Out of Bounds in the Ruvo Korbah Shrine; Exploring Zelda Breath of the Wild’s Best Hidden Secret World

As you know from previous articles on Gaming Reinvented, there are quite a few interesting places you can reach with glitches in Zelda Breath of the Wild. You can go underneath the Yiga Clan Hideout, and skip the whole thing. End up inside the base of Hyrule Castle, or even running around on the final arena’s ceiling.

Heck, there’s even a giant void of randomness outside the Trial of the Sword! For anyone skilled in bomb clipping glitches (or with a good cheating device handy), Hyrule offers plenty of uncharted territory just ripe for exploring.

But with the introduction of the Champion’s Ballad DLC, another very interesting area has opened up to us too. Namely, the ‘secret rooms’ outside of the Ruvo Korbah shrine.

You see, like every other Test of Strength shrine in the game, the Ruvo Korbah shrine contains various rooms and passageways outside of the normal playing area. That’s because like said areas, it’s presumably been built using a generic shrine room as a base, with the actual playing field suspended above it as a development shortcut.

However, because said shrine isn’t a typical Test of Strength (instead being a ‘Major Test of Strength +’ situation), it actually contains even more intriguing secrets than normal.

Like for instance, this pool of water found under much of the floor. It’s not an escapable area and it doesn’t really lead you anywhere, but it does seem to be entirely pointless given the structure of the level around it. I mean, this isn’t straight underneath the floor for the ice effect. Nor are there any pools the player should be swimming in anywhere in the level.

Mysterious Pool of Water

So, there’s no reason for this pit to exist. Yet somehow it does, and in a structure so convolutely complicated it makes you wonder just what Nintendo was thinking here.

After all, right next to that pool of water is another one round the edges of the room. Like with the small one, this has no obvious escape point (or connection to the surface layout), yet it still seems to exist about 50 feet below the surface of the area.

And that’s not all that’s down there either. Oh no, as it turns out, there’s another layer of water just underneath the concrete floor too. However, this one does lead to various areas just outside of the waters, as well as this ominous gap near the back wall of the shrine:

Ominous Gap

What’s down there?

Well believe it or not, ANOTHER gigantic room you never usually explore in normal gameplay. This one has something interesting by the back wall though.

Another Gigantic Room

Namely, an area where Link just drops dead for no apparent reason. What’s more, he doesn’t just fade out and respawn at the entrance either, he respawns straight on this random death barrier and gets stuck in an endless death loop. This means that anyone who goes here literally cannot do anything close the game via the home button, since the cycle gives you no opportunity to even bring up the inventory or map screen.

Infinite Death Loop

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Nintendo Releases January 2017 Mini Nintendo Direct

It’s finally here! After days of online rumours, obviously Photoshopped mockups and tantalising social media posts, Nintendo has finally posted a Mini Nintendo Direct online. This time, it deals with various Nintendo Switch games being released in the first months of 2017, including DLC for titles like Super Mario Odyssey.

Here’s the video if you haven’t already seen it yourself:

As you can tell, there’s actually quite a bit here given how little notice we were given about the whole affair. There’s a new Mario Tennis game, DLC for Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids, various third-party game trailers and quite a bit more besides. Yeah, it’s not E3 level, and a far cry from any of the more advertised Directs… but it’s something to quench the thirst driven by the sheer lack of Nintendo news in recent days.

So, let’s go through it one day at a time, shall we? Starting with the DS port that no one ever expected to see…

The World Ends with You – Final Remix

Yup, you heard that right. An all new, improved version of the World Ends with You on Nintendo DS is now heading over to the Switch, and will be available to buy this year.

It’s not a huge remake and doesn’t add dozens of features, but it’s still nice to see none the less. Especially given how, well Square Enix has basically ignored the game for the best part of a decade (not counting the one mobile port three or four years back).

Pokken Tournament DX DLC

Following on from that we then get Pokken Tournament DX news. Namely, the news that DLC characters will be coming to the game later this year.

This translates to two packs of content, each with a new playable Pokemon fighter and two support characters go with them. Pack 1 has Aegislash as playable, as well as Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu as support characters, whereas pack 2 as Blastoise as a fighter as well as Mew and Celebi in support roles.

Playable Aegislash

And both new characters are pretty cool to be honest. Aegislash is an interesting Pokemon in the original series, with a clever stance change system likely opening up various possibilities, whereas Blastoise is a long-time fan favourite on par with Charizard and Mewtwo. Add to this how the new characters aren’t being introduced to the arcade version first, and well, it seems the developers have finally started treating the Switch version like the primary platform for the title.

Kirby Star Allies

Still, enough about the ports for no. Cause as everyone predicted, Kirby Star Allies got a new trailer in the Direct too. This time, focusing on new abilities like the Spider and Artist abilities, as well as the combined ones that let you merge two abilities into one. It’s a pretty neat addition to the Kirby series, especially given how artist creates hilarious handdrawn versions of classic friends and foes to fight alongside you.

Definitely looks like one to check out for Kirby fans. Heck, it even has a likely fan favourite villain in the style of Marx and Magolor to encounter too!

