Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have Started Leaking Online!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Have Started Leaking Online!

Well folks, it’s that time again. Just over a week before Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s release date, a whole host of spoilers for the game have started cropping up online, thanks to a lucky gamer having received the titles early.

With that gamer being a Twitter user by the name of Presidentlilna1. They received the game from a shop in South America, and have been playing through the game for the last day or so, finding all manner of new Pokemon and forms along the way. Here’s an archived version of their Twitter account with the extra screenshots, for those who want spoilers:

President Pokemon X (Archived via

It’s pretty interesting really, and shows off a lot of aspects of the games you’d never otherwise get to see in official trailers.

However, it seems like the Nintendo Ninjas aren’t too pleased with it. Why? Because as you can tell by the use of an archive link, the original user’s Twitter account has already been nuked out of existence.

That’s probably not very fair on them (why the hell should they care what the Pokemon Company or Nintendo thinks if they bought the game legitimately?), but it happened nonetheless, meaning you’ll have to find future updates on places like Discord, Reddit and independently owned internet forums instead.

Regardless, the games are now out there, and spoilers for them exist all over the internet now. So if you don’t want to see more unrevealed Pokemon and characters, take a break from places like Twitter and Reddit until late next week…

And if you do… have fun, since it’s open season on Pokemon leaks yet again!


Pokemon Violet has leaked early due to retail, beware of spoilers (My Nintendo News)

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