The Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC/Update FAQ

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The Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC/Update FAQ

A few days ago, Nintendo released a major update for Luigi’s Mansion 3. This update not only added support for the extra ScareScraper themes and ScreamPark games included in the first multiplayer DLC pack, but also included a couple of nifty free extras too, like a sound test and a 20 floor option for the ScareScraper.

There’s quite a lot of new stuff here, especially if you take the changelog on Nintendo’s own official site as a source.

However, that list doesn’t give the full picture, since Next Level Games actually edited a lot more of the game than we initially thought. In fact, they edited so much of the ScareScraper, that it’s almost a different mode compared to the one available at launch.

So in this FAQ, we’re gonna clear everything up, by answering every question you might possibly have about the DLC pack and update.


Starting with the one everyone was likely asking when the update got released…

Wasn’t this DLC pack meant to be released at the end of April?

Kind of. Nintendo’s official site for the game said it was due to be released by April 30th 2020. Not on April 30th 2020. By that date.

DLC Release Date

Careful wording there Ninty!

We all just assumed it’d be released on that exact date instead.

So why did they release it now?

Not sure. Maybe as a way to celebrate Luigi’s Mansion 3 being nominated for the Best Multiplayer Game award at the BAFTAs.

LM3 Multiplayer BAFTA

The ScareScraper and ScreamPark are fun, but this may be a bit of a stretch.

No, we’re not making that one up:

Huh okay then. What’s included in this DLC? How about the update released along with it?

  1. Three new ScareScraper themes, based on Castle MacFrights, Tomb Suites and The Dance Hall respectively
  2. Three costumes that Luigi can wear in the ScareScraper, which put the relevant floor type into the type rotation
  3. Another three ScreamPark mini games, called Dodgebrawl, River Bank and Tricky Ghost Hunting
  4. A sound test, where you can listen to all the music
  5. An additional floor option for the ScareScraper (you can now play 20 floor games)
  6. Lots of new ghost types to catch (again in the ScareScraper)
  7. An updated attack pattern for Boolossus
  8. A solo practice mode for the ScreamPark
  9. Plus numerous bug fixes

Which of those is included in the free update, and which are DLC exclusive?

The following features are DLC exclusive:

  1. The Polterpup flashlight
  2. The new ScreamPark games
  3. Those new costumes Luigi can wear

Wait, that’s it?

Pretty much. The sound test, 20 floor option and extra ghosts/themes can all either be gotten for free, or experienced for free with the help of someone who owns the DLC.

Seems surprisingly generous, doesn’t it?

Yeah. But hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


Okay then. How do the ScareScraper themes work?

By changing the ScareScraper to look/function like their respective areas from the main game. The medieval one brings the visuals from Castle MacFrights, and adds in things like suits of armour and that infamous cage room. The Egyptian one is Tomb Suites themed, and includes mummies as enemies. And the disco one… well it’s themed after the Dance Hall, but we’re not sure what changes on a mechanical level.

How do you activate them?

You activate them by either having Luigi wear the appropriate costume, or being in a game with someone who has their Luigi wear the appropriate costume.

Wait, what?

Okay, let me explain. Basically, as long as at least one player is wearing a certain costume, the game will have a one in whatever chance of loading that costume’s theme on the next floor.

So if players have Luigi dressed as Sir Luigi and Grooivigi, then you’ll get floors based on Castle MacFrights and the Dance Hall, but none based on Tomb Suites.

ScareScraper Game Setup

Tomb Suites themed floors won’t appear in this situation

So it’s floor specific? You’re not tied to one theme the whole game?

Yep, it’s floor specific. Every floor in a ScareScraper game can potentially have any one of the available themes, providing at least one player is wearing the relevant costume. Hence if all four players have Luigi in a different outfit, any of the floor themes represented by those outfits could pop up at any time.

Does that also apply to the default hotel one?

Sure. That one can appear as well.

There’s always a chance that the game will load a standard ScareScraper floor instead of a themed one, regardless of what costumes players have Luigi wearing at the time.

So you can have a knight running around a disco, and disco dan exploring a pyramid?


How do I equip those costumes?

In one of two ways.

Firstly, there’s a menu option called Change Costume, which lets you select the costume from a fancy character select style interface.

Or alternatively, you can press up/down on the analogue stick while waiting to start a ScareScraper game to switch costumes there.

Huh, interesting. Can I experience the new floor themes in single player?

In theory yes, but they’re pretty rare. In the last 10 floor solo ScareScraper game we played, we had exactly three floors with the Tomb Suites/Egyptian theme.

Solo Themed Floor

Here’s a disco themed floor we experienced in a solo game

How do boss floors work?

All boss floors use the standard hotel theme.

Seems a bit disappointing there. Still, do you need the DLC to play a themed floor at all?

As mentioned earlier, no you don’t. Any player can play themed floors in the ScareScraper mode, as long as at least one player has the DLC.

