Super Mario Odyssey’s Snowline Circuit Has Been Ported to Mario Kart 8

As you likely know, the final mission in Super Mario Odyssey’s Snow Kingdom is known as the Bound Bowl Grand Prix. This is a racing mini game where players have to bound around an icy track in order to win a Multi-Moon, with extra prices being available for harder variants. It’s an interesting challenge, and a moderately fun mini game whose high scores can also be shared online.

However, as it turns out, that mini game isn’t all the track can used for!

Oh no, thanks to the work of a modder called WexosMK on YouTube, it can now also be used for Mario Kart races too! That’s because as the video below clearly shows, the track has now been ported over to Mario Kart 8 on Wii U, complete with everything present in the Mario Odyssey original:

And what’s more, it works really well too. Oh sure, it doesn’t have the most complex layout (that’d probably be the Iceburn Circuit) and it’s not super gimmicky (like say, Mount Wario), but it’s a nice solid track design that’s plenty wide enough for karts and works really well in Mario Kart 8’s physics engine.

Which then makes us wonder:

What else from Super Mario Odyssey could work as a Mario Kart track?

New Donk City? Tostarena Town? Steam Gardens?

Maybe even a new version of Bowser’s Castle based on the one from Odyssey?

All of those would be fantastic ideas, and all could become likely now models are being ripped from Super Mario Odyssey and imported into games like Mario Kart 8. The possibilities really are endless, and the list of cool custom tracks still to come will likely just grow and grow.

So yeah, check out the track if you’re interested, and download it from the Mario Kart 8 custom track wiki too.

It’s well worth it!


Snowline Circuit (Mario Kart 8 Custom Track Wiki)

Here’s What Donkey Kong Country Could Look Like With DK’s Old Design!

As you likely know, Donkey Kong Country on SNES redesigned the characters quite a bit compared to their arcade counterparts. Indeed, not only did Rare’s new DK look far more animalistic than his original equivalent, but his sidekick Diddy Kong went from being Donkey Kong Jr to an all new character in his own right.

It was a risky move for the company, but it paid off and created some extremely memorable designs that have stayed with us ever since.

Yet what if it didn’t happen? What would Donkey Kong Country look like with the arcade style Donkey Kong and Jr in the lead roles? How would things have differed if Miyamoto was as strict towards Rare with DK as he was towards Sticker Star era Paper Mario developers?

Well, thanks to this new video by Spacepig22, we can see for ourselves! Have a look:

Yeah, it’s certainly something isn’t it? Seeing Donkey Kong looking like the gormless ape from the arcade title or Diddy Kong as Jr is a different experience to say the least.

But the thing is, it’s not really a pleasant one. Why? Because put simply, the original character appearances just don’t work for this sort of game. Everything from DK’s goofy grin to the walk animations and stylings just look off.

That’s not the fault of the video creator (who did a damn good job at making these models and seamlessly splicing them into game footage), but in general the style just doesn’t work. DK and Diddy just look and work 100 times better in the style used in the actual game.

Still, what do you think about it? Are you impressed by this animation and the models used? What do you think about the idea of Donkey Kong Country in this style?

Have your say in the comments below or on social media today!

Modder Remakes the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time as a Mario Game

Have you ever wondered what the Legend of Zelda series would be like if Mario and co starred in them?

After all, the original Zelda game was meant to be a Mario title called Adventure Mario before it was retooled. And Ocarina of Time itself was meant to use Ganon’s Castle as a hub in the same way as Peach’s.

However, despite the possibilities there, Nintendo hasn’t done much in the way of crossovers between the franchises.

But as usual, the fans have. Because now we’ve got a glimpse into what could have been through a brand-new hack courtesy of famous modder Kaze Emanuar. This project remakes the entirety of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in the Super Mario 64 engine.

And we mean entirety. Really, the project is a full blown recreation of Link’s entire N64 adventure, as if it was a fully Mario base game. You’ve got bats holding Yoshis hostage in Lon Lon Ranch. You’ve got Peach standing in for Zelda and Bowser for Ganondorf. There’s a level based on Luigi’s Mansion in the Forest Temple.

Heck, even the original trailer has been remade in the Mario style:

It truly is an incredible project, and a really creative way to merge two very different universes together.

So check it out if you’re interested. Watch the video, download the game and enjoy a new journey through the land of Hyrule.

After all, with the creator of Super Mario 64 Last Impact behind it, it’s well worth it!

So, if you’re interested, check it out. Watch the video, download the game and enjoy Link’s journey through Hyrule as Mario instead!


Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time Release and Download (YouTube)

Blaster Master Hyper fan made Blaster Master game!

This game is a love letter to the original 8 bit classic Blaster Master made way back in 1988. I was in 3rd grade when I saw this game for the first time in a video game rental store. I picked it up and wanted to try it out not knowing what this game was all about. I fell in love with this game in so many ways that it drove my imagination so wild that I dreamed of making my own Blaster Master game. I would pull out notebooks and design my own worlds. Were talking around 30 years later Im about to write about a Blaster Master game that I designed and coded all myself using the same 8 bit graphics and music. I poured a ton of heart and soul as I created this game and it may never be finished just because I may find different things to change in this game.
So this is Blaster Master HYPER. This is for the most part a LOT like the original game. It plays the same way, tho I added a few different game play mechanics that I think makes the Blaster Master formula better such as Jason having sub items like healing power ups to refill your life. A fire shield and limited number of grenades you can carry. Weapons are designed a little different. Sophia gets new and different upgrades. The story is different as well. I hope any Blaster Master fans that play this game enjoythis!                                                                

Every Single Object from Portal Has Been Remade in Super Mario 64

Here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve already featured a lot of ROM hacks made by Kaze Emanuar. That’s because ever since he finished Super Mario 64 Last Impact, the guy’s basically been on a roll as far as cool Mario 64 mods are concerned, having built everything from a clone of Mario Run to a Mario Maker esque editor to even a full online system for the game. He’s like a one-man ROM hacking machine.

But while Super Mario 64 Online and the Legend of Peach are amazing, even his smaller creations have actually been pretty damn good. And it’s one of those creations we’re talking about today. Why? Because Kaze has basically replicated every single object from Portal (Valve’s puzzle FPS/platformer hybrid) in the Super Mario 64 engine.

Every single one.

Yep, from the famous cube to the turrets and anti-gravity beams, every single element you can imagine from Valve’s series is now included in a Mario 64 mod. Here’s a video of this stuff if you don’t believe us already:

It’s a pretty damn good series of recreations too. Oh sure, it’s not perfect (cause it’s a Mario 64 hack rather than a Source Engine title), but it’s still more impressive than a lot of stuff we’ve seen in Mario 64 hacks over the years.

And when you consider Kaze already remade the portal gun mechanic (which is included in the above video), it makes you wonder how long it’ll be until a full Portal game is made with these objects. After all, all you’d need to do is recreate the battle with GLADOS and you’d be able to remake the entirety of the first title no problem. That’d make for a very interesting challenge for everyone’s favourite plumber…

But still, what do you think of it?

Are you impressed that so much of Portal has now found its way into Super Mario 64? Do you think you’d play a full-fledged Portal themed ROM hack starring the Italian plumber?

Say what you think about it here or on Gaming Latest today…