160,000 Nintendo accounts accessed in hacking

160,000 Nintendo accounts accessed in hacking

As we reported earlier last week, there were Nintendo users reporting unauthorized access to their accounts and now Nintendo has confirmed, that 160,000 and possibly more accounts have been hacked. At this time Nintendo believes that login IDs, passwords, nicknames, date of birth, country, and email addresses may have been accessed during the breach with some accounts having experience fraudulent purchases.

In response, Nintendo is disabling the ability to log into a Nintendo Account through a Nintendo Network ID (NNID), a service still in use for all  Wii U and 3DS systems which those who have been confirmed to be hacked having to reset their passwords. Plus affected users will also be notified via email about their account being accessed. At this time, both Nintendo and us here at Gaming Reinvented as well as Gaming Latest recommend using the two-factor authentication, especially if you have PayPal or actual credit cards tied to your account.


Hopefully none of our readers have been affected, but if you did or know someone who has, let us know in the comments below or on the forums.


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