How to Disable the Annoying Spin Jump Move in New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

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How to Disable the Annoying Spin Jump Move in New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

For the most part, New Super Mario Bros U is a pretty decent remake of the original. With both the original title and New Super Luigi U included, plus a new playable character and a few extra bonuses, it’s generally seen as an upgrade over the original, and the definitive version of the game.

But there’s one change there that’s divided fans. Namely, the new control setup for the spin jump. Instead of pressing a button or shaking the controller to do it (like you’d expect), you activate it by pressing A or B in mid-air instead.

This is annoying for fans of the original (or older Mario games in general), and it’s a change that leads to many small mistakes when playing. Like flying over an enemy you wanted to bounce off of. Or hitting one following behind because you went just that bit too far to stop.

It’s poorly thought out, gets in the way and has been the subject of complaints in numerous reviews about the game.

Fortunately though, there is actually a way to fix it!

And you can do that by holding down the left stick for 3 seconds in the game’s loading screen, then pressing L and R. If done successfully, you’ll hear Nabbit’s voice and the new spin jump set up will be disabled as expected.

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Caption: As shown by GameXplain here.

It’s not a very well documented trick, but it’s one that’ll save a lot of hassle none the less.
Have fun playing New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe without the annoying spin jump everyone!


PSA: In New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, you can disable the A/B button spin jump (Reddit)

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