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Is Nintendo Planning a New Adventure Mode for Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Earlier today, Nintendo hosted a massive Nintendo Direct livestream for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Featuring Masahiro Sakurai himself, the Direct showed off everything from new characters to new stages, items, assist trophies and Pokémon.

And also, as expected, tons of new modes were shown off there too. These ranged from the traditional Tourney mode to the Squad Strike and Smashdown modes, with all kinds of new features to go around.

However, there was still one mode that wasn’t shown off at all. Namely, whatever mode was behind the blurred-out button on the main menu screen.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mystery Mode

Which is why we believe it leads to an adventure mode. What’s the reasoning there?

Well, think about it like this. When has Nintendo ever blurred out modes in a Super Smash Bros video?
Pretty much never. They’ve never done this at all so far.

Which in turn means it’s very likely that whatever is behind said button is a trailer worthy feature in and of itself. It’s not Classic or All-Star Mode, since those are guaranteed anyway. Its not tournament related, since that was in the Direct trailer.

And it’s probably not something minor either. Seriously, would you hide the presence of say, Master/Crazy Orders or Tour and have it as a major announcement? No, of course not. That’d be ridiculous, since very few people care about said modes anyway. Even Smash Run would be more of a neat ‘extra feature for the Direct to show off’ type of deal.

Add to this how it’s smack bang on the main menu screen (and not in say, games and more like other minor extras), and it seems like it’s a major feature that Nintendo’s going to be promoting heavily this time around.

So only adventure mode really fits that bill. It’s big, its heavily requested, and it’s something Nintendo may want to keep hidden for a future Nintendo Direct or announcement. Obvious really, and we’ll bet anything it’ll be in the new game.

But what do you think? Do you agree that adventure mode will be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? If so, what do you think it’d have this time around?

Tell us your thoughts here in the comments or over at the Gaming Latest forums today!

Yes, a Non-Political Video Game Site Can Work Fine

Earlier this week, the Escapist was acquired by Enthusiast Gaming. This went along with Russ Pitt’s reappointment as editor in chief and led to talk about how the site was not going to cover politics at all.

And like many such announcements in past years, this didn’t go down too well with journalists on Twitter. In their eyes, any coverage has a political slant to it, and by merely choosing what to cover you’re making a political statement of some sort.

However, I don’t think this is the case. In fact, I think a video game site can work perfectly without politics, and plenty out that show that’s the case.

For example, look at GoNintendo. RMC has never covered political content on said site and has mostly kept his political views out of coverage even when Nintendo gets into the news for political reasons. Remember that idiocy with Paper Mario Color Splash and GamerGate? Yeah, no politics about that on GoNintendo, just Nintendo’s statement and a message that the news happened at one point.

And he’s definitely not the only one. No, dozens of Nintendo news sites keep their political views out of their coverage. My Nintendo News? No politics. Nintendo Everything? No politics. Japanese Nintendo? No politics. Instead, they just focus on what their audience cares about, news related to Nintendo games and fan works.

In fact, this pattern is legion on more specific, niche websites about video game manufacturers and franchises. Zelda Dungeon is mostly non-political. and PokeJungle and various other Pokémon fan sites are non-political. Nintendo wikis in general tend to be non-political too, with Mario Wiki and Zelda Wiki and Bulbapedia not tolerating political claims and rants about social issues on their pages.

As they all prove, a non-political stance is 100% doable for a gaming site.

But wait, you may ask. Isn’t non-political coverage boring?

Well, no. Firstly, if you’re bored by simple video game news, then I should probably ask you what you’re doing visiting a video game news website. For the rest of us, stuff like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

Is exciting on its own. And those are just trailers released by Nintendo PR teams! All of them can provide easy jumping off grounds for articles and forum discussions without a hint of politics and social commentary involved at all.

(They’re also great examples of amazing, exciting trailers that DON’T lie about their work’s content, but that’s another story)

Still, if you don’t find ‘typical’ news interesting, it’s not like no politics limits you there either. Here are a few bajillion other things a non-political gaming site can focus on:
Unused content in video games. For example, all this stuff that was planned for Breath of the Wild is absolutely fascinating:

As are all of Liam Robertson’s articles about cancelled games, or GameHut’s videos on game development for titles like Mickey Mania and Sonic R.

