Call of Duty WWII Brings Back World War 2 Theme

Over the last few years, Call of Duty has switched themes more times than Homer Simpson’s switched jobs. We’ve had the Modern Warfare series, which moved the franchise to the modern day. There was the Black Ops series, focused on tensions between the US and the Soviet Union in the Cold War. And well, with Infinite Warfare heading to space with futuristic combat, it seems like no theme is too out there for the COD franchise.

And now it seems the series is heading back to its roots. Why? Because the latest game (pre-emptatively titled Call of Duty WWII) takes the franchise back to a World War 2 setting. Here’s the teaser page for it, featuring the title and a count down:

As well as some details from the game from a recent marketing material leak. These details (which can be seen on Charlie Intel) mention things like a co-op mode and a trip through iconic moments in the war. Like say, landing at Normandy on D-Day.

It’s not a huge amount of detail, but it’s some none the less. And hey, given that there’s going to be a livestream this Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time (it’s what the countdown is counting down too), it’s not like we’ll be waiting too long for more.

But what do you think about the idea anyway? Are you pleased that Call of Duty is returning to its roots? Do you feel like another World at War type experience is needed in this day and age?

Or would you rather have a different setting instead?

Post your thoughts on the matter here and at Gaming Latest today!

My Nintendo Direct Predictions

As you all know, Nintendo is airing a new Nintendo Direct tonight at 11pm.

However, while we know ARMS and Splatoon 2 are featured, that’s only part of the story. For example, we don’t know what will be shown from those games. How Nintendo is going to make Splatoon truly better and more unique than the original.

Or how the 3DS will be featured, given some comments on their Twitter about the presentation.

So here are my predictions on the matter. Starting with the obvious inclusion…


Since it’s pretty damn obvious that ARMS is getting a trailer.

Really, there’s no doubting it. Nintendo themselves said it was the main focus here.

But it’s what will be in the trailer that’s interesting. And I think that is basically ‘more content’.

Cause right now, ARMS looks very barebones. We know just five characters, one arena and a few gameplay options, yet have no info on the game’s world or general setup.

So I believe that like with the recent Breath of the Wild trailers (that moved away from the Great Plateau) that ARMS will get a similar deal that really blows the game wide open. That makes us think that this is more than the live event/E3 demo.

And the same will also go for…

Splatoon 2

Since like ARMS, we know very little about this game and its setup. In fact, a lot of people think it’s so similar to the original that they mistake it for an actual port!

So that needs to be fixed by a new trailer and information. Ideally in a way which focuses on things like the single player mode and the changes to the story and characters included.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Moving on from the confirmed stuff now, I also believe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will make an appearance here too.

Why? Because Nintendo are promoting the hell out of it, and it seems like the changes made go beyond just new characters and battle mode (like with the pink sparks for extra strong mini turbos).

So I suspect this’ll make an appearance in the Direct too. Complete with maybe even a mention of some new DLC for the game.

Pokemon Stars

And it’s not just existing Nintendo games which could be shown or announced either. Oh no, I think a Switch Pokemon announcement is possible here too.

That’s because a while back, we learnt that Game Freak were working on a new Pokemon game for more powerful systems. As a result, I believe we’ll see that announced sooner rather than later, regardless of if its a new generation 7 or gen 8 game we’re getting.

But it’s not just Nintendo who may have games featured here…


Because I also think we might see a release date for Yooka-Laylee on Switch too. That’s because while it’s a Nintendo focused project with many Switch owning backers, it’s currently only been released for other systems.

So I feel Playtonic may take this chance to announce a release date for it. To prove that yes, Nintendo fans won’t be waiting months for the game.

Indie Games

And yeah, other indie game trailers seem pretty logical to expect here as well. Every Direct and Nintendo presentation comes with a bunch of them.

Online Services

As does a look at the online services. That’s because three big games in the next few months (Mario Kart, ARMS and Splatoon 2) all use them heavily, yet we don’t even know what the subscription entails yet.

So an update here seems only fair.

