Super Mario 64 Online Has Been Released!

A while back, we posted about a mod called Super Mario 64 Online. This mod (developed by Last Impact creator Kaze Emanuar) promised online co-op for Super Mario 64, complete with 24 players at once and characters with unique abilities. It was an amazing idea, and it looked incredible when it was first shown on YouTube.

And now you can play it for yourself! Here’s the release trailer for the game:

Plus some download links for the software needed:

That should be enough for most people. Super Mario 64 Online is not a hard system to get working.

But for those who are still stuck, help is at hand. Like this handy tutorial video for the game:

So check it out. It’s a great mod with some fantastic features, and one we definitely recommend. Get it now before Nintendo shuts it down.

Mario 64 ROM Hacker Creates The Legend of Peach (Mario/Zelda Crossover)

Have you ever wanted to play through The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time as Mario?

Or perhaps to see how the Zelda series may have worked with familiar Mario characters replacing the Hyrulian ones?

If so, you’re in luck! Because Kaze Emanuar (the creator of Super Mario Odyssey 64 and Super Mario Maker 64) has announced a brand-new project that does just that! Titled The Legend of Peach, the game basically redoes Ocarina of Time as a Mario 64 hack, complete with all manner of special powers and items from the Zelda series. Here’s a video showing some of the abilities:

In addition to a very early preview of the first area:

As you can clearly, it’s… a surprisingly detailed hack of the game so far. Indeed, not only is Mario running around Hyrule like he’s meant to be there, but all manner of gimmicks and gameplay mechanics from the Zelda series are ported over too.

For instance, he can now use magic to activate things like the metal and vanish caps at will. Or to smash through walls and gates. Additionally, he can also get upgrades for his wallet, use star power to blast across the world at lightning speed or pick up items like the Hover Boots to solve puzzles and reach new areas. It’s a surprisingly thorough effort, especially given how the trailer only shows an alpha build of the game.

So go check it out! It’s a surprisingly promising crossover mod, with some really neat ideas.

Let’s just hope Nintendo don’t shut it down or anything…

New GBA ARMS Mockup Shows Potential for Future Fan Games

Given the popularity ARMS has seen since its release, it’s surprising how few fan games seem to exist of the title. Yeah there was ARMS 2D a while back, a toned down 2D version with basic 16-bit graphics. Yeah, a couple of the characters have been modded into Smash Bros. Or drawn in pixel art form and posted online.

But for the most part, that seems to be it. Fan projects based on ARMS seem to be few and far between in general, with even the Spriter’s Resource having no custom art based on it.

However, maybe that’ll all change when people see this mockup. Because as the title says, an artist called bomb998 has drawn what appears to be a GBA version of ARMS, complete with lovely looking 2D sprites and a Punch Out esque style of gameplay.

Here are some pictures showing this non-existent game:

As you can see, it looks incredible. Indeed, if this was ever made as a fan project (or even sold by Nintendo), it actually seems like something that might do really well.

So, go on ARMS fans. Take some inspiration from it, and make the 16-bit fan game ARMS has always deserved!


Here’s How ARMS May Look on the GBA (Nintendo Life)

Super Mario 64 Mod Adds Online Multiplayer to the Game!

Here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve featured quite a few interesting Mario 64 mods in recent weeks. These have included Super Mario Odyssey 64, a mod that lets players possess enemies. There’s Super Mario 3D World 64, which adds said game’s characters to Mario 64 complete with unique abilities. Heck, there’s even stuff like Super Mario Maker 64, which is exactly what it says on the tin!

And now there’s another one! Yep, coming from Kaze Emanuar (the guy behind most of the other major Mario 64 mods posted online recently), this mod goes and adds full online multiplayer to the game! Here’s a video showing a build from early in development:

As you can see, it works pretty well so far. It’s not perfect sure (players don’t interact with each other yet), but it’s miles ahead of old school solutions. Why?

Well in part because you don’t have to share a screen any more. You see, previous multiplayer solutions for this game worked like 3D World did. In other worlds, players shared a screen and when the camera moved away from one it was very hard for them to find their way back. It worked in a basic sense, but it was annoying to set up none the less.

That’s not the case here. Oh no, every player has their own screen view now. So instead of crowding together to avoid being cut off, players can explore different ends of the level at their leisure with no added problems. It’s pretty useful really.

But in future, things may get even better still. That’s because Kaze is also considering expanding this mode significantly. Like for example, allowing 8 players to play Mario 64 at the same time!

Yep, you read that right. 8 player Super Mario 64 co-op. It sounds insane just thinking about it, but it seems like something that’s all doable here.

And to add even more insanity, even custom character models may be possible too. So, the likes of Luigi, Peach, Wario, Waluigi and Toad could all be playable characters here! Sort of like the whole Mushroom Kingdom taking on Bowser at once.

So definitely check it out if you can. It looks really good so far, and will be available to download for free when character interaction has been coded in.