You could also take about game design too, another fascinating field of study that’s had whole books written about it. Like that one Daniel Johnson wrote about Wario Land 4, or what not. It’s the focus of tons of great YouTube channels too, like Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit or Extra Credits or First 30 of Game Design.

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Going Outside the Boundaries In… Super Mario Odyssey!

Just like Breath of the Wild before it, the worlds in Super Mario Odyssey do not stop at the level boundaries. Indeed, whether it’s the distant metropolis of New Donk City or the giant dome of Steam Gardens, the backgrounds to the very levels sometimes seem even more intriguing than many of the places you actually visit.

As a result, the game’s basically crying out for a Boundary Break episode about now. It’s one where a free camera hack and a bit of time seems like it could find hundreds of interesting details and secrets in the distance.

Problem is, the Switch hasn’t been hacked yet. Or at least, it hasn’t been hacked enough for free camera codes to be made available for its games.

This means that Shesez cannot make a video on it, and nor can any of the other people out there talking about off camera secrets like Slippy Slides either.

Well, unless they realise that a free camera isn’t the only way to get this information. Nope, snapshot mode and out of bounds glitches can give you a pretty good look beyond the boundaries too! Which is why in this article, we’ll be doing just that.

So, sit down, get the tea ready and keep reading to see just how Mario Odyssey’s kingdoms work beyond the view of the player!

Cap Kingdom

Starting with the first kingdom you encounter in the game, the Cap Kingdom. Yeah, we know. It’s technically not the first on the list, but hey that’s postgame content for you, and we’ll be delving into that one later in the article.

Either way though, going of bounds here reveals some interesting little tricks the developers used to set up various mechanics in the level. For instance, you know that pond that appears near the shop? Do you ever wonder just where the water comes from there?

Well as it turns out, the answer is exactly what you’d expect:

Underground Water

The water just sits under the ground, and removing the stake raises the layer up so it covers the hole and creates the pond. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a setup like this one, but it’s nice to have confirmation none the less.

However, what’s less expected is how Nintendo coded the poison pit in the Paragoomba bonus room. You see, here the poison appears to go off screen, with the poison river passing through a gate and off into the distance. Based on this, you’d assume it’d just cut off shortly afterwards, perhaps with a V shaped endpoint like in so many other games.

And you’d be right… initially.

However, if you wait around out of bounds a bit (say, half a second), then even more poison materialises underneath you! Yep, for whatever reason Nintendo coded the poison river to spawn based on the player’s coordinates in the level and set it up so going further and further out of bounds would just make the river longer and longer to make up for it. It’s a very weird trick, especially when you consider that the river neither dynamically loads when you’re in the room nor is meant to be encountered past the walls of the area. Guess their poison spawning mechanics originally had a few more uses planned out!

Cascade Kingdom

Still, enough with the Cap Kingdom for a moment since there’s really not much more to be seen there. In the Cascade Kingdom however, there is a rather… interesting discovery to be found outside the main playing field.
You see, if you clip through the wall near the waterfall and make your way around, you eventually land on this invisible platform. It’s a round platform that’s basically about the size of the Odyssey, and it’s never encountered while playing normally.

Or at least, that’s what we initially thought. In fact, it seems like the mystery platform is in fact the Odyssey. The version found when you first visit the kingdom.

Cause ya see, on the first visit, the Odyssey is found broken down just after the bridge. It’s then reactivated, which removes it from that location and puts it back at the start of the kingdom like normal.
For whatever reason though, Nintendo seemingly couldn’t just remove the collision for the thing, so they just plonked the whole kaboosh outside the map and left it there for safekeeping. Interesting development tactic there.

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The 2018 Gaming April Fool’s Day Joke Round Up

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yup, it’s April 1st, or April Fool’s Day for the internet population. And like every other year, that means plenty of jokes and fake announcements from game developers, publishers, critics and others in the gaming industry.

So here at Gaming Reinvented, we’ve decided to list them all. From Mario Wiki to Pokemon and Square Enix, here are today’s coolest April Fool’s Day jokes!

Games Industry Jokes

Starting with a few from actual game developers and companies. Such as Capcom’s Mega Man ones…

Fake Robot Masters from Mega Man 11

Which in Japan, means a bunch of fake Robot Masters supposedly included in Mega Man 11. These include the somewhat Indiana Jones inspired Whip Man, what appears to be Guts Man in a business suit and… this weird office lady robot:

Whip Man

Business Man

Office Worker Robot

Yeah, they’re all parody shout outs to other media.