Other Games

Finally, I believe we’ll get some other minor games shown tonight as well. Probably Beyond Oasis and Pikmin 3DS really. I mean, they need to update us on them at some point, right?

Yeah, I guess so. And today’s Nintendo Direct is a great time for this.

And so those are my predictions for today’s Direct. Some are a tad optimistic, some are more likely, but all are completely possible in my eyes.

But hey, what do you think? Are my predictions for tonight’s Direct realistic ones? Or are there things I’m missing or have got wrong?

Post your thoughts here or on the forums today!

Nintendo Direct Coming This Wednesday!

It’s been a while coming, but Nintendo has finally announced a new Nintendo Direct! Airing on April 12th at 3pm PT (11pm UK time), the Direct will focus on ARMS and Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Well, in addition to other stuff too. Because Nintendo UK confirms 3DS games will be featured as well.

So here’s the announcement about it. Brought to you by both Nintendo of America:

And Nintendo UK:

As you can tell, it’s a bit of a relief really. I mean, Nintendo haven’t said much about ARMS or Splatoon 2 recently, and people are starting to fear they’re light on content.

So this Direct might fix that it. Hopefully by telling us more about Splatoon’s story. Or ARMS characters outside the main four!

And hey, it wasn’t just those games either. So maybe Pokemon Stars will get announced too! It’s always possible.

But what do you think? Post your thoughts here or at the forums today!

How the Switch can maintain momentum

The Switch has been out for four weeks now and despite Nintendo’s plan to increase production, retailers still expect to have a hard time meeting demand for the remainder of the year. Indeed, the Switch has a shot at being the hottest game system this holiday season if Nintendo plays its cards right. Here’s what Nintendo can do to ensure a strong finish to 2017 and an even brighter future in 2018.

Get the Virtual Console up and running

It’s no secret, Nintendo dropped the ball by not having the Virtual Console ready at launch. Demand for the NES Classic is still high, and scarcity has inflated the cost to well over double the original MSRP of $60.00. While the demand for their older titles is obvious, it’s unclear why they aren’t presently available on the Switch. Perhaps Nintendo is having trouble getting the emulation performing at an acceptable level, or maybe they are spending more time adding online modes to their games. Either way, it’s surprising to not have any official word from Nintendo on when we can expect older titles to hit the eShop.

Hopefully, when the games do arrive, the offerings will be more in line with the original Wii VC, rather than the truncated version offered on the Wii U. Another trickle release of games will just exacerbate any droughts the system suffers. Nintendo needs to put their best foot forward this time and bring back all the old systems that had a home on the Wii VC while also adding newer systems like the GameCube. The Wii U VC wasn’t all bad though, it’d be nice to see them offer games at a discount the first week after release like they did with Wii titles. Likewise, Nintendo should take a hard look at dropping VC prices. Currently, on the Playstation Store, most PS1 and PS2 games go for $6 and $10, respectively. This is a stark contrast to Nintendo’s pricing that puts SNES games at $8 Nintendo 64 games at $10.

Kill the 3DS

Nintendo has quieted down on selling the Switch as the perfect solution for both portable and home gaming now that 3DS sales have made a bit of a comeback. Unfortunately, they need to take the opposite stance and double down on the portable aspect of Switch.  As a home console, the Switch is hard to sell when you compare it to the PS4 or XB1 with their similar price point and deep library. The only thing the Switch has over its competitors, other than the first party titles, is its portability.

To really sell the portability factor, Nintendo will have to compete with itself. The 3DS still has quite a bit of support in 2017, including first-party titles like Pikmin and Fire Emblem. Development of 3DS titles should have been moved to the Switch to bolster the launch year, but sadly Nintendo stuck to an aging system. Hopefully, the games already announced will be the end of it. They need to move full steam ahead on Switch development while also enticing all those primarily handheld third-party developers to do the same. If Nintendo can get everyone to focus on this one device, they can pump out enough games to prevent all of the droughts that have plagued their previous consoles.

