Oh yeah, all Koopalings confirmed in New Super Mario Bros 2!

Not as if you’d expect otherwise is it?  When’s the last time you’ve seen one or two Koopalings acting on their own outside of maybe educational games like Mario is Missing and Mario’s Time Machine?  With Roy confirmed it was nearly inevitable the rest would show up…

But now we have proof they do!

Also, is that a clown car they’re using?  I guess Bowser’s vehicle from Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros Wii also shows up in this game too.  Maybe we’ll get the same boss as in the original Super Mario World?


Because as it is so far, it really does look like Nintendo is taking a lot of influence from Super Mario World in respect to what things return in the next two New Super Mario Bros games, now with the Koopalings, Reznor, Yoshis, Clown Car and various other things.

But yeah, Koopalings now confirmed! Awesome eh?

Apologies for the downtime at Nintendo 3DS Daily…

It wasn’t our fault, it was the fault of another customer hosted on the same web server. You see, unless you’re a large corporation with their own inhouse server farm or you’re making enough money to own your own web server, you’re hosted on a server with numerous other websites. This is true of Shared, Reseller and Virtual Private Server hosting…

Unfortunately, it also means anything someone else on the server does can theoretically effect every other website hosted on it. And in today’s case, another customer hosted on the same server was doing something against the terms of service and hence knocked service offline for every single website hosted there, this one included.

So for a few minutes/hours, Nintendo 3DS Daily and Nintendo 3DS Community have been offline due to technical issues. I apologise for the downtime and hope it doesn’t cause anyone too much hassle.

Pokemon Black and White 2; Keldeo Footage

Well, not just Keldeo footage, but we have two new videos of Pokemon Black and White 2 to post here, one showing Keldeo learning Secret Sword or whatever that comes from the Japanese Pokemon TV show, and some miscellaneous extra footage from wherever.  First up, here’s the Keldeo footage:


Secondly, here’s the other footage of the game.


It shows the new Kyurem forms in action, the movie part of the game and a battle with Misty from Pokemon Red and Blue/Gold and Silver.  Looks pretty nice I’d say.

So yes, there’s some new Pokemon Black and White 2 footage, which looks pretty interesting.  What do the Pokemon fans here think of it?

Nintendo Comments on ‘Yellowing’ 3DS Screens, says there’s no problem

If you’ve been reading the news on our various competitors and a few other general Nintendo news sites you can find online, you’ll probably recall some stories accusing Nintendo of using lower quality screens for recently produced 3DS consoles to lower costs.  There’s the usual arguments about how this is ripping off the consumer or saying that it’s necessary to keep costs down so Nintendo can make a profit off the system, but Nintendo are now saying its nothing to worry about at all.

First though, here’s a comparison picture or three showing the difference between the screens.  As you can see, there seems to be less clarity and a generally lower quality display on the Flare Red 3DS, hence the accusations of Nintendo deliberately using lower quality screens to save costs.

But here’s what Nintendo says:

Due to LCD manufacturing processes it is possible for system screens to look different from one another. The image may appear slightly darker, or have a different tint when compared to another Nintendo 3DS. This is within manufacturing specifications, and the unit does not need to be repaired.

In other words, they say this difference is perfectly normal and is no sign of Nintendo trying to ‘cheapen’ the quality of the screen to save money. I guess everyone’s concerns were kind of unwarranted.



Well, it’s a slow news day…

No updates here I’m afraid.  I mean, I upgraded the forums a bit to the latest versions and hopefuly hence added some features to them, but as far as Nintendo news goes, it’s pretty much an extremely slow day. Doesn’t help that this site is 3DS specific and doesn’t generally post about the Wii U, since that’s the console most discussion nowadays seems to be about.

But yes, keep watching the Nintendo 3DS Daily home page, since some new general Nintendo related articles will be available tonight, and I’ll be updating with more news whenever there’s actually something to talk about.