Is a New Pokemon Presents Coming Soon?

Is a New Pokemon Presents Coming Soon?

Well Pokemon fans, it seems news might be on the horizon! Why? Because as the title suggests, dataminers have found evidence that a new Pokemon Presents is coming soon, and may air on August 8th 2023.

So why is this?

As it turns out, because of Pokemon Masters, that’s why. The game’s source code has references to a Pokemon Presents campaign that’s intended to run on August 8th. Here’s the post about it from Lorris on Twitter showing the relevant code:

As well as a backup in case Twitter… oh wait, ‘X’, breaks this week:

Pokemon Presents Campaign

A reference to the Pokemon Presents campaign found in the code for Pokemon Masters EX

It’s pretty clear evidence if you ask us, especially given the timing associated with other events listed before it in the source code:

Still, assuming it does happen then, what could we see?

What would a Pokemon Presents have this August?

Well, we’re not insiders by any means, but we do have a few hunches. A few possible ideas for what Nintendo and the Pokemon Company could announce in the presentation.

With the first one being the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. Given that the Teal Mask launches only a month or two after such a Direct, and the Indigo Disk has a release date a few months after that, it feels like more information on one or both of them is a certainty here. After all, we don’t know that much about either. Just a few of the Pokemon shown there, and the most basic concepts related to their storylines.

So the presentation could fill in some gaps that, and perhaps give a proper release date for one or both of them.

There’s also the possibility of an anime announcement too, since Pokemon Horizons doesn’t really have a confirmed English air date at the moment. Given the dub is far enough along we have both a trailer and first episode preview for it, we’d hazard a guess that it’d say the series would start airing in either autumn or winter this year.

Finally, there’s all the other stuff that’s likely in the pipeline about now. A new Pokemon Legends Arceus esque game set in another region? A Pokemon Black and White remake for Switch? Numerous new spinoffs for both console and mobile platforms?

All of these seem likely to us, and a Pokemon Presents would be the perfect opportunity to announce them.

Still, that’s the rumour, and we’re pretty confident it’ll turn out to be accurate too. But what do you think? Will we get a Pokemon Presents on August 8th? If so, what announcements do you think we’ll get this time around?

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Rumor: Pokémon Presents apparently happening August 8th (My Nintendo News)

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