Mega Man Level Editor Mega Maker Has Been Released!

Remember that Mega Man level editor we mentioned a while back? The one that tried to be Mega Man’s Super Mario Maker?

Heck, we even an interview with its developers recently. It was pretty big news online then.

Yeah, it’s finally been released. You can download it from the official website.

Or one of the various mirrors they have up for the program.

So if you want to make your own Mega Man levels… now’s your chance! Just download the tool and you’ll be all set!


Mega Maker Official Website

Shiny Tapu Koko Released for Pokémon Sun and Moon

A while back, Nintendo announced that a special shiny version of Tapu Koko was going to be released for Pokémon Sun and Moon. This was as part of a Japanese movie campaign, and let players use a form of the Pokémon otherwise impossible to get in the normal game (legendaries like Tapu Koko are ‘shiny locked’ by default).

However, this annoyed a few non Japanese fans. After all, why was Japan the only ones seemingly getting this Pokémon? Why give out these shiny versions of Pokémon in only one region?

It all seemed like a bit of a waste. Or more precisely, another opportunity where those outside of Japan got a bit screwed over.

But now that’s all changed! Why? Because now the shiny version of Tapu Koko is being given out through the game’s ‘Mystery Gift’ functionality worldwide! As a result, people in Europe and America can download it to their game too!

So every Pokémon Sun and Moon player can get this version of Tapu Koko until the promotion ends on August 14th 2017.

But how good is it? Is it worth getting this version of Tapu Koko for anything other than collection’s sake?

Definitely. Tapu Koko is one of the best new Pokémon in the entire game. An Electric/Fairy type Island Guardian legendary from Melemele Island, its useful ability and moveset has made it a fixture on a number of tournament winning Pokémon teams.

And well, the format of the giveaway makes it even better. Why?

Because as far as I know, Mystery Gift isn’t limited by your progress in the actual game. You can use Mystery Gift the minute you start the game and get said Pokémon the second you reach the first city.

This means you can get a Tapu Koko before even the first Trial. Which is pretty damn impressive given how normally it’s only available after defeating the Pokémon League at the end of the whole game.

So yeah, get it as soon as possible. Because once you do, absolutely nothing will put up much of a fight afterwards!

Glitch Makes Hinox and Talus Medals Impossible to get in Zelda Breath of the Wild

After defeating the final boss in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, you can ask to speak to Kilton about various bosses found throughout Hyrule. By doing this, he’ll tell you how many are left to kill, and give you a nice medal if you’ve defeated all of them.

But it seems that doesn’t work in Master Mode. Why?

Because like every other enemy in the game, the bosses get ranked up to their stronger forms. Which is all fair enough. It makes them tougher to defeat in the game’s hard mode.

However, it seems said rank also screwed up the code for counting boss defeats. As a result, Kilton will now ‘not count’ more than half the Stone Talus and Hinox in Hyrule towards their respective boss defeated totals.

And since you need to defeat them all for the medals? This in turn makes the medals completely unobtainable.

Here’s a video illustrating the effects with a Stone Talus and a Hinox:

So which one are affected? Well, any that rank up that’s what. Because of this, the following overworld bosses do indeed count towards the medal counter:

  • All Igneo Talus in the game (they have no stronger form, hence aren’t affected by Master Mode)
  • All Frost Talus in the game (see above)
  • Any Rare Stone Talus that carry over from normal mode (since they’re at the ‘max’ level)
  • Any Black Hinox that carry over from normal mode (again, they’re at max level)
  • The Hinox used for the ‘Hinox Brothers’ shrine quest (they don’t rank up for story reasons)
  • As well as the Stone Talus on the Great Plateau (they didn’t decide to make it more difficult).

Either way, here’s a map showing the locations of all bosses that still count towards the medals

Working Boss Locations Map

So don’t worry if Kilton isn’t giving you the Hinox or Stone Talus Medal of Honour. Cause thanks to a bug in the game, it’s impossible to get them anyway.

Relax and wait for Nintendo to patch the glitch instead.


