Co-op Multiplayer is Being Modded into Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Here at Gaming Reinvented, we’ve seen quite a few interesting video game mods over the years. We’ve seen characters from other games added into titles like Super Mario Sunshine. We’ve seen ROM hacks that add orchestrated music to games via the MSU-1 chip or redesign every level completely to make a new experience.

And with Kaze Emanuar… well there’s basically a newsworthy mod being released every week. Like his Super Mario Odyssey 64 one. Or his interesting attempt to add 3D World characters to Super Mario 64.

However, there’s usually a pattern here. Namely, the mods are of old games. Ones people have owned for years like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

But that’s not the case with today’s one! Oh no, it’s a mod that adds multiplayer to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild! In other words, it’s Mario 3D World style co-op multiplayer in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Here are some pictures showing it in action:

Zelda Breath of the Wild Multiplayer 1

Zelda Breath of the Wild Multiplayer 2

As you can tell, it looks great so far. You’ve got unique dialogue for ‘creative’ uses of the engine. You’ve got a nice split screen view which takes the other player into account. Heck, you’ve even apparently got the possibility of Netplay here. In case you want to play the game online.

It’s a really well done mod. However, there’s just one problem with it.

Namely, its really resource intensive. Like, to the point it could probably crash your computer resource intensive. That’s because Breath of the Wild has a complicated engine with tons of physics and mechanics to run at all times, and this mod means adding even more on top of that.

And given the poor state of Wii U emulators at the moment, that means the mod isn’t viable to release just yet. It works, it’s just not going to run well for 99.9% who’d download.

So until those bugs are fixed, it’ll remain in development for the time being.

Still, what do you think about it? Are you impressed that such a thing is already possible? How much do you want to play the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild as a multiplayer game?

Post your opinions on the matter (and more) here or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


Multiplayer Mod for Breath of the Wild (CEMU subreddit)

Another 10 Underrated Gaming Channels to Check Out in 2017!

Last year, we posted about some underrated YouTube channels. These channels (including Boundary Break and Slopes Game Room) were struggling to get viewers at the time, and so we decided to post a few articles to give ‘em a bit more attention.

And oh boy, did our plan succeed. Indeed, since the last two underrated gaming channels articles were posted, almost every single one on both lists has skyrocketed in popularity! Shesez has watched Boundary Break get to over 180,000 subscribers! Dan has seen Slopes Game Room soar past 41,000. Heck, even the less popular ones like BlueJackG and Source Gaming have seen their YouTube subscriber count explode since being featured!

So with even more great gaming channels struggling to get attention, we’ve decided to make another list.
Here it is. Here are ten more underrated gaming channels that desperately need more views and subscribers!

Starting with an interesting Pokémon channel you may not already know about…

Pikasprey Yellow/Blue

Subscribers: 48,125 (main channel), 3,261 (extra channel)

Well, two YouTube channels anyway. Because while most people on my list tend to stick to a main channel for all their videos, Pikasprey runs two separate channels based on video game obscurities and fan works respectively.

And oh boy are they both worth subscribing to. Why?

Because their content is incredible unique. For example, have you ever wondered whether you could make Pokémon Red and Blue completely unwinnable? Like, to the point the save file is virtually bricked?


Me neither, but Pikasprey provides a really interesting video on the topic none the less, involving a save file where the player has no money, no trainers to fight, no access to any Pokémon with Payday and absolutely no way of entering the Safari Zone to get HM03 and HM04.

Or how about an actual unwinnable battle? Because he’s set up one of those too. Complete with a situation where an underleveled Primate will be stuck using Rage against a continuously healing Dewgong until the end of time (or until he somehow misses the same attack 20 times in a row).

It’s a really fascinating set of videos, and kind of provides a sort of Stryder 7x or Pannenkoek2012 type experience for Pokémon fans.

Which is also something you can probably say about our next choice too…


Subscribers: 1,196

Because Nermfulness is extremely dedicated to The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

How dedicated?

Well, let me illustrate this in one line:

He brought a Lynel all the way into Gerudo Town from the top of a mountain a good few miles away.

I’m not joking:

And it’s not the only example of his… interesting experiments. Oh no, he’s also brought Lynels to stables, the Shrine of Resurrection, Fairy Fountains and Calamity Ganon to mention but a few. It’s like he thought “What’s the the most insane thing I could do?” and realised that transporting Lynels around Hyrule was exactly that.

It’s actually rather intriguing, seeing all the weird places you can bring these terrifying creatures without the game glitching out on you.

But what if you’re a bit bored of Lynels?

Well, that’s no problem either! You can instead watch him steal a sheep from a farm in Hateno Village and lure it off to his house one piece of fruit at a time:

Definitely an interesting channel to watch, especially if you’re fascinated by Breath of the Wild and all the detailed game mechanics it has.

But enough about glitches and video game mechanics for now. Are there any underrated video game music remixers on YouTube?


Subscribers: 21,436

Certainly, with Loeder being a great example of one. As you may know (thanks to our recent interview), Loeder’s speciality are eight bit covers of modern Nintendo music. Or in other words… he redoes songs from games like Zelda Breath of the Wild, Paper Mario Color Splash and Super Mario Odyssey in the style of a title from the NES era.

