How to Get EVERY Spirit Orb Right Away in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

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How to Get EVERY Spirit Orb Right Away in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Are you bored of hunting for shrines? Have you ever wanted every single heart and stamina upgrade right off the bat, before even leaving the Great Plateau?

If so, it turns out you’re in luck. Because as our latest video explains, the Inventory Slot Transfer glitch now lets you do exactly that, getting all 124 Spirit Orbs on a new save file in a matter of minutes.

Here’s the video in question:

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As well as how to set up the glitch:

How to Get 999 Spirit Orbs

First, get through the Shrine of Resurrection without collecting anything except the Sheikah Slate. You want to avoid getting any clothing or materials here.

Then, get past the Plateau Tower cutscenes. This isn’t technically necessary (and we don’t mention it in the video), but it will save time later, since having to watch 3 long cutscenes again if you screw up isn’t the most fun thing in the world.

Now, pick up a Woodcutter’s Axe and save the game. This is save 1.

Save After Getting Axe

In this picture, we’ve saved immediately after picking up the axe

Before going to any shrine, and completing it for a Spirit Orb. It should auto save afterwards, which will be save 2.

Get Auto Save After Shrine1

As you can see, it says ‘Saving’ in the bottom left corner

Next, head to the title screen, and switch game mode.

On this alternate save file, set up 2 IST slots. You can do this by overloading the game with shock arrows and multi shot bows, dropping them and repeating, before holding 2 unique items in the menu. Sell the rest of those items to a shop, then hold a third item and drop it.

Overload Game with Shock Arrows

We aim a shock arrow with a multishot bow to overload the game

Drop Bows

Before dropping the bow we used in order to equip another

Link is invisible in the menu

As you can see, Link is mostly invisible in the menu

Holding 2 unique items in menu

As you can see, we’re holding the Sunshroom and Zapshroom, both of which are invisible because the game is overloaded

Selling the rest of these items to a shop

And we now sell the rest of the Sunshrooms and Zapshrooms to a shop

Holding another item

Note how despite holding 3 items, only 1 is visible

Dropping the item

Dropping that item will set up the glitched IST slots we need

Go back to the title screen and switch game mode. Load save 1 (the one where you just picked up the axe).

Load Save With Axe

As you can see, we load the save with the axe

Unequip the axe, and load save 1 again.

Drop Axe

We unequip the axe in this slot

Unequip the axe again, then load save 1 for a third time. Repeat the process once more.

Axe in Glitched Slot

Note how the axe is in a glitched slot. This happens the second time you load save 1

Now we have 2 axes

Meanwhile the 3rd time we load the game, we have 2 axes instead

Before loading save 2. Without opening the menu, run around until you get an auto save. This will be referred to as save 3.

Got auto save without opening the menu

We didn’t open the menu until the saving text here popped up

Once you do, load save 1 3 more times.

Then load save 3. You should now have 999 Spirit Orbs.

999 Spirit Orbs

Now we have 999 Spirit Orbs!

A Small Problem

However, you shouldn’t trade them in just yet. The game cannot handle more than 124 Spirit Orbs at once, and will softlock if you try to use a Goddess Statue at this point.

Goddess Statue Softlock

Not only does the count wrongly say 124, but the game is now stuck on this screen forever


Get 124 Spirit Orbs

Complete another shrine. Your Spirit Orb count will be reset to 124, and you’ll be able to spend them as normal. Congratulations! You can now get full hearts or stamina, plus most of the rest, without even leaving the Great Plateau!

Approaching the second shrine

After getting 999 orbs, we approach this shrine…

Reset Spirit Orbs to 124

And once we beat it, our Spirit Orbs are reset to 124 again

Successfully gotten upgrades

This lets us upgrade hearts and stamina as normal

So yeah, that’s how you do it. That’s how to skip every shrine in the game, and get all the Spirit Orbs you need on a new file right away. It certainly makes things a lot easier for sure, and makes an early trip to Hyrule Castle all the more manageable than it’d otherwise be.

Still, hope you found the guide useful, and we hope you use it going forward. If you’ve got any questions or concerns about it (or Inventory Slot Transfer in general), look for them in the FAQ below, or post about them on our Discord server today!


Why can’t I get every heart and stamina upgrade at once?

Because there aren’t enough Spirit Orbs in the game for that. By default, you get 4 Heart Containers from completing dungeons, and 31 upgrades from trading in Spirit Orbs for shrines. Given you need 108 Spirit Orbs to reach 30 hearts, and 40 Spirit Orbs for the 10 Stamina Wheel upgrades available, the 124 Spirit Orbs available will never be enough to cover that, even with the extra Heart Containers from the Divine Beasts.

Does that mean I can’t max out both at all then?

Nah, not really. Glitches exist for that, like Apparatus Storage.

Can I trade in extra Spirit Orbs?

Not as far as I know. Once you’ve spent 124 of them, the game prevents further trade ins.

This doesn’t stop me finishing shrines, right?

No. You can still get Spirit Orbs from shrines after doing this glitch. Just remember that unless you spent some of those 124 orbs first, any extras will basically just disappear into the void.

Can I skip getting the runes this way?

No. It’s completing 4 shrines that lets you get the glider, not collecting 4 Spirit Orbs. Trading the glider across from another file lets you skip the runes though. As does completing off Plateau shrines with wrong warp.

Is this possible on a file which already has progress?

Sure, I guess. But you may need to blank your inventory with IST overload first, since things like clothing, meals, etc will block this glitch.

Does this work the same as the Korok seeds one?

Yeah, kinda. Only major difference is that for Korok seeds, you can spend more seeds than you’d otherwise be able to carry, so having 999 of them doesn’t prevent trade ins.

What doesn’t Inventory Slot Transfer let you do?

Honestly, at this point? Not much. You can transfer items with it, create super powered weapons with WMC, start a new game + file, get tens of thousands of every arrow type, max out Korok seeds and Spirit Orbs, etc. It really is an everything glitch now!

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