Corrin Amiibo Costume Found in Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World!

Ever since Corrin was announced for Super Smash Bros, people have been wondering when his Amiibo would be released. After all, it was shown quite clearly in the special broadcast…

And it’s been confirmed multiple times since then that him and other DLC characters would be getting Amiibo based on them. Everyone would. It’s part and parcel of being a Super Smash Bros character in this day and age.

However, none was really forthcoming. There were rumours and documents showing Amiibo being certified by someone or another, but nothing more than that.

Not even any evidence of said costume having an affect in any Amiibo using Nintendo games.

Until now. Because as the title suggests, an unused Corrin costume has been found in the code for Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World on 3DS! Here’s a picture showing it in action:

So what does this mean?

Well, note the timing for the game. Note how Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World was only just recently released in Japan. Or how the game is due to be released on February 3rd or February 4th in most other major regions.

That tells me that Nintendo still has obvious plans for releasing said Amiibo. Like say, possibly within the next few months or so.

Either way, it seems like a clear hint that a Corrin Amiibo is still on the way, and that various ‘new’ games with Amiibo compatibility will work alongside it.

But what do you think? Are you excited about the possibility of a Corrin Amiibo costume in Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World?


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World Page (TCRF)

Pokemon Bank Updated for Sun and Moon

It’s here! Yes, as of just a few hours ago, Pokemon Bank has now been updated to let you use it with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Or to transfer Pokemon from the older games (like the gen 1 VC titles) into it through Poke Transporter!

What’s more, you’ll also get the special ‘Mewnium Z’, which lets Mew use its special Z-Move Genesis Supernova!

So here’s the official announcement about the update from the Pokemon Twitter account:

As well as a QR code to allow you to access the right page on the eShop:

However, you may be wondering how this whole deal works. After all, you can get Mew through glitches in Pokemon Red and Blue, right? And the official announcement doesn’t quite tell you how glitches and stuff factor in this, does it?

Well, wonder no more! Since we’ve now prepared a handy mini FAQ for people wanting to know how the new update works with Pokemon from generation 1!

The Unofficial Pokemon Bank/Transfer Update FAQ

So, can I transfer a Mew caught via a glitch to generation 7?

Unfortunately, no. The game only allows Mews gotten through official events through the transporter, and rejects one with a trainer name and number not associated with an event.

You can fix this with hacking or arbitrary code execution (by setting the Mew’s OT to ‘GF’ and its ID to ‘22796’), but that’s something to try at your own risk.

What about Missingno?

No dice I’m afraid. Glitch Pokemon aren’t ‘legitimate’, and their ID numbers now usually correspond to a real Pokemon species instead. So the tool will reject glitch Pokemon from being transferred to later games.

Okay, I get the picture now. Can I at least transfer legitimate Pokemon caught through glitches?

Yes, those work fine. So those Pokemon you caught via the Old Man Glitch via Cinnabar Coast will transfer fine, as will non Mew Pokemon caught via the Mew Glitch.

What if the Pokemon is above level 100?

It’s auto scaled down to level 100. Like in Pokemon Stadium on the N64.

What about Pokemon with ‘illegal’ moves? Like a flying Rhydon?

Sorry, Pokemon Bank doesn’t let those through. Only Pokemon with moves legitimately learnable via level up, TMs, HMs, breeding or tutors in past games.
So if you ‘evolved’ your M block or weird glitch Pokemon, you’ll have to make sure it only knows moves legitimately learnable by the species in question before you can transfer it over.

How about Pokemon with Gen 1 TM moves?

Those transfer fine. So that Fissure Machamp can be moved over to Pokemon Sun and Moon. However…

Can I get a Machamp with Fissure and No Guard?

It doesn’t let you do this, since it gives all generation 1 Pokemon their Hidden Abilities instead. So while you can get a Machamp with Fissure, it’ll be a Steadfast Machamp with Fissure instead of one with No Guard.

Are there any ‘interesting’ move combinations now that this update is out?

Well technically, Pokemon like Rhydon and Lapras can learn multiple one hit KO moves at once now. Since hey, the former can now have both Fissure and Horn Drill, whereas the latter can have both Horn Drill and Sheer Cold.

Tri Attack is now learnable by many, many more Pokemon, some of whom may be able to use it competitively. Same goes for Razor Wind, Skull Bash and Sky Attack.

There’s also the (mostly useless) Pay Day, Rage, Mimic and Metronome moves that can now be taught to far more Pokemon than before, and for some reason, Lapras can also learn Solar Beam in generation 1 (but no time afterwards).

So there are certainly new possibilities now. Just be aware that in future games and updates, Game Freak may also decide to give opponents in the Battle Tree the same access to said moves!

So how do natures work anyway?

They’re based on the Pokemon’s total EXP modulo 25. In other words, it divides the total EXP of the Pokemon by 25 to work out what nature it’ll be given.