And well, he does a damn good job of it too. Just listen to his awesome version of Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild:

His redone version of Sand Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey:

Or his NES style rendition of A Fearsome Foe from Paper Mario Color Splash:

If you need some good examples. So check his videos out, they definitely deserve more views than they’re currently getting.

MML’s Commentaries

Subscribers: 669

Which is also something you can say of our next channel as well. Why?

Because it’s possibly one of the most underrated, unknown video game analysis channels on the entire site.

Seriously, watch his video on Wario World’s questionable game over design or game design trends in the 3D Mario titles and tell me he really deserves only 667 subscribers. I mean, these are poorly researched rants or lists. They’re fairly detailed analysis videos about games and series that people often ignored.

Yet for whatever reason, the YouTube machine decided that Mr Rants with a Facecam in the Corner somehow deserves a thousand times more subscribers and views for screaming incoherently while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s kind of heart breaking really.

Either way, while I don’t agree with all the ideas presented in the videos, they’re definitely something more people should take into consideration, and make the channel well worth checking out.


Subscribers: 13,087

Which is also something you could say about this channel, for much the same reasons. Because TheZZAZZGlitch is quite literally the Pannenkoek of the Pokémon series. Perhaps even more so that Pikasprey before him.

No joke. He even has his own video talking about parallel universes in Pokémon Red and Blue!

As well as a video talking about completing Pokémon while pressing the A button as few times as possible:

It’s like Mario 64 and Pokémon Red and Blue were designed with eerily similar design philosophies. Or at least analysed by people with similar attitudes towards challenges and speedruns.

But don’t think his channel is purely Pannekoek’s as applied to Pokémon. Oh no, this guy is also a master of arbitrary code execution bugs. Like this one that uses an item in Pokémon to affect a completely different game on the system:

As well as many more interesting videos as well. So if you’re a fan of Pannekoek or Stryder7x and want a slightly less well known alternative… The ZZAZZGlitch is your man. Check out his channel right away!

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Paper Mario Pro Mode Released Alongside Modding Tools

Are you a fan of the original Paper Mario games? Want a new experience that doesn’t revolve around hundreds of identical Toads and Thing stickers? Maybe feel like the games are a bit easy overall?

If so, you’re in luck! Why? Because a new Paper Mario ROM hack has been released that greatly ups the difficulty of the original title! This hack is known as Paper Mario Pro Mode, and adds such interesting features as:

  • Improved enemy AI
  • New attacks (including extra mechanics in boss battles)
  • New badges to find and areas to explore
  • Extra enemies added to existing ones (like Boos in the Toad Town sewers)

And quite a few other interesting additions as well. Here’s a trailer showing some of them in action:

As you can see, it’s a really impressive mod, and adds the kind of challenge many fans of the original might want in a Master Quest type deal.

Yet the mod is only part of the package here.

Because in addition to the hack itself, modding tools for the original Paper Mario game have been released as well. This means you’re able to edit the original game much more easily than ever before.

And that’s great news for Paper Mario fans. Remember, mods for games like Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon and the Zelda series have added a ton of replay value to their respective franchises, and led to all manner of great projects. The Second Reality Project, Mario 64 Last Impact, Super Mario Star Road… the list goes on!

So to see something similar for Paper Mario… well, that means we should be getting a decent selection of new Paper Mario fan sequels as well!

It’s great news all round, and means both the hack and tools are well worth checking out! So get to it Paper Mario fans! Give them a shot today!


Star Rod Modding Tools + Paper Mario Pro Mode (Origami 64 Forums)

Super Mario Maker 64 Has Been Released!

Over the last few months, Super Mario 64 hack Kaze Emanuar has been going from strength to strength.

He’s released a version of Super Mario 64 with Odyssey’s capture mechanics. He’s created a Mario 3D World style version where Luigi, Peach, Toad and Rosalina are also playable.

Heck, he’s even tried to turn the thing into a weird party game. Or made Mario into a fidget spinner.

But today it seems he’s going even further. Why? Because he’s just released Super Mario Maker 64, a mod for the original game that lets you build your own levels in the style of Mario Maker. Here’s a trailer if you haven’t seen it already:

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you there either. This is a level editor IN Super Mario 64’s engine. Not an external tool like Toad’s Tool or the recently released Quad64.

An actual editor in the game’s code that lets you make 3D Mario levels like you would in Super Mario Maker. It’s an absolutely crazy hack when you think about it, and just more proof of how far Mario 64 modding has come in recent years.

And given how all these mods were made in the space of just a month… it’s even crazier still. The guy’s like a magical Mario 64 mod assembly line. One that takes just days to do what other modders spent months or years on.

So go give it a try if you’re interested. Or maybe try out the levels others have made with it via the Discord. Because it’s well worth playing!

Mega Man Level Editor Mega Maker Has Been Released!

Remember that Mega Man level editor we mentioned a while back? The one that tried to be Mega Man’s Super Mario Maker?

Heck, we even an interview with its developers recently. It was pretty big news online then.

Yeah, it’s finally been released. You can download it from the official website.

Or one of the various mirrors they have up for the program.

So if you want to make your own Mega Man levels… now’s your chance! Just download the tool and you’ll be all set!


Mega Maker Official Website