Heroes of Ruin; Launch Trailer + Screenshots!

With the game coming out today in Europe, Square Enix have just released the launch trailer for the game along with a couple of new screenshots.  Is it looking good?  Sort of, although I would like to point out that the game is hardly pushing the 3DS to its limits in any way.  Still, if you want to see the latest trailer or screenshots of Heroes of Ruin, keep reading:

First here’s the trailer:

And here’s the new screenshots:

So that’s Heroes of Ruin for you all then.  But since it’s already out in Europe, there’s one obvious question that remains.  Is the game good?  Do any European readers of Nintendo 3DS Daily or Nintendo 3DS Community have a copy of the game, and what do they think of it?

New Super Mario Bros 2 being released in Australia and New Zealand on 18th August

Just a quick heads up to all Australian 3DS gamers and Mario fans that New Super Mario Bros 2 will be available in Australia and New Zealand on the 18th August 2012.  It’ll be the first 3DS game to be both available in store and digitally through the eShop too, so you won’t even need to leave the house to buy and play it!

So yeah, it’ll be available about two months from now.

Pokemon Black and White 2; More Info and Screenshots!

All this comes from the Coro Coro magazine scans, possibly due to a translation by Serebii.net.  You can see both the scans and the facts below, and some of this stuff does really sound quite interesting.  So read on for my thoughts on this stuff!

Keldeo’s form changes when it learns Secret Sword and you need to have Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion in Sangi Town to change it to its new form.

Black and White 2 feature different caves.  Supposedly this means in Black 2 the cave will be based around water, while it’ll be based around magma in White 2.  Guess they really are pushing the whole differences between versions thing in these sequels to an even greater degree than in the first game.

Black City and White Forest will return, although no mention seems to be made about what changes these areas may undergo.

The Magby/Magmar/Magmortar line and the Buneary/Lopunny are exclusive to Black 2 and Elekid/Electabuzz/Electivire and Skitty/Delcatty are exclusive to White 2.

Cities are supposedly also different from in the original Pokemon Black and White.  Serebii says they’ve had vast changes, although no explanation is made of what these changes could be or why they’re particularly necessary.

You will receive a special Fes Mission in Castelia City if you show a person Meloetta, this mission being called ‘A Great Berry Search Adventure’ and has you search for berries in Unova in 3 minutes. There’s also another such mission called the ‘Search for Audino’.  For those that don’t really know or care much about Audino, it’s supposedly a Pokemon from the gen 5 games that can be found in any rustling patch of grass, so presumably the mission that requires searching for it will be pretty easy.

There’s also some new shop shown in the Join Avenue image where different types of food increase different stats.  Base stats/EVs too.

A Piplup knowing the move song will be given out on wifi between the 20th of July to August 9th 2012.

Porygon can be captured with the Pokemon Dream Radar.  I guess that’s a pretty nifty way to find it in Pokemon Black and White 2, given its status as an artificially created/virtual Pokemon.

An item called the Reflecting Mirror is used to change the forms of Tornadus, Thundurus & Landorus, and is gained by taking the Landorus gained through the Dream Radar to a certain spot in game.  Presumably this explains how the Incarnation formes are only usable in Black and White 2 rather than the original gen 5 games, the item required can’t be transferred back in a similar way to how the item needed to keep Girantina in its origin forme can’t be transferred back to Diamond and Pearl from Platinum.

Tornadus has Regenerator, Thundurus has Volt Absorb, Landorus has Intimidate. This is supposedly worrying some people studying the meta game.  Well not really, it’s opening up interesting new possibilities for competitive play, at least from what I hear.

So yes, that’s the new information about Black and White 2.  Now here are the recent trailers for the game and the Dream Radar:

and here are the magazine scans in question that this info is supposedly taken from:

Is Retro Studios in Trouble?

A recent post from a supposed insider blog talks about Retro Studios and says their Wii U project isn’t going well and that the company is having problems with staff leaving due to dissatisfaction with their work.

Supposedly, they’ve lost most of the team responsible for the Metroid Prime Trilogy and two of three main designers for Donkey Kong Country Returns and various others are planning to jump ship after the company’s first Wii U game is complete. There’s also a lengthy list of developers who’ve apparently left the company in recent years.

If this turns out to be true, it reminds me a lot of another Western game development studio that worked with Nintendo and had similar woes; Rare. They too had a bit of a crisis after going over to Microsoft and had all the best staff leave due to not being happy with the direction taken by the company.  Then again, even if this is true, you can’t really say Retro has it quite as bad as Rare do.  At least Retro Studios are working on game titles of actual importance rather than merely ‘casual’ games like Kinect Sports.

