Project Rap Rabbit Gets Kickstarter Campaign

PaRappa the Rapper and Ouendan?

Well it seems we now have the Kickstarter for it. Asking for £854,000 by June 19th, the game promises “an explosive mix of Japanese folklore and traditional artwork, hip hop and humorous battle rap face-offs inspired by the Epic Rap Battles Of History YouTube series”. In other words, a new rhythm game by the people who built the genre.

Here’s the Kickstarter video and campaign page:

As you can see, it’s certainly okay on a presentation level, and if it gets finished would likely be a decent game overall.

However, there are also a few issues here to go with it. Firstly, some may say the campaign goals are a tad ambitious. I mean, this game has 6 levels. Not 30. Not 50. Just 6.

Yeah, those are probably going to be good levels. And yes, the gameplay mechanics promised do seem interesting enough.

But for about $850,000? That seems like quite an unlikely target for a campaign like this.

And that’s saying nothing of the Nintendo Switch stretch goal. Why? Because despite the fact said system almost seems perfect for a game like this, it’s literally part of the last possible stretch goal to have this game ported to Switch. In other words, they want 5 million dollars for a Switch port.

Good luck with that guys. You’re gonna need to match Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night if you want to get close to that mark. Or raise as much as Mighty No 9 and Yooka-Laylee put together.

Quite the tall order if you ask me.

But hey, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. This game does have star power and some decent ideas after all.


Project Rap Rabbit Campaign (Kickstarter)

The Legend of Zelda Getting a Game for Smartphones

For the last few months or so, Nintendo has been getting a bit more into the smartphone market. They’ve released Miitomo, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes alongside DeNA. Pokemon GO is still making a ton of cash for both them and the Pokemon Company. And with more games coming along the line, it’s quite clear many other franchises will be making the jump too.

One of which seems like it may be the Zelda series. Why? Because as the title suggests, the Wall Street Journal has sources saying that a Zelda smartphone game may be in development over at Nintendo.

So how does it work?

Well to be honest, no one really knows yet. Some sites are speculating that a Super Mario Run type model might be in play here (aka one time payment for the full game), though it’s unknown how well such a title could be monetised. I mean, Super Mario Run made less money that Nintendo wanted it to. I’m not sure they’d be too thrilled about Zelda on smartphones doing the same.

Freemium mechanics could work I guess. They’d be controversial (like the Amiibo in Breath of the Wild already are), but they’d certainly lower the barrier to entry here. People don’t like spending money on buying mobile games after all.

Either way, that brings us to the next question. Namely, how would the gameplay work in such a Zelda title?

Well again, no one really knows. It’s generally assumed it won’t be like Breath of the Wild or the 3D Zelda games out there, since such games are seen as excessive on smartphones. Too many resources required for too little benefit.

But generally, there are two schools of thought here. One, that it’ll be like a traditional 2D Zelda game (except maybe with shorter levels). That’s the Super Mario Run way.

Or alternatively, that it’ll be a spinoff game with a new gameplay style. You know, like Pokemon GO was to Pokemon. Or perhaps, how Link’s Crossbow Training was to Twilight Princess. That would perhaps be the simplest answer here.

Link's Crossbow Training

Regardless of what they choose though, we’ll know about it sooner rather than later. That’s because the Wall Street Journal also mentions that the title will follow their upcoming Animal Crossing game on smartphones. And given that said game is coming in late 2017, that means the Zelda mobile game will follow some time afterwards. Perhaps in early 2018 or something.

So what do you think about it? Are you interested in the possibility of a Zelda game for smartphones? And if so, what kind of game do you think it’ll be?


Nintendo Developing The Legend of Zelda Smartphone Game (Wall Street Journal)

Project Rap Rabbit Announced

Well, this is certainly an announcement we never saw coming! It’s a new game by PaRappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura and Gitaroo Man creator Keiichi Yano! Here’s the teaser trailer for the title:

Plus a link to the official website. As you can see there isn’t much info there, but damn, the art and music certainly look great already. You’ve got the wacky character designs both are known for. The short bit of music on the site is as catchy as you’d expect. And well, with the game confirmed as a rhythm adventure title, it’s quite clear that it’s exactly what the fans are expecting. It’s basically gonna be like a new PaRappa the Rapper game. Or maybe a new Ouendan one.

And well, with those games being classics, no one can say no to that. Let’s hope the title ends up on Nintendo Switch at some point along the line too!


PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man creators announce Project Rap Rabbit (Gematsu)

Nintendo Badge Arcade Ending on May 26th

It’s been a source of Nintendo marketing for months, and gave obscure characters like Ashley from WarioWare a bit more attention.

But now it seems the curtain is coming down on Nintendo Badge Arcade. Why? Because in Japan, updates for the app are finally coming to an end. Yes, as mentioned by Japanese Nintendo, the last set of badges for the game will be released on May 26th. This is because of 3DS internal storage issues.

Which for those of us outside of Japan, means the same thing will happen here. Remember, the badges here are not region exclusive. They’re first released for the Japanese version, then usually released for the others later.

So when the supply of them runs out in Japan, that’s it. No more badges for anyone else, and the program stops getting supported. I don’t know when that’ll be (what badge sets haven’t we got in America/Europe yet?), but it’s probably within a year or so at the most.

Let’s hope this means a Nintendo Switch version of the app is planned at some point in the future!


Nintendo Badge Arcade to End (Japanese Nintendo)

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Comes to Nintendo Switch This Summer

It’s already available on every eighth generation console out there, but now WayForward has announced that their hit platformer Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is coming to Switch too! Yep, the game is coming to the system this summer, with HD rumble support.

Here’s their tweet confirming the news:

And that’s good news for anyone who missed out on the Wii U. Why? Because Shantae Half-Genie Hero is a really fantastic 2D platformer that many more people should get to experience. So yeah, by having it come to the Switch, Nintendo fans who didn’t buy a Wii U won’t be missing out on the game.

There also might be a few new things too, given the comments about ‘more details coming soon’. Not sure exactly what they could add, but it’d be good news none the less. Maybe Amiibo support could be a possibility?

Ah well, doesn’t matter. It’s a great game, it’s now coming to Nintendo Switch and it’ll be available this summer. So hey, what do you think? Are you excited for this game on Switch?