More Mario Kart 7 Glitches

Not so much shortcuts, in fact one of these is the very definition of an ‘anti shortcut’ in some way.

First of all, a glider speed trick at Toad Circuit:

Apparently you gain speed and shoot down and forward when the kart gets out of the ‘stuck’ state.  You can also end up inside the ground if it goes wrong, which is interesting.

But that’s not the only interesting new Mario Kart glitch around…

This trick at Maple Treeway is kind of hilarious:

Above: One cool glitch with some interesting uses.

Yes you saw that happen, he jumped from the last part with the houses and glider ramp all the way BACK to where you land afterthe barrel cannon.  Even better, it’s a real glitch, I did it just now and ended up back at the exact same place.  Even Lakitu accepts you’re going the right way once you land.

But seeing as you end all the way near the start of the level and effectively wasted a third of a lap, you really do not want to do this in any setting outside of time trials.  Nice glitch though.

One cunning Japanese hoaxer did find a use for the above glitch though, to fake a new ultimate shortcut in the same track.  You see, you can also find this video on Youtube as well which supposedly shows a massive glitch that can break Maple Treeway.  Initially I assume people will panic and assume the worst:

Above: If this was in English, everyone would be in panic mode by now.

But note a few factors.  Like how his time is suspiciously high for so early in the lap (I assume he’s on lap 2 or something, but still).  Or how if you try and jump off the track in this exact same spot you’ll either get put back right before the Wigglers (98% of the time) or the middle of the turn before (2% of the time).

So I then rewatched the first video and thought ‘maybe he used this glitch to set up the ‘shortcut’.  And then I used the same glitch, got back to the spot and jumped off again…

Voila, now Metal Mario was placed on the bridge below.  Pretty cunning way to fake a Mario Kart 7 shortcut, don’t you think?  Race round most of the track, glitch back to an earlier section then fall off with the correct timing.

What breaks the illusion even more is that one you end up ‘back’ on the earlier section of track, the game thinks you’re still by the bridge/glider ramp.  So you don’t need to fall at any one particular point, just by falling off the track ANYWHERE you end up in that exact same spot on the exact same bridge. To prove this I even raced past the Wiggler filled mud section and following boost pads and then fell off the track there, and I still ended up at the same spot from the video.

This guy demonstrates what I mean:

Above: Taking apart fraudulent Mario Kart shortcuts like Mystery Inc take down fake ghosts.

With that all said, two more interesting glitches in Mario Kart 7.  Nothing game breaking yet, but give it time, since it took months for Mario Kart Wii’s latest glitch shortcuts to be found (they only found the later Mario Circuit and Coconut Mall ones after people generally stopped playing the game).

Above: Very few people probably cared about this one now, the hackers got to the game before the glitch could be used to break online.

Still, what do you think of these new glitches?  And more interesting, what track do you see as being next to have an ‘ultra shortcut’ found for it?

My theory for… The Happy Mask Salesman (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

The Happy Mask Salesman is widely regarded as one of the most unsettling characters ever to feature in the Legend of Zelda. But why? When things are ok he’s perfectly cheerful…

...But when things go wrong, it's wise to get out of his way...

