Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Ranks Guide

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Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Ranks Guide

Unlike in the past Mario & Luigi games, Dream Team not only includes a certain set of ranks you achieve, but also various ‘abilities’ you can give each brother when they reach a new rank.  These let them equip more gear, level up quicker and all kinds of other stuff, so here’s a guide to each and every rank option.

Rank List

  1. Mushroom Rank
  2. Shell Rank (gotten at level 8)
  3. Flower Rank (gotten at level 16)
  4. Star Rank (gotten at level 26)
  5. Rainbow Rank (gotten at level 40)

By themselves, these ranks don’t mean much.  However, you’ll need a Rainbow Rank to shop in the high end gear shop in Driftwood Shore, so it does have some use.

Rank Bonuses

And here’s a list of all the possible bonuses you can give each brother for reaching a new rank:


The above text is from the Super Mario Wiki and is available under a Creative Commons license. Attribution must be provided through a list of authors or a link back to the original article. Source: https://www.mariowiki.com/Rank

Bonus Name Bonus Description Earliest Rank Available From Maximum Times Choosable (per bro)
Gear Slot +1 Increases your apparel slots by one, letting you use more gear! Shell Rank 2
Badge Stock +1 Adds an additional effect stock for your badges. Shell Rank 2
HP Up+ Gives you an additional +2 HP every time you gain a level. Shell Rank 1
POW Up+ Gives you an additional +1 POW every time you gain a level. Shell Rank 1
BP Up+ Gives you an additional +1 BP every time you gain a level. Shell Rank 1
Quick Level Gives you 20% more EXP from enemies you defeat, making it easier to level up. Shell Rank
Iron Body Reduces damage you receive from enemies by 25%. Shell Rank 1
Jump Man Boosts your solo-jump attack power to 125% of normal. Flower Rank 1
Hammerhead Boosts your solo-hammer attack power to 125% of normal. Flower Rank 1
Counterer Boosts your counter-attack power to 150% of normal. Flower Rank 1
Shroom EXP Makes Mushrooms give you EXP as well as HP. Mushrooms lovers level up easily! Flower Rank 1
Big Lucky Boosts the power of Lucky Hits so you can deliver 200% the normal damage. Star Rank 1
Casual Bros. Makes Bros./Luiginary Attacks cost half the BP they normally do. Star Rank 1
Quick Healer Makes restoration items restore 200% of what they normally do (in battle). Star Rank 1

My Recommendations

So that said, what bonuses do I recommend?  Personally, I’d say the following are most useful:

  • Gear Slot + 1
  • Badge Stock + 1,
  • Iron Body,
  • Quick Healer
  • Casual Bros

Since they can’t be mimicked using items.

The following are potentially useful, but can be copied with gear:

  • Quick Level
  • Jump Man
  • Hammerhead

These ones are debatable:

  • Counterer (since counter attacks do very little damage anyway, and shouldn’t be your primary means of attack).
  • Shroom EXP (apparently the effect is tiny, and not really worth it)

And these ones are entirely pointless, since you can get infinite amounts of beans to boost stats

  • POW Up+
  • BP Up+
  • HP UP+

In theory, you can just use the Wellington Boots in Neo Bowser Castle and kill hordes of enemies to get a ton of POW/BP/HP boosting beans and use them instead.  Heck, you could theoretically boost all your stats to 999 before level 30 with beans…

So that’s a guide to ranks and rank bonuses, as well as my recommendations for what ones to pick.  Hope it was useful!

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