Pre order New Super Mario Bros 2, Get a Free Coin Case!

Shaped like a giant gold coin from the Mario series no less, completely with even a neat strap to hang it from a belt or something if you really desire going around with a giant gold coin hanging down and looking plain ridiculous.

Yeah, not subtle in the least is it? Apparently you’re meant to carry money inside this thing, although if any free gift on the planet was just destined to be a popular target for thieves, this is pretty much it.

So yes, if you pre-order New Super Mario Bros 2 from either GAME or Gamestation, you get this thing for free.  What’s it good for? Supposedly holding money, although it looks more like some kind of corny hypnotising pendulum to swing back and forth in front of people to get them to obey Wario and worship capitalism.

None the less, what do you think of this interesting choice of free gift you get when pre-ordering New Super Mario Bros 2 in the UK?

New Super Mario Bros 2; More New Artwork!

This time, showing Luigi in both his raccoon and silver form as well as various other minor things from the game.  Have a look at the artwork below:

Mario and Luigi flying in Raccoon form.  Have to say, this is one of the nicest pieces of artwork Nintendo have ever released for this game.  Also, note how Luigi looks more like a fox or kitsune or whatever with the lighter coloured tail and ears.  Just like in Super Mario 3D Land!

Flying Luigi on his own.  Looks pretty neat.

And here we have them with their new power ups.  Wait, Luigi turns into silver Luigi and shoots silver rather than gold?  How does this work?  Doesn’t silver have a lesser value than gold in most games and currencies?  Does it mean whenever Luigi is the sole player everything goes all silver/metallic coloured?

A gold Koopa Shell.  Nothing more to be said.

Just a standard old Goomba.

Another Goomba, this time facing the other way.

So there’s more artwork of New Super Mario Bros 2. Not the most fascinating stuff and unfortunately it lacks any art of Reznor or any villain characters at all, but it looks nice enough anyway.  And more artwork of Luigi is always a nice thing, right?

What do you think of this New Super Mario Bros 2 artwork?

IGN Reimagines Nintendo’s E3 Conference, my Thoughts

They’ve posted a pretty neat video about how they’d make Nintendo’s E3 conference better. I mostly agree with it, what they suggested would have definitely made Nintendo’s conference more interesting.  You can view what they say here:

However, there’s some things I’d change about it to make it a more interesting conference and that would have helped Nintendo more.

1. Scrap Nintendo Land altogether or announce something else instead.  It’s a neat game, but I’m going to be honest and say it probably won’t sell consoles.  Nintendo might assume it’ll be the next Wii Sports, but they’re dead wrong because the very premise of the game is off putting to the expanded audience/casual gamer.  The theme park gimmick doesn’t really ‘jive’ that well with your average Joe in the same way the theme of sports did for Wii Sports, it relies a bit too much on Nintendo’s already existing franchises and generally the look just seems very childish and not at all appealing to many people.

And this is kind of a problem.  On the one hand, it’s so based around Nintendo that the controls and themes of the games generally aren’t immediately understandable by the general public and it puts off the kind of audience who want more ‘non fiction’ games.  And they do exist, they’re the audience who might buy Wii Sports or Wii Fit or Brain Training but not Wii Play or Wii Party.  But it’s also based around Miis and ‘fake’ versions of Nintendo franchises, which puts off the Smash Bros crowd a bit. This game should have been turned into something only shown on the website with a more ‘mainstream friendly’ Wii U launch game on offer in E3.

2.Announce Star Fox U part way through the conference.  The game’s a good idea, but something else deserves the last slot…

3. Have the final announcement be Zelda Wii U Edition.  Hell, maybe completely scrap Nintendo Land altogether to make this happen, and merely show a trailer with a note saying ‘coming 2015’.

Ideally, like this:

Go out all over the top medieval fantasy in a way that rivals Skyrim.  Show a massive Hyrule with Link riding on horseback and whatever with some epic music playing in the background. Something to make the gaming media go wild.

This would be the final game shown, to make everyone end the conference on a high note.

