Ultrahand Has Been Recreated in Ocarina of Time

Ultrahand Has Been Recreated in Ocarina of Time

As you know, Ultrahand is the biggest addition to the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. An ancient Zonai ability given to you in the first area, this lets you build all kinds of contraptions that Link can use to interact with the world, including cars, planes, flamethrowers and autonomous robot buddies. It’s a huge addition, and one which got a lot of attention from both the public and game development community.

It also seemed like a feature that was only possible on modern consoles, given how insanely in depth the feature was and how complex the interactions between components and the world were.

But it seems like that’s not actually the case. Why? Because a modder called notCHase has now managed to recreate the ability in Ocarina of Time’s engine! Here’s a video showing the mod in action:

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As you can tell, it works pretty similarly to the Tears of the Kingdom one. You can move and position objects, then attach them to others to create things like vehicles. Heck, you can even do something you can’t do in TotK; attach NPCs to your builds and carry them around too! So, in the same way Chase brought that Kokiri around in the video, you could likely do the same with one of the sages, a random civilian or something truly ridiculous too.

And while it’s definitely a proof of concept right now (only 1 or 2 types of object available, everything vanilla, etc), it’s a very promising idea nonetheless, and one which definitely seems like it could be expanded into a full hack if its creator so chose to go that route.

So yeah, kudos to notCHase for making it, and kudos for the Ship of Harkinian team for making this sort of mod even possible. It’s exciting to see, and makes us interested in learning what other TotK elements can be ported into the older games this way.


Ocarina of Time with Vehicle Crafting / TotK Demake Mod (YouTube)

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