Clanker’s Cavern Has Been Ported to Super Mario Odyssey

WarioWare’s Pyoro Has Been Remade as an N64 Homebrew Game

Super Mario Bros 1 Has Been Fully Remade in Super Mario 64!

The Legend of Zelda’s Dragon Roost Isle is Now a Super Mario Odyssey Kingdom!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Is Already Getting Mods!

Bob-omb Battlefield has Been Ported to Super Mario Odyssey!

New Super Mario Odyssey Mod Adds Master Mode to the Game

Super Mario Odyssey Hacker Turns Darker Side Level Kaizo

Modder Recreates Super Mario Sunshine Nozzles in Super Mario 64

A New Level Editor is in Development for Wario Land 4

Super Mario Odyssey’s Snowline Circuit Has Been Ported to Mario Kart 8

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