4. Don’t mention day 1 DLC like in the IGN video.  Really, the mere concept raises the horrifying thought that Nintendo deliberately cut out or withheld content from the ‘real’ game to release as extra content.  People hate Capcom and EA for doing this you know.

5. Show Game and Wario in some fashion.  Really, it’s a game that shows off the Wii U perfectly, yet is crammed into a tiny page on the website while mediocre third party titles took up valuable time. Not that all third party games are bad, it’s just let’s face it, no one gives a toss about Rabbids.

That’s how to really have a good conference.  The IGN people got it sort of right, but I think Nintendo could have gone one step beyond even that and completely nailed it back in June, gaining widespread applause and cries of ‘Nintendo is the best company ever’ from even their harshest critics.



Theatrhythm Final Fantasy could become a series?

No, not multiple music games about Final Fantasy in particular, but equivalents for Square Enix’s one titles according to a recent interview with Ichiro Hazama on the website Silicon Era.  His original words are below:

[Laughs.] Personally, I hope this will be come a series, but Theatrhythm Hitman will probably be really far off. There are many series that I would want to work on for TheatrhythmDragon Quest has a lot of music and Kingdom Hearts would be wonderful to do if it’s possible. I’m not to familiar with the Eidos collection, but Tomb Raider has a long history so it must have a great collection of songs. That might be fun.

So we could theoretically get a similar type of game for Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts or even Tomb Raider. Just don’t expect one for the Hitman series just yet.

Still, I have to say this is good news. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was a really well received games which received some excellent review scores, and something like that could easily work for a quite a few series.  How about a Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu music game?  A Romancing Saga series music game (that’s got Final Fantasy Legend and the Romancing Saga series to draw influence from)?  Even the likes of Live a Live are owned by Square, and that has some pretty catchy music:

But let’s look outside Square for a minute.  We’ve always needed some proper music games based on other series, right?  Some Nintendo ones would be neat, especially given how DDR Mario Mix was hardly the most interesting and Donkey Konga barely even referenced the series it was supposedly based on.  Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, Donkey Kong… all could work well for a series like this.  For third parties, so could Sonic, Castlevania or Mega Man.

Imagine high quality remixes of music like this:

Or this:

In such a game?  I think it could be a pretty good idea.

So yes, here’s hoping Square decides to make this a series, there’s a lot of classic music they could and a lot of awesome moments in older games they could reference in such a series.  Heck, however about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Chrono Trigger edition?


There’s a purpose to collecting the money in New Super Mario Bros 2

Not like this wasn’t expected, Nintendo don’t usually just add a gimmick with no real use in the game, but with the coin collecting thing in New Super Mario Bros 2 people have often been wondering what the point of the whole thing is.

Here’s what a Nintendo employee, Matt Ryan (Nintendo of America) said:

There’s basically every single opportunity to get coins that you could possibly think of, and you want to get them all… there actually is purpose to collecting all those coins, and I’m not going to tell you what it is, but there’s purpose, and you want to collect as many as you can.

From other sites, it seems like one million coins is the goal of the game, and hence this is likely the requirement for whatever this secret ‘reason’ is, but either way, the coins aren’t for bonuses or free lives but for something more interesting.

There’s also supposedly stars by the file names on the menu.  Nintendo have said these have a purpose too:

I don’t think that we would tease if it didn’t actually mean something

Maybe it’s like the original New Super Mario Bros where you get one star for beating the game, two for beating all the levels and three for collecting all the star coins.  Or like in New Super Mario Bros Wii where you get five stars for doing various things.  However, given the coin gimmick running throughout, it seems a little off to assume star coins are the criteria here.  Perhaps you get a star for getting one million coins and another for maxing out the coin counter?  Maybe another for getting all possible coins in all levels?

Actually, scratch that.  Hope Nintendo doesn’t do something so lazy game design wise.

But yes, coins are confirmed to have a real purpose in New Super Mario Bros 2?  What is it? They’re not saying, you’ll have to play the game to find out.