Code of Princess; New Teaser Trailer!

It’s a new trailer for the game that Atlus have just released on their official Youtube channel.  Seems decent enough I suppose, although something about the game really does make me have no interest in buying it unfortunately.  Here’s the trailer in question:

What do you think of this new trailer for the game?

Oh hey, there’s a shortcut on Neo Bowser City now!

Thankfully it’s not an exploit involving Lakitu like the ones removed from Wuhu Mountain Loop, Island Loop and Bowser Castle 1, but it may potentially count as a glitch anyway due to an interesting thing the shortcut bypasses.  Watch the video below to see it in action:

So what’s the glitch like aspect you may be wondering, since it looks like a really effective corner cutter.  Well apparently, there’s usually an invisible wall there.  However, if you fall off and use a Mushroom with the right timing, your kart can pass UNDER the wall.  And as anyone who’s tested it will realise, this shortcut is not easy to pull off. At all.

However, it’s unfortunately a really useful shortcut when it is done properly, so it’s definitely going to be something people are going to have start using online real soon if they want to stay competitive.  What do you think of this new shortcut in Neo Bowser City in Mario Kart 7?

Nintendo planning to reveal Wii U launch titles and price in September?

And not just those two things either, a translation of something said by an investor attending a conference by Nintendo says that they plan to reveal launch information for the console as well as information on titles coming out in 2013.

Here’s the original tweet where it was said:

And here’s a translation from NeoGAF:

Nintendo plans to reveal the launch day and price at September,
and not just the launch titles, also the titles for 2013 will be revealed at that time

Sounds like Nintendo could be revealing some pretty interesting stuff this autumn time, don’t you think?  The price and launch day of the console is enough for some people to get excited for about, but I personally think the most interesting thing will be if any new Wii U titles are revealed to come out in 2013.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Videos show Music from Final Fantasy 7

Ever liked Final Fantasy 7 when it was originally released? Well you’ll be happy to know Theatrhythm Final Fantasy includes some of the great music from the game and various references to it, as shown in the videos below:

Top one is One Winged Angel, the final boss theme from the game, second is Aerith’s theme.  Pretty good music in both videos, and sure to bring back memories to people who grew up with the game back in the days of the original Playstation.

In other news, the game’s getting various reviews, most of which seem pretty positive.  1Up gives the game a B and says it’s an interesting cross between a music game and an old school RPG, although a bit repetitive:

IGN gave it an 8.5/10 recently and said it was a good game:

and I guess some of the others must have been positive as well.  If you like Final Fantasy, rhythm/music games or both, this looks like a decent game to buy.

What do you think of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and its use of everyone’s favourite music from the series? Do you plan to buy it?

Kingdom Hearts 3D; New Trailer

It’s about the Dream Eaters or whatever this time, and the one shown in the video kind of looks like the worlds ugliest Kirby knockoff in existance.  It’s a decent trailer though, showing the kinds of abilities these things have and some gameplay from the game, and it can be watched here:

Yes, those things do look freaky.  The first one shown almost looks like what’d happen if Kirby tried to swallow Marx from Kirby Super Star!

Comment on what you think of this new trailer either in the comments or the official forum thread for this news at Nintendo 3DS Community!