Mother 4 Rebrands, Changes to Non Earthbound Game

As anyone who’s visited this site a fair bit now knows, Nintendo has not been too good to fan game developers. They’ve shut down AM2R and Pokemon Uranium, causing massive amounts of controversy online. ROM hacks and ROM hack videos have been occasionally targeted and taken down, like Pokemon Prism. Basically, if something uses Nintendo’s IPs, the chances of it being taken down are significantly higher than they were in the past.

Fortunately though, Mother 4 was not an example here. Nintendo has never targeted it with a DMCA notice. They’ve never asked the team to stop development. And heck, despite tons of media coverage and hype across the internet, no one at Nintendo seems to be bothered in the slightest by the game.

But the developers are still wary about the possibility of a takedown. So guess what?

They’ve decided to rebrand the game entirely. Now, Mother 4 is no longer an Earthbound fan game following on from Mother 3, but a brand new title entirely. Basically, it’s now the Yooka-Laylee to Mother 3’s Banjo-Kazooie. A very similar game with similar ideas but enough originality to not be an outright clone.

Here’s the post about it from the Mother 4 subreddit:

So, this project started a long time ago and leadership has changed hands a number of times. has been worked on by different groups. Over time it has grown/changed from a Mother 3 imitation to something more original. It changed multiple times, and today we’re announcing one more big change.

Yes, we are rebranding…

No! We haven’t [been hit by a DMCA notice]. This change is one part preventative measure, following several large fan project takedowns, and two parts acknowledging what we’ve actually been making – and what we’ve been making is a celebration of the games that meant a lot to us growing up, something familiar but also different. The game has grown up with us. We want to share that…

Most things will stay the same! This is still the story of Travis and his friends fighting the mysterious Modern Men. Leo still lights his smokes with paranormal fire. However, if something is associated with the official Mother games, it won’t be in this one. Mr. Saturn? Bon voyage, amigo. The title will also be changing.

As you can tell, it’s not actually as much of a change as you’d think. Yeah you’re gonna lose a few familiar faces. Like the Mr. Saturn characters from the series (or other elements taken wholesale from past games). But for the most part, the rebranded Mother 4 is basically the same as the original one. Just with a safer name and enough originality that Nintendo won’t demand the project gets taken off the internet.

It’s a smart move, and one that allows the project to have a happy future without fear of take downs. Can’t really hate that.

But still, what do you think of the matter? Are you happy that Mother 4 is now an original game instead of a Mother fan game? Or do you wish they’d stuck to making a simple sequel to the series you know and love?

Post your thoughts here or on social media today!


Today’s Announcement (Mother 4 subreddit)

Mega Man 2.5D Has Been Released!

It’s been eight years in the making, but Mega Man 2.5D has finally been released! Yes, the long developed Mega Man fan game was released earlier today for PCs, and can be downloaded from the official site here:

Here’s a trailer showing it in action:

But what is the game you might wonder?

Well, as the name suggests, it’s a pseudo 3D Mega Man game inspired by the classic series. You’ve got the same eight bit stylings, just in a fake 3D style that makes them appear to have some sort of depth. In other words, it’s like a Mega Man ROM hack played on a polished version of the following emulator:

So yeah, pretty simple concept really. However, one question may still be in the back of people’s mind here.

Namely, will the game stay online?

After all, we’ve seen a fair few fan games get taken down in the last few months or so, with everyone from Nintendo to Konami having a few examples under their belt.

What’s chances that Mega Man 2.5D will follow them?

Quite slim to be honest with you. Yeah, it’s based on the Mega Man series. And yes, there’s always the potential Capcom could try and take it down with a DMCA notice.

But if the likes of Street Fighter X Mega Man are to be believed, they seem fairly laid back on the fan game front. Add how this game isn’t a remake of any sort, and well, I can see it being left alone really.

Still, what do you think? Are you going to try out this interesting Mega Man fan game? If so, give your thoughts on the title here in the comments or on our social media page today!


Mega Man 2.5D Official Site

Pokemon Based Arc Survival Mod Gets Hit by DMCA Takedown

Over the past few months, Nintendo has been a bit… touchy with fan projects based on their IP. They took down AM2R after ten years in development. They wiped out the original Pokemon Uranium project before it was forked and restarted. And a while ago, they even hit the likes of Gamejolt, taking down a massive 500 fan games in one foul swoop.

So when an Arc Survival mod based on the Pokemon series gets taken down, you’d probably expect the worst. I mean, it used models from X and Y, and it was available on the Steam Workshop. Seems like a clear case of a Nintendo lawyer being overly zealous, right?

Well no actually.

Surprisingly, said mod (Pokemon Evolved) was not taken down by Nintendo, but by a rival modder.

Yes really. Because you see, the world of Pokemon mods for this game is actually surprisingly competitive. You’ve got this one, which lets people encounter and catch Pokemon in the game world. And then you’ve got a rival team working their own Pokemon mod with similar gameplay concepts.

Because of this, it’s believed that one of the latter’s development team actually submitted the notice to try and kill off the competition. Which seems to be the case given how said DMCA notice is now gone and the mod is back up where it originally was.

So yeah, pretty sleazy really. Admittedly not unique (see how Jason Allen did the same thing to a host of other fan projects a few years back), but sleazy none the less. Let’s hope no other fan developers think of using this trick to kill their competition!


Modder replaces Ark’s dinosaurs with Pokémon, is quickly slapped with DMCA notice (PC Gamer)

Mario Kart Double Dash Level Editor Released!

Are you a fan of the Mario Kart series? Do you have fond memories of playing Mario Kart Double Dash on the Gamecube?
Or ever feel like you’d want to design your own tracks for it?

Well if so, you’re in luck! Because over at Super Mario World Central, they’re holding the biannual Creativity Convention, a virtual event where hackers, modders and other game developers can share their work with others.

And one of today’s new projects is DouBOL Dash. A track editor designed specifically for editing Mario Kart Double Dash tracks and arenas. Here are some nice screenshots showing the editor in action, as well as the features you can use:

Yeah I know. It’s a tad technical, at least compared to the likes of Lunar Magic or Super Mario Bros X. But either way, it’s a really cool tool, and it lets you not only set up the track geometry and preview banners, but also do things like specify what path moving characters and objects should take. Like say, the seagulls in the background of Peach Beach or Daisy Cruiser. Or the rocks from DK Mountain.

It also has the ability to view models for any object used on the track, check for updates and all kinds of other neat stuff.

So if you want to make your own Mario Kart Double Dash tracks, check out the topic by tool creator Shibboleet on SMW Central or view the files for the tool on GitHub today. And then maybe show us some of your work afterwards!


DouBOL Dash & Yoshi Omelette — The MK:DD And Yoshi’s Island Editor Bundle