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Stickerhax Lets Paper Mario Fans Run 3DS Homebrew!

As far as homebrew on the 3DS is concerned, there are lot of games that can be used to run it. You’ve got Cubic Ninja, which can let you run ninjhax on older firmware. You’ve got Ironfall and its numerous exploits in older version of the game. Heck, even popular and well known titles like Super Smash Bros, Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Omega Ruby can be used to open up the system!

Super Smash Bros for 3DS Box Art

Pokemon Omega Ruby

Ocarina of Time 3d box

Is there a 3DS owner without one of these titles?

And now another one has been found! Yes, thanks to a file select bug in Paper Mario Sticker Star, you can now run homebrew and ROMs on your 3DS via the aptly named ‘Stickerhax’! This works on both eShop and retail versions of the game.

Here’s Smea’s tweet about it:

As well as Yellow8s GitHub page with the necessary files and information:

However, it’s not a primary exploit. Instead, you’ll need to have another exploit available first (like browserhax) to install it and get it running. It’s basically the same situation as in Citizens of Earth and VVVVVV. So it’s not usable on an ‘unexploited system’.

But this doesn’t make it useless. Indeed, it provides a way to run custom code if other exploits are patched via an update. As a result of this, it’s likely Nintendo will remove the game from the eShop very soon.

So what do you think? Are you interested in using Paper Mario Sticker Star to run homebrew on the 3DS? And what game do you think people will use to hack the 3DS next?


Stickerhax Information on GitHub

Lady Layton; The Millionaire King’s Plot Announced!

Yesterday, we posted about some trademarks Level-5 had registered. Interestingly, one of these was for something called ‘Lady Layton’.

And now we know what it is! Turns out that Lady Layton is a sequel series to the Professor Layton games. Starring Layton’s daughter Catoleil and set in the far future, it promises to introduce a new cast of friends and foes in another set of puzzle adventure games!

So here’s the new trailer. Here is our first look at Lady Layton:

As you can see, it’s pretty much what you’d expect. New puzzles, a London setting, a talking basset hound… okay, maybe that last one is new. But yeah, seems like the game Layton fans were after.

Lady Layton is being released in Japan in Spring 2017.

Level-5 Trademarks Inazuma Eleven Ares and Lady Layton

Along with numerous others. Here’s the full list of new trademarks:

  • Lady Layton
  • Inazuma Eleven Ares
  • Megaton Musashi
  • Otome Hero
  • Yo-Kai Daijten
  • Yo-Kai Watch Geraporhythm

But what are they used for?

Well in some cases, it seems pretty obvious they’re for new games. For example, a new Yo-Kai Watch game or two seems extremely likely. Same deal with Inazuma Eleven, which is due a new game around about now.

It’s the other three that are interesting. For starters, what’s Otome Hero? Because that doesn’t correspond to an existing franchise or game. So that’s likely a new IP they’ll reveal at one point.

Megaton Musashi is interesting. Apparently, it’s the name of a Japanese warship from World War II. So perhaps Level-5 are making a strategy game for once? Maybe one like Fire Emblem or Advance Wars?

Either way, they look like possible new IPs.

And that brings us to Lady Layton. What is it?

Well, probably something to do with the Professor Layton series. But how could it work?

Because there’s not really a ‘Lady Layton’ esque character in the series. Flora is his adopted daughter, but she’s never called Layton in game. The professor doesn’t have a wife or (surviving) love interest. Who’s Lady Layton meant to be?

So it’s going to be interesting to see how this could be a real thing. Hopefully they’re not going to gender swap Layton for ‘attention’…

Either way, all should be revealed on July 27th, in their ‘Vision’ conference.  But what do you think these trademarks are for?


Level-5 trademarks “Lady Layton”, “Inazuma Eleven Ares” and more – NeoGAF

Super Smash Bros Legacy XP Revealed

Do you remember Project M? That awesome Super Smash Bros Brawl mod that tried to rebuild Brawl’s physics engine and add lots of new characters and stages to the game?

The one that seemingly got shut down out of nowhere?

Do you ever wish there was a replacement? Another Smash Bros mod to continue its legacy in some way?

Well if so, you’re really going to like Super Smash Bros Legacy XP! Because this Super Smash Bros mod seems to be providing just anything a Smash Bros fan could want! Here’s the official trailer:

As you can see, there’s a ton of fantastic additions here.

You’ve got new stages, like one based on Bowser’s Castle in Super Mario RPG and another based on Wario Land Shake It.

All the characters from Melee that would cut from Brawl are back. Including Young Link, Pichu and Dr Mario.

New characters are added in, including many fan favourites. These include Lucina, Metal Sonic, Ridley and Waluigi (with others like K Rool coming soon).

And heck, there are even things like new costumes (like Pig Ganon) and Omega Forms of stages inspired by Super Smash Bros 4!

It’s quite the impressive mod pack, and it’s only going to get better with future updates. Like a hackless version that’ll be available soon, to let the game run on a non modded Wii. Or whatever other additions they add, like new music, new stages and new characters not mentioned above.

So yeah, Super Smash Bros Legacy XP looks amazing, and you’ll soon be able to find a download at Smash Boards here:

Super Smash Bros Legacy XP – Smash Boards

The initial release will need a hacked Wii, but a hackless version will come later.

What do you think of Super Smash Bros Legacy XP? Could it be an even better mod than Project M in due time?

Renegade Kid Offers to Port Sonic Mania to 3DS

While Project Sonic 2017 was the big announcement in yesterday’s party for Sonic’s 25th anniversary, it wasn’t the only one. No, Sega also announced Sonic Mania, a new 2D Sonic platformer inspired by the classic games on the Mega Drive.

This title would have the three classic characters (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) and an old school presentation style with 16 bit graphics and chiptune music.

In other words, it’d be the Mega Man 9 of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. A retro throwback to the good old days.

Here’s a trailer for the title:

It looks great, and a fantastic choice for the Nintendo eShop.

However, it’s not been announced for the eShop. Not for 3DS, not for Wii U, and not for NX. Instead, it’s been announced for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. That’s disappointing for Nintendo fans.

But that might be soon change! Because now, indie developer Renegade Kid have approached Sega about potentially porting the game to the 3DS.

And trust us, this a company with a lot of experience in this sort of title. They’ve made Mutant Mudds, a 16 bit platformer which got good reviews on various consoles. They’ve made Xeodrifter before that, which is another well received old school platformer. And they’re currently making Treasurenauts, another great looking 2D platformer for the 3DS.

Either way, they’ve asked Sega about it. Hopefully they’ll get the rights and we’ll see Sonic Mania making it’s way to the 3DS in due time.

Renegade Kid Offers to Port Sonic Mania to Nintendo 3DS –