Capcom Removes The Great Ace Attorney Sub Videos from YouTube

For the most part, Capcom has been pretty good when it comes to fan projects. They haven’t taken down any fan games, like those based on the Mega Man series. Stories of fan animations and movies being removed based on their games are pretty rare.

And heck, sometimes they even make fan works official! Like how Mega Man vs Street Fighter became an official Capcom product!

Which is why its all the more surprising they’ve taken down some videos about the Great Ace Attorney. Even more surprisingly, these don’t show a hack or mod either.

Nope, these are merely dubs of the game. Because as you may not know, The Great Ace Attorney (or Dai Gyuakuten Saiban to give it its Japanese name) was not released in English.

So instead, the fans improvised. They posted videos of the Japanese game, then subtitled them instead. It’s not a great way to experience the story (since it’s non interactive). But it’s a way none the less.

However, it seems someone at Capcom disliked this. The result? Pretty much every single video on the DSG Subs video on YouTube was taken down. Like, sent an actual copyright strike taken down.

Here’s a picture showing the channel’s videos list confirming it:

Great Ace Attorney Dub takedown

As you can tell, the videos are definitely gone.

And that’s crazy. It’s pretty much annihilating a whole fan YouTube channel for no real reason at all. Like if say, Nintendo took down a Japanese Pokémon video with English translations provided.

Money doesn’t have anything to do with this either. The guys behind the translations made no money off their work. The only thing they did was post videos to let English speakers understand what was going on, for free.

It’s a baffling decision by the company. But the story gets stranger still.

Why? Because according to the Reddit post about the matter, the claims were manually filed by a specific Capcom employee. Namely, Hiroshi Yasuda, an 85 year old member of Capcom’s board of directors. Somehow, this one guy on Capcom’s board has looked for videos about a certain game and struck them down.

So something weird is going on here. Somehow, Capcom (or at least a high ranking employee there) is so angry about English fans enjoying a subtitled playthrough they decided to strike down a whole YouTube series about it. Heck, two in fact.

Or are they?

Because maybe I’m being a bit naïve here, but something strikes me as off about this story. I mean, a large Japanese company randomly striking down videos online?

I can see that happening with the English branch for a fan game. Or maybe by any branch of the company if the video was telling you where to download ROMs for the game.

But with text translations of a game? Heck, you don’t even usually see companies take down ROM hack translations. Why would they go after subtitled videos?

It just seems very out of character for a company like Capcom. Kind of like the type of thing an internet troll might do if they were bored.

Either way though, the Great Ace Attorney translation project has taken quite a hit from it, and said they’ll be moving to other websites. So what do you think?
Have Capcom lost their mind and started going after YouTube translations of games?

Or is something a bit more suspicious going on here?


DGS Subs: What’s Next (Reddit)

Nintendo Isn’t Interested in Making Political Statements With Their Games

In recent years, there seems to be a sort of trend towards putting political messages in media nowadays. We’ve seen it seen it in sequels to classic movie franchises, like Ghostbusters 3. It’s been in cartoons like the recent Powerpuff Girls series.

And well, it’s been endemic in recent Marvel comic books. Where every character is now having their gender/race changed for shock value. Or thinly veiled comments on Trump added to the narrative.

Fortunately for Nintendo fans though, it turns out Nintendo is nothing like this.

Instead (as Reggie said in an interview), they’re trying to keep politics out of their games as much as possible.

Here’s the interview where he confirms it:

As well as his actual statement on the matter:

Making political statements are for other people to do. We want people to smile and have fun when they play our games.

As you can see, it’s a clear ‘put fun first’ message.

And in Nintendo’s case, that’s probably for the best. I mean, what good does trying to be political in your media actually do?

It doesn’t sell games, books or movie tickets. Message pushing movies like Ghostbusters 3 underperformed financially. So the market doesn’t support it.

Nor does it get people supporting you, since only a small minority of your userbase will likely agree with the political messages. We’ve all seen artists get crucified on social media for something they tried to preach in their work.

Really, it’s just a bad business move overall. People have had enough of being preached to in real life as it is.

It’s also not particularly logical when you consider Nintendo games either. I mean, they sometimes make realistic titles. Like… maybe some of the Metroid Prime games or something. Or that Disaster Day of Crisis title on Wii.

But for the most part, the majority of their works are set in fantasy worlds with no connection to reality. Nothing that happens in Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom or Zelda’s Hyrule is all that relevant to real life. Any attempt at a political statement here would just be jarring.

As well as annoying to the fans. After all, people don’t play these franchises for politics at all. No one goes into a Mario game wanting commentary on Trump or Brexit. Or feels like Zelda is the place to talk about religious tolerance or class differences.

It’s just not something they do. The games for escapism and nothing more.

And that’s all they should be. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon… they don’t need messages. They don’t need to make statements about politics, since people play them to escape that stuff.