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

But hey, onto the new game in the presentation now. This time, it’s a port of Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Switch, complete with all DLC content from the past versions being included by default.

It’s a neat deal for those who don’t own the game, but to be honest, it kind of leaves us feeling a tad disappointed overall. Why?

Well from the trailer, it doesn’t really seem to do anything new with the idea. It’s Hyrule Warriors, it includes the content from before, and it’s on a new system. That’s it. There’s nothing else to see here.

And in a world where Mario Kart 8 Deluxe introduced a brand-new battle system and Pokken Tournament introduced new fighters… that’s perhaps not quite good enough anymore. A Switch version would have been the perfect time to bring Breath of the Wild elements into the ‘franchise’, yet Nintendo just ported the thing over and called it a day.

It’s disappointing really, especially when you consider the next few games shown off in the Direct…

Mario Tennis Aces

Like this surprisingly interesting looking Mario Tennis game. I mean, you remember Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, don’t you?

That Wii U game that was rather bland because of its uninspired characters, courts and gameplay options?

Yeah, we do too.

Which is why we’re happy that Mario Tennis Aces looks nothing like it. Gone are the lack of modes, in their place a brand-new story mode with enemies and bosses to fight along the way. Gone are the Wii U game’s lack of charm on the characters, with everyone seemingly have unique designs to go along with the sport now.

Vs Petey Piranha

And as far as general presentation goes, everything’s took a massive step forward there too. Damn, that ruins area with Petey Piranha looks bloody great for a Mario sports game, and the rest of the story mode seems quite ambitious too.

So, it’s definitely one to look forward to, even if it’s not quite on the level of the N64 game or Power Tennis just yet.

Super Mario Odyssey DLC

However, despite the new games and ports, that doesn’t mean existing Switch titles are being left out here. Oh no, Super Mario Odyssey is getting free DLC later this year too, which adds a new mode called Luigi’s Balloon World to the formula.

Luigi's Balloon World

It’s… an interesting concept. Basically, you get 30 seconds to hide a balloon anywhere you like in one of Odyssey’s kingdoms. Then, others players can take on your challenge online and try and find said balloon themselves, with players getting coins in both situations. In Nintendo’s own words, it’s pretty much a challenge run setup for the game, with each balloon being like a mini speedrun.

It’s a creative concept, and it’s certainly rather unexpected as a result, especially given all the interest in Luigi as a playable character.

However, we’re not quite sure whether it’s the best one for this point in time. After all, Luigi being playable would have a lot more appeal to many people, and general new content ideas like extra levels or Moons probably would gotten more hype than this thing would.

Still, it’s a freebie, and with the speedrunning scene getting so advanced in recent months, likely one that’s going to offer quite a lot of replay value for Mario fans everywhere.

And for the people who want a new character… there’s a DLC update for them too…

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Playable Donkey Kong

Aka Donkey Kong being a new playable character in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Can’t say much about this one, other than that he seems like he’ll be fun to play and that his intro trailer is every bit as good as you’d hoped it’d be.

Playable DK

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

And hey, talking about Kongs… guess what other game is coming to the Switch?

Yeah, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze! It’s a great game to see on the Switch, especially given how it’s original Wii U release date kind of screwed it over.

But it’s not hitting the Switch unchanged. Oh no, the game’s got a new character to play as that acts like an easy mode.

Funky Kong

Playable Funky Kong

Oh yes, he’s now gone from shopkeeper to playable, just like Cranky Kong did before him. And also, just like Cranky Kong, Funky’s actually one hell of a badass when he’s playable too. He’s got infinite corkscrew charges underwater, doesn’t need an air meter to breath, can do fancy tricks with his surfboard and even ride the latter across spikes without being harmed. In other words, he’s the god mode guy everyone thought he’d be in the olden days.

If you’ve missed out on it, it’s definitely a game to check on its release this May 4th.

Dark Souls Remastered

Which brings us to the last big announcement of the Direct. The one no one saw coming (unless they follow known video game leakers on YouTube).

Dark Souls Remastered

Yes, it’s real. Dark Souls is getting remastered for the Nintendo Switch.

There’s not much to say about this one. It’s Dark Souls, it’s a good game and it’ll be a damn good experience if you’re into that sort of title. It’s also likely not going to be the last Dark Souls game to hit the Switch either, since while only the 1st game’s remaster has been announced, one of Laura Kate Dale’s sources on Kotaku indicates that Bandai Namco intends to bring all three to Switch at some point. So, if you want the full Dark Souls experience… you’ll soon be able to have it on a Nintendo system.

Other Announcements

However, those games above aren’t the only ones mentioned in the Direct today. No, quite a few other third-party titles were included too. These are:

  • Ys 8
  • Payday 2
  • ACA NeoGeo Art of Fighting 2 (available today on eShop)
  • SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
  • Dragon Quest Builders (a demo is available today)
  • Celeste
  • Fe (Oh hey, it’s the game that unintentionally leaked the Direct!)

It’s a good selection for the start of 2018, and a real indication the Switch’s second year could be every bit as great as its first.

But hey, what do you think of it all? Did you like the announcements at today’s Nintendo Direct? What games excite you most based on what you’ve seen here?

