New GBA ARMS Mockup Shows Potential for Future Fan Games

Given the popularity ARMS has seen since its release, it’s surprising how few fan games seem to exist of the title. Yeah there was ARMS 2D a while back, a toned down 2D version with basic 16-bit graphics. Yeah, a couple of the characters have been modded into Smash Bros. Or drawn in pixel art form and posted online.

But for the most part, that seems to be it. Fan projects based on ARMS seem to be few and far between in general, with even the Spriter’s Resource having no custom art based on it.

However, maybe that’ll all change when people see this mockup. Because as the title says, an artist called bomb998 has drawn what appears to be a GBA version of ARMS, complete with lovely looking 2D sprites and a Punch Out esque style of gameplay.

Here are some pictures showing this non-existent game:

As you can see, it looks incredible. Indeed, if this was ever made as a fan project (or even sold by Nintendo), it actually seems like something that might do really well.

So, go on ARMS fans. Take some inspiration from it, and make the 16-bit fan game ARMS has always deserved!


Here’s How ARMS May Look on the GBA (Nintendo Life)

Super Mario 64 Mod Adds Online Multiplayer to the Game!

Here on Gaming Reinvented, we’ve featured quite a few interesting Mario 64 mods in recent weeks. These have included Super Mario Odyssey 64, a mod that lets players possess enemies. There’s Super Mario 3D World 64, which adds said game’s characters to Mario 64 complete with unique abilities. Heck, there’s even stuff like Super Mario Maker 64, which is exactly what it says on the tin!

And now there’s another one! Yep, coming from Kaze Emanuar (the guy behind most of the other major Mario 64 mods posted online recently), this mod goes and adds full online multiplayer to the game! Here’s a video showing a build from early in development:

As you can see, it works pretty well so far. It’s not perfect sure (players don’t interact with each other yet), but it’s miles ahead of old school solutions. Why?

Well in part because you don’t have to share a screen any more. You see, previous multiplayer solutions for this game worked like 3D World did. In other worlds, players shared a screen and when the camera moved away from one it was very hard for them to find their way back. It worked in a basic sense, but it was annoying to set up none the less.

That’s not the case here. Oh no, every player has their own screen view now. So instead of crowding together to avoid being cut off, players can explore different ends of the level at their leisure with no added problems. It’s pretty useful really.

But in future, things may get even better still. That’s because Kaze is also considering expanding this mode significantly. Like for example, allowing 8 players to play Mario 64 at the same time!

Yep, you read that right. 8 player Super Mario 64 co-op. It sounds insane just thinking about it, but it seems like something that’s all doable here.

And to add even more insanity, even custom character models may be possible too. So, the likes of Luigi, Peach, Wario, Waluigi and Toad could all be playable characters here! Sort of like the whole Mushroom Kingdom taking on Bowser at once.

So definitely check it out if you can. It looks really good so far, and will be available to download for free when character interaction has been coded in.

WatchMojo Caught Stealing Content from Guru Larry on YouTube!

As you may know, WatchMojo is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Covering everything from TV and films to video games, their videos are usually your standard top ten lists about various subjects. Like the top ten worst selling consoles or the top ten most expensive sci-fi movies.

You know, the typical stuff you find on Buzzfeed like clickbait factories. Poorly researched, minimal effort attention grabbers that often retread the same ground as legions of others beforehand.

But in itself, that’s not a bad thing. After all, top ten lists aren’t a crime against humanity. And hey, everyone does need to just switch off and watch something a bit more mindless every now and again, right?

Well, I guess so. Except there’s just one problem.

Namely, the info in the videos is stolen from other YouTube creators.

Yep, I’m not kidding. All the facts are straight from other people’s work with no credit given.

How do we know this?

Because Guru Larry has seen his whole video ripped off and reused as a WatchMojo list. Yep, they took one of his Fact Hunt videos, noted down the entries there and remade the entire thing as a video on their channel.

Normally, that wouldn’t be too noticeable. Unfortunately for WatchMojo though, Guru Larry was prepared.

That’s because Guru Larry (like many map makers and dictionary writers of old) is known to sneak ‘copyright traps’ into his work. These traps are very minor ‘mistakes’ that can then be used to prove someone stole your data and reused it in their own work. They’re quite common on maps, with ‘trap streets’ often used to prove a mapmaker copied one of their rivals.

And since WatchMojo clearly didn’t do any other research on the topic, they copied the fake information without checking. Good job guys! How lovely of you to tell us where you get your information from now!