However, there are some doubts I have about this rumour.  For one thing, there’s a lot of talk about how this Emily Rogers character was not a reliable source in the past and was responsible for various fake rumours, presumably created as a cheap way to gain popularity with the gaming press.  She does deny this over on GoNintendo, but the things pointed to as evidence of correct predictions kind of swing worryingly into ‘bleedingly obvious’ territory.  Here’s some of the things supposedly predicted correctly:

Pikmin 3 was moving to Project Cafe before any site or Miyamoto said it was

New Super Mario Bros was coming to 3DS

A lot of 360/PS3 ports were coming

Ubisoft is throwing a ton of support, with at least 2 games.

Project Cafe was getting a big FPS. Then you saw Killer Freaks/Zombie U.

Project Cafe was getting no harddrive

Not exactly the most ground breaking of assertions, are they?  The first one is something you could have worked out with a bit of logic, the Wii itself was already coming to an end by 2011 and with all those years gone since launch it was already pretty debatable that Pikmin 3 would still be released on the system.  I guess you could argue it’s not a sure fire thing and that Nintendo could have been releasing the game in 2011 or early 2012, but with the rumours of the Wii U, it seems like something absolutely anyone could have figured out.

Same with New Super Mario Bros on 3DS.  Oh wait, scratch that.  New Super Mario Bros on 3DS was practically a safe bet even then, you’re talking a series which sold over 20 million copies a game here!  Nintendo would have to be outright suicidal not to make any more sequels.  If that’s meant to be a revelation, then here’s another.  We’ll get a 3D Mario game on Wii U, along with a new Mario Kart title, at least one HD Zelda game and one WarioWare.  Oh wait, we got the latter, and I personally predicted one of those was coming soon anyway.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 ports was pretty much a safe bet the moment HD was mentioned.  Then again, doesn’t the Wii already get quite a few of them as is?  It gets at least one Call of Duty game a year like the rest…

And the next two didn’t seem like particularly strange leaps in logic either.  The only one of the given rumours that could really be counted as both ‘new’ and accurate was the one about the Wii U not having a hard drive.

However, this still leaves an important question, namely:

Is this the kind of thing anyone would make up?

Because I’d expect making stuff up about a company you know nothing about would be legally risky at best, and not something you’d want to do purely to get a few more visitors to your blog.  Not to mention, it’s not something that brings as much attention as pretending you know about some massive new game Nintendo has planned, the amount of attention that guy got for talking about a Star Fox and F-Zero crossover was at least double this.  I know that if I was desperate for attention and wanted to promote my run of the mill gaming blog I’d go for the big guns and just say I’d found out a ton of information about the next Zelda game.

However, it does seem possible that the person writing was merely speculating based on second hand evidence.  Wouldn’t be too difficult to go asking around and looking online for lists of people who left a company, and the comment by the id studios employee sounded rather like he wasn’t too sure of the situation at Retro Studios either.  Who’s to say a bunch of a resumes means some major company exodus rather than just a few employees wanting a change of scenery?  And you hear a lot of misinformation about various companies if you live or work in an area they’re based in, so it seems quite possible the person asked was just mistaken about the situation over there.

So yes, maybe Retro Studios is in trouble, who knows.  Then again, considering the extremely high quality of Donkey Kong Country Returns,  a game made by a team quite different from the one behind the Metroid Prime series, would all these employees leaving have to be such a bad thing?  Maybe once they’re trained some of the newly hired staff could turn out to be really good at developing video games.  Because at the end of the day, it’s the games that matter most, not the staff who make them.  And if it really does turn out that Retro Studios are in trouble and having difficulty due to constant staff turnover, maybe we’ll see the results in their next few games and their levels of quality.

What do you think about Retro Studios and their potential troubles?  Do you think Retro is going through some tough times or are these rumours of the company’s potential demise overblown or patently false?



New 3DS Game Trailers (Culdcept, Rune Factory 4 and various others)!

Just a few new trailers that have been released for new 3DS games.  Hopefully in this collection of videos is at least one game visitors to Nintendo 3DS Daily are excited for.


Rune Factory 4

Zelda 2 (eShop)

Senran Kagura Burst

Pokemon AR Searcher

None of them are games Nintendo focused on at E3, and I don’t think any of the games or apps here were mentioned at E3 in any way, shape or form, but the new ones look pretty decent, and Zelda 2 looks to as good as it always is.