Retro Studios looking for more Metroid Prime 4 staff

Retro Studios looking for more Metroid Prime 4 staff


We got a small update on the long awaited Metroid Prime 4 today, but continuing 2020’s luck, it’s nothing good. They are still looking for staff!


As shown in the Twitter post above, they are looking for a Boss/AI Designer. Hopefully they will find someone soon but this brings up the question, when we will finally get Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch? Since they still have to get someone to help or make the bosses, we’re most likely not going to see this game much before 2022 sadly. If you also have forgotten, Nintendo had to scrap all previous work on MP4 and restart the game with an in house developer to deliver an ideal Metroid game.

However maybe we will get lucky and somehow get a Metroid Prime Trilogy release on the Switch in 2021? Only time will tell.


So what do you think about this news? Can you still wait? Do you want the trilogy to happen? Let us know below, on the forums or on discord.

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