There’s a Tetris Easter Egg in Some Russian Vehicles!

Over the years, we’ve seen Tetris on every system imaginable. Obviously, it was on the Game Boy and NES, with the former being the version known by most people, but it was also ported to a whole laundry list of other platforms too. The Nintendo 3DS, iPhones, internet browsers… heck even the bloody Nuon got a version of Tetris in 2001! When it comes to consoles, Tetris has had games made them for all.

But one platform you wouldn’t expect to see the game on is an actual van. Yep, over in Russia, even certain types of van have a version of Tetris you can unlock if you know what you’re doing! Here’s a video showing it in action:

As you can guess, it’s obviously a rather limited port. There are just two colours, there’s no music playing in the background (as far as I can tell) and controls are obviously a bit clunky given the interface.

Yet even with those limitations, it’s still somewhat impressive that a vehicle has a game like this lying around for bored drivers to find. So, if you want to play it yourself (and own a GAZELLE next van), here are the instructions needed to unlock it:

  1. Turn on the ignition
  2. Start the vehicle
  3. Activate the right turn signal for three blinks
  4. Double click the trip odometer reset button twice
  5. Push the clutch five times
  6. Then rev the engine to 2000 RPM while turning on the left turn signal

If you did it right, you’ll be playing the world’s smallest, somewhat most awkward version of Tetris. It’s a pretty neat way to pass the time if you’re sat parked outside a building waiting for someone, or your vehicle’s broken down.

Just don’t play it while driving, okay? Russia has enough traffic accidents as it is, and they probably don’t want to have to add ‘distracted by playing Tetris’ to the list of dangerous driving offences to watch out for.

But what do you think about it? Are you amused that now even some vehicles have a version of Tetris you can unlock as an Easter egg?

What do you think the chances are of any other vehicle manufacturers doing the same?

Post your thoughts on the matter (and more) in the comments below or on the Gaming Latest forums today!


There’s an Easter Egg on Russian Vans That Lets You Play Tetris (Jalopnik)

Famitsu Gives Super Mario Odyssey 39/40

With Super Mario Odyssey only about a week away, the very first reviews are slowly starting to come in. There was that Edge Magazine score, which gave the game a perfect 10/10 rating.

And now it’s joined by Famitsu’s review too. There the magazine gave the game an impressive 39/40, with the game being just one point off a perfect score there as well.

That’s pretty damn impressive when you consider the series history. Remember, Famitsu doesn’t score 3D Mario games quite as high as some other publications. Sure they give them good scores.

But not perfect ones, with Super Mario 64 being the last to get a 39/40 rating.

This means that the magazine has basically said it’s the best 3D Mario game in 17 years. Impressive given the high-quality standards shown by the Galaxy series. Or the equally high ones demonstrated by Sunshine and 3D World.

So, while it may not be the best score a Mario game has ever gotten in general (New Super Mario Bros Wii got a perfect 40/40), it’s damn close and bloody impressive for a 3D Mario title none the less.

Let’s see if the trend holds out when other magazines and sites release their scores next week or so!


Famitsu Review Scores Round Up (Esuteru)

Pokémon GO Datamining Reveals Generation 3 Could be Coming this Halloween!

A while ago, data for generation 3 Pokémon was discovered in the code for Pokémon GO. This proved without a doubt that Niantic was planning to introduce said species in a future update, as well as that updates for the game would be continuing for a while yet.

But here’s the thing:

While we had some of the data, we didn’t have all of it. Indeed, things like Pokémon cries were completely missing there, as were certain stats the new Pokémon needed to work in game. As a result, while we knew said Pokémon were coming at some point, we didn’t know exactly when it’d happen.

However, things have now changed. Why? Because the latest Pokémon GO APK update has thoroughly datamined, with a very interesting discovery made as a result.

That discovery?

This screen:

Pokemon GO Halloween 2017

As you can see, it’s a special start up screen for the game, like the ones used for Halloween or Christmas events.

But it has one very important difference on it.

Yup, generation 3 Pokémon are prominently featured there. Like Dusclops and Banette, two ghost types from families added in the third generation of Pokémon games.

So, it seems like Niantic has unintentionally confirmed that gen 3 Pokémon will be coming in the Halloween update this year.

And that’s not all they’ve confirmed either. Oh no, another interesting addition is coming in the next Halloween event for the game too.

The Lavender Town theme from Pokémon Red and Blue! No, we’re not making this up. They’ve actually made a remix of the song specifically for Pokémon GO:

It’s pretty interesting given the game’s refusal to remix other past era Pokémon songs. After all, Pokémon GO went with an entirely new soundtrack, with every song being its own take on the Pokémon music style.

So, to see them go against that (and remix previous songs like Super Mario Run does) is certainly a change in pace for the title.

Either way, you can find more information about it on the Silph Road subreddit here:

Or on their official blog via this link. Check it out if you’re interested in the game and its future updates.

And then maybe tell us what you think of the changes in the comments below or on social media today!


The Silph Road’s APK mine of v0.79.2 is complete! Fixes, Anti-Cheats, Gen III and … Halloween in Lavender Town! (The Silph Road Subreddit)

Modder Turns Super Mario 64 into Super Smash Bros Game, Complete with Online Multiplayer!

