How to Get Unlimited Korok Seeds in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

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How to Get Unlimited Korok Seeds in Zelda Breath of the Wild!

Getting all the Korok seeds in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a right pain in the ass. You have to traverse the entire world looking for secrets. Complete numerous balloon popping challenges and boulder rolling exercises. And well, without a guide, it means you’re going to looking in every single patch of land dozens of times hoping that this time you’ll come across a Korok you missed earlier.

It’s annoying, it’s tedious and it takes forever.

But did you know it’s actually unnecessary now? That there’s a way to get 900 (or more!) Korok seeds without actually finding all 900 Koroks!

Yes there is! And it only needs at least one unbeaten Divine Beast and access to the Trial of the Sword to work!

So here’s how it works:

  1. First, you need to go to the Trial of the Sword and enter. Once then, do anything you like for a bit, before teleporting to the unbeaten Divine Beast you’ve opened up.
  2. Next, exit the Divine Beast in some way (teleport out if you don’t have the map, press X to exit if you do).
  3. Now go to a Shrine. This isn’t technically crucial here, but will tell you if the glitch has worked. If it has, the shrine entry pad will be orange (even if you’ve beaten it already).
  4. Once you’ve confirmed it works, go to a Korok Seed you haven’t gotten. Put down the Travel Medallion nearby if you’ve got it, to make things quicker.
  5. Get the Korok Seed.
  6. After you’ve done that, travel back to the area with the Travel Medallion.
  7. Guess what? The Korok has returned to its initial state. So get the seed again.
  8. Repeat about 900 times if you’re lazy.

No more Korok seed hunting is now needed! Just repeat the same one until you’re done, and Bob’s your uncle!

But this isn’t the only use of this glitch. Oh no, the glitch also resets a lot of things in the world. For instance, all treasure chests will now return if you open them, warp away and return again.

This lets you do such clever things as get unlimited copies of all DLC armour:

Multiple Majoras Mask

Clone the Hylian Shield:

Cloned Hylian Shields

And even do wacky stuff like reactivate the Sheikah Towers again:

Reactivated Tower

It’s a really interesting bug, and completely breaks the game wide open. Item duplication + story event repeating in one? How could this not be the most awesome thing ever?

It can’t, that’s how! So watch my video guide if you’re still having trouble:

YouTube player

Then use this bug to completely bust it wide open. Thanks to LinkTroisUn on YouTube for finding it!


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