Full Nintendo of Europe Nintendo Direct Presentation

Has just been uploaded to Youtube by Nintendo’s official UK channel, and can be watched in it’s entirety here:


Good if you missed something and need to watch it again to see what’s been announced.

It also comes with a break down/timeline/whatever to make it easier to understand, although I haven’t watched this version of the presentation yet myself.

So yes, good if you missed anything.

Mario Kart 7 Being Patched; A Few Issues?

1. Is the patch included with new copies of Mario Kart 7?

Because it’s required to play online, so if it isn’t available by default, Nintendo have absolutely destroyed the long term value of the game.

You see, some people (okay, probably the majority) don’t really follow news that much.  And a very significant portion of Nintendo’s userbase probably don’t even know about the eShop to begin with.

So picture this.  Nintendo’s expanded audience finally buys a 3DS each and get Mario Kart 7 alongside it (given that the Wii Mario Kart game sold about 20 million copies, this is very likely to happen).  They then decide like you do that they should start playing online…

And then up comes a message like ‘sorry, but you need the latest patch to play Mario Kart 7 online due to critical bugs, download it from the eShop’.

Why do I have this feeling Nintendo is going to be flooded with angry customers annoyed that they can’t play Mario Kart 7 online for the next two years?

People do not read instructions or manuals.  They generally don’t go looking for information online the minute they buy the game either.

So if Nintendo doesn’t include the necessary patch on the game cartridge by default, they are going to be in the middle of a huge customer support nightmare for the next few months/years.  You can almost see the hilarity that’ll occur when Nintendo is trying to explain the patching system to a really pissed off mother annoyed her son/daughter can’t play Mario Kart 7 online.  Or how every Nintendo forum on the internet will end up filled with unlucky people asking why Mario Kart 7’s online features don’t work…

This update better damn be included on the game card by default for the next batch of Mario Kart 7 games.

2. Will it potentially break other aspects of the game?

This is one reason companies and individuals absolutely DREAD patching an already complete game.  For every bug fixed, you end up with another one added. Take Wuhu Mountain Loop for instance.

Everyone hates this place, right?

It’s fairly obvious why the glitch exists, and in the most logically strict sense of the term it isn’t really a glitch.  There are two areas, one at the beginning of part 2 and one at the end of it, and the end section passes generally by the starting section. So the water which drops you in the end of section 2 was originally meant to catch people who fell off the track near the end of the section.

So assuming Nintendo makes it so falling in the water/on the rock wall puts you back at the start of section 2, what happens if you fall off the near the end?  Do you end up a whole lap behind everyone else?  Because that’s what could easily happen if Nintendo takes the easy option in regards to fixing it.

What happens if you fall off here?

What if they just put a wall there to stop people reaching said area?  Well that’s problematic because the glitch technically still exists.  Gamers don’t like walls telling them where to go in video games, and I guarantee within a week someone will have found a way past any barricade Nintendo can put that spot.  As a result, just adding a wall or barrier would just mean it’d take a little longer for someone to exploit their way through it.  You’d need an infinite height invisible wall + fence for the entire length of the pond and cavern to really block anyone.


Note how easy it is to reach said area.  A fence won’t work very well.

Final possibility is that they remake much of the checkpoint system, but that’s both extremely hard to do at short notice and would potentially break a lot of other tracks.

That’s hence one problem, how to fix the glitch in a way which doesn’t cause other glitches or get it used again in about a week when people figure out how to break your ‘fixes’.

3. Which bugs count as ‘unfair’?

Obviously Wuhu Mountain Loop is one of them, but what others?  I see it being fairly likely they might also patch the one on Island Loop (the one near the lighthouse at the end) because of how common that’s becoming online, but those aren’t the only two exploitable bugs.

What of the Bowser Castle 1 glitch?


Or the DK Jungle glitch?


Or the Koopa Cape glitch?


If they only patch the Wuhu Island courses, I can easily see the Bowser Castle 1 being the most abused glitch online and that track being chosen near constantly.  Pity it’s even worse in that only certain karts can do it.

If that turns out to be patched, then God help us, because the Koopa Cape shortcut might end up being the most overly abused glitch on wifi and the minimum skill level to play has pretty much shot up massively since it’s a really difficult glitch to pull off correctly.