Here’s Larry’s tweet about the subject going into a bit more:

As well as Top Hat Gaming Man’s great video about the controversy:

So either way, the cat was out of the bag and Twitter was talking about it. So what did WatchMojo do?
Did they apologise for their actions like mature people would? Take down the video to stop people being fooled by fake information?

Well, not quite. They took down the video sure, but actually admitting they stole someone’s research never factored into it. Instead they sent Guru Larry the following, rather hilarious letter:

As you can see, it’s filled with examples of questionable journalism ethics. For example, why don’t the organisation credit people for their findings?

Because they don’t know said people are the original finders. Yes really. They outright say they won’t credit anyone because they don’t know said people are the ones they should be crediting.

That’s just… wow. Can you imagine if someone did that in school or college?

Like, if they handed in an essay with no citations because they ‘didn’t know’ the researcher was the original discoverer? Or told the lecturer they didn’t credit anyone because they didn’t know whether their sources were the original ones?

They’d probably get thrown off the course. That’s an obvious example of plagiarism, no matter how you cut it.

Yet that’s not all the letter implies.Oh no, it also implies they’re rather terrible at research.


Well, isn’t the job of a journalist about verifying the information they’re posting about? Aren’t journalists supposed to hunt down the source of a piece of information before writing about it?

Yeah, I think they are. But thanks to the fact WatchMojo clearly isn’t finding the original source, it implies the channel’s ‘researchers’ don’t actually do much research at all. That they find whatever a few other YouTubers or writers have said about a topic, copy down the information and merely assume it’s accurate. Verifying stuff? Who has the time for that, right?

Additionally, they also seem to imply they don’t really check their videos for originality all that well either. That’s because their letter goes and says ‘their tool didn’t pick up the similarities to your video’, implying the only thing they do is put the information through an automated plagiarism checker and hope nothing comes up as a match.

That’s again pretty bad for a channel like this. It’s basically admitting that people can send in anything and they’ll post it so long as it doesn’t ‘look’ enough like the source it’s paraphrasing. It feels like one of those cases where someone assumes Copyscape or Turnitin is good enough on its own.

And when you add this to the clear mistakes the channel makes in their videos (Top Hat Gaming Man references the terrible ‘Jaguar sales data’ in his response), you’ve got a lazy, uninspired YouTube channel trying to cash in on other people’s work for their own gain. Which is a trend that’s all too common now. Giant clickbait channels spamming low effort videos based on other people’s work for quick views.

So don’t support these guys. They clearly don’t put a lot of work into their videos, they steal from other people and their journalistic integrity is virtually nil. Treat them like you would Brash Games or other thieves. Organisations you refuse to support for their complete lack of morals and sheer laziness.

Because WatchMojo doesn’t deserve your patronage. And nor do any other such channels who refuse to credit people for their work.

A MMO Version of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker is in Development!

You may remember how a week or so ago, we posted about a Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod in development for CEMU. This mod had pictures of multiple Links on screen, a shadow Link battle and all kinds of other content. The works basically. To the point half the mainstream media ended up writing about it.

Unfortunately, it also turned out to be fake. As you can find out in our follow up article or REGNR8’s video.

But hope isn’t lost for multiplayer Zelda modding! Oh no, it now seems there is a real Zelda multiplayer mod in development!

This mode (based on The Wind Waker and called Hero of the Winds) aims to turn the game into a full blown MMO with item sharing and co-op multiplayer!

So here’s a video discussing the mod by REGNR8:

As you can tell, it’s still in its really early days at the moment. Players don’t exist in the same world. Standard co-op multiplayer features don’t exist. And for the most part, things require a third party application to get working.

However, some aspects of the game do exist even now. For instance, you can send rupees to other players by pressing a button in the bundled app. This acts exactly like you’d expect, with the rupees coming from your wallet and ending up in the other person’s.

Additionally, it also seems to be setting up a system where you can gift other items (like bombs and arrows) to them, and comes with a nice built in chat system so you can view players online and talk to them about the game.

It’s an intriguing start for a system like this, and certainly shows promise.

But its creator (Melon Speedruns) cannot handle this alone. He needs help getting the game fully working with the system, as well as making it so multiplayer can interact in the same version of the Great Sea.

And that’s why it’s putting this news out there. He hopes that people will join him to improve on the setup, and eventually turn The Wind Waker into a full blown MMO with all the features of games like World of Warcraft. Or something similar.

So check it out, and maybe offer him your assistance if you can give it. Because if this project gets completed, it will be the biggest revolution the Zelda series has ever seen!

Thank you.