Resident Evil 7 Review Roundup

After the mixed reception of the recent Resident Evil games, it’s not surprising that fans were worried about Resident Evil 7. After all, it seemed to be heading in a different direction to before, with the demos emphasising stealth over action. The setting wasn’t one traditionally associated with the franchise or the characters within. And with the lack of traditional monsters in early videos, some were worried the game had moved too far from the original feel of the franchise.

Fortunately though, it seems Resident Evil 7 is every bit the return to its roots that the series has needed. Indeed, whereas the games before it got a somewhat mixed reputation, this game has been getting positive review scores all across the board.

Like say Destructoid’s perfect 10/10 rating. They actually give it the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award and go as far as to say it’s the best Resident Evil game in the last decade.

And they’re certainly not the only ones. Other perfect ratings for the title come from publications like The Guardian (5/5), Windows Central (5/5 stars) and the Daily Dot (with a 5/5 stars), all of which consider it one of the best games of the year. That’s damn impressive!

Moving a tad down the review score ladder, we then see a ton of sites who consider the game worthy of a score around the 95% mark. These include GamesRadar (with a 4.5/5 score) and EGM (with a 9.5/10) one. These sites still consider it an amazing game overall. With GamesRadar saying it’s a ‘brilliant reinvention of the series’ and EGM calling it the ‘best Resident Evil game in years’.

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Here’s a Look at the New Mega Man Cartoon!

A while ago, a new Mega Man cartoon show was announced. Animated by Man of Action (the studio behind the Ben 10 series), the series was near instantly looked at with scepticism when this image of the titular character was posted online:

Well, until today that is! Because earlier in the day, a channel called ‘Film Roman’ posted some footage of the new show as part of a demo reel.

Here’s the video:

Along with some highlighted screens from it:

As you can see, it’s certainly a bit different from the Mega Man we all know and love. But is it going to be good?

Well, I’m conflicted here.

On the one hand, I don’t mind the look of the Robot Masters or environment that much. Yeah they’re different from classic Mega Man, but they’re pretty tolerable looking none the less.

But Mega Man… isn’t.


Well to be honest, I just can’t get to like the design for him personally. He looks too tall, his face looks a bit goofy and off and really, it remind me of something else from the series we’d rather forget as well.

You know, the old Mega Man cartoon. The one which had him redesigned to look more like an adult in the worst ways possible:

It just doesn’t look right here.

So that’s strike one.

Strike two on the other hand is the whole ‘transformation’ thing. Basically, Mega Man seems to switch back and forth from a human boy like design to his familiar robot design here. Like how Ben uses the Omnitrix to turn into an alien in Ben 10. Or how superheroes change from their civilian identity to their normal one to fight crime.

That really worries me for a Mega Man cartoon. Why?

Because Mega Man doesn’t really do this stuff. It’s not a superhero type deal where Mega lives a normal life and a crime fighting life at the same time. No, he’s a full time hero. He doesn’t really change his appearance or lifestyle ‘just’ to fight killer robots every now and then.

The video makes me worry they’ll change that. That Mega Man will become a human that turns robot only when the antagonists appear.

Or even worse, that it’ll do what the Powerpuff Girls 2016 did and focus lots its time more on his ‘everyday’ life. I don’t want to see say, Mega Man go to school. Or Mega Man try and find a love interest. Or Mega Man do what boring kids do in cartoons.

I want him as a hero. The design doesn’t suggest that.

But hey, what do you think? Do you like what you’ve seen of the new Mega Man cartoon? Or does his new design make you think the creators have missed the point of the franchise?

Art of Stealth Removed from Steam for Review Shilling

As anyone who’s seen Jim Sterling’s videos or the Shitty Steam Games subreddit knows, quality control is not exactly something Valve cares much about it. Asset flips are allowed with no original content. Starter packs from asset stores can be posted without changes. Heck, you’ve even sometimes got idiots being able to ‘sell’ fan games for a while before a quick DMCA takes the page down.

