Mario Kart DS Modder Remakes Double Dash

Mario Kart DS Modder Remakes Double Dash

As you know, the Mario Kart community loves their recreations of tracks from other games. Whether we’re talking basic ones like Figure Eight Circuit or Baby Park, or complex ones like Airship Fortress and Waluigi Pinball, just about every track in history has been remade in one game or another at this point. It’s an insane situation, and one which only gets crazier and crazier where Mario Kart Wii and its legion of mods is concerned.

But full remakes are another story. Indeed, despite their commonality in the rest of the Mario fan game scene, they’re generally a rarity in the Mario Kart world. In fact, full mods are rare for the series in general, with individual tracks and characters generally being the order of the time.

However, that may be about to change. Why? Because now a team of modders are recreating Mario Kart: Double Dash in Mario Kart DS’ engine, complete with all the original tracks and many of the original mechanics. Check out the trailer below:

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As you can see, it’s an incredibly impressive piece of work. You’ve got every track from the GameCube game, all remade to as high a quality level as you can expect on the DS. You’ve got all the battle courses from the game, including fan favourite Luigi’s Mansion…

And you’ve even got some stuff Nintendo didn’t think of too. These include shortcuts removed from the DS remakes of tracks (like the tunnel on Yoshi Circuit) and creative new reverse variations of tracks too. What’s more, these variations ain’t just the original with extra ramps either.

No, they’re innovative new takes on the original course instead. For instance, Peach Beach now takes place at sunset, with music from Mario Sunshine’s Sirena Beach…

Whereas Mario Circuit is now set on a snowy winter night and Sherbet Land is actually food themed with cake pieces from Tart Top.

It’s a very creative setup, and one which we wish both the main series games and Mario Kart Tour would take a few notes from.

So check out the trailer above if you haven’t seen it already…

Maybe join the Mario Kart DS modding Discord server if you want to keep up to date with it…

Then leave your thoughts on the mod and its progress in the comments below, on social media or on our own Discord server today!


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