So I can get the rare ghosts for free?

Yeah. The only thing you really lose out on is the costume itself.

Okay, nice to know. What are these new rare ghosts?

Ah, there are two kinds. The new boss ghosts, and the new theme specific ones. The former appear every five floors as usual, mixed in with the existing selection.

The theme specific ones appear in certain themes, like Sir Goob in Castle MacFrights themed floors and Neon Goobs in Dance Hall themed floors.

However, the latter types are not bosses per se, and appear in random rooms on floors with the appropriate theme.

What’s more, they come in large groups too. So it’s possible to walk into a random room, then find about 6 rare boss Hammers with 300 HP each to deal with.

Wait, does that mean I need to defeat bosses at random now?

Not as far as we know. From what we’ve heard, the ‘non boss’ rare ghosts are optional.

Can they appear in single player?

Yes in both cases. But themed floors are pretty rare, and the new boss ghosts are mixed in with the other rare boss ghosts every five floors, so it may take a while to encounter them.

What new rare ghosts/themed ghost bosses are there?

The new ghosts are the following:

Rare Ghosts

  1. Lethal Goob
  2. Lethal Hammer
  3. Lethal Oozer
  4. Lethal Slinker
  5. Thieving Slinker

Themed Ghosts

  1. Agoobis
  2. Tutankhammer
  3. Sir Goob
  4. Slabhammer
  5. Neon Goob
  6. Disco Hammer

The puns in these ghost names are groanworthy

Disco Hammer

The Dance Hall’s themed ghosts are certainly on the flashy side!

Any other changes boss wise?

Yeah, you don’t just have one boss ghost type per floor now. You can have two or even three types of boss ghosts/rare ghosts to fight in one battle.

Wait, really?

Yeah really. Apparently it’s based on the floor count; floor 5 has one type of rare ghost, floor 10 has two, and floor 15 has three.

I just died during a boss battle! What’s going on here? I was at full health!

You were fighting a ‘Lethal’ ghost boss. These ghosts were newly added in the recent update, and have the ability to kill Luigi in one hit.

Why did I lose my Poltergust in a boss battle?

Thieving Slinker

Jeez these guys look menacing

That was because of a Thieving Slinker. Those steal your Poltergust if they attack you. Fortunately, it only seems to end up in the corner of the room, not the other side of the floor.

Well that’s just great isn’t it? Ah well, were any changes made to the rest of the mode’s gameplay? Or other floor setups?

Oh yeah, a few changes certainly were. Now normal ghosts can also appear in Collect the Money and Defeat the Crows too.

They can also appear in new ways too. For instance, releasing the Gold Goobs from those boxes on money floors now also often releases some normal ghosts alongside them, so you’ll often have to contend with not just two Gold Goobs, but some other ghosts too. Usually 3-5 Goobs or a Hammer.

Do I need to defeat the normal ghosts to move on?

No. In Defeat The Crows, you only need to defeat the, well, crows. The normal ghosts are optional. Same with Collect the Money; beating any ghosts (even technically the Gold Goobs) is optional.

Fair enough. Did anything change with the Boolossus battle at the end?

Yes it did. Now Boolossus has a new attack where he shoots two rounds of electric arrows from the sides of the arena. Seems like it’s been taken from King MacFrights in the main story mode.

YouTube player

He also seems to switch to throwing bombs on a more regular basis, meaning it should be quicker to defeat him overall.

Finally, is it just me, or did the ScareScraper get tougher in general since the last update?

No, it’s not just you. We’ve found ourselves running out of time in ScareScraper floors far more than before, and we’ve also noticed our solo runs ending earlier too.

So something has definitely changed here.

And we think it’s probably the RNG setup used to generate the floor layouts and ghost combos. For whatever reason, those seem a lot… crueler since this update was released, with the game often having you hunt down 30 or more ghosts on one floor or trek from one corner to the other to find the key necessary to move on.

Seems like it was done to ‘encourage’ people to buy a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and play with other people instead of tackling it alone.


Okay, quick question about the ScreamPark… What’s this about single player?

You can now play ScreamPark games alone to practice them. It’s not a great setup, but it’s better than them being locked to local multiplayer only.

Any new games?

Yes, three new games are included. Dodgebrawl has the Luigis and Gooigis playing dodgeball with the Poltergust, River Bank has them collecting coins on a rift while avoiding logs and the edge of the screen, and Tricky Ghost Hunt has them fighting ghosts in a room where some of the floor panels get electrified on a regular basis.

YouTube player

Sounds neat. Are these playable online?

Unfortunately no. Here’s hoping online play is added for this mode at a later date.


Can you listen to the game’s soundtrack in game now?

Yes you can. In the lab, go to Special Content, then Albums. You’ll access the music player/sound test from there.

Oh neat. Is this included for free?

Yes. The new sound test mode is not tied to the paid DLC in any way whatsoever, and you can get it by merely updating the game to version 1.3.1.

