Luigi’s Mansion 3 Update Adds New ScareScraper Themes, ScreamPark Games, etc

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Update Adds New ScareScraper Themes, ScreamPark Games, etc

Well, it’s happened again! Just a few months after the first DLC pack was released early for Luigi’s Mansion 3, the second one has been made available in the exact same fashion. Here’s the announcement about it from Nintendo of America on Twitter:

As per last time, it’s a pretty extensive update too. You’ve got the second DLC pack, with three new floor themes and three new ScreamPark mini games to download:

Floor Themes:

  • Magic: A magic theme based on Twisted Suites, starring ‘The Amazing Luigi’
  • Museum: The Unnatural History Museum’s ScareScraper equivalent, with Luigi as the ‘Paleontoluigist’
  • Pirate: Your typical pirate themed area, themed after the Spectral Catch and with Cap’n Weegee at the helm
Cap'n Weegee

The memes basically write themselves


Probably the most awkward pun yet

Isn’t Luigi always amazing?

ScreamPark Mini Games:

  • PuckStravaganza: An ice hockey game set in the Dance Hall
  • Floaty Frenzy: A racing game involving the floaties from the Boilerworks, set in the Spectral Catch
  • Desparate Measures: The scale chamber from Tomb Suites turned into a competitive mini game, with players trying to match the designated weight for points

In addition to an extensive free update with even more features and fixes.

Like say, a new art gallery that’s available to view from the lab. This offers a ton of fantastic concept art from all over the game, with tons of pictures showing how ghosts and floor themes changed during the game’s development.

Grand Lobby Concept Art

Like this picture showing an older version of the Grand Lobby

Amadeus Wolfgeist ConceptArt

Or this amusing one showing Amadeus Wolfgeist playing an assortment of different instruments

In addition to a new set of rare ghosts you can encounter in the ScareScraper. These once again all have interesting new abilities, like being able to summon smaller versions of themselves as minions or teleport Luigi around the room.

There are also various bug fixes too.

Including fixes for disconnect related issues in the ScareScraper. That’s good news for multiplayer fans, especially those annoyed by keys randomly disappearing when the player holding them drops out of the match.

As well as for people encountering softlocks and other story progression bugs in the main game, since some of those have been fixed too.

Unfortunately though, it’s not all good news.

Since while many game breaking bugs have been fixed, so has one major skip used in speedruns too. Yep, the Amadeus Wolfgeist boss skip we wrote about back in January was patched in this update too, meaning the leaderboards will likely have to be split into two to compensate. It’s a shame really, especially given every other change made is beneficial for speedruns overall.

Either way, if you’ve got the game (and you’re not a speedrunner), check it out. There’s some neat new content here, all of which is going to provide hours more replay value for the title.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC Part 2 Released (Nintendo of America on Twitter)

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