Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga May Be Getting a 3DS Remake!

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! Seems like Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga may be getting a 3DS remake!

Why? Because a well known 3DS modder has found game codes (on the 3DS eShop) for both Ever Oasis and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga DX. This is interesting given that while Ever Oasis is already pretty well known (Nintendo announced it ages back and has a release date listed for the game in the near future), no such information about a Mario & Luigi remake has been put out by the company.

Here’s the original tweet about it by 3DS hacker Michael (SciresM):

Which in all practicality, means we’re gonna see an announcement at an upcoming event. Maybe E3, maybe a Nintendo Direct beforehand. Any time could be possible here!

But yeah, it seems like Mario & Luigi fans might be seeing a remake of the original game soon. However, what should they change in it?

Well, I have an answer to that. Behold, a rather… old video I made on this exact subject:

Put simply, I stand by everything mentioned there. I want to see graphics redone to the same quality as Dream Team’s (without losing the more unique character designs in the process). There should be super high quality music (ideally done with real instruments) to replace the rather scratchy sounding GBA tunes in the original.

And for gameplay… well it should mostly just be a few tweaks here and there. No heavy cutscenes, no redone Bros Attacks, no (mandatory) giant fights or gimmick battles. Just the same old gameplay with certain annoying parts redone a bit (Joke’s End especially) and some decent optional bonus content to keep longtime fans happy. Maybe a Battle Ring could work here? Or a Mad Skillathon type deal for Bros Attack mini games?

Yeah, I think that sounds good. But still, what do you think?

Are we really getting a remake of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for the 3DS soon? And if so, what kind of changes do you wish to see here?

Post your thoughts here or at the Gaming Latest forums today!

Is Game Freak Working on Pokemon Stars for Nintendo Switch?

From the minute the Nintendo Switch was announced, people have wondered about the possibility of a new Pokemon game. After all, it’s a handheld with the technical power of a home console! A system that can push out full HDMA graphics and gigantic worlds at a whim!

Isn’t that perfect for a full Pokemon Sun and Moon sequel?

Well, yes it is And guess what? It seems we’ll soon find out exactly what Game Freak has in store with such a game too.

Because as the title suggests, they’re actually advertising for someone to work on such a game right now. Here’s the advertisement on Indeed Japan if you don’t believe me:

3D Model Creator Wanted – Game Freak (Indeed)

As you can tell, it’s pretty obvious they’re talking about Pokemon. I mean, read some of these quotes and tell me what other Game Freak franchise they could possibly be referring to:

We’ll have you work on an RPG that’s popular on a global scale
Which will be release on consoles
With a title that just about everyone knows and that could end up providing you a future career

It’s certainly not Drill Dozer or Smart Ball, that’s for sure. Nope, this is Pokemon. Even the simple comments on it being a franchise that’s popular worldwide doesn’t exactly leave any options.

So yeah, it seems Game Freak are recruiting for a new Pokemon title. However, one thing does stand out as somewhat interesting here. As in, even more interesting than the possibility of a new Pokemon RPG on the Nintendo Switch.

And that’s this comment about it having been ‘released for a long time’. Indeed, do you know what this makes me think of?

Pokemon Stars. You know, the Pokemon Sun and Moon sequels that were apparently coming to the Switch at one point. Having the new Pokemon games be based on generation 7 would certainly account for a familiar development environment and a game that’s been out for a long time.

But hey, what do you think? Could this job posting be proof that Game Freak really is working on Pokemon Stars for the Nintendo Switch? Or are the plans in relation to a brand new Pokemon generation planned for Nintendo’s system?

Post your thoughts on this here (or at the Gaming Latest forums) today!

The Kokiri Are Mutated Hylians in the Zelda Series?

Since their debut in Ocarina of Time, the idea behind the Kokiri in the Zelda series has been a pretty simple one. They’re forest spirits created by the Deku Tree. They can’t leave the forest or grow up. And a few hundred years later, it turns out they’ve gotten changed into living tree creatures in order to survive the flood that created the Great Sea.

It’s all standard stuff for the Zelda series really, and most of the fanbase likely know it all by now.

But now it seems Nintendo has different ideas about the origins! Why?

Because according to the new Zelda Encyclopaedia, the Kokiri weren’t originally forest spirits at all.

Oh no, they were actually Hylians. As in, normal humans that entered the forest after running away from civilisation.

Here’s the page about it from the book that confirms it:

As well as a translation about the species via the nice guys at Source Gaming:

ok the Kokiri were originally Hylians who rejected civilization, so they ran into the forests. Then they started their own society and eventually became the Kokiris. It was said if they left the forest they would die, but in reality that was because the Great Deku Tree was holding them back from aging. Once the forest is revived by the sage, and the Deku Tree Sprout is born, the Kokiri could leave the area. In a later era, they worked as the wind sage. (Very loose translation)

As you can see, it’s a pretty drastic departure from their concept back in Ocarina of Time. However, here’s the thing:

It’s also an illogical one. Why?

