Super Mario 64 Reborn into Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario 64 Reborn into Super Mario Odyssey

It goes without saying that Super Mario 64 will forever be apart of everyone’s most favorite Mario game, to the point that it gets remade in most future games as well! It is no different as a team is currently heading up a full remake of Super Mario 64 into the actual game of Super Mario Odyssey. You can check it out below at the 1:00 mark in the video:

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The modders for the fan project fully intend to include all of Odyssey’s powers into this recreation (mostly the powers and abilities of Cappy) and build upon the worlds a bit to add a bit more and bring what most would expect from an Odyssey based world. Sadly though as I’m typing this I’m sure Nintendo’s lawyers are finishing the final lines to their Cease and Desist paperwork and will more than likely have this shut down, like countless other fan projects.

We’ll update if we hear anything, but we here at GR and GL truly do hope this goes somewhere as it looks pretty fantastic.

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