An Beta Cutscene Has Been Found in WarioWare Gold

Here at Gaming Reinvented, we’re big fans of unused content in games. Whether it’s the early Guardian designs from Breath of the Wild, the cut characters in Mario Kart Wii or Mario being playable in Luigi’s Mansion, it’s clear that every game’s development cycle is filled with interesting ideas and content that didn’t make the cut for the final product.

Which is why we’re so happy to see that unused content has already been datamined from WarioWare Gold on 3DS! Yep, as posted by Ehm from the Cutting Room Floor Wiki, an early version of Penny’s intro cutscene exists in the files of WarioWare Gold. And it’s from such an early stage in development that it actually uses hand drawn sketches by the game’s character designer Ko Takeuchi in place of the artwork used in the final game!

Here’s a tweet showing off some of the frames:

In addition to a video showing how it works out in game:

It’s actually pretty charming really, and in many cases, actually looks quite a bit more interesting than the final cutscene does. Hell, we’d certainly check out a WarioWare game with an art style like this, even if it was just used for a single cutscene or extra souvenir.

But what do you think about it? Do you find it interesting to see this sort of content in video games, especially this soon after the game’s release?

Would you play a WarioWare game that looked like Ko Takeuchi’s sketches?

Tell us what you think either on social media or over at the Gaming Latest forums!


Leftover Test Video in WarioWare Gold (Ehm on Twitter)

A Metroid Has Been Found in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze!

As you know, there haven’t exactly been a shortage of cameos in Nintendo titles. Whether it’s Mario enemies in the Zelda series, Link and Samus in Mario RPG or more obscure stuff like Dr Arewo Stein from For the Frog the Bell Tolls in Wario Land 3 and 4, the company has never been shy of including references to their other games in the various titles.

Above: This guy is actually from another Nintendo game

And with Donkey Kong Country itself featuring cameos from Mr Game & Watch, Samus’ ship and various third-party characters in the SNES titles, it’s no surprise another Metroid reference would be present in the latest title.

What is surprising though is what said cameo happens to be. Why? Because unlike before, it’s not just a piece of static imagery. No, as it turns out, it’s an actual Metroid that can be seen in the background of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze!

Yep, as found by Shane Marchis on Twitter, a keen Tropical Freeze player can actually see one of the titular creatures appearing in the background of Amiss Abyss, though it’s not visible at first glance.

Instead, you have to go forward past a certain point in the stage, then return past a damaging underwater obstacle to get a glimpse of the creature, which then appears rather clearly in the background of the stage.

Here’s his Tweet showing it in the game:

As well as a video showing how you get it to appear:

It’s pretty out of the way, and it’s not surprising no one else found this creature in Amiss Abyss prior to this.

But hey, it’s a pretty neat easter egg none the less, and one that just makes you wonder what other stuff developers have hidden in the backgrounds of their games. Maybe Tropical Freeze has more Metroid references than this! Or maybe other Mario games have neat background details you can spot, who knows.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Still, what do you think? Do you like the cameo here? What other similar easter eggs have you found in Nintendo games?

Tell us what you think in the comments below or on social media today!


Shane Marchis’ Post on Twitter

Fortnite is Not Being Released on Google Play

Given its huge level of popularity at the moment, it’s no surprise Fortnite is getting released on Android later this year. After all, the game’s done hugely well in the last year or so, with 125 million players having experienced on across the various platforms it’s been released on, and the title became a household name virtually overnight as a result.

Having it available for the world’s most popular smartphone OS only seems like the next logical move here.

Above: Presumably it’ll look like the iOS version shown here

Except here’s the thing:

Fortnite is not being released on Google Play. Nope.

Instead, anyone who wants to play it from Android has to download the installer from Epic Games’ website, then add it to their phone from here. It’s nothing too complicated here (just a generic APK file that you run like any other ‘unofficial’ Android app), but it’s an interesting set up none the less.

This is because (according to Epic Games), Google’s 30% cut of the Play Store profits is too high for what they actually do, meaning it makes more business sense to distribute it independently and cut out the middle man.

It’s an interesting decision by the company, and one we’ve generally not seen app developers make before. But is it a good one?

Well to be honest, we’re not that sure. Firstly, how many people actually download apps from websites rather than stores nowadays?

We’d hazard a guess and say ‘very few’. Indeed, as a rule of thumb, most people tend to stick the app stores where apps for smartphones are concerned, with only a small percentage using unofficial app stores or sideloaded apps on their phones.

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An Unused Track Has Been Found in Mario Kart Wii After 10 Years

When it comes to unused content, there’s actually a surprising amount to be found in Mario Kart Wii. You’ve got emblems for unused characters, like Hammer Bro and Petey Piranha. You’ve got a whole mission system that resembles the one in the DS game (albeit without any real mission date included). And well, there are quite a few unused items in there too, like a Wiggler, Fireball and Chain Chomp.

However, now it seems another interesting discovery has been made in the game. Namely, an unused track that appears to be an earlier version of Bowser’s Castle from the final game. This track was found by a YouTuber by the name of KevinVG207, who made a fascinating video about the discovery and its development history here:

And what a history is it. For starters, it appears that Bowser’s Castle began development shortly after the game was initially shown off E3 2007, while the final version was only finished around March 21st 2008, only about a month before the game’s release. This hints that quite a few things had changed over time, and that for some reason, the early version of Bowser’s Castle was scrapped or redone from the ground up for the final game.

It also turns out that the track was created in a piece of software called Jmap by a developer called Kosuke Yabuki, better known ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. So, it seems like our favourite ARMS producer was also responsible for Bowser’s Castle in Mario Kart Wii, which is a pretty neat detail (and yes, he is also listed in the data for the final course too).

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Wario Takes Over the 3DS eShop to Promote WarioWare Gold

When it comes to crazy marketing moves, Wario has always been the king as far as Nintendo is concerned. He’s tried to brainwash customers into buying Super Mario Land 2 and destroying Mario. He’s promoted his Wii U title through a parody crowdfunding campaign called ‘Crowdfarter’.

And now with WarioWare Gold, it seems he’s taken over the 3DS eShop too! Yep, in an effort to promote WarioWare Gold outside of Japan, Nintendo have now redone the eShop to put Wario’s face front and centre on every game he’s in. For example, he’s now the star of Mario Kart 7 and Super Smash Bros for 3DS:

Wario Advertising Mario Kart 7

Wario Advertising Super Smash Bros

As well as the face on every other menu option too. Even the options for demos, videos and other basic eShop categories now have Wario or his WarioWare Inc friends taking centre stage. It’s a great way to market the game and provides the type of ‘hostile show takeover’ setup that suits Wario oh so well.

What’s more, this style of marketing doesn’t end with the eShop either. Nope, even Nintendo’s PR email for the demo maintains the ‘show takeover’ setup, with the entire message being written in character as if Wario sent it to advertise his own product:

WarioWare PR Email

It’s a great advertising gimmick, and one that ties in really well with WarioWare as a whole.

So, kudos Nintendo. You’ve actually been really damn creative when advertising this one, and it may well pay off for WarioWare Gold when it releases on July 27th!