Have your say here in the comments or on Gaming Latest’s forums today!

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima is Pushing for a Super Mario Bros Movie

A while back, Nintendo announced they had plans to adapt their series to other mediums. Obviously Super Nintendo World was one result of this (being part of Universal Studios’ theme park based on their titles), but adaptations to TV, movies and animation were said to be in the works as well, with Nintendo planning to work with partnered companies to produce such works.

And when it comes to a Mario movie, well it seems like Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima is even keener on the idea than you’d ever imagine. Why? Because as he said in a recent interview with the Kyoto Shimbun, he hopes to make an agreement with a partner about a Mario movie soon, complete with a following announcement and a full release by 2020. Here’s the article about said comment courtesy of our friends at Japanese Nintendo.

It’s a surprising statement from the Nintendo CEO, and provides good evidence that the rumours of Illumination Entertainment working on such a movie could be accurate.

However, you then have to wonder:

Would a new Mario movie really be a good idea in the first place?

I mean, not only did the first attempt go horribly wrong, but most of the other ones went pretty badly wrong as well. It’s a series that’s been plagued by ‘adaptation decay’ to the point it used to take up half the TV Tropes page.

And that’s only logical given that Mario doesn’t really have much of a story so to speak of. The RPGs do yes, but the actual main platformers Nintendo likely wants adapted? It’s rarely more complex than ‘Peach is kidnapped by Bowser’, with even the likes of Odyssey only adding a few small tweaks to the formula.

As a result, it’s kind of hard to imagine what Illumination Entertainment (or whoever else gets the rights now) could do with the series. Are they going to give the movie an excuse plot padded with random set pieces? Try and come up with a logical story that doesn’t tie into any of the games? Set up an alternate universe in the same way as the cartoon series, movie, comic books and anime film?

It’s difficult to know, and even more difficult to get right.

Which is not gonna be helped much by the push for a relatively early release date. After all, 2020 isn’t that far away, and it’s no time at all for a movie or game release. The fact Nintendo suggests that’s even possible implies the company just wants the film out as quickly as possible, and isn’t willing to give it much time for careful thought or even much of a post-production process.

But hey, it’s interesting to hear none the less. So, what do you think about it all? Are you happy that Nintendo seems so keen on a Mario movie? Worried about it given the lack of story to adapt in the franchise?

Give your thoughts on the matter (and more) in the comments below or on social media today!


Super Mario Bros. movie should be ready for 2020! (Japanese Nintendo)

Student Team Showcases Nifty 3D Kid Icarus Demo

As you know, we’re pretty fond of promoting great fan games and projects here on Gaming Reinvented. We’ve interviewed many of their developers, posted about almost every hack Kaze Emanuar has worked on and generally tried to support the community wherever possible.

Which is why we just had to post about this nifty Kid Icarus remake demo too. Created by a team of students for a school project, it reimagines the NES title as a 3D adventure game in a style similar to that found in the 3DS sequel.

Here’s a trailer if you haven’t seen it already:

As you can tell, it looks pretty good for what it is. Oh sure, it’s not the fanciest fan project in the world, and the big remakes like Mario 64 HD and Project Eventide definitely look fancier than it.

Yet as a student project made in only 7 weeks it’s bloody incredible. It’s not an asset swap, it doesn’t chuck you into the deep end without telling you how things work and overall, it generally does feel like the team laid out a game’s first level in a logical manner. That’s certainly better than much of the crud you see on Steam. Or being peddled on app stores like it’s going out fashion.

So yeah, congrats guys. If you improve the graphics a bit, implement some more Kid Icarus characters and gameplay elements and finish a few more levels, you’ll have a damn decent fan game based on the franchise.

Let’s just hope Nintendo doesn’t shut it down first!

Nintendo Files Trademark for 1080 Snowboarding

Back in the olden days, Nintendo made a couple of sports games with more realistic settings and gameplay. Named 1080 Snowboarding and Wave Race respectively, these games become pretty big on the N64, before being followed up by better sequels on the GameCube and vanishing in history therefore after.

Fortunately for fans though, it seems hope may be at hand here. Why? Because as Pixelpar shows us on Twitter, Nintendo have just filed a new trademark for 1080° Snowboarding. This implies the company hasn’t given up on the whole deal, and actually does see potential for the franchise in future.

And it makes us wonder what exactly could be in store here. Okay, it’s quite possible it could be something uninteresting. Like say, a Virtual Console released on the inevitable Switch Virtual Console post Nintendo Direct.

But at the same time, it brings a bit of hope that an all new game could be coming for the system instead. That’s good news for sports game fans, as well as for Nintendo fans in general. After all, Nintendo’s always struggled to get those types of games on their system, and games in the snowboarding genre have gotten even rarer in the last few years as well.

So, to see this trademark brings a bit of hope back to the whole deal. Perhaps even illustrates that even seemingly forgotten N64 era franchises like this one won’t be completely forgotten by the company or the industry as a whole.

However, what do you think? Are you happy Nintendo seemingly remembers 1080 Snowboarding? What could this trademark registration actually mean?

Post your thoughts on the matter here or at the Gaming Latest forums today!