Date My Robot Master

Which is 100% not the case with Capcom’s US joke. Oh no, in that one they announce a Mega Man dating sim called ‘Date My Robot Master’. Yes, it really is as ridiculous as it sounds. After all, who could possibly believe this could be real?

No one, that’s who! Mega Man has never and will never do anything that ridiculous, he just can’t…

Mega Man Soccer

Oh, forget it. If Mega Man Football was real, then in some alternate universe a Mega Man dating sim could have been real too.

But it’s not, moving on…

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO

Namely to Square Enix’s jokes. Of which their first one was a Final Fantasy XIV spinoff inspired by Pokemon GO.

Maganai Fantasy

And their second one was… this thing. A trailer for a non-existent retraux game called Maganai Fantasy:

Which was actually pretty cool looking to be honest. After all, who could ever say no to a new classic style Final Fantasy? One with 8-bit sprites even?

Not us, that’s for sure!

The Team Rocket Takeover

As for Nintendo, well they did a few things for today themselves. Like having Team Rocket take over their website and social media accounts for the day, in the most glorious fashion possible:

Pokemon GO Sprites

Whereas Niantic Labs decided to replace many of the Pokemon graphics with sprite-based versions for a ‘retro’ look. Eh, pretty neat, though the lack of changes to the map and actual encounter setup hold it back from being truly awesome.

Pokemon GO Sprites

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The Somewhat Disturbing Mario Magazine You Didn’t Know Existed

As you may know, the Mario franchise is no stranger to controversy. Oh sure, the platformers and party esque spinoffs tend to be lighter in tone and it’s probable the new movie will follow suit, but outside of the mainstream there’s some pretty messed up stuff. Stuff like:

A comic where Wario teams up with movie monsters to destroy a bunch of Nintendo characters, and where Mario becomes the world’s most evil looking version of Van Helsing to take them down.

Mario as Van Helsing

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time in general, with its peaceful setting annihilated by murderous aliens (at Christmas!)

Dimentio’s plans to destroy all worlds by backstabbing everyone and killing them mid cutscene

As well as things like these amusing ‘fact’ cards featuring Mario and co partaking in real world topics. Like say, learning about Hitler and the Holocaust:

Luigi reads about World War 2

But it turns out even then, there may be something even weirder in the Mario franchise’s past. Something that makes even the likes of Partners in Time and Super Paper Mario look like Yoshi’s Story. Something which if published today, would get the attention of every moral guardian on the planet in short order.

That my friends, is Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō. Haven’t heard of it? Well that’s because a Nintendo licensed ‘magazine’ released on the Satellaview, an obscure Japan only add on for the SNES. But what’s notable about this product isn’t its obscurity. It’s the fact it’s probably the only example of a Mario work featuring ‘sexual’ content.

Yup. We’re not joking.

This is an official Mario product where Mario catches Peach and Toad getting it on, beats the crap out of the former to the point of killing her and goes for a smoke afterwards. That’s kind of the setup here. How much ridiculously ‘lewd’ seeming jokes can we make about Mario characters?

It’s like the sort of thing you may expect on some random internet comedy site. Or maybe a dark version of Robot Chicken.

Of course, this being the early 90s and the product having a production budget of roughly £5, it’s all done with Mario plush toys in a setup that looks absolutely laughable by today’s standards (and which probably wasn’t particularly entertaining back then either).

But hey, it existed at some point. Nintendo really did license out the Mario brand to someone willing to make sex and tobacco jokes with it.

And given it was at the same time as the video game violence controversies in the US, it’s almost kind of ironic in a certain sense too. Who knew that at the same time that Nintendo was railing against Sega and Mortal Kombat, they were releasing comedy games with Mario characters in sexual situations, tobacco usage and domestic violence? Do as we say, not as we do?

Ah well. Guess no one is 100% consistent, especially not in business.

However, what do you think about the whole deal? Do you find it ‘interesting’ that this is an official product? How could it have been received if it was released in the US around that time?

Post your thoughts here in the comments or over at Gaming Latest today!


Shitamachi Ninjō Gekijō (Super Mario Wiki)