Gimmighoul has been revealed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Gimmighoul has been revealed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Recently, an unknown Pokemon was found in Pokemon GO. This Pokemon was an ant like creature carrying a coin, and was originally found in the files for the game before being found in various other places (like a trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and eventually in Pokemon GO itself).

It was an interesting mystery, and one that made us wonder if this was another Meltan situation. Another debut in Pokemon GO that would be added to the rest of the series later.

However, it seems that’s not quite the case. Why? Because earlier today, the mystery Pokemon was revealed as Gimmighoul, a ghost type that likes hiding in treasure chests and collecting coins! Here’s the trailer for it courtesy of the Pokemon YouTube channel:

YouTube player

As well as a video of the Pokemon GO event with it, showing Professor Willow meeting a character from the Paldea region to discuss the new creature:

It’s an intriguing design to say the least, and one that makes us excited to see how it’ll function in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in future.

Especially given how the creature has two different forms depending on what game it’s found in. Chest Form Gimmighoul is found in Scarlet and Violet and has the Pokemon inside a treasure chest, whereas Roaming Form Gimmighoul is found only in Pokemon GO, and has it wandering around on its own. It’s a neat difference, and one that’ll become very interesting when Pokemon Home adds supports for Scarlet and Violet in future.

So check out more pictures of it below:

Find out more about Gimmighoul on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website here:

Gimmighoul – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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You’ve Been Ambushed by Gimmighoul! | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

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