PSA: Kilton’s Monster Medals of Honour are Unobtainable in Master Mode (Reddit)

Castlevania TV Show Producer Wants to Work on a Metroid Adaptation

A few days ago, the animated Castlevania TV series aired on Netflix. And surprisingly, it’s actually turned out to be pretty good! Indeed, the reviews have been positive, people have actually watched the series on a regular basis… Heck, it’s done so well that a second season has already been greenlit for it!

It’s a prime example of a video game adaptation done well. But it seems series producer Adi Shankar doesn’t want to stop with Castlevania! Oh no, as Nintendo Life shows in their interview, he has an interest in a Metroid adaptation too!

Here are his comments about it from the interview (as well as the question he answered with said comments):

What other video game series would you like to adapt?

Dark Metroid in the same anime style.

As you can see, he has an interest in a Metroid adaptation too. And you know what?

I agree with him. A Metroid adaptation is a great idea, and seems like the perfect one to market the Metroid series to a large audience. I mean, we’ve already got some great Metroid games coming out about now. And Nintendo does want to move into TV and movies at some point down the line.

So it’s a perfect fit.

However, let me give him some quick advice:

Ignore everything Yoshio Sakamoto tells you.

Seriously. He may have been an artist on the original Metroid game, but he’s not the series kingpin with a flawless vision for how the franchise should work. He’s not the not the series creator nor the guy who should be writing the story.

And if you need proof of that… well, look at Metroid Other M. That was exactly what he wanted a Metroid game to be, and the story turned out to be a bit of a train wreck. It was everything the fans didn’t want from a Metroid story. With a Samus portrayal miles from what the fans expected.

Contrast to the Prime series, which Sakamoto had limited involvement in. That was extremely well received and had the best selling games in the entire series.

So if you do decide to adapt Metroid… base it more on that. Or on the original games on the NES and SNES.

Because that’s the version of Metroid that sells. The version people will actually want as a TV series.

Good luck, and I do hope you succeed in getting to make a Metroid adaptation!


Castlevania TV Series Producer Adi Shankar Review (Nintendo Life)

New ARMS Update Adds Max Brass and More!

Yes, it’s finally happened. Thanks to the new update ARMS has received today, Max Brass has now been added to ARMS as a playable character. He’s got all the abilities from his boss fight, comes with his signature ARMS and even has his special Sky Arena stage included with him.

So if you wanted to main Max Brass, now you can. Your favourite Johnny Bravo style commissioner is now a playable character in the game!

However, as amazing as he is, he’s not the only addition here. Oh no, quite a few other things have been tweaked or added too.

Including an interesting mode called Hedlock Scramble. This mode adds a capsule containing the Headlock mask in the middle of the arena. By breaking it, players can take control of Hedlok for a short period of time.

It’s a neat addition, and certainly varies up the gameplay in ARMS. So it’s available to play in local multiplayer, or in Party Mode matches online.

And that’s still not all. Oh no, a fewmore minor options have been added as well. These include a Stats option (to check what fighter you’ve used most and your ARMS accuracy) and an events one that lets you decide whether you want to be part of official events.

Obviously they’re not major additions, but they’re neat extras none the less.

Yet the changes don’t end there! Oh no, Nintendo’s also made a few dozen bug fixes and quality of life improvements as well.

For example, Snake Park has now been replaced by Sky Arena in ranked mode. So if you’re one of those pro players annoyed by the gimmick (random discs you can move around on), you won’t have to deal with it much longer.

That’s good for the competitive scene, and shows Nintendo will balance or replace gimmicky arenas as necessary to make it more fair.

Which is also something you can say about the bug fixes too. Because oh boy, Nintendo has implemented a lot of them with this update.

For instance, Ribbon Girl used to have a bug where she’d hover in the air for a bit too long while attacking. That’s now gone, to balance things out a bit more.

Other fixes made include:

  • A fix for explosive ARMS not exploding in certain situations.
  • Another one for ARMS not working after getting caught on the floor.
  • A raise for highest rank in Ranked Mode (it’s now 20)
  • Fixes for stages like Ribbon Ring and the Scrapyard where certain obstacles wouldn’t break when they were meant to.

Plus all manner of damage changes and other balance fixes too. You can find a full list of those here on Nintendo of America’s support page.

So go and get the update right away. Because the new character, modes and fixes make it 100% worth getting.


ARMS Update Details (Nintendo of America)