New Super Mario Sunshine Mod Recreates 2001 Version

New Super Mario Sunshine Mod Recreates 2001 Version

When it comes to Super Mario Sunshine, one of the things fans have always wanted was to try the version of the game showcased at Spaceworld 2001. This version of the game had a lot of differences from its final incarnation, with things like an entirely different Delfino Plaza, cut enemies and NPCs of all kinds, and various other differences on both an aesthetic and mechanical level.

It was an interesting version, and one which promised a very difference experience from the final game.

And now, it seems like we’ll be able to actually play it! Or at least, experience a close recreation of the same.

Since a modder known as Portable Productions (who’s previously been involved in making various insane Luigi’s Mansion mods and hacks) is now remaking it in Sunshine’s engine. Here’s a trailer showing what they’ve got so far:

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As you can tell, it looks pretty darn close to the official footage already. Indeed, if we didn’t know this was a fan recreation, we could have honestly been fooled into thinking it was a legit trailer from the early 00s. It really is that good.

And we’re sure it’s only going to get better over time. After all, its creator is a very skilled modder when it comes to GameCube hacks, and someone with the programming knowledge required to do things like add whole enemies and mechanics to games on the system. So, it’s likely they’ll be able to actually add the cut content back into the game, not just import a few models and texture swap some existing actors and call it a day.

Either way, it’s definitely one to check out. So, watch the video to see it for yourself, follow the creator on social media for more updates, and leave your thoughts about the mod and its trailer in the comments below, or on our Discord server today!


Super Mario Sunshine 2001 – Reveal Trailer (YouTube)

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