Blurry Lists Aren’t ‘Leaks’; Please Ignore Them

As you all now know, E3 2017 is nearly upon us. Like every year before it, this means new video game trailers, new artwork and all manner of new announcements. It’s a fun time for gamers every time.

Unfortunately, it also means a few other things too. Like the thousands of questionable video game leaks you’ll see posted online everywhere and anywhere. There are blurry screenshots supposedly showing new games (but recorded by people who apparently lack a modern phone or any sort of working camera). There’s concept art purporting to show characters from games by companies like Game Freak.

Heck, in a few cases there are even full videos mocked up that supposedly show entire games or trailers.

But the most common example is nothing like those. Nope, it’s the blurry text document leaks. You know, the ones where some random guy has ‘photographed’ an ‘internal document’ purporting to show what Nintendo is presenting at E3. Like the following ones from a few years ago:

However, there’s an obvious problem with these lists though. Namely, they’re meaningless.

Why is that? Well how about because anyone on the planet can make them in minutes? Seriously, compare the latest ‘leaked list’ going around:

Obviously Fake E3 Leak

With my quickly made copy in Microsoft Word:

My Fake Nintendo E3 'leak'

The differences between them are pretty minimal. Yeah the fonts are different and the ‘leak’ has been printed and photographed at the angle, but the concept is identical either way. Aka a random person online posting what they think Nintendo will show at E3.

So before you make a video about these lists (or go promoting them on social media), just stop for a minute. Think to yourself how easy it must be to fake these, and move on. Random blurry pictures on forum websites are not credible.

Thank you for reading.

New Pokemon Games Announced in Nintendo Direct!

Just earlier today, Nintendo posted a unexpected new Nintendo Direct about the Pokemon series. Featuring new games for the 3DS and Switch, this video showed what was happening in the franchise this year, along with glimpses of the next main games in the series.

So here’s the full vide if you haven’t already seen it:

As you can see, there are quite a few announcements here. First and foremost, we get Pokken Tournament on Switch. Named Pokken Tournament DX, this game is a sort of enhanced version of the Wii U game, and includes the characters from the arcade version as well as newcomer Decidueye.

This game will launch on September 26th 2017, and will be featured as part of Nintendo’s showcase at E3 this year.

But that’s not all that’s in the video! Oh no, actual Pokemon Sun and Moon sequels are featured there too!

Named Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the games are another set of adventures in the Alola region, featuring new Pokemon, forms and story elements as you may expect.

Like say, this new form for Necrozma:

Which does to it what previous games did to the likes of Kyurem or Zygarde. Reimagines it in such a way that Solgaleo and Lunala can’t curbstomp it any more.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launch on November 17th 2017.

Which brings us to the final announcement. One that few people expected today at all.

Namely, Pokemon Gold and Silver for 3DS Virtual Console. Yes, it’s happening. And just as with gen 1’s rereleases, they’ve got Pokemon Bank compatibility soon. So you’ll be able to move Pokemon to the newer games from them.

It’s a pretty neat surprise isn’t it?

Just like the rest of the Direct really. So what did you think about it? Were you impressed by the announced games?

Or does the idea of a Pokemon sequel on 3DS put you off a bit? Post your thoughts on the matter here or on social media today!

No, the New ‘Pokemon Stars’ Rumour is Likely Not True

Earlier today, a new Pokemon rumour was posted on NeoGAF. This rumour talked about a Pokemon Sun and Moon sequel that was apparently in development for the Nintendo 3DS and Switch, complete with grown up versions of the first game’s characters, gyms and new forms for Pokemon like Necrozma. Here’s the post if you haven’t seen it already:

Plus the pictures provided with it:

As you can see, it looks pretty convincing at first glance. The photo looks exactly like the art style used for Sun and Moon. The concept art looks similar to the starter leak we saw before Sun and Moon’s release.

And well, the ‘facts’ given do match up to what the original was hinting. Like gyms being built across Alola, or Gladion taking over the Aether Foundation (he does this in the postgame).

But is it really true? Well, I’m skeptical about it myself. Here are some reasons why…

1. The evidence is too limited

Starting with the obvious one that the ‘leaker’ just hasn’t provided enough firm evidence here. As Source Gaming points out in their (fantastic) intro to leak busting article, you should always be skeptical of any leaks in the form of static text and images. Why? Because they’re too easy to fake.

And the leak doesn’t really change this much. On the one hand, you’ve got evidence it’s running on the Nintendo Switch. That’s admittedly a bit harder to fake than a screenshot with no context.

But on the other hand, the image quality is so poor that it should make people suspiciously simply due to the low quality camera used. I mean, this is the Nintendo Switch we’re talking about here guys. The console has a built in screenshot button you can press for pixel perfect video game screenshots.