So, what makes this guy freaky is his split personality. One side he’s a fine person, a merchant of hapiness, while on the other hand, he’s a physically abusive psychopath.
But why make a whole article about him? Surely I could just leave it at that? But no. The observant person may have seen the Mario mask on his back in the featured picture. There’s clearly more to this man than meets the eye…
But what makes him so intriguing? The Happy Mask Salesman has appeared in 2 games of note (he also appeared in one other, but all he does is yell: “I’m hungry!” in that). In Ocarina of Time, he plays a major role in the mask trading sequence, as he provides you with the masks. He displays his abusive side when you don’t have enough rupees to pay him back for a mask, he then kicks you out of the shop threateningly.
It’s safe to say that he’s the same person in Majora’s Mask, only he’s a better developed character. The Majora’s Mask has been stolen from him by Skull Kid, and he wants it back. In fact, he wants it back so badly that he physically abuses Link for not having it.
So, my theory on this strange character…
I believe the Happy Mask Salesman is of the tribe he said used the Majora’s Mask in their hexing rituals. I also believe that the Moon Children are also members of this tribe, given their love for masks and their similarities to the Happy Mask Salesman. Let me tell you why…
The Salesman isn’t the most truthful or revealing of characters. He never reveals what his intentions are, and never tells us WHY he needs the Majora’s Mask. My guess is that he feels an attachment to it, as he is extremely upset when he finds Link lost it.
Also, given that the Moon-children look like him and also want to be mask sellers leads me to believe that the Salesman WAS a Moon-child. This would also explain the Majora’s Mask’s attachment to the moon, as this is where it was created in oreder to fulfil it’s purpose. So, if the tribe had lost the Mask, then the Salesman could be searching the world to retrieve it.
Basically, the Moon-people (Of which the Happy Mask Salesman is a member of) are the tribe referenced by him in his explanation of the Majora’s Mask. They lost the Mask, and he set out to retrieve it. But the mask had other ideas, and tried to destroy the world by crashing the Moon (it’s home) into it.

Just to let you know that this is only a theory, just enjoy the game if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say.
If you’ve yet to experience the amazing game of Majora’s Mask, sign up to Operation Moonfall to try get it re-made on 3DS!! Thanks for reading.

Etrian Oddysey IV; New Video

This was uploaded by Atlus today on their Youtube channel.  It’s not much at all (doesn’t even seem to have the sound effects or background music, which seems a tad worrying) but it’s some new footage of Etrian Oddysey IV anyway.

It shows the battle system and a battle against some very basic looking enemies.

Still, what do you think of it?

This Week’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Downloadable Content

More Final Fantasy music has been released as downloadable content for this game by Square Enix this month, and you can listen to it below.  Here’s the track list for the month:

Final Fantasy II Dungeon (field stage)
Final Fantasy V Saigo no Tatakai (battle stage)
Final Fantasy XII East Dalmasca Desert (field stage)
Final Fantasy XIII-2: Megami no Kishi

As well as Square’s own videos giving you samples of what each one sounds like:

That’s some pretty good music, even though the samples given are stingy to say the least (about 20 seconds of each theme).  Seriously though, forget the game itself, it’s probably better to listen to the soundtrack given how good the songs are.

My thoughts on… Innovation within series of games.

Ok, I think I need to clarify my exceptionally clunky expression in the title. What I mean is… In video game industry, many people claim Nintendo are playing too safe with their franchises and not injecting enough innovation into their new instalments. As a Zelda fan, I must admit I’ve been doing the same things over and over since 1997 (The release of Ocarina of Time, the first truly bold leap the series took). But do you know what? I still buy the games. Why? Because they’re still as fun as when I powered up OoT for the first time.
People complain about Nintendo series going: “Ugh, Mario platformers aren’t really that great anymore. I hope they release a good one soon.’ If you’re like that, you might as well just stop reading this article now and go rip someone to pieces in CoD or whatever you play. Nintendo aren’t going to change the series just for YOU. If they gave you what YOU wanted, true, you’d find it the best series in the world for YOU, but several million other people would be completely alienated as it wouldn’t follow the same pattern which they expect and like.
Games are placed in series for 2 reasons: If their stories are connected or if their game-play is similair. If you don’t like the way Zelda plays, then quit moaning and play something else! Obviously, the Zelda games aren’t for you anymore! So, for the Kotaku’s and Sean Maelstroms of this world, go and play your NES games that you love! True, no series is perfect, but you can’t expect Nintendo to change aspects of their games which are integral to their structure just because YOU don’t like them!!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there, didn’t I? I don’t deal well with elitists, it’s a character flaw of mine…
Anyway… What do you think?