, Hylian Shield and all four Champion abilities too.

And that’s not even getting into the glitched weapons with this. Or chaining.

Nothing will stand up to 80-116,000 arrows of every kind plus a Savage Lynel Crusher or Royal Guard’s Claymore with 80-116 durability.

Do I need to equip the bow in the final slot for this glitch?

Yes. You need to equip the bow in the slot you want to overwrite, plus the shield in the first slot of your inventory.

Can I collect more arrows in the new file?

Only for types you haven’t duplicated. Collecting the same type from chests will reset it to 999, and shops won’t sell you more anyway (though it won’t reduce the arrow count).

Why should I use this over the existing infinite arrow glitches?

Those still require you to top up your arrow count at various points. With this glitch, you’re almost certain to never run out.

What happens if a character gives you free arrows (like as part of a story quest)?

Not sure, we’ll need to test that. Presumably there’s a message saying you can’t carry anymore, and the quest proceeds as normal. But it’ll be interesting to see if that resets our arrow count.

Do weapon modifiers transfer over with this glitch?

Not as far as we know. Only the durability one will have any effect, and that’s because it changes the actual value.

Why should I use this glitch if I’ll get the Bow of Light anyway?

Well, the Bow of Light can only shoot light arrows for one thing. This means it can’t be used to damage things like Vah Ruta or Vah Naboris, not to blow up walls or one hit kill normal enemies. 80,000+ arrows with those properties are very useful in that sense.

What’s the least number of arrows I can get with this glitch?

500, if a Boko Shield was in the first slot of your inventory/affected. Anything tougher than a Pot Lid will give you more arrows than the normal cap.

What’s the best arrow to dupe?

Depends. You probably don’t want 80,000 normal arrows. But we’d say it’s a tie between shock arrows, bomb arrows and ancient arrows, depending on what you want to do. The former are an effective taser, the latter can one hit kill everything and the bomb arrows are arguably the flashiest of the three.

Where can I ask more questions about this glitch?

Over on the Gaming Reinvented Discord server, which can be found here.


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