But even Valve has their limits here, and a recent game called ‘Art of Stealth’ crossed them. Why?

Because as Valve states here, they detected ‘unacceptable behaviour involving multiple Steam accounts controlled by the developer of the game’. Or in other words, he was apparently using fake accounts to give the game good reviews.

So here’s Valve’s full statement on the matter, if you need to know more about their reasoning:

We (Valve) have identified unacceptable behavior involving multiple Steam accounts controlled by the developer of this game, Matan Cohen. The developer appears to have created multiple Steam accounts to post a positive review for their own game. This is a clear violation of our review policy and something we take very seriously.

For these reasons, we are ending our business relationship with Matan Cohen and removing this game from sale. If you have previously purchased this game, it will remain accessible in your Steam library.

It’s pretty bad really. But wait, it gets worse!

Because as people have found out online, Art of Stealth’s developer ‘Matan Cohen’ is not someone who takes criticism lightly. Or at all for that matter.

So not only have they been trying to filter out negative reviews for the game on its now gone Steam page, but they’ve also been sending DMCA notices to anyone who calls out their bullshit in a video review of the title. Like say, Jim Sterling:

Or 0Bennyman. Heck, the latter even got a comment from them saying they’d sent a DMCA notice and warning him that his ‘video would be removed soon’!

Talk about professionalism! Guess you think acting like a troll in a video’s comments section is a good use of your time now?

Well, it’s not. It’s just wasting time that could be spent improving your game.

Just like targeting other sites is. Because what’s more, it’s not just YouTube that’s being targeted here either. Oh no, as per usual for games with developer controversies, a topic on the matter was quickly made on the ‘Shitty Steam Games’ subreddit. So what did the developers do?

They tried to get it taken down for doxing! Again, great move guys. Instead of working on your game and trying to make it better, you go after those mean critics with your takedown notices and threats! I’m sure nothing will go wrong, right?

Oh wait, the Streisand Effect exists. So now not only are your critics laughing at your complaints, but it’s now headline news on the likes of Kotaku as well. So what was once a simple case a game getting criticism is now basically Digital Homicide 2.0 with all the bad press that entails.

And talking of Digital Homicide, it seems DMCA threats weren’t enough for them. Oh no, they also moved into legal threats too. Like the three they sent to Jim Sterling on one night:

Or their equally laughable one sent to 0Bennyman. There, they actually claimed criticising the game was against the End License User Agreement!

What an absolutely ridiculous claim.

But hey, the game’s gone now, and the developer is banned from Steam. Let’s hope they take this as a lesson, and stop being so defensive in future.


Art of Stealth Removed from Steam (Techraptor)

Resident Evil 7 Leaked in the Middle East

Over the years, it’s been pretty common for games to get leaked early. Sometimes it’s due to a Q/A tester or developer posting the game on torrent sites. Sometimes it’s due to digital malfunctions (like with Paper Mario Color Splash). And other times it’s just because a single shop decided to release the game a week ahead of schedule.

Which is exactly what has also happened with Resident Evil 7. Basically, various stores in the middle east are selling the game early. Like those in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

Here’s an example of one store distributing it early:

So yeah, get ready for a few spoilers Resident Evil fans. Because if history has taught as anything, no one will keep a new game to themselves any more. Expect to see the final boss and ending online in a few days or so. And the whole soundtrack on YouTube just a few hours after that.

But still, what do you think? Are you disappointed the game was leaked early? And if so, how are you going to avoid seeing spoilers for it?


Resident Evil 7 Leaked in Middle East (Rash Bandicoot)

Why The Red Cross Shouldn’t Complain about Prison Architect

Earlier today, Prison Architect developers Introversion Software received a message from the British Red Cross about their use of a red cross on the in-game ambulances. This message basically stated that the ‘emblem is restricted under the Geneva Conventions’ and it was against the law to use it in in games or other media without the permission of the organisation.

No, we’re not joking. This really happened.

And it is as absurd as it sounds.

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