Super Mario Bros Wonder Has Leaked Online

Super Mario Bros Wonder Has Leaked Online

Ah Nintendo. You seem to be cursed when it comes to video game leaks, don’t you?

Since not only has every Pokémon game leaked online prior to its official release, but so has every Mario or Zelda title too. From Super Mario Odyssey to Breath of the Wild, Paper Mario: The Origami King to Tears of the Kingdom, it seems like a rite of passage that any new Nintendo release of note will be leaked and datamined to hell long before its ever meant to be out in the wild.

And as the title article points out, it seems like the same thing has happened with Super Mario Bros Wonder as well. Yep, the whole game has leaked online, with various people playing it early on stream and dataminers trying to get everything and anything they can from the game’s files.

So, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers, now might be the time to take a social media hiatus. Or at least, mute everything Super Mario related until next Friday.

Because the game is now out there, and spoilers are sure to flood sites like YouTube and Twitter in the next couple of days. Stay safe out there folks!


Super Mario Bros Wonder Has Leaked Onto the Internet (Dataminer OatmealDome on Twitter)

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