Doom and Wolfenstein II The New Colossus Coming to Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Directs are all about surprises. They’re not about the major games you know of in advance, but about the ones you never expected to see become real. The Mario Party and Metroid 2 remakes. The Hyrule Warriors style game with Fire Emblem. The new Yoshi game you never even knew was in development prior to the Direct.

And that’s certainly the case with these games too. Why?

Because as it turns out, the 2016 version of Doom and Wolfenstein II The New Colossus are both headed to Nintendo Switch! Yep, these two amazing M rated FPS games by Bethesda… are on their way to a Nintendo platform.

Here’s the trailer from the Direct proving it:

As you can tell, they’re damn good versions of the games too. Seriously, go and compare Doom on Switch to Doom on PS4. The differences are surprisingly minimal (especially outside of lighting effects):

Doom Comparison

It’s impressive as all hell really. Especially when you consider one thing.

Namely, that Nintendo third party support has always been spotty at best. They missed out on lots of N64 and Gamecube era games. The Wii got dumbed down ports of games on the Xbox 360 and PS3…

Heck, even the old Wii U only got third party support up to a few months after launch.

Hence seeing these triple A titles heading Switch ways actually shows a lot of promise for the system in general. It shows that unlike before, third parties are serious about Nintendo consoles.

And in general? It shows that the days of lazy cash-ins and rail shooter spinoffs are over.

So, thanks Nintendo and Bethesda. Thanks for showing us that the Switch can get third party support here, as well as some of the games found on the Xbox One and PS4.

It’s amazing to see this stuff finally come to a Nintendo system.

Mario Party The Top 100 Announced for 3DS!

When we heard a Nintendo Direct was being presented yesterday, we had a fair few ideas in regards to what games would be featured. There was Super Mario Odyssey, which everyone expected given Nintendo based the entire event around.
There was ARMS and Splatoon 2, which almost everyone expected to see updates for.
And then there were the usual crazy predictions. Like a new Super Smash Bros game for the Switch being revealed at random. Or Mother 3 getting its long-awaited localisation.

But one series no one expected here was Mario Party. Especially not a best of Mario Party collection featuring mini games from all across the series!

Yep as the game’s name suggests, Mario Party The Top 100 is a compilation title featuring 100 of the best mini games from throughout the series. And don’t expect only ‘new’ content here either. Oh no, as the Mario Wiki list shows, games from all 10 main titles are included here. That means if you liked Tug o’ War, Bumper Balls, Booksquirm or any number of other classics, they’re all here.

Bumper Balls Screen

However, that’s not all the game has here. Nope, according to the official description it also has board game play too!

You can even set the number of turns for board-game play!

This implies something of a familiar Mario Party mode will be included as well. What’s more, with the ‘number of turns’ thing, it doesn’t seem to be car based either.

So yeah, if you’re a retro Mario Party fan, it does seem to have everything you’d want.

However, there’s still one thing that puts me off here.

And that’s the whole choice of platform. Put simply, why is this game on 3DS at all?

Because Mario Party (and party games in general) don’t really work well on handhelds. I mean, you might see the odd person play them with friends there. Like in a Japanese school where kids bring their 3DS to every class or so. Or at a 3DS meet up thing they sometimes do here and there.

But that’s not the situation they’re really best for. They’re best for people playing with a bunch of friends around a giant TV with alcohol flowing freely nearby. In other words, for a party.

Which is where a home console is absolutely perfect here. You just need one system, one copy of the game and a few controllers to use. Heck, the Switch even gives you the latter built in with the Joy-Cons!

So, Mario Party The Top 100 seems like it’d better for the Switch than the 3DS. That’s where the market for the game would be after all. And it’s where people would actually have access to the multiplayer functionality on a regular basis.

Still, it’s a good start none the less. Let’s just hope Nintendo decides it’s getting a Switch port/remake sometime in the future!

More Details Emerge About Zelda Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo

As you likely know by this point, the next DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is being released in the 2017 holiday period. This pack will include new armour, a new storyline, a new dungeon as well as various other additions to keep it interesting.

But it won’t just include that content in game. Oh no, it’ll also be released with special amiibo based on the game’s champions too.

Unfortunately, no release was ever initially given for the amiibo. Well, until now.

That’s because in a very short presentation included in yesterday’s Direct, Nintendo gave the champion amiibo’s release date as November 10th 2017. So, if you’re an amiibo collector (or Zelda fan in general), that’s when they’ll be available.

And that in turns leads to a few other interesting hints too. Why?

Well, think about it. What else don’t we have a release date for?

Answer: The actual DLC pack in question.

However, we do know it’s coming out in late 2017. Which coincidentally, is exactly where the champion amiibo’s November 10th release date lies.

So, it seems quite likely that the DLC pack will be released near the amiibo.

We also found out that each amiibo unlocks a Divine Beast themed helmet for the Ancient Armour too. These pieces will in turn have their own ‘special functionality’ which will be revealed nearer the time.

Ruta Divine Helm

Rudania Divine Helm

Medoh Divine Helm

Naboris Divine Helm

They also summon materials and weapons related to the champions, with the latter being the ones you get for clearing a Divine Beast dungeon. So if you want a copy of the Boulder Breaker or Lightscale Trident… here’s your chance. It’s certainly useful for anyone who didn’t get to exploit the World Reset glitch!

Champion weapons

And that’s pretty much everything we know here. It’s not much, but it’s a decent extra teaser none the less.

Let’s just hope theother stuff coming in DLC pack 2 is worth the wait as well!

Nintendo Takes Down Super Mario 64 Online… Trailer

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of fan projects get taken down by companies like Nintendo. There was AM2R, which was taken down prior to Samus Returns being announced. There was Project M, which suspiciously ceased development in late 2014.

And with everything from Super Mario Bros X to Pokémon Uranium being affected at one time or another, it’s quite clear the company is more defensive about their IPs than they used to be. Heck, there are so many examples we wrote an article about all of them in 2016!

So, with Super Mario 64 Online hitting the spotlight, it’s quite clear Nintendo wanted it removed from the internet. Hence, they tried to get it taken down.

Yeah, note the wording there. They tried.

Unfortunately for them however, Super Mario 64 Online doesn’t really include copyrighted content in it. Instead, the download is merely an exe file which launches the online functionality.

As a result of this, there’s not much Nintendo can do about it. The program simply doesn’t contain their intellectual property, and merely patches it to a ROM on the fly rather than providing a game for anyone to directly open and play.

So, while they did manage to take down the launch trailer, that’s all that happened. The links to the download still work. The website and forum is fine. Heck, even the other videos of the game on Kaze’s channel are still up as of this article.

It’s a pretty good result all round, at least where fan works are concerned.

Let’s just hope nothing worse happens to the project in future…

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 New Direct Trailer and Release Date

A full new trailer detailing this anime like game, of its many factions/landmass, gameplay and its release date! Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is due out on December 1st 2017 pending any delays. But that’s not all for this game:



It comes with a special edition featuring a CD, a metal case and a 220 page art book. Plus:




A Xenoblade 2 themed Switch controller which can be purchased on its own. No price point given yet.