Should the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X be Delayed to 2021?

Should the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X be Delayed to 2021?

Welcome GL and GR members to a not so news blog post, but a post for thought that we must ask, should the next generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release this year? We’ve gotten news that the new Xbox will launch sometime this November (hopefully after Thanksgiving to curve any mad holiday shopping) but Sony and Microsoft are playing a pretty long game of who will announce a full date with a price first, many believe Microsoft is holding out so that after Sony makes their announcement, they will undercut them.

Normally this wouldn’t be a huge issue, but with the ongoing Covid-19 making shopping a bit dangerous, slowing down production and shipment of the new consoles as well as people losing jobs and not able to afford a brand new shiny console, should they still launch this year?

I personally feel they should be delayed, only to better the consumer who wants it but at the same time I know the makers of both the console and new games need to start making their money back, so it is a bunch of pros and cons to this. But what do you think? Voice your opinions either below or on the forum! Also, when do you think the consoles will release exactly and what price points?

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