Finally, can said Pokemon be transferred back to older generations?

No. Once a Pokemon has been transferred to Pokemon Sun and Moon, it cannot be traded back to past generations again.
Hopefully that answers all the questions you may have about the update.

Pokemon Bank: More Details!

Despite being due out within the next week or so, details about Pokemon Bank and its compatibility with the gen 1 Virtual Console games has pretty hard to come by. Yeah, we always knew it worked. That Pokemon from the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow could be sent to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

But that’s literally everything we did know.

Until today that is! Because thanks to an official update by Nintendo Hong Kong, we now know a fair bit more about how the transfer process will work.

For example, Pokemon transferred from generation 1 will have:

  • 3 Max IVs (kind of like how legendary Pokemon have at least 3 in the modern games)
  • A random nature (since data regarding this didn’t exist in generation 1)
  • As well as the possibility of having their Hidden Ability. This is convenient for expert players.

And that’s not all they’ll have either. Oh no, they’ll also have a special Game Boy mark too! This will commemorate their origins, but also perhaps come in useful for checking ‘legality’ down the line. After all, different TMs exist in generation 1!

Outside of the Pokemon themselves, the post has made a few other things clear too. Like how the National Pokedex will sync up with the games used with Pokemon Bank and list the ones seen/caught in each game. Interestingly, said Pokedex will not actually require the Pokemon to be transferred to Bank to be listed, which is quite nice.

You’re also able to send Battle Points, making the extra facilities (like the Battle Tree) a lot more tolerable this time around. This is because your points from earlier game facilities like gen 6’s Battle Maison will be useable in the new games. So Mega Stones will be much easier to attain now.

Finally, various extra stats can be tracked in Bank too. These include the amount of eggs hatched, and remove the need to have someone else check them through Festival Plaza.

Pretty damn convenient really!

So yeah, there are a few more neat details about Pokemon Bank. They don’t quite cover everything (like whether Mew can be transferred from generation 1), but they do clear up a few things none the less. And what has been confirmed definitely makes the series a bit more convenient for those playing.

What do you think of the new Pokemon Bank info?


Nintendo Hong Kong Press Release Via (

Mario Sports Mix Getting Amiibo Cards!

It’s not a game you’d usually expect to get Amiibo based on it. But now it seems that Mario Sports Superstars (the sports collection game being released for 3DS later this year) is actually getting its own set of Amiibo Cards!

Here’s the quote confirming it from Nintendo’s PR people:

By tapping one of these new amiibo character cards while playing Mario Sports Superstars, players will get a variety of fun bonuses. The Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards can be purchased in blind packs of five at a suggested retail price of $4.99 each, starting on March 24. For a limited time, the Mario Sports Superstars game will include one amiibo card packed in.

So what will be on the cards? Well, who knows. Presumably pictures of the Mario cast playing sports or something. Like in these official artworks for the game:

But they’re not giving us any real details there.

Still, we do at least know what the cards do. Basically, they unlock bonuses in game. Like say, special costumes and characters to mess around with. Or perhaps extra power ups to use in matches. They’re not being specific at the moment.

What they are being specific on however is just how the cards are packed. Put simply, you buy them in blind packs for $4.99 each. So like with the Animal Crossing ones (or collectible card games in general), you don’t really know what you’re going to get till you open them.

But still, it seems Amiibo Cards are now a thing for Mario Sports Superstars. So what do you think of the idea? Are you interested in buying these packs of cards for the game? Or is the idea something that doesn’t appeal to you?


Mario Sports Superstars Getting Amiibo Cards (Nintendo Life)

Warning: Nintendo Network Passwords Have Been Leaked

Do you use Nintendo Network? Like say, to buy eShop games or DLC on the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U?

Then you should go and change your password right now.

Why? Because as the title suggests, around 450 Nintendo Network accounts were hacked this month, with the full details posted online in a list. Which means anyone affected is just one Google search away from having hackers or other scumbags logging into their Nintendo Network account and impersonating them online. Or worse yet, using their money to buy games from the eShop.

Now, for legal and ethical reasons, we are not linking to the list here. Nor is anyone in the Reddit topic, on Source Gaming or any other site covering the leak.

Instead, we have contacted the data breach search site ‘Have I Been Pwned’ with the list in question. This should soon let you check if your account has been hacked by entering the Nintendo Network ID here:

Have I Been Pwned

You can also check the usernames on this plain text list, uploaded by someone on the Nintendo subreddit:

Affected Nintendo Network IDs List (via Reddit)

Either way, check if your account has been hacked, and change your password immediately if it has been. And if it hasn’t, maybe change it anyway, just to be safe.

Sorry for any inconvenience this article may have caused.


Warning: Passwords Taken From Miiverse/Nintendo Network ID (Reddit)