Is Meltan Getting a New Evolution or Form Change in the Coming Pokemon Games?

A couple of weeks ago, a new Pokemon was revealed for the series. Named Meltan, this Ditto esque mythical Pokemon was originally leaked by dataminers before being revealed by Nintendo themselves:


However, it seems that Ditto like form may not be the only one it has. Oh no, if a recent ‘live action’ trailer is any indication, it appears it may have another form or evolution lined up as well! Have a look here:

As you can see, the video ends on a strange silhouette. It’s clearly meant to be like Meltan, since it’s got the nut shaped head and a similar design.

Mystery Silhouette

But it’s not the same size as Meltan, and appears to be connected to a humongous mecha esque body instead of a Ditto one. This implies Meltan has another form, one that’s just that bit more menacing than the cute critter we know and (might) love.

So what is it? Is it a new form, or is it an evolution?

Well to be honest, we’re gonna say a new form. A mythical Pokémon evolving has (in our experience) never happened in the series, but one getting a new form has.

Namely, Hoopa. Yep, remember that genie like Pokémon in generation 6?

That was in the exact same situation as Meltan is now, and ended up getting a menacing looking ‘Unbound’ form in later versions. So it only makes sense something similar could be the case for Meltan, especially given the prevalence of extra, more powerful forms with standard legendaries as well (see Girantina, Kyurem and Zygarde for example).

But what do you think? What is the new ‘form’ Meltan has at the end of the trailer?

And how do you think it’ll work in the game anyway? Is it a form like we think, or an all new evolution altogether?

Tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

Jumping from the Wii to the 3DS, is this new ported Kirby Epic Yarn game which comes with new mini-games and more yarn powers. Hopefully it will get thrown onto Switch as well in the near future.


September 13th Nintendo Direct: The Gaming Reinvented Liveblog

Well, it seems our last article was right. Just as we predicted, Nintendo has indeed announced that the postponed Nintendo Direct will air tonight, with said presentation maintaining the same schedule as before.

[Nintendo Direct Times Table]

RegionTime ZoneTime
USA (Nintendo of America)PT
UK (Nintendo UK)BST11pm
Europe (Nintendo of Europe)CEST12am
Japan (Nintendo Co Ltd)JST7am

Which is why (just like with every other Direct), we’ll be covering the whole thing as it airs in a liveblog here at Gaming Reinvented. Yeah it won’t be the most detailed coverage, and yes it’s unlikely we’ll be posting trailers as they come in (thanks to Nintendo’s boneheaded decision to air the thing at 11pm UK time), but we’ll be covering it none the less.

Either way, you can find players for the various regional Direct streams below:




As well as links to various media platforms Nintendo is hosting it on. Pick whatever one you feel like watching..

Then join us at 11pm to see what we think of all the new Nintendo games and announcements. It’s gonna be great!

Nintendo Postpones Nintendo Direct Due to Hokkaido Earthquake

Yesterday, we mentioned that a new Nintendo Direct was coming at 11pm today. This Direct was apparently focused on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Switch games, and would clock in about 35 minutes worth of content.

Unfortunately however, it seems that’s not the case. Due to a deadly earthquake hitting the island of Hokkaido in Japan, Nintendo has decided to postpone the Direct to focus on the tragedy at hand and honour those who were affected by the disaster.

As a result of this, the Direct will now be aired sometime later in the year, with rumours stating it may happen next year instead.

It’s unfortunate, but life happens, and these Directs are not the end of the world. For now, though, we’re sending out regards to those affected by the disaster, and we’ll await the Direct when it airs next week or what not.

Nintendo Announces New Nintendo Direct for September 6th 2018!

Yes, it’s finally happened. After weeks of rumours and crazy predictions, Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct. This Direct will be posted tomorrow at 3pm PT (11PM UK time), and will focus on new games for the 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

Here are the announcements about it on Twitter, courtesy of Nintendo of America:

As well as Nintendo UK:

As you can tell, it’s a pretty big Nintendo Direct too, with 35 minutes of 3DS and Nintendo Switch announcements being included in the presentation.

But what exactly could they show there? What games will Nintendo announce at the event anyway?

Well, it’s obvious that Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the Pokemon Let’s Go games will be here. Every Direct has something Smash related in it now, and Nintendo’s been marketing the hell out of those Pokemon games recently. So that stuff seems a given.

Pokemon Marketing
Case in point…

Caption: Case in point…

And the likes of Luigi’s Mansion 3D may well make an appearance as well. After all, we haven’t heard much about that game recently, and we don’t have any idea what kind of new features it has either. Same with Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey. We know the games exist, but we don’t know much about their features or what exists to incentivise fans of the original to shell out for the remakes.

Hence we’d bet at least one of those will appear in the Nintendo Direct too.

But it won’t just be about games we’ve seen footage of already, there’ll almost certainly be other Nintendo news and announcements as well. So what could those be?

Well in our (not too informed) opinion, we believe at least one or two of the following might be shown off in the Direct:

1. A new Wario Land game. Yeah it’s a bit of a cliche for us here at Gaming Reinvented now, and we do bring up the possibility for every new Nintendo event. But come on, the trademarks exist, the rumours have existed for years now… surely one of these has to come along sometime, right?

Hell, WarioWare Gold did, so Nintendo hasn’t completely forgotten about the franchise. So that’s one prediction we’ve got.

2. There’s also the possibility that we’ll see Metroid Prime 4 at one of these events too. This one was announced at E3 a while back, but we only ever really got a logo for it. That’s got to change soon, so it’s possible this Direct could be this game’s chance to shine.

Metroid Prime 4

3. Same goes for Pikmin 4. Like with Wario Land, it’s been in the ‘likely to exist’ category for a while now, and Miyamoto himself has even commented on the possibility a few times before. Hence that’s another possible reveal here, especially if Prime 4 is something Nintendo wants to save until E3 2019.

4. Super Mario Odyssey DLC could be a reveal too. Again, it’s been rumoured for a while now, but with the costumes found in the game’s datamine running dry, it seems all too possible the next update will be along some time soon.

5. Finally, there’s always that Yoshi game Nintendo revealed as well. You know, the mystery one they revealed in the early Switch days, the one that seemed vanished off the face of the Earth shortly afterwards. That’s got to appear again someday, and it’s quite possible that day’ll be tomorrow.

Yoshi Nintendo Switch Game
What happened to this thing?

Either way, those are our predictions for the event. They’re probably not all gonna be shown off tomorrow, but we believe one or two may very well be, along with a few smaller ‘surprise’ games that are a bit harder to predict.

Still, what do you think? Could Metroid Prime 4 or Pikmin 4 be in the Direct? What titles do you feel are likely to make an appearance in tomorrow’s event?

Tell us your thoughts on this (and more) over on the Gaming Latest forums today!