So why is this person using a camera for it? Or more precisely, a camera where the flash has seemingly been turned up to maximum and the image quality provided is roughly equal to that of a potato?

There’s no good answer there other than ‘because it hides editing well’. It’s the same reason that cryptid pictures tend to be blurry messes. Because if you had a good quality photo of Bigfoot or Nessie, you’d notice the terrible models and costumes used to present them.

Either way, that’s the first piece of evidence that something is dodgy here. But it’s not the only one.

2. A Pokemon Sun and Moon scene looks suspiciously similar to this

Because it turns out a Pokemon Sun and Moon scene looks suspiciously similar to this. Compare this new Gladion picture to this older one of an Aether Foundation worker:

Pokemon Leak Comparison

As you can see, they have the exact same pose and background. Yes I know Game Freak can be a bit lazy sometimes, but that’s suspicious as hell, especially when the image is both blurry and being used to back up an internet rumour.

And it’s not just existing screenshots the image is similar too either.

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Pokemon Direct Coming Tomorrow!

No, your eyes aren’t lying to you here. The title here really does say what you think it says, since Nintendo really are holding a Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct tomorrow! Here’s the tweet about it from Nintendo of America:

As well as the similar one from Nintendo of Europe:

This Nintendo Direct will be 8 minutes long, and air at 3PM UK time. But what will it be about?

Well, that’s a difficult one to answer given all the possibilities here. The most likely possibility is that it relates to Pokemon on Switch somehow. This makes sense given Nintendo’s push to sell the console, and the lack of obvious big system sellers after Super Mario Odyssey comes out this year.
However, that still leaves the door open for a number of games. These include:

  1. Pokemon Stars/Sun 2 and Moon 2. Easy system seller, and likely easier to develop quickly than a new generation would be.
  2. A Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake with Sun and Moon’s engine. Again, the hints for one are out there, so the question would simply be whether this would be the Switch’s first Pokemon game or whether it’d end up on 3DS.
  3. Pokemon Red and Blue remake, since a certain character ends up going to Kanto at the end of Sun and Moon.
  4. Or most boringly, Pokken Tournament on Switch. This could easily either be a port/remake (aka the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe treatment) or a full blown sequel like with Splatoon 2.

Outside of that, there’s also the possibility that another Pokemon game will be announced for the 3DS, that Gold and Silver will come to the Virtual Console for some system or another, or that it’s a whole new generation altogether.

Okay, the latter is unlikely as all hell, but I guess it could happen. I mean, time’s running out for Pokemon Sun and Moon related events. They don’t even have enough to support two or three more anime movies and promotions, let alone three years worth.

Either way, we’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Still, what do you think? Is Pokemon Stars finally upon us, or is another Pokemon game coming to 3DS or Switch instead?

Post your thoughts here or on social media today!

Recent Super Smash Bros ‘Leak’ Confirmed Fake!

Remember that Super Smash Bros ‘leak’ from a few days ago? The one with Bowser Jr fighting Mario on a stage based on Paper Mario Sticker Star?

The one everyone kind of figured was fake but couldn’t really prove as such anyway?

Well, we now have confirmation that it’s fake. That’s because in his latest video, Josh Thomas of the Bit Block has now admitted to faking the screenshots, and shows evidence that he was the one who created them to trick people online.

Here’s the video where he confirms it:

So yeah, they’re fake. But do you know what?

They’re also extremely impressive none the less. Seriously, go and look at the images again:
They literally match the style of a Nintendo made Smash Bros title to a tee. You’ve got stages full of detail with extremely high quality textures (that look exactly like something Sakurai and co may have designed). You’ve got realistic looking edits showing multiplayer modes from existing games (which seem like something the team would put into the game). And while the character models are a tad too similar to their 3DS inspiration, they’re still good enough to look real to those with only a passing interest in the topic.

In other words, the guy behind them has a real talent when it comes to image editing.

Which makes it a shame that he’s stopped creating the Make Believe series of videos on his channel. These videos were entirely stuff like this, backed up with comments about how the fictional game could work in terms of features and content. For example, here’s his Make Believe video for Animal Crossing on Wii U:

It looks amazing!

Yet that’s the only one of its kind he ever made. Why? Cause they didn’t get the same level of views as his other video. They took too long to make in contrast to the amount of attention that people paid to them.

But hey, at least there’s the possibility this hoax may revive a bit of interest in the series. Maybe if enough people see these fake images and previous Make Believe video, we’ll get another one for Super Smash Bros on Switch and 3DS. Or heck, whatever other random games Josh would like to see in the future.

That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

But what about you? Did you fall for the fake Super Smash Bros leaks? Do they look realistic in terms of the content shown and the modified art style used?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or on social media today!