Cat-astrophe at Nintendo 3DS Cat-munnity

After the recent outbreak of the Cat-virus, infecting the vast population of N3DSCM, the site has gone up in flames and into turmoil. Members cannot resist saying “PURR” or “MEOW” in their posts, and various cat-threads are popping up. To add to their troubles, all member are now cats. So, I must ask, who is resposible for this cat-astrophe? We interviewed several of the staff, and apparently, the heads of the community had planned to unleash the Cat1N1 virus on the 1st of the 4th, 2012. So far, the prime suspects are NintenCat and Nin3DCat. A full investigation by SB mods inc. is coming on it’s way.

The Cat-toll is currently in the hundreds, with many more cats being identified.

A full SB alert has been raised. Any talk of cats in the SB warrants an immediate ban. This is now known as the “Spotty” alert.


Nintendo 3DS Daily is changing its site focus!

Yeah, Nintendo isn’t as popular any more and with the 3DS and Wii U on the horizon their chances look kind of bleak.  Because as we all know, that PSP Vita will out sell it by miles, right?

This isn’t helped by all the news of Nintendo planning to enter adminstration within the week due to losing a ridiculous amount of money on Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus Uprising.  They forecast the company will at minimum go third party, and may even close down for good.  Nice knowing them, but in this day and age all people want are grim dark first person shooters and realistic games, and Nintendo’s recent work has cost them enough millions to put them in financial trouble.

But don’t despair!  Instead of selling off the site to the highest bidder or shutting it down, we’re doing a little bit of… should I say… ‘rebranding’ around here.   So now it’s about cats, since everyone loves cats, right?

Have fun at Nintendo 3DS Cat-mmunity!

Introducing our new forum revamp!

This is relevant to my interests

Here at Nintendo 3DS Cat-mmunity, we are dedicated to keeping up with the times. As cats are now developing a liking for technology, as seen in the link below, we have decided to shift our focus towards the cat industry.

Cats and Technology

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and we hope you enjoy the changes.

New Taiko Drum Master Game Teased; Other News

Yes it’s some more news, screenshots and trailers of new 3DS games.  But since I don’t class any of these as major enough to devote a whole news post to, I’ll post them all here.  First things first, the new Taiko Drum Master game.

Namco Bandai has opened a teaser site for a mystery new game (found at  Given how it’s appeared on so many different platforms in the past, it seems fairly plausible to assume a new 3DS installment is coming.  Good news for rhythm game fans.

Next up we have the latest 3DS download games.  Most of them are the first Game Gear games and look pretty good, and Mega Man 5 can’t be too bad either.  However, the only game on DSiWare (people still make games for that?) looks like a dull ‘casual’ game you could probably define as shovelware.  Here’s a video:

There’s also some Code of Princess footage and trailers:

A new trailer for Fire Emblem Awakening I should have posted about two days ago but forgot to write about:

And finally, the interesting news that Unchained Blades or whatever it’s called is coming out as a download game on the 3DS and I think PSP.  In both cases it’s download only, so it’s the first ever case of a full retail game being released as a download one.  Possible precedent for future games?  Possible we’ll get full length games meant for only a niche audience on the eShop only in future?  Who knows.

Still, that’s the latest Nintendo 3DS related news.

So Super Mario 3D Land was even stranger than before (Game Developer’s Conference)

Remember how we mentioned how things like Kuribo’s Shoe and the Cape from Super Mario World were meant to be in Super Mario 3D Land?  Well those were just the sane ideas.  No, in your standard quirky Japanese game developer sense, some of Nintendo’s scrapped ideas for the game were flat out insane.

First though, the craziest ‘customisation feature on the planet?  Here’s what ONM says could have ended up being a feature in Super Mario 3D Land:

A mooted feature that would enable you to replace Princess Peach’s face with your own.

Read that again and weep.  I’m not sure whats worse, the fact this was even considered or the disturbing things fans would probably do with it.  You just know that either Chuck Norris, Hitler or someone the player had a crush on would end up in this situation.  Probably Captain Falcon too.

I really have to say it’d kind of ruin the game to have a male face on Peach, don’t you think?  And it’d make Youtube playthroughs of the game oh so much more disturbing…

There were also to be bug (supposedly cockroach like) enemies you could only kill by slamming down the top screen.  Hooray.  People who don’t like insects, it’ll be just like real life!

Another bunch of ideas were cancelled power ups. Like some new Mega Mario equivalent where he’s so big you can only see his feet on the screen at any one time. I have to admit this sounds like a neat idea for the two minutes it’d be interesting, especially the experience of smashing Bowser to a pulp by having a giant Mario foot come down on his head.  This was pretty neat remember?

Above: I’ve always kind of liked fighting bosses with an equal sized character. That’s what made Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story so awesome:

Another interesting (although incredibly disturbing) canned power up idea was a sort of tall/gangly Mario.  Called Long Mario, it’d make him sort of spider like.  Oh jeez, seems like a clear way to charge head first into the uncanny valley if you ask me.

Finally, you had ‘Pro Skater Mario’.  This would let you ride a Koopa Shell about like in Super Mario 64.  Damn that was awesome:

Above: Actually, it was much like that.  Read on.

You see, you’d be doing tricks on it in a halfpipe like some kind of skateboarding game.  Think Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Mario edition.  And if you think this sounds bizarre, I’m not making any of this up.

Heck, Eurogamer wrote about it recently too:

So yeah, Super Mario 3D Land was plain crazy in beta.  But you should probably figure out exactly why most of these ideas were rejected, right?

Note: If it seems a bit late, keep in mind ONM is written a month in advance and the issue with this information only came out today and quite a few sites didn’t really cover absolutely everything that was revealed in the conference. Also, Mario Wiki doesn’t list any of them under beta elements.