A Pokemon Presents is Happening Soon!

A Pokemon Presents is Happening Soon!

A few days ago, we mentioned that a new Pokemon Presents was likely happening soon. That was based on a bit of Pokemon Masters EX datamining, and made sense given the upcoming DLC and spinoffs.

And today those rumours have been confirmed. Yep, now we know there’s a Pokemon Presents due next week, and it happens on the 8th of August 2023. Here’s the post about it from the America Pokemon Twitter account:

Plus the same thing from the UK one:

As you can see, there’s a big focus on the letter M here, as well as neon lighting in general. So is that a hint towards the content? Could they actually be hinting about the next big Pokemon game this way?

Well, we’re not entirely sure. On the one hand, something based on Mewtwo would be pretty cool to see, and make sense given its popularity as a Pokemon as a whole. Something like Legends: Arceus in Kanto could have a really interesting storyline there, especially if this was meant to explain Mewtwo’s actions between the events of its creation and your fight with it in the Unknown Dungeon.

But that’s just speculation, and the weird M focus and neon theming could be a mere visual gimmick instead. Pokemon has done that before after all, especially with things like those livestreams that went all out with the theming only to show a single mostly unrelated species of Pokemon or what not.

Regardless, you can find our list of predictions in the previous article…

And you can find the list of times for the presentation in the list below. Hope you’re excited Pokemon fans!

August 2023 Pokemon Presents Times

Region Pokemon Presents Time
UK (GMT) 2pm
US (PST) 6am
US (ET) 9am
Japan (JST) 10pm
Europe (CEST) 3pm

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