The Super Mario 3D All-Stars Contest is Now On!

The Super Mario 3D All-Stars Contest is Now On!

Are you a Mario Master? Do you think you have what it takes to finish Super Mario 64, Sunshine or Galaxy before the rest of our community?

If so, you’re in luck. That’s because starting from now, our Super Mario 3D All-Stars Contest is now on! In this contest, players will race through those games in an attempt to finish them in the quickest time possible, with the fastest player winning a special user title and some other prizes on our Discord server and forum.

Here are the rules, in case you need a rundown of them…

The Rules

First, you’ll need to post your entries in our contest channel over on the Gaming Reinvented Discord server. In this post, you just need to say which game you’re playing, and that’s about it.

Then, you’ll need to finish the main storyline for said game. You can do that by completing the relevant task below, based on which game you’re playing:

  1. Super Mario 64: Defeating Bowser in Bowser in the Sky
  2. Super Mario Sunshine: Finishing Corona Mountain (this shouldn’t be a spoiler by now)
  3. Super Mario Galaxy: Completing Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor by defeating Bowser there

Once that’s done, just snap a picture or video clip of any part of the relevant game’s ending, with a message saying you’ve completed the run.

It’s that simple.

You also don’t need to worry about game specific restrictions here either. All glitches, strategies and techniques are allowed here, including anything that’s possible in a speedrun or TAS. So go utterly wild here. Try whatever crazy tricks you can think of to get that time as low as possible!

You will need to get your entry in by Monday for practicality reasons.

But that’s easy enough to do, especially given 3D All-Stars launches right before the weekend.

So go on! See how quickly you can beat Super Mario 64, Sunshine or Galaxy today!


What do I need to do to enter?

Join the Discord, then post a message in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Contest channel saying you want to enter the contest. You then post another message (with proof) when the run is over.

So I need to be a community member here?

Sure, cause these events are for the community, not just the internet as a whole.

Are there any restrictions once I’ve joined?


Can I enter each contest individually?

You sure can! If you only want to race through either Super Mario 64, Sunshine or Galaxy, just enter the contest for that game.

Do I need to actually own Super Mario 3D All-Stars?

Yes, because the event uses the collection’s versions of the games, not the original N64/GameCube/Wii ones.

Right then. And I just need to beat the game?

Yeah, just beat the game, and tell us how quickly you did so.

Any proof needed?

Well if you’re the kind of person who wants to record your whole run, then that would probably help a fair bit.

But if you don’t want to go that far, just post a message when you begin the challenge, then post a screenshot/video showing part of a beaten game’s ending when you’ve completed it. We’ll use the time between posts to calculate how quickly you finished.

Do you have any advice here?

Yeah, you’re probably not going to win if you play by the original game’s rules. Look up some good speedrunning strats online or something.

Any suggestions?

Well for Mario 64, you’ll want to look up strats for the Shindou version, since this one removes the backwards long jump glitch that most normal speedruns depend on.

Somehow the TAS still beats it in 12 minutes with a single star though, which is mighty impressive:

YouTube player

For Super Mario Sunshine, well the main strats I can see are fighting Petey Piranha in the first mission in Bianco Hills (since you can just go straight to the windmill and skip the first boss there), and glitching into the shine sprite in the Watermelon Hut in Gelato Beach:

YouTube player

And for Super Mario Galaxy, well the main run is going to be the same as ever (since you can’t really skip anything useful), so it’ll be all about the clever tricks you do in levels, not for the game as a whole.

Is there anything that’s not allowed?

Obviously, no external tools or hacks are allowed. But I doubt anyone reading this is that morally bankrupt, right?

What if there’s a tie?

Both contestants win.

Is there a time limit for the contest?

Not really, but if no one finishes any of the games by Monday, we’ll probably have to rethink some of this.

Can I turn down the prize?

Why would you want to? Does a fancy title offend you that much?

Either way, sure. If you do, second place gets the prize instead.

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