Well, go back and play Ocarina of Time for a minute. Because if you do, you’ll notice that the game actually says that humans who get lost in the Lost Woods turn into Skull Kids or Stalfos. This is backed up by both a certain Gossip Stone:

They say that when non-fairy folk enter the Lost Woods, they become monsters!

As well as Fado in the Biggoron Sword sidequest:

That guy isn’t here anymore. Anybody who comes into the forest will be lost. Everybody will become a Stalfos. Everybody, Stalfos.

So yeah, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you think about it for a moment. But hey, it seems that’s the official viewpoint none the less. That despite lost folk becoming Stalfos or Skull Kids in later years, the original Kokiri folk were actually random Hylian citizens who wandered in the woods and never came out.

It’s a very strange reveal for the Zelda series, and makes you wonder what other crazy things the book will say about the species and their history!

Gaming Reinvented and Gaming Latest Have Now Merged

It’s been on the cards for a while, and we’ve hinted about it in the past already. But now, it’s finally happened. Gaming Reinvented and Gaming Latest have now merged.

So what does this mean for you as a user?

Well, a few things really. Firstly, the forums will now entirely reside on the Gaming Latest domain rather than the Gaming Reinvented one. They’ll still have the same content and many of the same staff (like myself), but the domain and hosting will be under Demon Skeith’s control instead of mine.

And there’s a good reason I’ve done that. Namely, I don’t have the time and energy to keep running a large gaming forum.

I mean sure, I can run a smaller one. Something like Wario Forums where the amount of daily effort needed for generating content and keeping out troublemakers is greatly reduced. That’s well within my capabilities at the moment.

But for a big, nearly big board level community with hundreds of thousands of posts and many thousands of members, that’s just a bit too much for me at the moment. I’ve got a startup to get going, events to attend, news to post on this site and marketing to do on social media. Adding ‘large community management’ to the list is just too much stress.

So I’ve decided that we can now focus on what we do best instead. I can worry how to run a great news site, whereas Demon Skeith can worry about the general forum management aspect. It’s a simple deal really.

As well as one that will help the site immensely. Why?

Because now Gaming Reinvented is the official news site for Gaming Latest too. It’s where members are encouraged to submit gaming content in the form of articles, it’s going to have various articles posted to the forums via RSS, etc. This will bring more attention to our platform, and allow for fun contests like this one.

Where you’re rewarded with eShop/Steam/Xbox Live credits for writing the best articles for the site.

So yeah, the merge is now active. However, that’s not the only thing that is here.

Oh no, we’ve also been working on improving another feature. What is it?
The comments system.

Yeah, as you can tell, we’re now running a new comments system with far better features than before. This system (called wpDiscuz) basically acts like a self hosted version of Disqus.

Except you know, without the annoying forced ads. Or recommended articles shoved at the end.
And it has tons of cool features. For example, you can now upvote and downvote comments like on Reddit:

Subscribe to comments on a per article basis, with replies sent through email.

As well as other additions we’ll be adding on soon. Like the ability to use @ tags like on Twitter, or the ability to post videos and other media directly in the comments section. It’s much more stylish and useful than the bland old WordPress default, and will hopefully make commenting less of a chore in general.

So enjoy the site everyone! It’s now aligned with a new gaming community, has a new comments system and will have numerous other neat features in future as well.

Hacker Brings Mew Under the Truck Rumour to Life (with Save File Virus)

Back in the olden days when Pokemon Red and Blue were new, there was one rumour you saw everywhere. This rumour was about a special truck found on a dock near the SS Anne, with the idea being that if you went there with Surf and Strength, you can move said truck and find Mew underneath..

Unfortunately, it was false. The truck wouldn’t move with Strength, and Mew was nowhere to be seen. Mew was not under that truck.

Well, until now that is. Because thanks to a bit of technical trickery, the Mew under the truck rumour has now been made true! Yes really! It’s now possible to get a Mew in the one location everyone (rightly) considered impossible for years.

So how this is possible?

Well, through a modified save file virus, that’s how. Remember that story we ran a while back about a ‘virus’ save game? The one that could replace your save data if you traded with it?

The same thing is in play here. Thanks to a bit of custom code, you can now give someone the ability to find Mew under the truck simply by trading with them. Here’s the original video about it by the coder, MrCheeze:

As you can see, it works perfectly, doesn’t affect anything else in the game and cannot be ‘blocked’ by the other player at all. So yeah, now you can basically ROM hack someone’s game through a special virus save file and change the content without them knowing about it.

And this opens up some very interesting possibilities. Like say, using a hacked save file to insert a Buried Alive battle into their game, thus making a creepypasta come true. Or recreating Pokemon Black and White 2’s difficulty trading. You know, where you can trade someone easy or hard mode. That kind of thing is now possible in Red and Blue.

So yeah, it’s a great trick really. And now it can be used to make your childhood dreams (or nightmares) come true!


Pokemon Red/Blue Virus 2.0, and the Mew that was hiding under the truck all along