Nintendo Announces Labo, A Series of Interactive Play Experiences for the Nintendo Switch

Earlier today, Nintendo mentioned that they’d be announcing a new way to play Nintendo Switch games. This obviously caused quite a stir online, with all manner of sites and individuals making guesses about what Nintendo may have had in mind. Were they going to get involved with Virtual Reality? Reinvision 3D or AR functionality for the Switch?

Come up with their own more in-depth toys for life idea beyond amiibo?

All of those ideas and more were put forward, and speculation ran rampant. However, as it turns out, Nintendo’s actual idea is something very different.

Namely, something called Nintendo Labo.

So, what is it exactly?

Well, think back to when you were a kid. You probably built things out of paper and cardboard at some point, right?

Yeah, I thought so. Everyone did. It was a typical part of growing up, especially if you were the creative kid.

Either way, Labo basically merges that style of play with a games console. So, you’d buy a kit for a piano, stick the Joy-Cons and screen in the casing you made, and then have the console play piano music whenever you press the cardboard keys.

Or you’d buy an RC Car kit, build the car with two Joy-Cons plugged into the side of it and then control the vehicle in real life via touch controls on the Switch screen. It’s an interesting concept, and one that’s arguably the closest Nintendo’s come to mixing their toy maker roots with the world of video game development.

And so, here’s the announcement video with more details about the concept:

As well as the part of Nintendo’s site with more information and screenshots:

Nintendo Labo Official Site

They’re also holding a series of workshops about the concept too. Like say, the ones in London for UK based fans, or the ones in San Francisco and New York for any US based gamers out there.

So, check it out. It’s an intriguing idea, and one we definitely think could have potential when it launches on April 20th this year.

But hey, what do you think about it all?

Are you a fan of Labo now you know what it is? Do you feel it could really be the next amiibo and take the world by storm?

Post your thoughts on the concept (and Nintendo’s ideas for it) here in the comments or on our community at Gaming Latest today!

A Quick Update from Gaming Reinvented

As you may have noticed, updates have been pretty slow here on Gaming Reinvented.

But don’t panic, there is a reason for this.

Namely, I’m redesigning the entire website. Why? Well to be honest, there are two reasons.

Firstly, the existing site doesn’t really work for its purpose at the moment. It’s meant to be a service, yet currently feels more like a traditional blog. And that’s fine if you’re running a blog.

But I’m not running one. I’m running a service where people are meant to post their own content. It’s basically a social media type site for writers, in the guise of a news site.

And the current design means people don’t understand this. They don’t realise they can post their own articles or content, they keep asking me to post them as if guest blogs were still relevant and gaming sites require professional staff.

So that’s one reason I’m redesigning the site. To encourage people to use it in the way it’s meant to be used, not as yet another blog they have to send messages to about guest posts and staff writer positions.

Reason number 2 on the other hand… well that’s a bit philosophical. Basically, as I realised a few months or so ago, traditional content sites don’t really work anymore. Why is this? Because society has moved on. Instead of using traditional desktop computers, people use smartphones to access the internet through most of their day.

However, most existing sites don’t get this, and as a result, they’re stuck in the desktop era.

And that’s a huge issue. Put simply, the workflow required for old school news sites and platforms doesn’t work in this new world.

Think about it. How convenient is it to post an article on mobile?
On like, any CMS you can think of?

Not very. This means sites like Medium (and traditional CMS systems like WordPress and Drupal) lose out whenever audiences on their phones.

Yet it’s not just limited to them either. No, the same goes for news reporting too. Want to cover a Nintendo Direct? Yeah, good luck doing that on an iPad, since taking and uploading screenshots is hell and videos are even worse. Add glacial upload speeds, fiddly buttons in website interfaces and awkward plugins telling you how hard to read your work is, and things just become a complete nightmare.

But we want to fix this. We want a world where reporting the news is super simple, lightning fast and convenient for everyone. One where authors can write a beautiful story on the bus back from work without worrying that their 3G connection will fail while they’re doing so. Where users can read articles even while offline. Where modern, futuristic looking articles can be written and posted without the backing of a high-tech development team and thousands of dollars in media production skills.

Hence that’s why we’re redesigning Gaming Reinvented right now. Because in today’s smartphone era, the competition just isn’t good enough.

Full stop.

Detective Pikachu is Getting a Worldwide Release

It’s been heavily anticipated for a while now, but it’s now finally been confirmed by Nintendo. Yep, Detective Pikachu is now being released outside of Japan in Spring 2018. Here’s the official trailer confirming it courtesy of the official Pokemon YouTube channel:

As well as Nintendo of America’s Twitter post confirming its release on the 23rd March in said region:

In addition to the box art for said game (which looks as snazzy as ever):

Detective Pikachu Box Art

And finally, the amiibo the game will be getting in Japan. Oh sure, it may not look like much, but it’s an absolutely massive amiibo. Seriously, look at it next to the normal Pikachu one. It’s bloody huge!

Detective Pikachu Amiibo Comparison

So yeah, enjoy it Pokemon fans. You may have been waiting a while, but you’ll finally get to play Detective Pikachu in Spring this year.

Let’s just hope the upcoming movie lives up to the hype as well!

New GoldenEye 007 Mod Changes Bond’s Adventure to a Mario Game

Over the years, Mario has been in a wide variety of video game genres. He’s been in platformers of both the 2D and 3D varieties, as expected from the character. He’s had a role in racing games via the Mario Kart series and party games via Mario Party.

And well, where sports spinoffs are concerned, he’s no slouch there either. From tennis to golf and even horse racing, the plumber and friends have seemingly done it all.

Well, almost all of it. That’s because even now, there’s one genre Mario hasn’t stepped into. Namely, the First-Person Shooter.

Oh sure, he’s been in a lightgun esque game in the form of Yoshi’s Safari, Mario + Rabbids has gun style weapons and the various anime adaptations sometimes have realistic firearms in them:

But as far as actual gunplay goes, Mario’s experiences are limited. It’s like Nintendo just doesn’t see the potential of Mario and friends in an FPS title.

However, that doesn’t mean the fans can’t do so here. Oh no, as the title suggests, GoldenEye 007 for the N64 has now been modded into a Mario title, complete with all the characters being replaced with Mario series ones. So now you can get involved in deathmatches starring Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser:

Or blast your way through military bases filled with Koopas and Toads like something out of a bad Paper Mario fan fic.

Heck, it even has classic Mario 64 levels as arenas, like Big Boo’s Haunt and Bob-omb Battlefield!

It’s great fun, and a nice little mod for those people interested in a somewhat different take on the old classic. Oh, and it works on consoles too via the Everdrive. That’s nice to see, especially given how other mods (like most Super Mario 64 hacks) are too technically advanced for the actual systems they’re based on.

So yeah, give it a go if you think it sounds interesting. It could certainly provide a fresh take on both Bond and Mario, that’s for sure!


You can now play GoldenEye 007 with Mario Characters (N64 Today)