How to EASILY Get Thousands of Arrows in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

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How to EASILY Get Thousands of Arrows in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

As you know, getting arrows is a bit of a pain in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Enemies and shops are limited, the campfire glitch is slow and tedious, and Inventory Corruption…

Well, we don’t talk about that one. Memory Storage is already a painful enough memory as it is.

But now things have changed. Now a new method has been found to get thousands of arrows with ease, in a matter of minutes to boot! Here’s a video from the Gaming Reinvented YouTube Channel showing the trick in action:

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As you can tell, it all uses the Inventory Slot Transfer glitch as a base. Here’s how it works, in text form:

The Setup

Get enough empty weapon slots to match the arrow slot you want to corrupt. Here’s how many slots you’ll need for each arrow type:

Slots Needed

  • Normal Arrows: 1
  • Fire Arrows: 2
  • Ice Arrows: 3
  • Shock Arrows: 4
  • Bomb Arrows: 5
  • Ancient Arrows: 6

2. Then, make sure to equip the final bow in your inventory. This bow’s durability will be transferred to the affected item slot, and hence will dictate how many arrows you get. Here are some examples of how it works:

Bows and Durability Table

Bow Name Durability New Arrow Count
Bow of Light 100 10,000
Ancient Bow 120 12,000
Twilight Bow 100 10,000
Royal Bow 60 6,000
Great Eagle Bow 60 6,000
Falcon Bow 50 5,000

3. Now, save the game

4. Count your key items.

5. And then add the total key items to the arrow slot number you want to alter. So, if you want 10,000 Bomb Arrows, and you have the Paraglider, Sheikah Slate and 4 Champion abilities, you’ll get a total of 11 slots (6 key items, 5 arrow slots)

6. Set up this number of IST slots. You can do this by aiming a shock arrow with a multishot bow, then dropping the bow, equipping another one, and repeating the process.

7. Go to Eventide Island or the Trial of the Sword

8. Collect as many weapons as you had empty weapon slots before entering.

9. Reload your save

10. Then get an auto save without entering the menu or reloading the game

11. Reload the auto save

You should now have thousands of the affected arrow type, and won’t have to collect any more of that type of arrow from now on. Repeat the process for any arrow types you want to corrupt, or if you (somehow) run out of any of these arrow types.

So yeah, that’s how you get thousands of arrows easily in Zelda Breath of the Wild! Hopefully you found the guide useful, and if you need any help with it, you can find that on our Discord server too! Happy arrow collecting everyone!


How to EASILY Get THOUSANDS of Arrows in Zelda Breath of the Wild (YouTube)

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