A New Gen 9 Pokemon Has Leaked in Pokemon Go!

A New Gen 9 Pokemon Has Leaked in Pokemon Go!

When it comes to Pokemon, leaks are a dime a dozen. Every single Pokemon in generations 6 and 7 were found early via datamining. Most Pokemon games ended up leaking online well advance due to broken street dates and dodgy reviewers. And where Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are concerned? Well, the entire Pokedex has basically been leaked online already thanks to insiders on sites like Twitter.

It’s a pretty crazy situation really, and one that means coverage of the games is by no means on Game Freak or the Pokemon Company’s terms.

However, today’s leak is even more intriguing still. Why? Because by some miracle, a new Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet has actually leaked via Pokemon Go datamining!

Yep, thanks to Niantic including its model in the popular mobile app, this mysterious doll/coin like Pokemon has now been found and posted online. Here’s the tweet by PokeMiners, who originally found the model:

As well as a related one by another user showing various pieces of it:

Interesting, there’s also brief footage of it in a previous trailer, as shown here too:

So there’s lot of proof for this creature. But what exactly is it?

Well, based on what people are saying, this seems to be the coin themed Pokemon from the leaked Pokedex. Apparently, this one will evolve if lots of its species are collected (ala Meltan in Pokemon GO), and will apparently be a Ghost/Steel type to boot.

This would explain why it’s in Pokemon GO so early too. It’s there so Niantic can prepare an event for it, like they did with Meltan in the past.

Regardless, the model is there, and the new Pokemon has leaked. So what do you think of it all? Are you excited to put this new species on your team? How do you think it’ll work in either Pokemon GO or Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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