New Zelda Breath of the Wild Patch ‘Fixes’ World Reset Glitch

Yesterday, Nintendo released an update for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. This update made various changes to the game, with the most major being a new feature that let you get items in game by reading news articles about the title in a Nintendo Switch app.

However, it also fixed a few bugs. Like the annoying Kilton one that stopped him giving you those medals for killing overworld bosses.

But there was a downside too. Namely, it also fixed the world reset glitch.

Yep, the one that let you get infinite Korok seeds and items is now fixed. Gone. Kaput. Doesn’t work anymore, regardless of what you do.

And that’s pretty bad for completionists. It means Korok seed collecting is now back to taking hundreds of hours, items like the Champion Weapons are limited in number again and we have to actually buy or find all those arrows we want.

It’s pretty annoying to be honest.

But it’s understandable none the less. After all, it is a glitch that breaks much of the game. So in that sense, Nintendo was perfectly right to fix it.

And hey, they did avoid fixing other bugs that didn’t have such major effects too. Like horse clipping or bomb clipping. So it’s not a complete write off on the glitch front.

Just one that’ll annoy Zelda speedrunners and glitch fans.

Still, what do you think?

Are you disappointed they fixed this useful trick? Or are you just happy they’re focusing their efforts on fixing issues with the game none the less?

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Metroid-Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL

Coming to select retailers on September 15th 2017 to celebrate the release of Metroid: Samus Returns, is this special designed New Nintendo 3DS handheld. Currently its not known if this will come with the game installed on it and like all other New 3DS models, this won’t have a power cord included.

ARMS is Getting an Update Next Week!

Well, this came from nowhere! Apparently, ARMS is actually getting a new update next week, with balance patches and possible new content!

Here’s the tweet confirming it from the official Japanese account for the game:

As well as a quick translation telling you what the tweet says in English:

News flash!

The ARMS League has announced an update for the game. This update will include balance fixes for the game, and will be available next week.

More information is coming soon, so please wait for our next report.

But what does this all mean?

Well, let’s be realistic here. It probably doesn’t mean a huge amount of content changes in the most fan pleasing sense possible. So if your ideas for the update include lots of new characters, stages and modes… You’ll probably end up disappointed here.

Yet at the same time, it also seems like there’s something more than just balance fixes. That’s because the tweet itself hints that there’s more than meets the eye, with comments about extra information coming soon.

And that doesn’t make sense if it’s just bug fixes and game balance tweaks. Because they’d just say ‘a balance fix update’ is coming soon.

So it seems like new content is a possibility here. This goes well with a monthly update schedule, and means that either a new character, stage or extra ARMS will be made available for the title.

Which makes perfect sense considering the situation. Remember, ARMS has lost a lot of hype recently. It’s in a situation where it’s doing okay, but Splatoon 2 has taken its spotlight.

And that’s because even the DLC stuff like Max Brass is old news now. People are used to it. It’s just not exciting any more.

So to keep the excitement going, a new content update seems to be the most likely option here. It’s free press for Nintendo and this game.

But still, what do you think? Could the new ARMS update bring extra content in addition to balance changes and bug fixes?

Or is it really just going to be a simple balance patch and nothing else?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


ARMS Cobutter Update on Twitter

A MMO Version of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker is in Development!

You may remember how a week or so ago, we posted about a Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod in development for CEMU. This mod had pictures of multiple Links on screen, a shadow Link battle and all kinds of other content. The works basically. To the point half the mainstream media ended up writing about it.

Unfortunately, it also turned out to be fake. As you can find out in our follow up article or REGNR8’s video.

But hope isn’t lost for multiplayer Zelda modding! Oh no, it now seems there is a real Zelda multiplayer mod in development!

This mode (based on The Wind Waker and called Hero of the Winds) aims to turn the game into a full blown MMO with item sharing and co-op multiplayer!

So here’s a video discussing the mod by REGNR8:

As you can tell, it’s still in its really early days at the moment. Players don’t exist in the same world. Standard co-op multiplayer features don’t exist. And for the most part, things require a third party application to get working.

However, some aspects of the game do exist even now. For instance, you can send rupees to other players by pressing a button in the bundled app. This acts exactly like you’d expect, with the rupees coming from your wallet and ending up in the other person’s.

Additionally, it also seems to be setting up a system where you can gift other items (like bombs and arrows) to them, and comes with a nice built in chat system so you can view players online and talk to them about the game.

It’s an intriguing start for a system like this, and certainly shows promise.

But its creator (Melon Speedruns) cannot handle this alone. He needs help getting the game fully working with the system, as well as making it so multiplayer can interact in the same version of the Great Sea.

And that’s why it’s putting this news out there. He hopes that people will join him to improve on the setup, and eventually turn The Wind Waker into a full blown MMO with all the features of games like World of Warcraft. Or something similar.

So check it out, and maybe offer him your assistance if you can give it. Because if this project gets completed, it will be the biggest revolution the Zelda series has ever seen!

Thank you.

Beta Mission Mode Found in Mario Kart Wii!

Back when Mario Kart Wii came out, quite a few people were disappointed that mission mode was entirely absent. Yeah, we got online tournaments/competitions, and those had some elements of the same.

But they were also time specific, gave you no rankings or real sense of completion and came with very little in the way of boss battles. They were merely a poor man’s version of the same, and one which really never got much of a chance to shine.

However, it seems like Nintendo really did have plans to bring back mission mode at some point! Yep, as hacker and YouTuber MrBean3500VR found out, there’s still what appears to be remnants of the mode hidden in Mario Kart Wii!

Here’s his video explaining what he found:

As you can tell, there’s not much left. You’ve got what appears to be a chapter and mission select screen. A few options for manual or automatic drifting (which implies that like tournaments, some missions would only support one type). And some references to text that’s long been removed from the game.

Don’t expect to actually play any missions either. That’s because like the text, all mission data seems to be wiped from the disc as well. So yeah, it’s not like you’ve got beta tracks to go racing around in. Or some weird on screen version of the Topman battle in Galaxy Arena to try out.

Because it’s not possible. Instead, you’ve just got a few menus hinting at what could have been. A fantastic mode that would probably been received far better than Nintendo’s actual tournament setup.

So yeah, it’s a shame it was all scrapped. But hey, what do you think about it?

Are you a bit depressed that mission mode was actually planned at one point before scrapped from the game?

Or do you think the online tournaments/competitions are a good alternative?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or on the Gaming Latest forums today!