Modder Releases Super Mario Odyssey Demake for Nintendo 64

Super Smash Bros Legacy XP Seemingly Shut Down, Ceases Development

Modder Releases Mini Super Mario 64 Mod Based on Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario 64’s Shifting Sand Land Has Been Remade as a Legend of Zelda Dungeon

Super Mario 64 is Getting Split Screen Multiplayer

Super Mario 64 Pro Pannenkoek Creates ABC Trials Mod With $1000 Prize

The Super Mario Bros Super Show is Getting Its Own (unofficial) Video Game Adaptation

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D Mod Fixes Transformations, Updates Game

Zelda Modder Replaces Link With WarioWare’s Ashley in The Wind Waker

Mario Royale Fan Game Gets DMCA Notice From Nintendo

Fan Game Creator Turns Super Mario Bros 1 into a Battle Royale Game

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