So there’s no need for political statements here. No one wants them.

Which is something both Reggie and Nintendo as a whole know.

So thanks guys. Thanks for confirming that Nintendo games aren’t about political messages.

Thanks for proving they’re about fun. And fun is all we need here.

It’s a breath of fresh air in such a heavily politicised world.


Reggie on Politics in Game Making (Reddit)

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions Officially Announced for 3DS!

Like Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions was not exactly a well kept secret prior to E3. It’d had its icon found on the eShop by a hacker. News websites had posted articles about it (us included). And well, everywhere you looked, it was clear that the Mario fanbase had already found out about the game long in advance of its reveal.

Basically, it was an open secret that almost everyone in the industry knew about.

And now Nintendo have finally revealed its existence. So here it is. Here’s the reveal trailer for Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions:

Plus some very nice artwork for the game:

Mario & Luigi Remake Artwork

Mario & Luigi Remake Logo

Mario & Luigi Remake Hand Powers Artwork

Mario & Luigi Remake Bowser Artwork

Mario & Luigi Remake Cackletta Artwork

Mario & Luigi Remake Fawful Artwork

Bowser's Minions Art 1

Bowser's Minions Art 2

As well as the game’s box art:

Mario And Luigi Remake Box Art

And some screenshots showing it in action:

Mario & Luigi Remake Artwork

Mario & Luigi Remake Artwork 2

Mario & Luigi Remake Artwork 3

Mario & Luigi Remake Artwork 4

Mario & Luigi Remake Artwork 5

As you can tell, it’s pretty much exactly what every Mario RPG fan wanted from a remake. You’ve got the same classic story and characters as ever, with Fawful and Cackletta looking fantastic in Dream Team’s art style. The basic gameplay is all there, with the traditional Bros Attacks working exactly like they did in the original game…

Yet despite this, there are just enough changes to keep you second guessing how things may play out. For example, look at the cannon scene in Stardust Fields.

In the original game, it was pretty lowkey. Bowser got stuck in a cannon, you paid the fine and fought Tolstar, he eventually got fired out into the distance. If you’re a Mario & Luigi fan, you probably know how this scenes goes by now.

Yet that’s not how it works here. Now the cannon is bigger, the scene is a bit more over the top and poor Tolstar… well he gets Bowser blasted right into his face instead of merely running away. It’s a nice little change, and shows how the game is willing to play the story just differently enough to keep it interesting for long time fans without losing the feel of the original title.

However, the remake side is only part of the game here. The other side (and the new mode they’re advertising heavily) is Bowser’s Minions.

This one has you rescuing Bowser from Cackletta and Fawful using Bowser’s Koopa Troop soldiers in combat. It’s an interesting setup that kind of feels more like a strategy RPG than a standard one, with each of your minions having their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a picture roughly showing how the battle system works:

Bowser's Minions Combat System Explanation

As well as some others illustrating other aspects of this unique mode:

Bowser's Minions Screen 1

Bowser's Minions Screen 2

Bowser's Minions Screen 3

Bowser's Minions Screen 4

It’s an interesting set up, and the fact Fawful and co are present to add a bit more of humour to the proceedings really does make it all the more interesting. So yeah, it’s a good little extra. Maybe even one that could keep you playing for as long as the main adventure.

But still, what do you think? Are you impressed by this Mario & Luigi remake? Or did you wish it was done in some other way, like on the Switch?

Post your thoughts on the matter in the comments here or on social media today!

Metroid: Samus Returns Announced for 3DS!

Think Metroid Prime 4 wasn’t enough of a shock? Well if so, you’ll certainly be surprised by this one.

Because as the title suggests, Metroid: Samus Returns has indeed been announced for the 3DS! Developed by MercurySteam (creators of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow subseries), the title is a traditional 2D Metroidvania game with a twist that pretty much no one saw coming.

That twist being that it’s actually a remake! No, we’re not joking. Metroid: Samus Returns is a full blown remake of Metroid 2 for the GBA, with fully redone graphics and music plus lots of great gameplay updates. Here’s a trailer showing the title in action:

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Nintendo at E3 2017: Liveblog

Well, it’s finally upon us! Nintendo’s E3 presentation for 2017 is at 5pm today, and will be our first chance to see more of games like Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon and Splatoon 2, among others.

So to celebrate the event, we’re gonna liveblog the entirety of it. You’ll see our comments on games as they’re announced. You’ll see what we think of every level and boss in Mario Odyssey.

And heck, if there’s anything we don’t like, you’ll hear about that too.

Basically, we’ll be covering every and anything they show off this year.

But before that though, here are the presentations. So if you want to watch it English, you have a choice between an American and European take, whereas Japanese fans get a Japanese language one. Obviously they won’t work yet, but at 5pm they’ll be a convenient way to watch the show.

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