Hopefully all the glitches get patched otherwise online just gets filled with people using different ones, and we could end up with a Bowser Castle 1 and Metal Mario only ‘standard’ like how we had nothing but Funky Kongs on Bowser Bikes in Mario Kart Wii.

However there is one bright side to all this…

It’ll be hilarious whenever Wuhu Mountain Loop comes up.  Because you know people don’t pay much attention to what updates actually do and you know some luckyless moron will try the uber shortcut anyone.  More fool them when they end up in dead last.

I can see a lot of annoyed Japanese users using Metal Mario now their precious shortcut isn’t in the game any more…

In conclusion, let’s hope Nintendo carries out this update correctly and doesn’t end up causing more problems than they fix.

There’ll be a Kirby Anniversary Game on Wii?

In a similar style to Super Mario All Stars apparently, since Nintendo has just announced ‘Kirby memorial software’ which involves classic Kirby games being released on the Wii.  So it’ll be a Kirby game collection?

Sounds pretty cool.  Have to ask though, what games will be included?

Kirby Super Star seems fairly likely as does Kirby’s Adventure, but what of the Dreamland games and Kirby 64?  Maybe even the later games too, if anyone has nostalgia towards Nightmare in Dreamland, Amazing Mirror or that stylus using DS game I can’t remember the name of.

Also, wonder if a Kirby soundtrack will be part of the deal, since Kirby games tend to have some great music.




However it’s not all bright news.  Part of me wonders why this is happening to Kirby and not say The Legend of Zelda series?  Or heck, why not a Donkey Kong anniversary collection, considering how DK is much more of a well known, important Nintendo character and how it would have been a great opportunity to rerelease Donkey Kong 64 in an updated form.

None the less, Kirby fans rejoice since it seems like you’ll be getting something akin to Super Mario Al Stars Kirby edition, and even on the supposedly dying Wii console!  Have fun!

New Super Mario Bros 2 Announced!

This should surprise absolutely nobody given that they distinctly mentioned a 2D Mario platformer in Nintendo’s recent financial statements, but New Super Mario Bros 2 has finally been announced as that Mario game!

The screenshots seem surprisingly good too.  Can you guess what classic power up makes its long awaited return?

Raccoon Mario/Leaf, and he’s flying?  Holy… freaking… wow, there’s even a P Meter at the bottom like in Super Mario Bros 3!  This is one hell of a cool announcement.

We also see this ice level, with some very nice christmasy graphics.  Don’t know why the enemies are gold though, are they new/more powerful species, or is it just for effect?

Invincible Mario in a cave/underground level.  Looks okay (although have you noticed the P Meter seems to only appear when Mario gets a relevant power up?)

Mario can now climb spider webs in the forest world, as he dodges the spiders among hollowed out trees.  Looks pretty fun if you ask me.

Finally we’ve got the logo, which looks as expected.

Never the less, I wonder what else is to be revealed in this game?  Will Reznor, Boom Boom or the Koopalings make a return?  Will other power ups like the Hammer Suit and Kuribo’s Shoe make a long awaited comeback?  It looks really good so far and definitely a game I intend to buy when it becomes available this year.

Wait, Kid Icarus Uprising news on Nintendo Direct?

Considering the game is already out in most/all regions, I have to wonder exactly what Nintendo is going to be saying about it at Nintendo Direct.  Because you see, Masahiro Sakurai said there’d be some news related to Kid Icarus Uprising on Twitter.  He said:

Nintendo Direct、『新・パルテナ』ネタもやります。お楽しみに! #NintendoDirect

Or ‘News about Kid Icarus Uprising to be announced at Nintendo Direct’, if you loosely figure it out from Google Translate.

But with the game already released, what is there to say about the game? My guess, something akin to one of these things:

  1. There’s downloadable content planned
  2. There’s a sequel planned for the Wii U some time in the future
  3. The game is going to get released in Korea/China/somewhere else (unlikely, it’s referring to the Japanese version of Nintendo Direct, and the Japanese don’t particularly care about video games from those countries)

Still, it’s an interesting situation, you don’t generally have ‘news’ or ‘information’ about already available Nintendo games shared at these events, do you? It’d be like if Nintendo said the conference was going to be about Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, people would wonder the what hell there is to discuss.

But what do you think will be mentioned regarding Kid Icarus Uprising at the conference/presentation tomorrow?