My thoughts on… The Legend of Zelda Villains.

So.. The Legend of Zelda is famous for it’s diverse range of characters, particularly in Skyward Sword where the characterization of NPC’s was taken to a whole new level. But today, I want to focus on the villains this game series has given us.
First o all, new adventure series is complete without an over-arching villain, and TLOZ is no different. Ganondorf has been a huge part of the Zelda series and made his debut in the original game, and was last seen in Twilight Princess. Strangely though, he’s made a few conspicuous absences in recent games, notably Skyward Sword.

However, he has made a notable impression on other villains in the series, including Onox (from Oracle of Seasons) and Demise from Skyward Sword. These villains had the same muscular frame, and towered over Link in their respective games. This ‘model’ of a villain is widely accepted as the series’ stereotypical bad guy.
But should it be??
No, it shouldn’t. We’ve seen a diverse range of villains in all recent games and a few in less so recent ones. Who? I here you ask?? Well, just look at these…

And that’s not all of them… What about Veran? Or Malladus? Or Bellum? All not like the muscular hunks we’ve seen and know well. So, Zelda has diversified it’s range of villains hugely. Instead of a dark king on a quest for power, we’ve had a mask, a narcissistic demon, and a squid. Very untypical.
As we saw in Skyward Sword, personalities are now also captured through body language. Each character had an ample supply of facial expressions and movement was fluid. So, I think it’s safe to say that Zelda villains will just keep getting better from here on in. Just wait for the WiiU… HD Zelda and it’s villains!! I’d say even Ghirahim couldn’t resist busting a few ance moves when he hears that. Who knows, maybe even Ganondorf will demonstrate some boogey in the next game… I really sincerely hope not, however. It would ruin my image of him FOREVER…
And on that note I’ll end, goodnight!!

Assassin’s Creed 3 Is Confirmed for The Wii U

A few days ago, the debut trailer for Assassin’s Creed was revealed. Now Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will come out for the Wii U. Ubisoft actually announced it on E3, but it hasn’t been confirmed before now. This series hasn’t been available on any Nintendo consoles before, so it will probably raise the popularity of the Wii U when it comes out. I’ve heard that this game is pretty big, although I haven’t played any games from the series before.
Assassin’s Creed is supposed to be released the 30th of October for the PS3, Xbox and Windows PC, but the Wii U version is said to be released before the end of 2012. I guess developing the game for a brand new console takes some time.

I’ve seen some stuff from Assassin’s Creed games before, and they’ve been based pretty much around Italy, however those soldiers looks like English Soldiers from the American Revolution..


Pokémon Black and White Getting Movie Zekrom and Reshiram

A few days ago it was revealed that Game Freak are releasing a new DLC for Pokémon Black and White. It’s a Zekrom for Pokémon Black owners, and Reshiram for Pokémon White owners. This event has already been for Japan some months ago, because of the release of the new movie. However, the ones sent to every other country has this description:

“1st Year Anniversary”, which probably refers to the fact that it’s one year since Black and White’s release.
This event is available for all countries except for Japan, and will be started on the 10th of March. The event will be available until the 8th of April.

In addition to this event, there’s also a new Dream Home in the dream world. If you bring the Reshiram or Zekrom you get, to the new Dream Home you’ll get a Reshiram or Zekrom C-Gear Skin.

Image by Serebii

Image by Serebii 

Castlevania the Adventure coming to the Nintendo eShop

Admittedly it’s not exactly the best handheld Castlevania game ever released, and apparently reception to it was mixed at the time, but it’s nice to know we’re likely to get Castlevania games on the eShop in general.  Here are some screenshots of it:

Well, it’s showing its age a bit and looks fairly basic for the series (although then again, it is an original Game Boy game, and it’s definitely cooler looking than Super Mario Land).  But hey, it’s a step in the right direction towards great games like Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, Castlevania Circle of the Moon and Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance being available in the distance future.  If they can finally start putting up Game Boy Advance titles.

What do you think of this game’s announcement on the 3DS eShop?


Give a Welcome to our new Staff

Some of the new staff have already made their introductions on this site already (see JohnWaluigi’s articles) and Link 70222 has written his first article as well.  But those aren’t all the new staff we have here.

For one thing, NintenDan is now an administrator here like he is at the forum, and he’ll help me figure out how to customise the site style.  Expect the random character based banner from the forums to be put up here as well.

We also now have Dev, FillFall, Servbot and MrL as writing staff as well, so welcome them once their first articles have been posted.

Hopefully this will now let us cover far more games than ever before and write all kinds of interesting articles on a daily basis, now we have enough staff to keep up the site. Also, check out Nintendo 3DS Community ( where everyone is a member as well.