When it comes to Super Mario 64 hacks, it really does feel like we’re in a new golden age. We’ve got Kaze Emanuar recreating mechanics from Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Maker in the engine. There’s a full blown online multiplayer mode with multiple selectable characters.

And with things like whole game worlds being imported as levels and Ocarina of Time being remade as a Mario hack, it’s quite clear we’re seeing the title pushed further than ever before.

But even with all that said, the latest Mario 64 mod that’s been released is something else entirely. Why?
Because it’s a full-blown Super Smash Bros game created as a Super Mario 64 hack! No, we’re not making that up:

Named Super Smash Bros 3D, the title is the latest Mario 64 hack from SKELUX, the creator of Super Mario Star Road and the special level importer that allows ridiculously large stages to be imported into the game. As the title suggests, it’s an attempt to translate Super Smash Bros mechanics to a fully 3D environment, with players able to go anywhere they like in stages and attack each other from any possible angle.

And well, it’s already looking incredible right now. Indeed, not only are there multiple stages to choose from (including some from Melee), but actual online multiplayer so you can play against people on the other side of the world. That’s utterly ridiculous, especially given how its based on a single player only game.

However, it’s SKELUX’s future plans which will really make it shine. Why? Because future additions coming to this game will include:

  • A proper character select screen, with a decent sized roster to choose from
  • More special moves, likely straight from the N64 title
  • Lots more stages, as well as said stages having fully operational stage obstacles (like spinning blocks on Yoshi’s Island)

As well as four player support on top of all that.

This means we’ve already gone from a 3D platformer with no multiplayer functionality in sight, to a complex fighting game with completely new mechanics and features.

It’s absolutely insane, to the point of perhaps being one of the most ambitious N64 game mods ever made.

So, if you’re a Smash Bros fan, check it out. It’s a nice look at how the series could work in 3D, as well as one of the craziest technical showcases I’ve seen in a while.

It’s one mod you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Super Smash Bros 3D Release Trailer (YouTube)

Nintendo’s Pushing for More ‘Adult’ Games on the Nintendo Switch

Ever since the days of the NES, Nintendo has always maintained an image as the ‘family friendly’ console maker. Created in part due to their efforts to censor video games for the NES and SNES to avoid sexual or religious content, this image has continued to plague Nintendo throughout every generation since, with its affects being one of the reasons the N64 and GameCube struggled against the PlayStation and Xbox.

And unfortunately for Nintendo, this image seemingly resisted all attempts to change it since. They released more adult orientated games in the late GameCube era, with titles like Eternal Darkness aiming to appeal to older games.

It didn’t work.

They tried to work with third party developers to bring more adult games to their systems, like Bayonetta 2, ZombiU and Watch Dogs.

That didn’t work either. Despite their efforts, the idea of Nintendo as the ‘kiddy’ option stuck. As a result, their reputation was hurt more and more throughout the SNES, N64 and GameCube era.

But it seems the company may be making another push to shake things up here.

Why? Because according to an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, it seems Nintendo is actively working to get more adult orientated third-party games heading to their systems!

What’s more, this isn’t just a few partnerships either. Oh no, they’re actually approaching developers about bringing more adult orientated games to the Switch too. For example, while Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu thought Gal*Gun 2 might be too ‘risky’ for the system, Nintendo’s actually shown an active interest in bringing it over.

And they’re not the only ones. Nope, quite a few developers have said Nintendo is encouraging them to release their more risqué or violent games on the Switch now too. Indeed, as one executive said, Nintendo doesn’t just tolerate such games any more. Instead, they actively encourage them.

Which is a very interesting change of heart for the company. Remember, Nintendo originally censored Mortal Kombat. They tried to bury Bad Fur Day, pulling their publishing deal outside the US.

And in the bad old days… They even argued against violent games to a government committee.

They’re a company which used to be all about the family friendly side of things.

But now they’ve changed their mind. Why?

Well, it’s all entirely logical really. Remember, violent games aren’t a tiny minority of the market any more. Instead, they’re a huge part of it, with popular M rated titles like the GTA series and Call of Duty series selling many millions of copies apiece.

M rated games are the mainstream now.

Which in turn means the whole ‘think of the children’ attitude towards gaming has become completely irrelevant. Nintendo’s previous adherence to the idea didn’t help them. It acted like an anchor around the company’s neck.

And so they’ve changed their plans to accomodate. Or in a nutshell, realised that different games are for different audiences. The gritty World War 2 military FPS and the cutesey Kirby platformer can both co-exist on the same system, and don’t affect each other’s popularity or reputation in the slightest.

They’ve also remembered the Switch has a parental controls app too. That’s important because it means parents can choose what their kids are allowed to play themselves. Cause at the end of the day, that’s really what matters here. A company or government shouldn’t choose what’s appropriate. Families and individuals should.

So congrats Nintendo. You’ve finally joined the 21st century, and realised that encouraging games for all audiences is a good thing.

Let’s hope it pays off for the Nintendo Switch!


Nintendo Embraces Games with Rougher Edge for New Console (Wall Street Journal)