So how’s it setup anyway?

It’s set up as a series of ‘albums’, which contain all the music for that floor or section. So there’s an album for each of the 17 main floors, plus the rooftop (which has the final boss music), E Gadd (lab themes, menu themes, etc), Polterkitty (the music played in chases with her) and Prologue (music from the intro before the hotel is revealed to be haunted).

Wait, aren’t these songs labeled?

Nope. The songs are given generic names like ‘ScareScraper – Track 1’.

Any hints where to find songs?

The end credits song is track 8 in the E Gadd Selection. The ScareScraper tunes are organised like ‘theme, ghost theme, battle theme, capture theme’, with the themes in question being organised in this order:

  • Capture the Ghosts
  • Defeat the Crows
  • Collect the Money
  • Misc Music
  • Medieval theme
  • Disco theme
  • Egyptian theme

The music for Rescue the Toads is in the Boilerworks section, the Virtual Boo theme is number 10 in the E Gadd Selection, while the Boo themes are at the end of said section. We’ll try and list all the songs in order in a future order.

Is this a comprehensive soundtrack though? Does it contain all the songs from the game?

Yeah, it’s a very, very comprehensive soundtrack. Every floor theme, alternate floor theme, tension theme, ghost battle theme, boss battle theme, capture theme, etc is included here. Hell, even things like the songs played when you’re stuck in traps in Tomb Suites and dodging pineapples in Garden Suites are available to listen to here.

It certainly puts anything I’ve heard on YouTube to shame!

Very cool! Do I get more music to listen to as I progress through the game?

Yes. Every time you hear a new music track, you unlock a new piece of music for the albums/sound test. If you go there immediately after rescuing E Gadd, then you’ll only have a few tracks from the Basement, Lobby, Mezzanine, etc, along with ones from ScreamPark, E Gadd’s Lab and the Prologue.

Locked Songs

As you can see, albums for floors/areas you haven’t unlocked are locked in the gallery

Any exceptions?

If you sequence break the game/enter areas out of order, music you’re not ‘supposed’ to hear yet won’t be in the music player. For instance, I went to the kitchen/dining hall part of the Mezzanine before the hotel shops, and the theme that plays there wasn’t added to the music player/sound test.

But I can listen to music right away, right?

Pretty much. The option itself is unlocked right after E Gadd assembles his lab in the parking garage.

Misc Questions

If I buy the first DLC pack, do I get the second one as well when it releases in the future?

Yes. You buy both DLC packs at the same time.

What about the Polterpup Flashlight? Is that included?

Yes it is.

Can I use it right from the start of the game?

Technically no, but you get access to it soon enough. Once E Gadd sets up his lab (which happens after you defeat Steward and get the first two elevator buttons), you’ll have access to the Polterpup Flashlight via the Special items menu.

Do those ScareScraper costumes work in the single player game?

Unfortunately not. We know; it’d be awesome to see Luigi explore the Last Resort dressed like he’s about to go to a disco.

Does the DLC apply to all save files/Switch profiles?

Yes it does. Once you buy the DLC, you can use it on as many save files and Switch profiles as you like.

Do we know what’s included in the next DLC pack yet?

Again, three more themes, three new ScreamPark games, and some other new themed ghosts to go with them.

We also know the costumes for Luigi in this one are a pirate, magician and explorer.

Multiplayer DLC Pack 2

Well, it looks like the costumes are explorer, magician and pirate related

So what does that imply the new themes will be?

Hard to say. We’re gonna assume the bow tie wearing Luigi outfit is magician themed, so we’ll get Twisted Suites themed floors. The pirate one is obvious, and almost certainly means we’ll see floors inspired by the Spectral Catch.

And the explorer outfit? Honestly, who knows. We’d personally guess it was jungle/Garden Suites related, but for all we know it might tie into a museum themed based on the Unnatural History Museum instead.

Finally, is it worth buying the DLC?

That depends really. Are you a huge Luigi’s Mansion fan? Do you want to support the developers a bit more? One of those three people in the world who get a ton of use out of the ScreamPark?

If so, buy it. It’s pretty cheap, and the stuff you get is nice enough.

On the one hand it’s not essential, and even the new themes and ghosts you can encounter don’t technically need you to own the DLC to experience them. So if you’re unsure, just find someone else who has the DLC, and play online with them. Or go play with randoms, since someone with access to the DLC themes will inevitably pop up there.

Hope that answered all your questions about the DLC and update, and we hope you enjoy playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 again with all the new features it brings.

Still got questions you want answered? Post ‘em in the comments below, or contact us over on social media or the Gaming Latest forums!

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  1. Has anyone figured out what the “random” floors option does? I’ve started at least 7 games using the random option, and it only generates a 5, 10, or 20 floors game. Is something different inside the game? Or is it really just randomly picking one of the already available floors?

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