Get meaningful 3rd party support

No more Mass Effect 3 a month before the trilogy collection is released at half the price on every other console.
No more Arkham City a year after launch, once everybody has already had their fill.
No more Darksiders II with performance issues.

Everybody knows the Big N needs to step up its game with the big third party developers. Unfortunately, being a generation or two behind the graphical cycle of Sony and Microsoft makes that a steep hill to climb. Third parties will go where the gamers are, and currently, there are 83 million of them enjoying their PS4s and XB1s. Straight ports are no longer an option, and third parties are going to be wary about dropping exclusives on a Nintendo console after the Wii U debacle.

Nintendo needs to work harder at securing third party deals that brought the likes of Bayonetta 2 and Zombi to the Wii U, and go over the previous gen with a fine tooth comb to find hidden gems. They can even pitch the console as budget friendly given that developers don’t need to worry about making their games 4K ready. Right now, their glaring weakness is a lack of first and third person shooters. A Singularity or Alpha Protocol sequel with Nintendo assisting on development would bring some excellent diversity to the platform. Who knows, maybe they could even talk Platinum into working on an exclusive Vanquish 2!

The Big Picture

The Switch is off to a great start, but a great launch doesn’t always guarantee long term success. To keep the future bright, Nintendo needs to focus on three things. First, they have to get the Virtual Console up and it needs to be stronger than the poor effort put forth on the Wii U. Second, it’s time to let the 3DS ride of into the sunset. Keep producing units if the sales are there, but don’t split your development between the two devices. Third, figure out a way to work third parties into the fabric of the console. Don’t settle for lazy ports, aggressively work with developers to breath life into cult classics that will generate a buzz around the system that is sure to attract gamers beyond the typical Nintendo fans. If Nintendo can execute on each of these three steps, we’ll have a system that can stand on its own for the rest of this decade and hopefully a few years into the next.

Tips on making money in GTA Online

Rockstar recently took out the character transfers which means that you can’t transfer your characters from Xbox 360 or PS3 to the current consoles anymore. This was mainly because the older consoles were easier to hack, therefore you could load billions onto an account and then transfer it to the PS4 or Xbox One. This was probably the easiest way to make money but now you will most likely have to do it legit. It’s tough and can be time consuming but hopefully these tips will help you earn and save a decent amount of cash quickly!

Don’t grind for cash
I’ve noticed this several times. When I’m trying to reach a specific amount to buy something, it feels as though it just takes way too long. Missions start to get boring and you don’t have fun. Start playing the game normally, going through different activites etc. and your bank balance will slowly rise but you’re having fun doing it. It takes away the pain of having to grind for hours on end to get a decent amount.

Take part in the weekly events
Rockstar usually tend to have some sort of event every week where there will be double cash and RP for certain game modes. This can definitely help you get a decent amount of cash quickly. Getting 1st place in a long race filled with about 10-15 other players will probably get you around $50,000.

Adversary Modes
Like the weekly events, when Rockstar release new adversary modes they tend to have double cash and RP on them to get people to play them. Depending on how long each mode lasts for you can get a pretty good amount for winning. Rewards can range from $50,000 – $100,000.

Avoid heists with random strangers
Very rarely will you ever get a good heist team that has been put together randomly. If you can, get some friends or people that you know are good GTA players. There is nothing worse than playing heists and having an absolute noob getting killed meaning that you have to start all over again. This will happen over and over again because it seems that there are a lot of people out there that don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. It’s just not worth having to keep starting over again as you will be wasting time and not making enough money to compensate the lost time.

But if you just can’t wait, there’s always shark cards
A lot of people don’t like that Rockstar has shark cards but they are a pretty good way to get quite a bit of money quickly. If you are just too busy with school or work and just want to have fun then this is probably your best option. My only tip would be to wait for when Rockstar run their special offers. They usually bundle some extra cash onto the shark cards so you get a nice bargain.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a good time earning money on GTA and hope you get to enjoy all those nice cars you get to buy with that hard-earned dough 😀